The First Indian Catholic Saint

Sisten Alphonsa, a Clarist nun at Bharananganam, in India, who was canonized in 2008, is the first purely Indian Catholic to be canonized.

After deforming herself in a clumsy attempt to avoid marriage, she entered a convent, devoting herself to teaching, and, after she fell sick, solely to prayer.

After her death, she was credited with hundreds of miracles – usually, the healing of children with deformities of the feet like hers.

Vivek Sharma describes reactions to her canonization in India:

As far as atheists and rationalists, particularly in India, are concerned, all faith is irrational and all talk of miracles is regressive and befits acceptance only by illiterate and gullible folks living in India’s villages. Many Westernised and educated Indians, specially Hindus, living in the cities do not have the courage to openly accept their Gods and beliefs while continuing to follow them, eyes wide open. How often can one see such people swearing that astrology is nothing but superstition while sporting astrologically prescribed gem stones on their fingers. How often can one find them questioning the very existence of Ram, Hanuman, Shiva, Krishna and Durga, to name just a few Hindu Gods, while privately worshipping them, particularly when in trouble! Such doubters are there in and of other religions too, but they are afraid of openly voicing their skepticism out of fear of serious reprisals by powerful religious leaders.

All religions are based on miracles and faith. Faith works for only those who believe. Keep giving as many scientific and psychological spins as you like to this phenomenon. Those who connect to the world beyond, as real as the one here, and are touched by it, cannot be fooled by all the so-called rationalizations given by science handicapped by serious limitations at its present level of development. They know what they know and are not going to pick fights with the ignorant who don’t and won’t.

The recognition by the Pope of St Alphonsa’s curative powers that emanate from her tomb has strangely silenced a lot of people. One has not heard of Sanal Edamaruku shouting, as he usually does, that the belief that disease can be healed by praying at a tomb is an impossibility, and that what the Pope has done is nothing more than propagation of “andh vishwas”. Similarly, some other modern Indian luminaries who otherwise all but mock with an air of superiority at those who visit dargahs and other such places where miracles have been experienced by many, have either said nothing or have outwardly spoken approvingly of the recognition given to miracles by the Pope in declaring Alphonsa India’s first native saint. That is the hold that the power of the West has over their voices and pens.

The remaining millions of us in India who believe, reverentially welcome St Alphonsa to the pantheon of not just Christian saints but of saints of all faiths who have enriched India and blessed its people of all religions with their miracles. We understand that faith is a very powerful emotion as it has always been throughout history. And with real reason.

Rather than arrogantly and ignorantly dismiss it as superstition or ‘andh vishwas’, this is an opportunity for some of us to realise that faith has to be recognised and respected, whether we believe in it ourselves or not. This elementary understanding will go a long way towards generating respectful sensitivity to the beliefs of all those who have experienced the miracles of God and his creation, no matter which religion or sect they follow.

Once all of us do that, the congenial atmosphere much needed for ensuring the communal harmony that this country badly needs will prevail. Is that not what every Indian wants?”

The Mathematical Visions Of Sreenivas Ramanujan

From, a brief life of Ramanujan, a supernal genius of mathematics who was also a devout follower of Goddess Namagiri (Lakshmi) to whom he attributed his achievements.

Namagiri/Lakshmi is the female consort of Narashimha, who is the leonine form of Vishnu the second part of the Hindu Trinity.  His equivalent in the Christian tradition is Christ as the Lion of Judah and in the Old Testament he is Jehovah Sabaoth:

“He died on his bed after scribbling down
revolutionary mathematical formulas that bloomed in his mind like ethereal flowers — gifts, he said, from a Hindu Goddess.

He was 32 the same age that the advaitan advocate Adi Shankara died. Shankara, born in 788, left earth in 820. Srinivasa Ramanujan was born in 1887. He died in 1920 — an anonymous Vaishnavite
brahmin who became the first Indian mathematics
Fellow at Cambridge University. Both Shankara and Ramanujan possessed supernatural intelligence, a well of genius that leaves even brilliant men dumb-founded. Ramanujan was a meteor in the
mathematics world of the World War I era. Quiet, with dharmic sensibilities, yet his mind blazed with such intuitive improvisation that British colleagues at Cambridge — the best math brains in
England — could not even guess where his ideas originated. It irked them a bit that Ramanujan told friends the Hindu Goddess Namagiri whispered equations into his ear. Today’s mathematicians —
armed with supercomputers — are still
star-struck, and unable to solve many theorems the
young man from India proved quickly by pencil and

Ramanujan spawned a zoo of mathematical creatures
that delight, confound and humble his peers. They
call them “beautiful,” “humble,” “transcendent,”
and marvel how he reduced very complex terrain to
simple shapes.

In his day these equations were mainly pure
mathematics, abstract computations that math sages
often feel describe God’s precise design for the
cosmos. While much of Ramanujan’s work remains
abstract, many of his theorems are now the
mathematical power behind several 1990’s
disciplines in astrophysics, artificial
intelligence and gas physics. According to his
wife — Janaki, who still lives outside Madras —
her husband predicted “his mathematics would be
useful to mathematicians for more than a
century.” Yet, before sailing to England,
Ramanujan was largely ignorant of the prevailing
highest-level math. He flunked out of college in
India. Like Albert Einstein, who toiled as a
clerk in a Swiss patent office while evolving his
Special Theory of Relativity at odd hours,
Ramanujan worked as a clerk at a port authority in
Madras, spending every spare moment contemplating
the mathematical face of God. It was here in
these sea-smelling, paper-pushing offices that he
was gently pushed into destiny — a plan that has
all the earmarks of divine design.

Ramanujan was born in Erode, a small, rustic town
in Tamil Nadu, India. His father worked as a
clerk in a cloth merchant’s shop. his namesake is
that of another medieval philosophical giant —
Ramanuja — a Vaishnavite who postulated the
Vedanta system known as “qualified monism.” the
math prodigy grew up in the overlapping
atmospheres of religious observances and ambitious
academics. He wasn’t spiritually preoccupied, but
he was steeped in the reality and beneficence of
the Deities, especially the Goddess Namagiri.

Math, of course, was his intellectual and
spiritual touchstone. No one really knows how
early in life Ramanujan awakened to the psychic
visitations of Namagiri, much less how the
interpenetration of his mind and the Goddess’
worked. By age twelve he had mastered
trigonometry so completely that he was inventing
sophisticated theorems that astonished teachers.

In fact his first theorems unwittingly duplicated
those of a great mathematician of a hundred years
earlier. This feat came after sifting once
through a trigonometry book. he was disappointed
that his “discovery” has already been found. then
for four years there was numerical silence. At
sixteen a copy of an out-of-date math book from
Cambridge University came into his hands. It
listed 5,000 theorems with sparse, short-cut
proofs. Even initiates in the arcane language of
mathematics could get lost in this work.

Ramanujan entered it with the giddy ambition and
verve of an astronaut leaping onto the moon. It
subconsciously triggered a love of numbers that
completely saturated his mind. He could envision
strange mathematical concepts like ordinary people
see the waves of an ocean.

Ironically, his focus on math became his academic
undoing. he outpaced his teachers in numbers
theory, but neglected all other subjects. He
could speak adequate English, but failed in it and
history and other science courses. He lost a
scholarship, dropped out, attempted a return but
fell ill and quit a second time. By this time he
was married to Janaki, a young teenager, and was
supporting his mother. Often all night he
continued his personal excursions into the math
universe – being fed rice balls by his wife as he
wrote lying belly-down on a cot. During the day
he factored relatively mundane accounts at the
post office for 20 pounds a year. He managed to
publish one math paper.

As mathematicians would say, one branch of
potential reality could have gone with Ramanujan
squandering his life at the port. But with one
nudge from the invisible universe, Namagiri sent
him Westward. A manager at the office admire the
young man’s work and sensed significance. He
talked him into writing to British mathematicians
who might sponsor him. Ramanujan wrote a simple
letter to the renowned G. W. Hardy at Cambridge,
hinting humbly at his breakthroughs and describing
his vegetarian diet and spartan needs if he should
come to the university. He enclosed one hundred
of his theorem equations.

Hardy was the brightest mathematician in England.
Yet, as he knew and would write later at the
conclusion of his life, he had done no original,
mind-bending work. At Cambridge he collaborated
with an odd man named Littlewood, who was so
publicly retiring that people joked Hardy made him
up. The two, though living within a hundred yards
of each other, communicated by exchange of terse,
math-laden letters. Ramanujan’s letter and
equations fell to them like a broadcast from alien
worlds. AT first they dismissed it as a
curiosity. Then, they suddenly became intrigued
by the Indian’s musings. Hardy later wrote: “A
single look at them is enough to show that they
could only be written down by a mathematician of
the highest class. They must be true, for if they
were not true, no one would have the imagination
to invent them.”

Hardy sensed an extremely rare opportunity, a
“discovery,” and quickly arranged a scholarship
for the then 26-year-old Ramanujan. The
invitation came to India and landed like a bomb in
Ramanujan’s family and community circle. His
mother was horrified that he would lose caste by
traveling to foreign shores. She refused to let
him go unless it was sanctioned by the Goddess.
According to one version of the story, the aged
mother then dreamt of the blessing from Namagiri.

But Janaki says her husband himself went to the
namagiri temple for guidance and was told to make
the voyage. Ramanujan consulted the astrological
data for his journey. He sent is mother and wife
to another town so they wouldn’t see him with his
long brahmin’s hair and bun trimmed to British
short style and his Indian shirt and wrapcloth
swapped for European fashion. He left India as a
slightly plump man with apple-round cheeks and
eyes like bright zeroes.

Arriving in 1914 on the eve of World War I,
Ramanujan experienced severe culture shock at
Cambridge. he had to cook for himself and
insisted on going bare foot Hindu style on the
cold floors. But Hardy, a man without airs or
inflated ego, made him feel comfortable amidst the
stuffy Cambridge tradition. Hardy and Littlewood
both served as his mentors for it took two
teachers to keep pace with his advances. Soon, as
Hardy recounts, it was Ramanujan who was teaching
them, in fact leaving them in the wake of
incandescent genius.

Within a few months war broke out. Cambridge
became a military college. vegetable and fruit
shortages plagued Ramanujan’s already slim diet.
The war took away Littlewood to artillery
research, and Ramanujan and Hardy were left to
retreat into some of the most recondite math
possible. One of the stunning examples of this
endeavor is a process called partitioning,
figuring out how many different ways a whole
number can be expressed as the sum of other whole
numbers. Example: 4 is partitioned 5 ways (4
itself, 3+1, 2+2, 2+1+1, 1+1+1+1), expressed as
p(4)=5. The higher the number, the more the
partitions. Thus p(7)=15. Deceptively though,
even a marginally larger number creates
astronomical partitions. p(200)=397,999,029,388.
Ramanujan — with Hardy offering technical checks
— invented a tight, twisting formula that
computes the partitions exactly. To check the
theorem a fellow Cambridge mathematician tallied
by hand the partitions for 200. It took one
month. Ramanujan’s equation was precisely
correct. U.S. mathematician George Andrews, who
in the late 1960’s rediscovered a “lost notebook”
of Ramanujan’s and became a lifetime devotee,
describes his accuracy as unthinkable to even
attempt. Ramanujan’s partition equation helped
later physicists determine the number of electron
orbit jumps in the “shell” model of atoms.

ANother anecdote demonstrates his mental
landscape. By 1917, Ramanujan had fallen
seriously ill and was convalescing in a country
house. Hardy took a taxi to visit him. As math
masters like to do he noted the taxi’s number —
1729 — to see if it yielded any interesting
permutations. To him it didn’t and he thought to
himself as he went up the steps to the door that
it was a rather dull number and hoped it was not
an inauspicious sign. He mentioned 1729 to
Ramanujan who immediately countered, “Actually, it
is a very interesting number. It is the smallest
number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two
different ways.”

Ramanujan deteriorated so quickly that he was
forced to return to India — emaciated — leaving
his math notebooks at Cambridge. He spent his
final year face down on a cot furiously writing
out pages and pages of theorems as if a storm of
number concepts swept through his brain. Many
remain beyond today’s best math minds.

Debate still lingers as to the origins of
Ramanujan’s edifice of unique ideas.
Mathematicians eagerly acknowledge surprise states
of intuition as the real breakthroughs, not
logical deduction. There is reticence to accept
mystical overtones, though, like Andrews, many can
appreciate intuition *in the guise* of a Goddess.

But we have Ramanujan’s own testimony of feminine
whisperings from a Devi and there is the sheer
power of his achievements. Hindus cognize this
reality. As an epilogue to this story, a seance
held in 1934 claimed to have contacted Ramanujan
in the astral planes. Asked if he was continuing
his work, he replied, “No, all interest in
mathematics dropped out after crossing over.”

Russell Kirk On Living Like A Man

Russell Kirk (h/t Bradley J. Birzer, “The Awful Humanity of Russell Kirk”:

“The enlightened conservative does not believe that the end or aim of life is competition; or success; or enjoyment; or longevity; or power; or possessions. He believes, instead, that the object of life is Love. He knows that the just and ordered society is that in which Love governs us, so far as Love can reign in this world of sorrows; and he knows that the anarchical or the tyrannical society is that in which Love lies corrupt. He has learned that Love is the source of all being, and that Hell itself is ordained by love. He understands that Death, when we have finished the part that was assigned to us, is the reward of Love. He apprehends the truth that the greatest happiness ever granted to a man is the privilege of being happy in the hour of his death. He has no intention of converting this human society of ours into an efficient machine for efficient machine–operators, dominated by master mechanics. Men are put into this world, he realizes, to struggle, to suffer, to contend against the evil that is in their neighbors and in themselves, and to aspire toward the triumph of Love. They are put into this world to live like men, and to die like men. He seeks to preserve a society which allows men to attain manhood, rather than keeping them within bonds of perpetual childhood. With Dante, he looks upward from this place of slime, this world of gorgons and chimeras, toward the light which gives Love to this poor earth and all the stars.

Secret Corporate Espionage, Harassment Of Citizens


Hiring cops, spooks and vets to do corporate dirty work leads to one more trend enabling corporate espionage to flourish. That is a lack of accountability or legal consequence for espionage that clearly breaks domestic law, such as stealing documents, wiretapping, etc. In France or England, where some of these same activities have come to the attention of authorities, those responsible have been prosecuted and some perpetrators have even gone to jail. Not so in the U.S.

“Hiring former intelligence, military and law enforcement officials has its advantages,” the report notes. “First, these officials may be able to use their status as a shield. For example, current law enforcement officials may be disinclined to investigate or prosecute former intelligence or law enforcement agents… In effect, the revolving door for intelligence, military and law enforcement officials is yet another aspect of the corporate capture of federal agencies, and another government subsidy for corporations.”

What Americans Don’t Know

As detailed as the Center for Corporate Policy report is, author Gary Ruskin says most of the information was obtained “by accident.” It wasn’t freely given. It was the result of lawsuits, a handful of whisteblowers, mistakes by those hired to do the corporate espionage, boasts in trade press and other somewhat random sources.

But even so, there is a dark playbook that comes into view. Nonprofits are scrutinzed for vulnerabilities. Computers are hacked. Documents are copied or stolen. Phone calls and voice mail are secretly recorded. Personal dossiers are compiled. Disinformation is created and spread. Websites are targeted and taken down. Blackmail is attempted. Just as bad, Ruskin says, the Justice Department and Congress look the other way.

“The entire subject is veiled in secrecy,” his report says. “In recent years, there have been few serious journalistic efforts—and no serious government efforts—to come to terms with the reality of corporate spying against nonprofits.”

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet.

My Comment:

This excellent article describes the rampant misuse of surveillance technology to invade the privacy of thousands of ordinary citizens, to blackmail, harass, and threaten them.

It perfectly sums up my experience since 2007:

1.  Phone-tapping, landline and cell phones.

2. Appearance of private conversations in websites, in a disguised form, recognizable only to myself or very close friends.

3.  Innuendo and slander republished by internet trolls and sometimes blogs. No facts or evidence, just reiteration of the slander, personal abuse. Cyber-stalking.

4.  Infiltrators or spies posing as clients, customers, or visitors, attempting to enter into business with me.

5. Emails deleted or blocked.  Computer trojans, spyware inserted.  VOIP conversations recorded. Blog hacking. Manipulation of Google hits. Threats to readers of the blog.  Manipulation of search results for specific posts. Monitoring via “fake” readers/commenters (they know who they are).

6. Work projects sabotaged.

7. Professional relations sabotaged.

8. At least one accident that seems to have been intentionally staged.

9. Theft of IP.

10. Using proxies to threaten, attack, or discredit through staged provocations. Street theater (paying random individuals to engage in behavior calculated to threaten/cause anxiety).


Debunking Sources Of “Osama 2011″

I will be posting links to debunk the sources cited by Michael Rozeff at Lew

(Check back for the next rebuttal, which will be post below No. 1, debunking Gunaratna)


Source 1 is Rohan Gunaratna, a Sri Lanka terrorism expert (and please, note I am no fan of the Tamil Tigers, who also question him):

Here is a lengthy piece questioning the credibility of Gunaratna, his flimsy credentials as a terrorism expert, his history of making exaggerated claims, and his interest in pushing for more government surveillance in Britain, Australia, and elsewhere.

Here’s a crucial excerpt:

Gunaratna’s unstinting support for the US, British and Australian governments’ foreign policy objectives was well rewarded. His contacts in US intelligence and counter-terrorist circles grew and his writings were published in several foreign policy and international security journals. But the biggest coup took place in June 2002: the publication of his book Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror, by Columbia University Press. Promoted heavily in the media, it went on to become a best seller around the world.

Inside Al Qaeda received universal media acclaim. “A remarkable new study,” enthused the Times (London), “Excellent,” declared Peter Bergen from the Washington Post, while Thomas Powers, in the New York Review of Books, called it “a careful and methodical account” that “does the work of many tomes”.

But it was not long before several of the book’s claims were vigorously challenged. The Malaysian government attacked the book’s assertions of links between the ruling Barisan Nasional party and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) of the Philippines, and through the MILF to Al Qaeda—and threatened legal action. Interviewed on Singapore television about the controversy, Gunaratna backtracked, changing his allegation to a link “between MILF operatives and a few individuals in the Barisan parties” [emphasis added].

In one of the book’s more sensational accounts, Gunaratna described in detail an Al Qaeda plot to hijack a British Airways plane on September 11, 2001, and crash it into the houses of parliament. Only the grounding of all aircraft after the bombing of the World Trade Centre supposedly prevented the London attack.

The source was an alleged Al Qaeda member, Mohammed Afroz, who had been arrested in Bombay, India in October 2001. Afroz had also allegedly claimed he had planned to fly a plane into Melbourne’s Rialto Towers. After his release by an Indian court in April 2002, New Delhi police declared the claims to be a fabrication by the Bombay police force. An investigation by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation into the alleged Melbourne plan assessed it “to be lacking in credibility.”

Inside Al Qaeda also fudged the record of its author. The book claimed he was “principal investigator of the United Nations’ Terrorism Prevention Branch”, and that after the September 11 attacks, he “was called to address the United Nations, the US Congress and the Australian Parliament”.

After the Sunday Age conducted an investigation into his biographical details, Gunaratna apparently admitted that there was, in fact, no such position as “principal investigator” at the UN’s Terrorism Prevention Branch, and that he simply “worked there in 2001-02 as a research consultant.” According to the July 20 article in the Sunday Age, “He also confirmed that, rather than directly addressing the UN, Congress, and the Australian Parliament, he had actually spoken at a seminar organised by the parliamentary library, given evidence to a congressional hearing on terrorism and delivered a research paper to a conference on terrorism organised by the UN’s Department for Disarmament Affairs.”

So concerned was the British publisher of Inside Al Qaeda about possible legal repercussions arising out of the unreliability of its assertions, that it published an extraordinary disclaimer under the heading “Publisher’s note” advising the reader to treat the book’s contents as mere “suggestions”.

“A wide range of organisations—banks, governmental and non-governmental bodies, financial enterprises, religious and educational institutions, commercial entities, transport companies and charitable bodies are referred to in this book as having had contact or dealings with Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Unless such references specifically state otherwise, they should be treated as nothing other than a suggestion that the organisations concerned were the unwitting tools of those who attempted, successfully or otherwise, to infiltrate, use or manipulate them for terrorist purposes.”

SOURCE TWO is Mike Rudin, who runs the BBC’s  “Conspiracy Files,” which, if you know anything about these things, is the way that the major media co-opts conspiracy research and turns it into infotainment (see also Jon Ronson, who does something similar).

Here is a piece that might tell you what Rudin’s agenda is (hint: Popular Mechanics was the vehicle used by the CIA and by Alexander Cockburn to debunk 9/11 alternative theories  at Counterpunch).

SOURCE THREE is General McChrystal.

In an entertaining example of “cognitive diversity” in action in a major propaganda outlet  (Christian Science Monitor), Eric Holder is reported to believe that Osama will only be captured dead, whereas McChrystal is said to believe he will be captured alive.

This is typical media “framing,” whereby beneath the superficial “diversity” of opinion, the underlying assumption is the same.

You can call it Propaganda 101.  It’s that basic.

As for McChrystal, this isn’t his first time venturing into psyops.

He master-minded the Pat Tillman cover-up.

Eric Holder’s lengthy history of malfeasance, including lying about Fast and Furious, should be enough to establish his lack of credibility .

SOURCE 4 is Omar Bin Laden, Osama’s son. (LOL)

No comment needed.

Source 5 is Wikileaks (More LOL)

The article is from 2010; notice that Wikileaks, which was developed in 2006-07, established its credentials with the anti-war crowd and with libertarians in 2009….and then started its disinformation in 2010.

Search  “Assange,” “Wikileaks,” “Snowden,” “Anonymous,” “Bitcoin” etc. at this blog to get the lowdown on the best psyops that a mult-billion dollar black budget can buy for the outsourced (private, corporate) intelligence community that now RUNS the US, if not a large part of the world.

Putting out a story through a dozen credentialed talking-heads (and that’s all they are) is small change for the spy agencies.

SOURCE 6: Two Navy Seals, Rob O’Neill and Matt Bissonette, who were allegedly on the 23-man team that conducted Operation Neptune’s Spear.

O’Neill claims to have fired the shot that killed Osama Bin Laden.

However, even the Independent article (November 12, 2014) in which O’Neill FIRST makes his claim cites fellow Seal, Matt Bissonette, who contradicts the claim.

Bissonette and unnamed military chiefs assert that both Bissonette and O’Neill shot “Osama” only after the fatal shot had been fired by an “unidentified point-man.”

So, what we are left with is 23 young American special forces troops, hyped-up with adrenaline and stress (they thought they were sure to die on the mission), jumping out of helicopters in a foreign country and bursting into a room in the middle of the night, where they shoot at someone who is already dead, whom they are told is “Osama.”

So that’s the great “revised standard version’ of Osama’s killing.

Lies by the government (2011).

Followed by more lies by the establishment media and Hollywood (2012).

Followed, most deplorably, by still more lies by the alternative media (Seymour Hersh, Zero Hedge, Wikileaks,  and a few evil or cowardly activists who know what they’re doing  when they lend their name intentionally to such stuff)…. and a herd of naive, lazy,  or confused folk who rush off after them.

As I said, anyone who believes this stuff, please give me a call.

I need to unload some swamp property on you.  Eric Holder has the details, Sy Hersh will co-sign your mortgage, and GPS coordinates are of course on Google view,  uploaded to Wikileaks.

[Disclaimer: The paragraph above is sarcasm. I do not own swamp property, nor would I unload it on someone if I did own it, since I am rather fond of swamps. Please do not construe this as investment advice,  counsel to commit fraud or anything else other than a lame joke arising from my despair at the credulity and corruption of the alternative media, which poses as a critic of the daylight government but is happy to serve – slavishly – as an arm of the secret government of the intelligence agencies.]

Benazir Bhutto On Osama’s Killing

Michael Rozeff claims that the Taliban, via Fox News, is the only source for the information that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001.

This just isn’t true. Even a glance at Wikipedia would have told Mr. Rozeff (and Mr. Hersh and the rest) just how many people think that Osama died before 2011, if not in 2001. They include Israeli intelligence, Turkish, Pakistani, and Iranian officials, US officials including Madeleine Albright, activists including Tarpley, Lendman, and Napolitano.

Which still doesn’t mean it’s the truth, but it does mean that Rozeff, who apparently spent some time on this story,  either failed to do his research or is engaging in hyperbole.

[I accused Mr. Rozeff of disinformation, but withdraw that, since I haven’t known him to push any other suspect story.

The single most important source for the  story  that Osama was already dead by 2011 is  former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto, whose very public statement was followed by dead silence in the major media, including deletion from a BBC transcript, and then, two months later, her assassination. 

Of course, we don’t have to assume that the two events (the statement and her assassination) are connected. We don’t have to conclude that Bhutto was telling the truth.

“Osama 2001″ could be disinformation too, but it is not simply or solely Talibani disinformation.

[Note: some of the forums I link to might also contain red herrings and disinformation. So again, regard them as aids, not crutches.]

What is telling for me is that Bhutto’s version reveals not whole-sale complicity  between the Pakistani government and the US government, as Hersh’s suggests (which is implausible, as I previously blogged), but the control of the ISI and the instigation of terrorist activity by sectors of Western intelligence (including CIA, MI6, and Mossad) which is not only highly plausible, it is well-nigh irrefutable.

What does that mean?

It means that encirclement, destabilization, and balkanization of the sub-continent, as I’ve blogged repeatedly, is the real target of the West in its on-going implementation of the globalist agenda of “control of populations” and “control of resources”.

These were goals specifically directed at the “third world”  and they were clearly enunciated by the head of the US Policy Planning Staff, George Kennan, decades ago, in 1948:

Furthermore, we have about 50% of the world’s wealth but only 6.3% of its population. This disparity is particularly great as between ourselves and the peoples of Asia. In this situation, we cannot fail to be the object of envy and resentment. Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern of relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity without positive detriment to our national security.

Now back to the Bhutto statement.

Pravda, May 1, 2008:

[Lila: Pravda is the Russia state organ, so again, caveat lector.]

Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in a suicide attack at the end of 2007 stated in November that the Osama bin Laden, the head of the international terrorist network al-Qaida, had been killed. Bhutto claimed that she even knew the man who had killed the prime suspect of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA. According to Bhutto’s words, Bin Laden was killed by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – one of those convicted of kidnapping and killing U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl.

Bhutto released that statement on November 2, 2007 in an interview with Al-Jazeera TV channel. Bhutto spoke in English in the program titled Frost Over the World. However, no one paid any attention to her words. Speaking about the enemies, who did not wish to see her back in Pakistan, she said: “Omar Sheikh is the man who murdered Osama bin Laden.”

The video of Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera can be found on YouTube (click to watch the video). The assassinated Pakistani prime minister says the words about Bin Laden’s killer during the second minute of the interview. She stays absolutely calm when she pronounces the names. More than 600,000 people have already viewed the video.

Correspondent David Frost, who interviewed Bhutto, did not even care to ask more questions about the sensational statement. Frost, who is believed to be an experienced journalist, did not even ask Bhutto when Bin Laden was killed.

Benazir Bhutto’s interview to Al-Jazeera received very little attention from the media. There was practically no newspaper in the world who published the news on its front page, although tens of thousands of people discussed the news for two months. It just so happens that even Al-Jazeera messed it up.

There was no official who commented on the information. Not a word was said from the CIA and the FBI. They did not even lift a finger to reject it. Absolute silence. But the U.S. administration promised a reward of 25 million dollars for Bin Laden’s body, dead or alive.

Benazir Bhutto is now dead. She cannot say anything about her sources of information.” has this about Omar Sheikh:

If that name, Omar Sheikh, sounds familiar it’s because he was a key figure in some huge stories between 1999 and 2002. His full name is Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, and multiple variations of those names are used to describe him including Omar Sheikh and Saeed Sheikh. Here’s how you may have heard of him:

  • In 1999, Indian Airlines flight 814 was hijacked by Pakistani nationals. In return for the hostages, the hijackers demanded India release the leaders of the ISI (the Pakistani version of the CIA) funded group Harkat-ul-Mujahideen. One of these leaders was Omar Sheikh.
  • In the months before 9/11, using the alias “Mustafa Mohammad Ahmed”, Omar Sheikh transferred at least $100,000 to Mohammad Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers.
  • Omar Sheikh was sentenced to death in 2002 for the murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

– See more at:

The post led me to this one, at Little Country Lost.,
which argues that US official pronouncements after December 2001 do show some difference in tone that suggests something significant happened in that time-frame:
There are a few reports from around the world that I found that indicated that Osama bin-Laden had died. One report from a French newspaper said that Osama bin-Laden died on August 23, 2006 of typhoid fever. However, if Benazir Bhutto is to be taken at her word, this report cannot be true because Omar Sheikh has been in Pakistani police custody since February 2002 for the murder of Daniel Pearl.However, some other reports, which seem to make some sense, indicated that Osama bin-Laden died in December 2001. An Egyptian newspaper called al-Wafd published the following article (Volume 15 No 4633) on December 26th, 2001:A prominent official in the Afghan Taleban movement announced yesterday the death of Osama bin Laden, the chief of al-Qa’da organization, stating that binLaden suffered serious complications in the lungs and died a natural and quiet death. The official, who asked to remain anonymous, stated to The Observer of Pakistan that he had himself attended the funeral of bin Laden and saw his face prior to burial in Tora Bora 10 days ago. He mentioned that 30 of al-Qa’da fighters attended the burial as well as members of his family and some friends from the Taleban. In the farewell ceremony to his final rest guns were fired in the air. The official stated that it is difficult to pinpoint the burial location of bin Laden because according to the Wahhabi tradition no mark is left by the grave. He stressed that it is unlikely that the American forces would ever uncover any traces of bin Laden.If the funeral took place 10 days before this article was published in al-Wafd and The Observer of Pakistan, this would put the death of Osama bin-Laden around the 16th or 17th of December 2001. Israeli intelligence officials also told reporters in October 2002 that they and United States officials believe that Osama bin-Laden had been killed in December 2001.If you look at a timeline of events involving Osama bin-Laden, ignoring the questionable videotapes, there is a noticeable shift in the type of communication Osama bin-Laden has with the world and the rhetoric used by Bush Administration and Pakistani officials in regards to the threat Osama bin-Laden poses starting in the middle of December 2001. Some highlights:

September 15, 2001
President Bush says of bin-Laden, “If he thinks he can hide and run fromtheUnited States and our allies, he will be sorely mistaken.”September 17, 2001 – President Bush says, “I want justice. And there’s an old poster out West, I recall, that says, ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive.’”November 7, 2001 – Pakistani reporter Hamid Mir interviews Osama bin-Laden in person.November 16, 2001 – Battle of Tora Bora begins.November 25, 2001 – Osama bin-Laden gives his last known public speech to his followers inMilawa, Afghanistan, a villagelocated on the route from Tora Bora to the Pakistani border.November 28, 2001 – Osama bin-Laden reportedly escapes Tora BoraDecember 15, 2001 – Osamabin-Laden’s voice is reportedly intercepted for the last time communicating with his fighters in Tora Bora via his shortwave radioDecember 17, 2001 – US Intelligence and Pentagon officials admit they have lost Osama bin-LadenDecember 17, 2001 – United States declares victory at Tora BoraDecember 26, 2001 – Article about Osama bin-Laden’s funeral is published in Pakistan and Egypt. The funeral allegedly takes place about 10 days earlier. The article is also discussed by Fox News.December 28, 2001 – President Bush says, “Our objective is more than bin-Laden”January 18, 2002 – Pakistani dictatorPervez Musharraf tells CNN that he believes Osama bin-Ladento be deadJanuary 27, 2002 – Vice President Dick Cheney says that Osama bin-Laden “isn’t that big of a threat. Bin Laden connected to this worldwide organization of terror is a threat.”

January 27, 2002 – White House Chief of Staff Andy Card tells CNN, “”I do not know for a fact that he’s alive. I happen to believe he’s probably alive… Our overall objective is to defeat terrorism, wherever it is around the world. And so, our objective is not to get Osama bin Laden.”

January 29, 2002 – President Bush delivers his first State of the Union address since 9/11. While he labels Iraq, Iran, and North Korea the “axis of evil”, he fails to mention Osama bin-Laden at all.

March 13, 2002 – President Bush says, “Deep in my heart I know the man is on the run, if he’s alive at all… He’s a person who’s now been marginalized.… I just don’t spend that much time on him.… I truly am not that concerned about him.”

April 4, 2002 – Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers says, “The goal has never been to get bin-Laden”

October 14, 2002 – President Bush says, “I don’t know whether bin-Laden is alive or dead”

October 16, 2002Middle East Newsline reports that Israeli Intelligence officials confirmed that Israel and the United States believe Osama bin-Laden was killed in mid-December 2001 during the Tora Bora bombing campaign.

This timeline, with Osama bin-Laden’s death allegedly occurring in the middle of December 2001, makes it possible that Omar Sheikh could have committed the murder. From October 2001 through January 19, 2002, Omar Sheikh was living openly in his home in Lahore, Pakistan. His positions as leader of Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (a Taliban and Osama bin-Laden partner) and ISI agent (the source of funds for Harkat-ul-Mujahideen) would also have given him means for access to Osama bin-Laden.

While it is disturbing that Benazir Bhutto may have revealed that our government has been (and continues to be) lying to us about Osama The Big Bad Wolf, the revelation that his supposed killer was Omar Sheikh raises even more questions than the obvious ‘Who the hell is making and releasing all those Osama bin-Laden videos and for what purpose?'”

The blog makes various suggestions about why both Bhutto and Pearl might have been assassinated and what the implications are if the 2001 allegation really is true, ending with this:

……… How interconnected are the ISI and CIA and could the ISI assist Osama bin-Laden, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, and the Taliban without the knowledge of the CIA?

Why does the Bush Administration want us to think Osama bin-Laden is still alive? How do they personally benefit from this deception more than they would benefit by publicly taking credit for catching Osama bin-Laden?

Here is my answer to that question.

The Obama administration went along with the cover-up, because it gave a rationale for bombing on the borders of India, which instigates more terrorism in India (about which the Rothschild mouthpiece The Guardian is now “warning” (threatening?) ….

which will be conveniently blamed on “Hindu nationalists,” with no word about who is behind the rise of Modi.

If the CIA/Mossad/MI6 are working hand-in-glove with ISI (and elements of RAW) to provoke terrorism, then maybe the real conflict is not along the usual lines touted in the media, which are all horizontal: West vs. Russia; West vs. China; West vs. Islam).

Take a look at the list of unusual military drills I blogged recently.

Taken together with the presence of Western troops in Nepal, for ostensible disaster relief, they give us a picture of the sub-continent entirely encircled by military –  Russia doing exercises WITH China; Russia doing exercises WITH Pakistan (ISI controlled by CIA); the US doing exercises with S. Korea, the Philippines, and Japan, all along the Pacific; the CIA and China (Rothschild-affiliated) controlling drug routes that have major headquarters in Cochin and Goa and Mumbai.

So we have a Rabbi warning of a stock market crash in September 2015; a Chinese feng-shui expert based in Malaysia warning of a crash plus assorted disasters;Rothschild mouth-piece The Guardian warning of terror attacks in India some 6-7 years after Mumbai; the Jewish Super Shemitah Jubilee cycle of seven sevens coming up for completion in 2015; an assortment of military exercises encircling Eurasia; and an exercise on the borders of the US that seems to refer to China

Now think about Hersh floating this “old story” in 2015. Why?

Could it be a distraction from these military drills?

They would include Jade Helm 15, which is nothing at all, according to the major media in the US. Nothing but right-wing paranoia.

A. J. Hillman: Intelligence Plant?

Now, Michael Rozeff – dang, why is he so stuck on promoting this Hersh story? – trots out A. J. Hillman, an intelligence contractor who came up with the same story about Bin Laden’s death in 2011, only with different sources.

Of course, at one shot, her “support” of Hersh undermines him completely, since it shows he didn’t break this story at all but just became the major mouthpiece for it.

That is often the case for stories “broken” by big-name journalists – they were usually broken by a whistle-blower or blogger or police detective, but the journalists have the public platform, the time and resources to write,  and they get the credit.

But, alas, Hillhouse is not any more credible than Hersh. Not only is she an intelligence contractor, with a flair for novel writing and smuggling, she too does not have a documented source:

“my understanding was there was great concern with the security guys … Everything that I’ve written on national intelligence, [that] was the first time I ever had a [former] senior member of the intelligence community signal me to basically go black … I’ve never been waved off like I was signaled to [then].”

She was strongly warned by a high U.S. intelligence official to drop the matter and say no more. She says that because of this she destroyed her notes with her sources.”

Yes, the dog ate her home-work too.

So why does a story broken in 2011 (without a source) surface again in 2015 (without a source)?

Good question. I wish I knew the answer.

It obviously serves some other purpose than the apparent one of speaking truth to power.

Author Khaled Mohammed sums up some of the problems with Hersh’s story from the viewpoint of someone familiar with Pakistani terrain.

So could Hillhouse (intelligence contractor) be to Hersh (CIA journalist) as William Binney (original intelligence official and whistle-blower) was  to Ed Snowden (intelligence contractor and supposed intelligence whistle-blower)?

But before Binney, decades before, there was Margaret Newsham, whom no one talks about at all.

The rabbit-hole goes deep.

At the risk of sounding unhinged, I suspect Hillhouse, if she is for real,  is also a disinformation agent.

And lo, the excellent posters at the blog “Rigorous Intuition” seem to have the same sense about Hillhouse:

Postby jfshade » Thu Jan 21, 2010 7:16 pm

Yes, it [Lila: the CIA] runs the government; or at least operates without any meaningful governmental oversight, or limitation on its access to public funds:

Black budget [2003]”The CIA has the unique legal ability among all US government departments and agencies to generate funds through appropriations of other federal government agencies and other sources ‘without regard to any provisions of law’ and without regard to the intent behind Congressional appropriations. Every year, billions of dollars of Congressional appropriations are diverted from their Congressionally sanctioned purposes to the CIA and DoD based intelligence agencies without knowledge of the public and with the collusion of Congressional leaders. The covert world of ‘black programs’ acts with virtual impunity, overseen and regulated by itself, funding itself through secret slush funds, and is free of the limitations that come from Congressional oversight, proper auditing procedures and public scrutiny.” The CIA black budget is annually in the vicinity of 1.1 trillion dollars – a truly staggering figure when one considers that the DoD budget for 2004 will be approximately 380 billion dollars.[12]


And who runs the CIA? Looks like the very corporations with vested interests in the endless war on terra have a vote:

The most intriguing secrets of the “war on terror” have nothing to do with al-Qaeda and its fellow travelers. They’re about the mammoth private spying industry that all but runs U.S. intelligence operations today.Surprised? No wonder. In April [2007], Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell was poised to publicize a year-long examination of outsourcing by U.S. intelligence agencies. But the report was inexplicably delayed — and suddenly classified a national secret. What McConnell doesn’t want you to know is that the private spy industry has succeeded where no foreign government has: It has penetrated the CIA and is running the show.
[Lila: A counter-terrorism specialist with a national reputation whom I’d consulted about my own problems told me much the same thing a couple of years ago.]
Over the past five years (some say almost a decade), there has been a revolution in the intelligence community toward wide-scale outsourcing. Private companies now perform key intelligence-agency functions, to the tune, I’m told, of more than $42 billion a year. Intelligence professionals tell me that more than 50 percent of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) — the heart, brains and soul of the CIA — has been outsourced to private firms such as Abraxas, Booz Allen Hamilton, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon.
The above is from a piece by RJ Hillhouse, who has written extensively about intelligence privatization. I sense planted disinfo by “intelligence professionals” in some of her work, but the outsourcing trend is real.
linkSo, I’m curious as to how Ron Paul thinks we should go about “tak[ing] out the CIA.” It has pretty much all the money that the banks don’t have, and is locked in serpentine embrace with the most powerful corporate warmakers.
As Sunny said:

Smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces and scattering it to the winds in 1962 or so would have been the way to go but…
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Establishment Alternatives Defend Hersh

Michael Rozeff, who believes Hersh is accurate on the Bin Laden story, claims support from four journalists.

He says generalized skepticism about government accounts is not good enough to discount the possibility of a 2011 killing, instead of the rumored 2001 killing.

Fair enough.

However, the problem for me at least is not generalized skepticism of government accounts.

My problem is generalized skepticism of alternative media mouth-pieces attacking the government’s account – I don’t place much stock in the high-profile  Mr. Hersh and his ilk.

Unlike Mr. Roberts, I don’t believe in the theory of a 2001 killing of Obama; but I also don’t believe the government’s OR Hersh’s version.

Until I study the matter at first hand, I refuse to take any account at face-value. The only thing I do believe is that there is no end to the depth and complexity of Anglo-Zionist propaganda and that anyone who goes by party-line, confession, or ideology of any kind, will not be able to untangle the web.

High-profile journalists are suspects numero uno when it comes to intelligence/CIA propaganda.

As I said, Douglas Valentine, Ann Williamson, Paul Craig Roberts, James Petras and the less-known but insightful  Scott Creighton – between them encompassing every side of the alternative spectrum – have expressed cynicism/skepticism about Hersh.

The media fanfare over Hersh’s revelations is itself a giveaway.

Now Rozeff comes up with 4 voices in support of Hersh.

Three of them published their  support on Counterpunch, which has, sorry to say, often retailed disinformation about 9/11 by none other than Alexander Cockburn.  One is published at The Nation, another establishment leftist rag that carries disinformation all the time.

Before he died, I got to know Cockburn a  little bit, with some exchanges over the phone and email. I liked the guy. He said nice things about my writing. I am grateful for that.  I also appreciated his support of India and his love of Indian culture. His Catholic background and his sharp, curious brain made him a different kind of lefty.

But lefty he was….a true believer in feminism, the state, and “the people.”

And on at least two occasions known to me a guy who retailed government spin.

One was on 9/11. The other was on the child-sex abuse scandals of the 1990s.

The latter was a personal disappointment to me, because I relied on his word and his opinion, as an elder statesman on the subject of propaganda and the CIA.

I found later he was wrong on both subjects, but not because he was mistaken.  It was because he was misleading.

I suspected a tie to the CIA. That was confirmed to me later by a senior libertarian writer who ought to know.

So, yes, Cockburn was a good guy on a number of things. A funny, insightful, even great writer.

But he also retailed spin when he felt he had to. I can’t make a judgment about why he did it. I’m just saying he did it.

So Cockburn supporting Hersh is like, well, the Washington Post echoing the New York Times.

Journalist two:

Justin Raimondo supports Hersh.

Well, he also uncritically supported Gore Vidal, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden, about whose bona fides there are persistent serious questions that have never been answered.  If you believe in the official Snowden-Assange story, I assure you, the tooth-fairy will be visiting soon……followed by some property in the Florida panhandle.

Raimondo, alas, is still an establishment alternative.  I have nothing clear-cut against him, but I find his judgment questionable on some things.

The other writers who support Hersh, Michael Brenner and Greg Grandin, are both professors – of international relations and of history – who write for the establishment alternatives – places like The Nation and TomDispatch, whose contributors often overlap.  Both are the usual East Coast left-liberal academic, part of the mandarin industry.  I have zero trust in them.
But no need to worry about Raimondo, Cockburn and the rest. Mr. Hersh can be judged from his own words, no less (Note: this is not an endorsement of the site on which I found Hersh’ words)

Seymour Hersh has admitted that he’s nothing but a liar. It’s okay tho, he only lies when he gives $15, 000 college campus speeches or gives talks for the ACLU and that sort of thing, he assures us he never lies in print (a liar who says ‘believe me’…funny.)

In a recent interview, Hersh said the following in regards to his fibbing:

“Sometimes I change events, dates, and places in a certain way to protect people…I can?t fudge what I write. But I can certainly fudge what I say.?

and when Hersh changes names, dates, places, and the like:

?I defend that totally…I find that totally not inconsistent with anything I do professionally. I?m just communicating another reality that I know, that for a lot of reasons having to do with, basically, someone else?s ass, I?m not writing about it.?

Hersh is merely “communicating another reality” that he knows of?! Outrageous. It’s okay tho, he still stands by his practice of lying in speeches and on talk shows and such, he just promises he never lies in print (whew, and thought we were dealing with a FULL time liar here, as long as he’s only a liar 80% of the time, it’s okay I guess.)

Hersh puts it out on the table, and in doing so he let’s us all know that nothing he says can be trusted.”

So here we have a guy who makes up names and events to convey his own reality (kind of like Rumsfeld?). A guy who rides entirely on reputation for his credibility since many of his lengthy pieces contain nothing more than a single anonymous source.  A guy whom one investigative journalist told me actually squashed an important expose (of George Soros) by a colleague and then plagiarized the material.  And people take him at face-value as more credible than “the government.”

When will boobus libertarianus wake up to the fact that the “media” and the “alternative press” ARE  the government? Often they are more the government than the “government.”

But that might require something a little bit more than slogans and herd behaviour.

It might involve – heaven forfend- a little critical thinking.





Doug Valentine: Woodward, Hersh, CIA-connected

In an interview with Suzan Mazur at, Douglas Valentine, an authority on CIA programs, mentions Seymour Hersh as a CIA-connected journalist.

In fact, just looking at the sites and the writers touting Hersh on the Bin Laden story will give you a good general idea about the level of complicity of American activists/alternative media in the propagandizing of the public:

Douglas  Valentine:

To answer your question about the connections between the CIA and the media and new media – I’d say they’re tighter than ever. It has to do with the centralization of wealth and influence. News organizations used to be a lot of independent owners of news outlets. There’s now less and less of that.

It goes hand in hand with the consolidation of capital in the United States. The media’s in the hands of fewer and fewer people, and those people are closer and closer to the imperial interests of the United States abroad. Their interests are now more in tune with the interests of the CIA. And they’re more likely to skew, without even being agents of the CIA.

So you don’t have to rely on the old boy system anymore; accommodating the CIA is built into the system because of the consolidation of capital.

It’s been reported that the CIA writes for Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. So establishing and corroborating sources is more important now than ever. Also, since Watergate and Deep Throat, there’s a tendency on the part of CIA-connected journalists like Bob Woodward and Seymour Hersh to use anonymous sources. Just another sign of how incestuous it is between the media and the CIA.”

In addition to Douglas Valentine, writers as far apart as James Petras, Paul Craig Roberts, and Ann Williamson, have all questioned Hersh’s veracity.

In “Language of Empire,” I noted discrepancies in Hersh’s reporting and my suspicion that he was an outlet for disinformation.

Is the Osama Bin Laden story disinformation?

Frankly, I don’t know.  I’m not sure I care.

What I do care about is the uncritical way the alternative media trumpets “name” journalists, even when they don’t source.

Don’t they realize how easy it is for the intelligence services to feed them stories through established journalists?

Or do they just not care?

Why is it I get the feeling that a lot of the alternative media is in it for money and Google hits, not for actually finding out the truth.

It is just tamasha.  Or a form of preening.

Anyway, here is another site, a conservative, one,  where Hersh is proved to have lied…and then proved to have lied about his lie…

Seymour Hersh made some startling claims to a Pakistani paper called The Nation, basically claiming that Dick Cheney (and Israel of course) runs a secret death squad that was responsible for the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

When it became apparent that the statements made their way to people that knew they were a lie Seymour released this statement:

US journalist Seymour Hersh on Monday contradicted news reports being published in South Asia that quote him as saying a special death squad made by former US vice president Dick Cheney had killed Benazir Bhutto. The award-winning journalist described as complete madness the reports that the squad headed by General Stanley McChrystal the new commander of US army in Afghanistan  had also killed former Lebanese prime minister Rafique Al Hariri and a Lebanese army chief.

Vice president Cheney does not have a death squad. I have no idea who killed Mr Hariri or Mrs Bhutto, Hersh said. I have never said that I did have such information. I most certainly did not say anything remotely to that effect during an interview with an Arab media outlet.

He said Gen McChrystal had run a special forces unit that engaged in high value target activity, but while I have been critical of some of that unit activities in the pages of the New Yorker and in interviews, I have never suggested that he was involved in political assassinations or death squads on behalf of Mr Cheney, as the published stories state. He regretted that none of the publications had contacted him before carrying the report. This is another example of blogs going bonkers with misleading and fabricated stories and professional journalists repeating such rumours without doing their job  and that is to verify such rumours. staff report.

The problem is that’s a lie. Legal Insurrection has video of Hersh making these very claims on Marxist shill Amy Goodman’s dreadful Democracy Now! program.

Isn’t libel illegal?”

Ancient Indian Civilization Minimized By West?

1) India had the largest and most continuous of all the civilizations of the ancient world starting by at least 3000 BCE  (Lila: New research in the Saraswati valley confirms a dating to at least 7,500 BC or 8000 BC and most likely much earlier), with a much more extensive urban civilization than Egypt or Sumeria of the same time periods. Yet its role as a source of civilization has largely been ignored by the historical biases of the West.

2) The Vedic Literature is the ancient world’s largest, with its many thousands of pages dwarfing what little the rest of the world has been able to preserve. This literature reflects profound spiritual concepts, skill in mathematics, astronomy and medicine, special knowledge of language and grammar and other hallmarks of a great civilization. It cannot be attributed to nomads and barbarians or to the short space of a few centuries.

3) The ancient Indian literature, the world’s largest, and ancient Indian archaeology, also the ancient world’s largest, must be connected. We can no longer accept the idea of Ancient India without a literature and Vedic literature reflecting no real culture or civilization. Vedic literature and its symbolism is clearly reflected in Harappan archaeology and its artifacts.

4) Southeast Asia, which included South India, was the home of most human populations, which migrated after the end of the Ice Age, when the water released by melting glaciers, flooded the region around ten thousand years ago. Southeast Asia, not the Middle East, is the likely cradle not only of populations, but culture and agriculture as well.

5) The Sarasvati River, the dominant river in India in the post-Ice Age era, after 8000 BCE, and the main site of urban ruins in ancient India, is well described in Vedic texts. It ceased to flow around 1900 BCE, making the Vedic culture older than this date. All stages of the development and drying up of the Sarasvati can be found in Vedic texts down to the Mahabharata, showing that the Vedic people were along the river at all phases.

6) There is no scientific or archaeological basis for any Aryan or Dravidian race, which are now discredited concepts. No Aryan skeletal remains have ever been found in India apart from the existing populations in the country going back to prehistoric times. There is no archaeological evidence of any Aryan invasion or migration into India but only the continuity of the same populations in the region and their cultural changes. This requires that we give up these old ideas and look at the data afresh apart from them.

7) Connections between Indian languages and those of Europe and Central Asia, which can be found relative to both Sanskritic and Dravidian languages, are more likely traceable to a northwest movement out of India after the end of the Ice Age. The late ancient Aryan and Dravidian migrations, postulated to have taken place c. 1500 BCE into India from Central Asia of western linguistic theories occur too late, after populations and cultures were already formed, to result in the great changes attributed to them. Besides no records of such proposed migrations/invasions have yet to be found. Archaeology, literature and science, including genetics, all contradict it.

8) Vedic spirituality of ritual, mantra, yoga and meditation, based on an understanding of the dharmic nature of all life, created the foundation for the great spiritual traditions of India emphasizing individual experience of the Divine and spiritual practice over outer dogmas and beliefs. Such a spiritual ethos is the fruit of a great and mature ancient civilization.

9) The Hindu view of time, as through the Hindu Yuga theory, that connects human history with natural history of tens of thousands of years marked by periodic cataclysms makes sense relative to new scientific discoveries relative to natural history through genetics and climate changes.

10) This ancient, eternal Vedic culture is still relevant to the world today and lives on in the great ashrams, temples and spiritual practices of India. Reclaiming this ancient spiritual heritage of India and spreading it throughout the world is one of the greatest needs of the coming planetary age, in which we must go beyond the boundaries of creedal boundaries and materialistic values.”

State U. Prof. Requires Erotic Final Exams

Yet another example of the waste of good money known as higher education (h/t Lew Rockwell):

For most students, there is nothing more stressful than a final exam.

But now imagine that to pass the exam, you have to be naked in a candlelit classroom. Not only in front of your whole class, but also in front of your professor.

At the University of California, San Diego, this naked final exam is in fact a course requirement for a class in the visual arts department.

But nudity isn’t enough for the students of the upper-level course, as they must also perform ‘a gesture that traces, outlines or speaks about your ‘erotic self(s)’, according to the course syllabus.

Seymour Hersh Propagates Disinformation

Paul Craig Roberts on the latest story about the Bin Laden killing from Seymour Hersh:

In my opinion, Washington’s disinformation agencies have finally managed to deceive Seymour Hersh with a concocted “inside story” that saves Washington’s claim of having murdered bin Laden by proving that the US government is an extraordinary liar and violator of law.

Hersh’s story does prove that the US government is a liar, but it does not prove that a
SEAL team murdered Osama bin Laden.”

Seymour Hersh has long been suspected (for eg. by James Petras, but also here,  here and now, here)  of retailing sophisticated disinformation behind the facade of investigative reporting.

Of course, “investigative journalism” itself is a concept that deserves thorough deconstruction.




AIDS: The Bio-Weapon Theory

Dr. Alan Cantwell, via

The Gay Hepatitis-B Vaccine Experiment

” A “cohort” of over a thousand young gays was injected with the vaccine at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan during the period November 1978 to October 1979.1 Similar gay experiments were conducted in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, St. Louis, and Chicago, beginning in 1980.2 The AIDS epidemic broke out shortly thereafter.

The experiment was run by Wolf Szmuness, a Polish Jew born in 1919. He was a young medical student in eastern Poland when the Nazis invaded the country in 1939. His entire family perished in the Holocaust. When Poland was partitioned, Szmuness was taken prisoner and sent to Siberia.

After the war, he was allowed to finish medical school in Tomsk in central Russia. He married a Russian woman, had a daughter, and in 1959 was allowed to return to Poland where he became an expert in hepatitis.

According to June Goodfield’s account of his life in Quest for the Killers, Szmuness defected from Poland with his family in 1969, arriving penniless in New York with $15 in his pocket.3 Through scientific connections he found work as a laboratory technician at the New York Blood Center. Within a few years he was given his own lab at the center and was also appointed Professor of Public Health at Columbia University. By the mid-1970s, Szmuness was a world authority on hepatitis, and was invited back to Moscow in 1975 to give a scientific presentation. As a defector he was terrified to set foot back in the Soviet Union, but his colleagues assured him he would have the full protection of the U.S. State Department. His return to Russia was a scientific triumph.

In the late 1970s, Wolf Szmuness was awarded millions of dollars to undertake the most important mission of his life: the Hepatitis-B vaccine experiment. Szmuness specifically wanted to use gay men to avoid “serious legal and logistical problems.”4 For his study he did not want monogamous men, nor men with lovers. He chose only healthy, young, responsible, intelligent, and primarily white homosexuals. The experiment was costly and he didn’t want any uncooperative or hard-to-find gays messing up his experiment. Involved in the experiment were the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Abbott Laboratories, and Merck, Sharp & Dohme. Szmuness’ experiment was hugely successful, and his vaccine was hailed as having tremendous global implications.

The Gay Plague

The links of the gay experiment to the outbreak of AIDS are obvious to anyone who wants to see the connection. Three months after the experiment began, the first cases of AIDS reported to the CDC appeared in young gay men in Manhattan in 1979. The first San Francisco AIDS case appeared in that city in September 1980, six months after the Hepatitis-B experiment started there.5 In June 1981 the AIDS epidemic became “official.”

Were gay men given experimental vaccines contaminated with the AIDS virus? The government says no, but government agencies have a long history of covert and unethical medical experimentation, particularly with minorities. Was it simply a quirk of nature that a virus “out of Africa” would suddenly decimate the most hated minority in America?

Why did the U.S. government choose Wolf Szmuness, a Soviet-trained doctor and a recent American immigrant to head this dangerous experiment? Goodfield, who has written the definitive account of the Hepatitis-B experiment, claims Szmuness has a painful life. Confined as a political prisoner in Siberia during World War II, he was repeatedly interrogated and beaten by the Russian KGB for refusing to cooperate in spy activities. When he could not be broken, they warned him: “Say nothing of this to anyone, but remember. We will reach you anywhere in the world. No matter where you go, no matter where you try to hide, you will never be out of our grasp.”6

The experimental Hepatitis-B vaccine was primarily manufactured by Merck. However, during the experiment Szmuness was concerned about possible vaccine contamination. Goodfield writes, “This was no theoretical fear, contamination having been suspected in one vaccine batch made by the National Institutes of Health, though never in Merck’s.”7

After the Hepatitis-B experiment ended, Szmuness insisted that all thirteen thousand blood specimens donated by gay men be retained at the Blood Center for future use. Due to space requirements, it is highly unusual for any laboratory to retain so many old blood specimens. However, several years later when this blood was retested for the presence of HIV antibodies, government epidemiologists were able to detect the “introduction” and the spread of HIV into the gay community.

When asked why he was keeping so many vials of blood, Szmuness replied, “Because one day another disease may erupt and we’ll need this material.“8 A few months after the Hepatitis-B experiment began at the Center, the first AIDS cases began to appear in gay men living in Manhattan. And the retesting of gay blood at the Blood Center proved that HIV was first introduced into the gay population of New York City sometime around 1978-1979, the same year Szmuness’ gay Hepatitis-B experiment began.9

Was Szmuness psychic in his prediction that a new disease would appear in the gay community? Or did he actually know or suspect that a new, deadly virus was being introduced into the gay volunteers? Unfortunately, the answers to these questions can only be surmised. In June 1982 Szmuness died of lung cancer. In his eulogy, Aaron Kellner of the Blood Center wrote: “It is the rare physician who, like Wolf Szmuness, is given the grace to touch the lives of billions of people; those living on this planet and generations yet unborn.”10

The African Origin of AIDS

Was HIV introduced into millions of Africans in the late 1970s during the smallpox vaccine eradication programs sponsored by the World Health Organisation? It is known that animal and human cells harbor all sorts of viruses, including viruses not yet discovered, and animal tissue cell cultures are often used in the manufacture of viral vaccines. Therefore, the possibility of vaccine contamination with an animal virus is a constant danger in the manufacture of vaccines.

Despite the most meticulous precautions in production, contaminating animal viruses are known to survive the vaccine process. For example, during the 1950s, millions of people were injected with polio vaccines contaminated with “SV-40″, a cancer-causing green monkey virus. Such vaccine contamination problems are largely kept hidden from the public. Yet in spite of the known danger, drug companies and physicians always pooh-pooh any suggestion that AIDS could have arisen from animal virus-contaminated vaccines. Animal cancer viruses are also contained in fetal calf serum, a serum commonly used as a laboratory nutrient to feed animal and human tissue cell cultures. Viruses in calf serum can be carried over as contaminants into the final vaccine product.

The problem of vaccine contamination by fetal calf serum and its relationship to AIDS is the subject of a letter by J. Grote (“Bovine visna virus and the origin of the AIDS epidemic”) published in the Journal of the Royal (London) Society of Medicine in October 1988. Grote discounts the green monkey theory and questions whether bovine visna contamination of laboratory-used fetal bovine serum could cause AIDS. Bovine visna virus is similar in appearance to HIV. Grote, a London-based AIDS researcher, writes:

The seriousness of this becomes apparent when we consider the manufacture of vaccines requires the growth of virus in cell cultures using fetal calf serum in the growth medium. The contamination of vaccines with adventitious viruses has been of concern for many years and the presence of virus-like structures in ‘virus-screened’ bovine serum has been reported. It seems absolutely vital that all vaccines are screened for HIV prior to use and that bovine visna virus is further investigated as to its relationship to HIV and its possible causal role in progression towards AIDS.

Millions of African blacks are reportedly infected with HIV. This large number could never have been infected by the simple act of a monkey virus “jumping” over to infect one African in the late 1970s. If that were the case, why don’t we now have millions of AIDS cases in the U.S.? One logical explanation for the millions of Africans infected is that the vaccines used in the World Health Organisation’s mass inoculation programs were contaminated. Was the contamination accidental or deliberate? It is well-known in vaccine circles that the vaccinia (cowpox) virus used in the manufacture of the smallpox vaccine works well in genetic engineering. Charles Pillar and Keith Yamamoto, authors of Gene Wars: Military Control Over the New Genetic Technology, state: “Researchers have been able to splice genes coding for the surface coats of other viruses, such as influenza, hepatitis, and rabies into vaccinia virus DNA. The result: a ‘broad spectrum’ vaccine with a coat of many colors.”11

In 1985, the Russians caused an international furore by claiming that AIDS was caused by experiments carried out in the USA as part of the development of new biological weapons. Responding to this Soviet accusation, Pillar and Yamamoto admit that “although no evidence has been presented to support this claim, manipulating genes to defeat the body’s immune system is quite feasible.”12

In Magic Shots, Allan Chase claims that during the years 1966-1977, the WHO utilised “200,000 people in forty countries — most of them nondoctors trained by seven hundred doctors and health professionals from over seventy participating countries — spent $300 million, and used forty million bifurcated vaccinating needles to administer 24,000 million (2.4 billion) doses of smallpox vaccine.”13

On May 11, 1987, The London Times, one of the world’s most respected newspapers, published a front-page story entitled “Smallpox vaccine triggered AIDS virus.” The story suggests that African AIDS is a direct outgrowth of the WHO smallpox eradication program. The smallpox vaccine allegedly awakened a “dormant” AIDS virus infection in the black population. Robert Gallo, the co-discoverer of HIV, was quoted as saying, “The link between the WHO program and the epidemic is an interesting and important hypothesis. I cannot say that it actually happened, but I have been saying for some years that the use of live vaccines such as that used for smallpox can activate a dormant infection such as HIV (the AIDS virus).” The Times story is one of the most important stories ever printed on the AIDS epidemic; yet the story was killed and never appeared in any major U.S. newspaper or magazine.

Despite covert human experimentation, vaccine contamination problems, and the genetic engineering of new and highly dangerous viruses, the medical establishment ignores the AIDS bio-warfare issue. For example, in the prestigious British Medical Journal (May 13, 1989), Myra McClure and Thomas Schultz wrote a paper on the “Origin of HIV” and quickly disposed of the idea that AIDS is connected to germ warfare. They simply state: “Lack of supporting evidence precludes serious discussion of such a bizarre hypothesis. This review deals with the theories on the origin of HIV that are scientifically plausible.”

Thus, medical science ignores evidence suggesting AIDS originated as a secret experiment. Most physicians and microbiologists steadfastly hold on to the illogical and improbable green monkey theory of AIDS. And the major media remain silent, often dismissing the bio-warfare theory as communist propaganda of the most malicious sort. Forgotten is the connection between the National Academy of Sciences and the military bio-warfare establishment in the development of biological weapons for mass killings.”

Rehab, Not Rescue, Is “New Model” Of Disaster Assistance

Reader Anil Nauriya, an advocate at the Supreme Court of India, writes to this blog that recent humanitarian efforts follow a  disturbing new model of “rehabilitation” of  the area rather than the old one of rescuing victims.

Taken together with military involvement in disasters and drills that forecast yet do not avert disasters, the implications of the model are nothing short of sinister:

Rescue versus Relief and Rehabilitation?

In recent years there is a new trend noticeable with international disaster-related work.
This is that within a few days of rescue work, the agencies involved say that there is now no hope of finding survivors and that attention must now shift to rehabilitation work.
Thus they quickly create an “either-or” between rescue and rehabilitation.
In the case of Nepal it was reported 7 days after the disaster that the international norm for rescue operations is only seven days and the rescue operations in Nepal were accordingly being wound down.
The fact is that human beings, especially in the Third World, evidently have greater endurance and stamina.
This is why it has been found in quakes in Turkey, Iraq and Iran – and I have definite memories of this — that survivors, including old women, have been rescued alive from under the debris even after 40+ and even 50+ days. In addition, some people under the debris still manage to find a source of water (say some leak somewhere) or something edible.
It is therefore of the utmost importance that attempts at rescue must not be abandoned in a hurry, especially in a Third World country like Nepal. Imagine the plight of someone who may be lying somewhere hoping one day to be rescued but the search for whom may have been abandoned only because the international norm does not provide for it.
Unfortunately, Western norms for Rescue missions do not factor in these aspects. This is also because Rescue is more expensive, requiring drilling machinery and highly trained experts and engineers. Relief and Rehabilitation, are, by comparison, less burdensome tasks [ though still major ones] and with varied time horizons, some immediate and some spread over a period. The cost-benefit approach and outlook have no doubt influenced international norms on disaster response. In the process, Rescue operations get boxed into an unduly short window of time.
So I hope the word will spread in Nepal and wherever such disasters occur: “Don’t give up on Rescue!”

Anil Nauriya

Unusual Military Drills Suggest Conflict Anticipated

There seem to be a number of larger-than- usual or otherwise exceptional drills being held the world over, besides routine exercises.



(July 15 – September 15).  Involves 10 states (raised from 9 and 7). Involves elite special forces troops and a variety of domestic law enforcement agencies. Approximately 1,200 personnel in one state alone. Much larger and more widespread than any recent military drill in the US.


MAPLE CARAVAN (March 17 – April 18)

MAPLE RESOLVE (April 20 –  May 23)

Maple Resolve involves 4,500 military personnel from Canada, the US, and the UK and is said to be the largest Canadian drill this year. Maple Resolve 14 involved 5000 personnel.



1500 troops take part in  a drill for NATO’s rapid response force, April 7- April 9.

SIIL-2015 (Hedgehog) – Estonia’s largest ever military drill. Involves 13,000 personnel. Involves forces from the US, the UK, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands. Ends May 15.

ZAIBO KIRTIS (Lightning Strike). Lithuania’s largest ever national drill. Involves 3000 personnel. Mobilization and cybersecurity were important concerns.

DYNAMIC MONGOOSE  –  Norway is hosting military drills involving 10 NATO countries and Sweden. They involve 5000 service men and focus on simulated submarine hunts and radar and sonar technology.


Major NATO cyber-defense drill involving 17 nations in Estonia, involving 400 computer experts, in late 2014.


Russia put her Northern Fleet on full alert in mid- March 2015. In response to NATO and Eastern European exercises on her borders, Russia., the fleet launched exercises involving 38,000 troops, 41 ships, 15 submarines, and 110 aircraft.

Russia and China are holding joint exercises in the Mediterranean in mid-May, involving 9 ships. The exercises are said to be modest in size but they are the first between the two countries and the farthest ever from home for China.



South Korean and US marines practicing amphibious beach assaults, along with air and sea operations, from March  2 – April 24, 2015. Involves 12,500 US troops and 200,000 South Korean troops.

US-PHILIPPINE balikatan (shoulder-to-shoulder) drill, starting April 20.  Involves 11,000 US and Philippine personnel and 61 Australian troops and is the largest such drill in 15 years.

Japan and the Philippines will hold joint maritime security exercises for the first time in the South China Sea on May 12 for two hours. 90% of the South China Sea is owned by China and China’s increasing power could threaten international waters through which Japanese trade has to pass.

In April, Pakistan and Russia announced that they would be beginning joint military drills for the first time ever.


US Military Ran Two Drills For Nepal Disaster

The US Military Knew The Nepal Earthquake Was Coming:

Eight months ago, Marines and other American personnel were in Nepal alongside troops and civilians from around 20 other countries, all responding to a fake earthquake…….

The underlying story for the training program—nicknamed Pacific Endeavor 2014—describes the current, real situation almost to the letter.

The mock quake had a registered magnitude of 8.2, knocking out roads, bridges, power lines and sewage systems, official briefings explained. Aftershocks caused even more damage and delayed first responders.

A week after this fictional disaster occurred, emergency personnel had identified nearly 6,000 of the nearly 14,000 dead, according to one of the updates event organizers handed out during the sessions. “Morgues are not accepting bodies due to insufficient space.”

“Sixty percent of buildings in densely built-up areas are destroyed or unsafe,” a mock situation report added. More than a half a million simulated people were homeless.

In the real Nepal, more than 7,000 people have died and more than 14,000 have been injured in the actual earthquake. The disaster has forced more than three million Nepalis from their homes……

The Pacific Endeavor scenario has turned out to be almost disturbingly prescient.

The Pentagon didn’t just just randomly decide on this particular mock disaster storyline. For more than a decade, the international community has worried about what would happen to the mountainous South Asian country after a major seismic event.

In the last hundred years, earthquakes in Nepal have killed more than 27,000 people, Nepali authorities explained as American officers developed the final training plan. Over the past four decades, the same number of people died in more than 15,000 recorded natural disasters?—?including quakes and floods.

In 2012, the United Nations Development Program ranked Nepal 11th in nations at risk for major quakes, the representatives from Kathmandu pointed out in their briefing slides. “[The] World Bank … classifies Nepal as one of the global ‘hot-spots’ for natural disasters.”

Most notably, the Bihar-Nepal Earthquake destroyed a fifth of all buildings in the Kathmandu Valley and razed a quarter of the structures in the capital in 1934. In 1997, the U.S. Agency for International Development had even funded a study to see just how bad the situation would be if a similar seismic shock hit the country.

Two years later, California-based nonprofit GeoHazards International concluded that 40,000 people would die and nearly a million would be displaced by a equally massive earthquake…….

In 2013 and 2014, the U.S. Army’s main headquarters for the Pacific region held two separate disaster preparedness drills of their own in Nepal. And along with the Marines, the Air Force participated in the 2014 iteration of Pacific Endeavor..”

SSPX Maligns Pope Over Arati Ceremony

There was a photo being circulated on the web supposedly showing the Pope receiving the mark of worship of Shiva on his forehead.

The original source for the story is the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX)

according to this Catholic site, which analyzes rumors/falsehoods it says are being put out by ultra-traditionalists and sedevacantists.

This particular story (about the Pope receiving a mark from a Shiva temple) seems to be spurious, if not a malicious hoax:

Someone in the schismatic group the Society of St. Pius X told me that when the pope was in India he had his forehead anointed by a Hindu “priestess of Shiva” and that there is a photo to prove it. Is this true?

There is a photo of the Pope having his forehead anointed by an Indian woman, but she was a Catholic, not a Hindu priestess! She was giving the Pope a traditional Indian form of greeting known as Aarti, which has no more religious significance than a handshake does in Western culture.

A letter dated November 22, 1994, from the Pontifical Council for Social Communications explains the custom and its role in Indian society:

Indian Catholics . . . use Aarti when a child returns home after receiving First Holy Communion and when a newly married couple are received by their respective families. Nowadays, Aarti is often performed to greet the principal celebrant at an important liturgical event, as it was on the occasion shown in the photograph. On such occasions, Aarti is usually offered by a Catholic married lady and certainly not by a “priestess of Shiva” as has been alleged.

The letter, by Archbishop John P. Foley, went on to note: “Use of the Aarti ceremonial by Indian Catholics is no more the worship of a heathen deity than is the decoration of a Christmas tree by American Christians a return to the pagan rituals of Northern Europe.”

Your friend in the Society of St. Pius X should check his facts before spreading such malicious gossip about the Holy Father (cf. Acts 23:1-5).

Jade Helm: The Drug Connection To China

Previous posts:

Jade Helm: Training, Terror, Or Hoax? (May 2, 2015)

Jade Helm –  Part II (May 3, 2015)

This is my third post on Jade Helm 15, the special forces drill spread out across nine US states that is scheduled to run from July 15 to September 15, 2015.


Again, my starting point is going to be the Jade Helm logo and name.  These things are usually carefully chosen and are worth more than cursory examination.

So far, I’ve suggested the following readings:

1. The crossed arrows and upright dagger is the logo of one of the Special Forces, the Green Berets. The Green Berets took their logo from British commandos, who got it from South Africa. (Uncontroversial).

2. The clog in the center symbolizes anarcho-syndicalism and revolution and is also associated with Jewish oppression and suffering, at the hands of the Nazis and Muslims (in the middle ages).

Connecting the Nazis and Islam is fairly typical of neo-conservativism and also, covertly, of left-liberalism.


3. Jade Helm =  Green Helmet = Nazi helmet (Plausible, not convincing).

I am still dissatisfied with my parsing of this last part:

1. Since  the clog indicates syndicalism and leftist revolution and also evokes Jewish suffering under Nazis and Muslims,  a Nazi interpretation of the term Jade Helm is precluded rather than indicated.

2. The Nazi helmets are described as “apple-green” and sometimes “olive.” Jade might be green, but it’s not really the word you would use in that context.

What is Jade?

Jade is an opaque green stone and has a long association with China.

What is the Chinese angle in all this?

One. Communists run China.

But behind the egalitarian rhetoric, forrmer Chinese Premier Li Peng was and current PM Li Leqiang is at home with the rich and powerful, although whether they are in any way related either to a common family that includes the Hong-Kong plutocrat Li-Kashing  (worth over $35 billion) or to the “New World Order ruling-family blood-line” of Li, as suggested by conspiracy researcher Fritz Springmeier, is too much for me to figure out here.

Secondly, mega investment bank Goldman Sachs, which supplies governments and agencies with officials through out the West,has extended its reach into the state in China.

Goldman Sachs is a leading part of the Rothschild complex of ruling families and financial houses. The House of Rothschild is the architect of the New World Order.

Third, the Chinese holds over a trillion in US debt. The US government cannot meet those claims.

Fourth, received wisdom is that China has overtaken the  US as an economic power.

Just take a look at what Rabbi Cahn’s best-selling book says  – the American century is over; the Chinese century has begun.

China-boosting is very much a part of the Rockefeller/Rothschild New World Order.

And the Chinese recently announced a new economic world order.

Zion is not necessarily centered on Israel. It is more broadly “the kingdom of God on earth,” that is, a humanist/man-created utopia.

Zion,  in what is called British-Israel ideology, is also England’s “fair and pleasant land,” to quote gnostic William Blake’s  “New Jerusalem”.

British-Israel dogma holds that the “lost tribes” of Israel,  the ten northern kingdoms of Israel after the Assyrian invasion, were dispersed and eventually became the nations that now constitute Europe.

In Brit  Israel teaching, the thrones of Scotland and England derive from the House of David and the Anglo-Saxon race is the true Israel.

[This genetic dogma should not be confused with the authentic Christian teaching that believers in Jesus are the “true Israel.” That is a matter of belief and not blood.]

British-American belief and Zionist belief coincide, since the House of Rothschild is also married into the royalty of Britain and it also claims descent from the House of David.

So “the New Jerusalem” can be led as well from Britain (or America) as from Israel.

In fact, Blake’s poem, “Jerusalem” was prominently featured at the London Olympics of 2012, which was clearly meant to be the inaugural ceremony of the New World Order.

There was also the 2012 logo at the Olympics that set off a fire-storm for looking exactly like the word Zion.

The global order, whether neo-conservative and pro-Israel, or liberal-left and anti-Israel, is  Zionist in this British-Israel sense.

Zion in this context is never the heavenly/spiritual paradise of the Gospel, which is a genuine Christian teaching.

The Zionist’ Zion is an earthly, not a spiritual, kingdom.

This Zion  is also the state-less utopia promised to communist dupes after the “proletarian” revolution. The dupes don’t seen through the skin-deep secular language  of communism to its sacred, occult skeleton.

Communism may be godless, but it is a godless religion, with capitalists as devils, workers as saints, Marx as its prophet, and a future classless, gender-less society as paradise.

This is the political and ideological back-ground you need before you understand why Jade Helm has got to refer to China.

Now for the role of China in Jade Helm 15.

In one sentence:

Chinese gangs partner with the drug cartels that control the area of Mexico below the main theater of Jade Helm – 15 in south-western USA.

Arrests last Christmas in the Philippines confirmed that Chinese gangs based in Hong-Kong – called triads – are heavily involved with Mexican drug gangs in the manufacture and supply of methamphetamine (“crystal meth”) for which there is massive demand in the US.

Tightening regulations on access to the precursor chemicals in Mexico and the US and lax regulation in China have given an opening to gangs in Hong-Kong to make money smuggling precursor chemicals, along with Asian gang members, into the West.

It is a lucrative trade, in which a single shipment can bring in $10 billion.

Two triads were named in the raid – “14K” and “Sun Yee On,” both among the three most important in Asia.

The triads are known to have deeply penetrated Hong-Kong and Chinese intelligence and  government with the backing of Hong-Kong’s plutocrats, including, reportedly, Li Ka Shing.

A 1997 Canadian Mounted Police report describes the extent of Hong-Kong and Chinese ownership of Canadian businesses and real estate; their ties to organized crime and to Chinese/Hong-Kong intelligence; and their control of the Canadian financial services industry.

A 1999 Intelligence Assessment by the US Southern Command (SouthCom) warned of the threat posed by Li Ka-shing’s containerized shipping facilities in the Bahamas and Panama. US intelligence services were afraid of the leverage Ka-shing possessed with the Panamanian government because of his business; they warned about his business dealings with the government of Communist China, including the Red Army; and they were certain that he was involved in smuggling drugs.

The report indicates that Li Ka-shing met with then Commerce Secretary Daley at a luncheon hosted by Goldman Sachs on its boat, “The Monkey’s Uncle,” on a Hong-Kong trade trip.

Also present were a who’s who” of organized crime families from Hong-Kong, including Henry Fok of the 14K Triad and Robert Kok, who was allegedly involved in smuggling heroin in Burma and whose son Peter was the business partner of the husband of Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (Dem – CA).

(To be continued in the next post)


The Heroic Life Of Susanna Wesley

A home-schooling mother finds inspiration in the life of Susanna Wesley, mother of two of the greatest Christian ministers of all time – John and Charles Wesley:

“Susanna Wesley lived in the early 1700s in rural England.  She was the 25th of 25 children born to a noted scholar and clergyman who, when pressed, would not agree with the Church of England’s Book of Common Prayer and so started his own parish setting an example of independent thinking that was sure to influence my new friend in her youth.  She is quoted as saying something that she learned during her childhood, “Never to spend more time in any matter of mere recreation in one day than I spend in private religious duties.”

She was not yet 13 when she not only decided to align herself with the Church of England {against the beliefs of her parents} but wrote the whole story of both sides of the issue and her reasons for choosing the Church of England.

Married Life

Susanna, who was wise, educated {at home} and beautiful, married a minister of the Church of England, Samuel Wesley when she was just 19 years old. Her life was filled with struggles that sadden my heart yet her resilience and dedication to both God and her family are an incredible inspiration.

Susanna gave birth to 19 children in 19 years.  Nine of those children died while they were still babies.  This  physical burden and the stresses of her daily life resulted in Susanna suffering from poor health most of her days.

Financial Troubles

Her family was plagued by financial troubles her entire life.  This was not due to any frivolous spending or extravagance on the part of the Wesleys.  The life of a clergyman was a meager living at best and with 10 children to feed and clothe, the Wesleys seemed always to be in want.  In response to a benefactor’s question of whether she had ever really gone without bread, Susanna replied, “I will freely own to your grace that, strictly speaking, I never did want for bread.  But then I had so much care to get it before it was eat, and to pay for it after it as has made it very unpleasant to me.  And I think to have bread on such terms is the next degree of wretchedness to having none at all.”  And in all of this, according to her husband, it “does not in the least sink my wife’s spirits.  She bears it will courage which becomes her.”  Susanna Wesley is characterized by peaceful contentment.


Samuel was made the rector at Epworth, a small bog-like town far from the culture and educated people closer to the cities.  Not only that, but the townspeople greatly disliked the Wesley family.  Their service there was not appreciated nor were they welcomed into the community.  Their children were insulted and mocked in the streets.  Susanna’s isolation from community and, as we will see, her husband at times would have been a great loss to so vibrant and engaging a person.

Marriage Troubles

She and her husband disagreed violently on certain religious and political subjects.  Samuel once left her and all of their children for nearly a year because of a minor disagreement.

Did I mention that the Wesley home burned down – twiceThe fires were likely to have been set by the townspeople who were also suspected of mutilating their cows.  After the fires, her family was separated and the children were sent to live with other families in the town while the rectory was rebuilt.  There was no insurance, no one obligated to help in any way.  They paid to rebuild their home – one rebuild taking over two years.


Susanna homeschooled her 10 children.  She had strict guidelines for her home that may seem harsh on the surface.  However, in her son John Wesley’s writings of his early years at Oxford, the disciplines that he learned while at home under his mother’s teaching resulted not only in him being well prepared for life in higher education, but equipped him as a Christian swimming against the tide of mainstream university life.

Susanna’s patience was noted by her husband during one particularly trying school session.  He is noted as saying, “I wonder at your patience:  you have told that child 20 times the same thing.”  To which Susanna replied, “Had I satisfied myself by mentioning the matter only 19 times, I should have lost all my labour;  you see, it was the twentieth time that crowned the whole.”


Susanna raised her children with plenty of washing, even scrubbing, with the Word of God.  Godliness was a way of life in the Wesley home.  Before they could kneel or speak, the little ones were taught to ask a blessing on their food by appropriate signs and to repeat, as soon as they were able to articulate, the Lord’s Prayer both morning and evening and to add their own prayers as well.

This is perhaps one area of Susanna’s life that most inspires me, especially as a homeschool mom.  Susanna had an uncanny sensitivity to the things of God especially as it related to raising godly children.  As the children grew a little older, days of the week were allotted to each of them, “for special opportunity of conversation with their mother”.  This was for the purpose of dealing with “doubts and difficulties”.  These days came to be some of the fondest memories for all of her children and no doubt was in large part responsible for the close attachment her children had with her their entire lives.

Changed Lives

Susanna had a way of taking the many things that were less than ideal in her own life and not allowing them victory but turning them for good.  For example, during one of her husbands many sojourns away from the family home, a substitute minister was sent to Epworth to preach on Sundays.  His sermons were less than inspiring and so Mrs. Wesley, out of concern for the spiritual health of her children, began to gather them each Sunday afternoon {after church} and read to them from either her father or her husband’s sermons.  The news of this spread in Epworth and an absolutely amazing thing happened!  There in that uncultured, base town, a hunger for the Word sprang up.  The parents, brothers and sisters of the servants dropped in until the audience was about 30-40 {and by some counts nearly 200} people attending this time of praise, prayer and reading of a short sermon.

Susanna continued to speak into the lives of her children until her dying day on all matters of faith, theology and personal relationships.

Godliness with Contentment

She knew well how to rejoice in the midst of deep affliction.  In a very dark hour she writes, “But even in this low ebb of fortune, I am not without some kind interval…I adore and praise the unsearchable wisdom and boundless goodness of Almighty God for this dispensation of His providence towards me.  For I clearly discern there is more of mercy in this disappointment of my hopes than there would have been in permitting me to enjoy all that I desired, because it hath given me a sight and sense of some sins which I had not before.  I would not have imagined I was in the least inclined to idolatry, and covetousness, and want of practical subjection to the will of God…again the furnace of affliction which now seems so hot and terrible to nature, had nothing more than a lambent flame, which was not designed to consume us, but only to purge away our dross, to purify and prepare the mind for its abode among those blessed ones that passed through the same trials before us into the celestial paradise…How shall we then adore and praise what we cannot here apprehend aright!  How will love and joy work in the soul!  But I cannot express it;  I cannot conceive it.”

Rabbi Predicts Calamity On Sept. 13, 2015

Charisma News:

“As the world waits to see what the end of a seven-year biblical cycle known as the Shemitah may bring this fall, New York Times best-selling author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn issued a warning to prepare for economic calamity, war in the Middle East or even worse.…..

..Cahn’s warning has to do with what is known as the biblical Shemitah, or the Sabbath Year. During this year, according to Exodus and Leviticus, there was to be no working of the land. The last day of the Shemitah, Elul 29, is considered the “wipeout day” when all debts were “wiped clean.” The Shemitah is meant to be a blessing, but when Israel turned away from God it became “a sign of judgment on a nation that has driven God out of its life.”

In The Mystery of the Shemitah, Cahn described how this biblical pattern is connected to numerous events in modern history, including the rise of America to superpower status, World Wars I and II, the return of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, the Six-Day War and even the rising of the World Trade Center.

He also noted a pattern of judgments at seven-year intervals in September 2001 and 2008 marked by the greatest crashes in Wall Street history, up to that time. The first occurred on Sept. 17, 2001, just a few days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and the second occurred on Sept. 29, 2008. Both occurred on the biblical day of Elul 29, the very day appointed to wipe out the financial accounts of a nation. The next one occurs on Sept. 13…….

While the current Shemitah runs from September 2014 through this September, Cahn told the audience that the “Super Shemitah”—or the year of Jubilee, the year at the end of seven cycles of the Shemitah—begins this September and runs through September 2016.

“What people don’t realize is one of the missing keys of end-times prophecy is the Shemitah,” says Cahn, author of The Harbinger, which has sold more than 2 million copies. “What’s the end of end-times prophecy? The Tribulation. How long is the Tribulation period? Seven years. It’s a cycle of Shemitahs that goes back to Daniel’s 70 sevens, which is linked to the Shemitah and linked to the judgment of Israel and the 70 years of judgment. Every seventh year is a Shemitah, but every seventh Shemitah is a Super-Shemitah, which we call the Jubilee … .”

Despite these patterns, though, Cahn says God is in no way bound by the cycle.

….. According to the pattern, each time it happens, there is war in the Middle East. No. 2, there is a major war focused on Israel—World War I and the 1967 Six-Day War. No. 3, that war results in an end-times restoration of the next step of end-times prophecy…..

During his talk, Cahn pointed to a sign with biblical roots that went viral on newswires Sept. 25, 2014—the very day the world entered the current Shemitah: a cow with the number seven on its head.

“The pattern of the Shemitah is … it begins so undramatic you barely notice it,” Cahn says.

Here are the signs that Cahn revealed about the beginning of the Shemitah last year, on or around Sept. 25.

“This is the beginning of the ending of the American Age,” Cahn says. “We are seeing things we have never seen in human history.”

Could this be the beginning of the end of the ages—not just America?”

My Comment

The cynic is me wants to know if Larry Silverstein, who fortuitously insured the World Trade towers just before they were destroyed, is also well studied in Shemitah cycle theory.

Jade Helm: Part II

Previous Post on Jade Helm: 

 Jade Helm 15 – Training, Terror, Or Hoax? (5/2/15).

Jade Helm – Part II

The Symbolism of Jade Helm:

That the clog is a symbol of the Nazi concentration camp has been noted also on the Common Sense Show.

This is helpful, because overnight I was wondering if I was being  paranoid.

So the clog can symbolize anarcho-syndicalism, the French Revolution,  Jewish persecution by Muslims during the middle ages and by Nazis in the 20th century, and also orthodox Sephardic Jews, as I posted earlier.

That connection makes me more confident that Jade Helm could be read as Green Helmet, which is the color of the steel helmets of the Nazi army.

Here’s the Jade Helm logo again:

Special ops: Operation Jade Helm will involve Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines starting in July and lasting 8 weeks

The Reach of Jade Helm:

I wrote before that some of the blogs were getting it wrong about the number of forces being deployed. 1200 is the number only in Texas.

This blog seems to think that that will be the largest number overall in any individual state, but that the largest numbers at any specific time will be in Florida and Mississippi, because the HQ’s of the operation are located there, at Eglin Airforce Base and Camp Shelby, respectively.

Eglin Airforce Base lies about 60 miles east of Pensacola in north-west Florida. Camp Shelby in southern Mississippi is the largest reserve training site in the country.

Most interestingly,  local HQ in at least 3 of the Texas counties involved will be set up at private ranches, two of them being that of Steve Blaylock and of T. Michael O’Connor.

Reportedly, the ranches were volunteered and the owners are not compensated in any way, not even with tax write-offs.

Previous Drills:

There was a large military drill in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the end of March.

On April 11, 2015, armed national guards patrolled a neighborhood in Ontario, California.

Abrogation of Law:

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 had a section providing for the indefinite detention of US citizens on suspicion of terrorism. The provision was reaffirmed by Obama in 2014.

Context of false-flags and black ops

A good article published at Global Research rounds up the various false-flags and black ops that make people wary of Jade Helm. It makes the point that the alternative media is not to be trusted either.

When the Washington Post condemns conspiracy theories by featuring them prominently, the reader is probably wise not to take either the theories or the critics at face-value but to reserve judgment until he understands all the facts for himself.








Jade Helm: Training, Terror, Or Hoax?

Update 9:

The clog in the Jade Helm logo has a number of associations.

Jews were forced to wear clogs around the neck during times of Islamic persecution in the 10th and 11th century; and, later, under the Nazis,  Jewish prisoners were forced to wear clogs rather than shoes.

Clogs are also associated with workers’ movements and with anarcho-syndicalism.

Among Sephardic Jewish women in Jerusalem, the wearing of clogs was associated with ascetic piety and conservatism.

Most interestingly, they were adopted by the sans-culottes, the Republicans, to differentiate themselves from the aristocrats, during the French Revolution, an upheaval that was one of the first triumphs of Masonic subversion.

Update 8

Several websites are claiming that Jade Helm is an acronym for Joint Assistance for  Deployment and Execution and Homeland Extraction of Local Militants.

They cite two Dept of Defense documents, only one of which I could find on the web and that one certainly doesn’t contain Jade Helm, although it does discuss global disarmament.


I had some more insights into the logo of Jade Helm, particularly the clog.

The anarcho-syndicalist link didn’t fully satisfy me, because communist/anarchism is only a front for much deeper affiliations.

Researching it a bit more, I found that the wearing of clogs in the Nazi camps was not the only time the Jews had been humiliated in this way.

Al-Hakim, the third Cairo Caliph who lived in the 10th-11th century, persecuted Jews and Christians, destroying some 30,000 churches in Egypt and the Near East between 1004 and 1014.  Jews were forced to wear clogs around their necks.


Here is the logo of Jade Helm 15


1. The “human domain” is a bit of military jargon that has become popular and just refers to the totality of the human environment in which battle is conducted.

2. The crossed swords comes from the logo of the Green Berets.

3.  “Jade Helm” could be a reference to the Green Berets, but I think it might hint at the helmets of  the Nazi army, which were green.

Through Operation Paper-Clip, the Nazis were foundational in the post-WW II organization of US intelligence.

Or, less conspiratorially,  Jade Helmet could refer to Jade Helmet in Wonderland Online, a video-game by the  Taiwanese studio Chinese Gamer International; in it, the characters have abilities linked to the four elements – strength from earth, support from water, attack from air, and agility from wind.

The transparent clog has been seen as a reference to the sabot (French –  wooden clog) and thus, to  sabotage/saboteurs.

The clog is a symbol of anarcho-syndicalism and revolution, thus Wikipedia:

“In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there is an anarcho-syndicalist bookshop called Wooden Shoe Books, and from 2001 to 2003 there was an anarchist magazine in Denmark called Sabot. There is also an American record label focusing primarily on punk-rock and genres revolving around it called Sabot Productions,[2] which uses exactly the same sabot picture seen on the right as their logo.

A flag depicting a regular leather shoe of a type worn by peasants in the 16th century was carried by the peasants in the German peasants war of 1524-1525, a proto-anarchist rebellion.”

But the image could at the same time be a reference to the clogs worn by Jewish prisoners in German camps.

Zionist Jews collaborated with the Nazis and enabled the Holocaust as a sacrificial offering (holo-caust, a word that came into usage in that way only in the late 1960s) for the acquisition of Israel,  a central component of the NWO.

The New World Order is an Anglo-Zionist project.


I just saw this report of a massive military drill in Fort Lauderdale that went on for 3 hours on March 27.

I’m not sure of the date….elsewhere, the drill was supposed to have gone on from March 24-27.

The Baltimore riots started on April 19 and ran on until the end of the month, with 250 people arrested and a state of emergency declared within the city limits.


Correction : the number 1200 is only the number operating in Texas. It’s wrongly reported on several sites.


Evangelical Christians who teach that Jesus is the only way have been listed as one of 72 groups classified as potential terrorists, alongside threats like Al Qaeda. Also listed as threats are Tea Party activists, constitutionalists, anti-abortion activists, and people who monger conspiracy theories or attack the New World Order.

I fit the profile in at least 4 categories, if not 5.


Granting that there is a need for RMT (Realistic Military Training), why is it being spread out over 9 states?

And why so much hubbub around the exercise? You would think the whole thing would have been kept much more secret to avoid this kind of controversy around it. This way, the entire world is tipped off about the nature of US training. So that too doesn’t  make sense.

It also doesn’t make sense that only 1200 forces are involved in such an expensive, time-consuming exercise.

(Correction: It’s 1200 in Texas).

And finally, it doesn’t make sense that an exercise that is supposed to train the military to infiltrate civilian populations abroad is working with the FBI, DHS, and local police. What do those outfits have to do with foreign enemy situations?


Here’s a thought that came to me:


Per wikipedia:

In 1935 the Wehrmacht adopted a lower, lighter version of the M1916/18 “coal scuttle” helmet; this became the ubiquitous German helmet of World War II, worn by all branches of the Wehrmacht and SS, police, fire brigades and Party organizations. Collectors distinguish slight production variants as the M35, M40 and M42. Heer helmets were originally painted “apple green,” a semigloss feldgrau somewhat darker than the uniform color; wartime factory and field painting covered a gamut from very dark black-green to slate-grey to olive-green (and sand-yellow in Africa), increasingly in matte or textured paint to eliminate reflections.”


(Links and information will be added at the bottom, as I find them)

Truth and Action blog describes Jade Helm 15, an unconventional warfare military drill being run across select states in the country that is causing panic among right-wing and anti-state blogs:

“JH is a challenging eight-week joint military and Interagency (IA) Unconventional Warfare (UW) exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

UPDATE: Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have now been added to the list, bringing the total number of states participating to 9.”

The left-liberal websites of course pooh-pooh any concerns as “right-wing” insanity.


The governor of one of the 50 states ordered his National Guard forces to “monitor” the U.S. military to ensure they are not planning to turn Texas into Nazi Germany. This is, by the way, the same U.S. military that has 15 bases in the state of Texas.

There’s really only one thing to ask these Real American Patriots at a time like this: Why do they hate the troops so much?”

Of course, it has nothing to do with”hating the troops.”

If the military has become the tool of an unconstitutional, power-hungry ruling cabal, as many fear it is, the Governor of Texas should be commended for ordering the State Guard to monitor the military in its planned “interactions” with civilians.

Even people who who don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories about Jade Helm and see it as bonafide training for survival in hostile territory, envisage scenes that have tremendous potential for violent confrontation:

They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community.”

There is no way of knowing exactly what the scenario presented to the troops will be, but it is a certainty that this is not a federal takeover.

At some point, some or all of the troops will be captured. They will begin attempting to “resist” interrogation and plan their “escape.”

Why the big secret?

These exercises are very common. Let’s suppose you were 1000 miles from where you had to be and you had little or no funds to get there. What would you have to do to arrive safely at your destination while avoiding law enforcement and a military detachment?

These training exercises are not discussed because America’s most elite units will most likely be committing a slew of minor crimes along the way. They will certainly trespass, engage in petty theft, sneak onto a train, hide in the back of an 18-wheeler, they might even steal a car. This training is absolutely necessary for these troops’ survival in extreme situations, however, the public reaction to the above wouldn’t be favorable.””

More below on Jade Helm 15.

1. The drill will be running for 3 months from July  15 – September 15.

Some states have been designated as hostile, including Utah, Texas, and New Mexico.

2. There have been many such drills before, although not anywhere as large. Some of them also designated parts of the US as hostile territory.

3. Special forces (Green Berets, Seals, Marines) will be involved.

The 82nd Airborne Division is also involved.

4. 1200 Special Ops personnel will be involved.

Correction: That’s 1200 in Texas.

Lila: That really is not a lot of people.

5. They will be dropped into select cities from planes and will be armed with weapons filled with blanks.

6. Unlike previous exercises,  Jade Helm will involve the police, FBI, JPRA (Joint Personnel Recovery Agency), DHS ( Homeland Security), FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and electronic warfare.

7. The goal is to test current plans to reduce or control “events and populations” engaged in “unconventional warfare” against the authority of the US government.

Unconventional warfare used to be called guerilla warfare and according to a 1951 manual includes the following:

The term…includes organized and directed passive resistance, espionage, assassination, sabotage and propaganda, and, in some cases, ordinary combat.”

That means that anyone running a blog, participating in strikes, marches, or other non-violent anti-government activities, including merely communicating through social media sites or posting comments, could be considered a dissident, traitor, spy, or jihadi, as Bob English found out a few months ago.

Now you know why I have spent so much time on the thankless and unlovely task of deconstructing people I suspect of acting as provocateurs, such as Ann Barnhardt, whose histrionics have surely created a fat data-base for the Feds to trawl.

The focus of special ops expertise is usually such things reconnaissance, espionage, assassinations, and extraction of key enemy figures.

In this case, that would be prominent (and maybe not-so prominent) dissidents and internal enemies, such as patriot groups, drug cartels, and Hispanic revanchists.

8. There will be exercises involving the following:

a. Cutting off the flow of goods and services and information in and out of selected areas.

b. Infiltrating civilian groups.

c. Staged provocations or operations.

d. Reporting of suspicious activities or noises by civilians.

9. The exercises will be carried out mostly in remote areas between 11 pm and 4 am, with the knowledge of local law enforcement..

10. The novel “Day of Wrath,” William R. Forstchen, August 29, 2014, involves a scenario in which ISIS enters the US  and slaughters people in a new 9-11, and it  has been linked to the rationale of Jade Helm.

A month later, Fox News ran a story that immigration unions were warning that immigration loop holes were creating a serious threat of ISIS infiltration.

11. Considering the level and complexity of propaganda in the US, it would be simplistic to think that all activists are simply cautioning people sincerely.  My sense is that key activists/websites are involved in the program in a kind of entrapment scenario, intended to precipitate confrontation, for whatever end – whether gun control, or martial law, or some other constraint on civil liberties.

There could also be a legitimate threat in the region that needs the cover story of a military drill and the ISIS angle might be a red herring to distract from the actual objective.

This blogger connects Jade Helm to ISIS and the Baltimore riots, which he sees as instigated.


The Imagination As The Vehicle of Grace

From the journal, Communique a perceptive article on the imagination and the arts as God’s ordained channels of grace:

The Truth of the Imagination

Thus far I have spoken of how the Bible endorses artistic creativity and encourages us to believe that artistic form and beauty have value in themselves as gifts from God. We might view this as the nonutilitarian side of the artistic imagination. But the imagination is useful as well as delightful. This brings us to the question of truth in art, or the imagination as a vehicle for expressing truth. This, too, is a value of the arts. The imagination can express truth in its own unique way for the glory of God and the edification of people. Before I defend that statement, I need to delineate what this unique way of expressing truth is. The imagination images forth its subject matter. It does not work primarily by abstractions and propositions but by concrete images and experiences and sensations. As G. K. Chesterton put it, “Imagination demands an image” (37). The arts take concrete human experience rather than abstract information as their subject.

How can we be certain that the imagination can express truth? We can look at the example of the Bible. The Bible is overwhelmingly literary in its form. The one thing that it is not is what we so often picture it as being–a theological outline with proof texts attached. When asked to define “neighbor,” Jesus told a story. He constantly spoke in images and metaphors: “I am the light of the world;” “you are the salt of the earth.” The Bible repeatedly appeals to the intelligence through the imagination. Its most customary way of expressing God’s truth is not the sermon or theological outline but the story, the poem, the vision, and the letter, all of them literary forms and products of the imagination.

Think of how much biblical truth has been incarnated in character and event. Then recall the poetry of the Bible, including the heavy incidence of image and metaphor in the prose of the New Testament. The point is not simply that the Bible allows for the imagination as a form of communication. It is rather that the biblical writers and Jesus found it impossible to communicate the truth of God without using the resources of the imagination. The Bible does more than sanction the arts. It shows how indispensable they are.

Earlier I noted the prominence of music and visual art in the worship described in the Bible. If we doubt that truth can be embodied in visual, nonpropositional form, we need only look at the Christian sacraments. They use physical images that enable us to experience spiritual realities.

We know that the imagination is a vehicle of truth from sources other than the Bible. Recent brain research shows that the two hemispheres of the human brain respond to stimuli and assimilate reality in different ways. The left hemisphere is active in logical thinking, grasping abstract propositions, and dealing with language. The right hemisphere is dominant in processing visual and other sensory experiences, in seeing whole-part relationships, in grasping metaphor and humor, and in experiencing emotion. The arts and the imagination are essentially right-brain media. We need to express and receive God’s truth with the right brain as well as the left.

The tendency of our evangelical subculture is overwhelming to assume that truth is conceptual and propositional only. But the arts, with their emphasis on imagination, remind us that there is a whole other type of truth, or at least a whole other way by which people assimilate and know the truth. Just compare the experiences of listening to a Christmas sermon on the theological meaning of the incarnation and listening to a performance of Handel’s Messiah. We need both approaches to the truths of our faith.

We erroneously think that our world view consists only of ideas. It is a world picture as well as a world view, that is, set of ideas. It includes images that may govern our behavior even more than ideas do. Hebrews 11:1 defines faith propositionally as “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” This is one way by which we can know the truth about faith–the way of theological abstraction. But our understanding of faith is also based on images of the characters and stories of faith that Hebrews 11 proceeds to evoke.

A Christian world view consists of the doctrines of the Apostles’ Creed, but equally important is the Christian world picture that guides our life. We are influenced in our Christian lives by pictures of Cain and Abel, Mary and Martha, Ruth and Boaz, as well as doctrines of providence and justice. The Westminster Confession of Faith defines providence thus: “God the Creator of all things doth uphold, direct, dispose, and govern all creatures, actions, and things, from the greatest even to the least, by His most wise and holy providence.” That is one way to grasp providence. Psalm 23 fills our imaginations with the images that comprise the daily routine of a shepherd and his sheep. That is another way by which we grasp providence.”

Another View Of The Olivet Discourse

The end-time prophecies of Jesus –  in the passages (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21)  referred to as the Olivet Discourse – are very controversial.

Even noted Christian apologists like C.S. Lewis have felt constrained to admit that Jesus must have made an error when he promised his disciples that he was going to return in judgment before “this generation” had passed away.

Preterists get around the problem by arguing that much of the Olivet Discourse was actually fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem some 40 years after Jesus’ death.

Full Preterists believe that everything Jesus predicted has already happened, but they are heretical.

I subscribe to a version of partial Preterism (which is orthodox), but an article I came across recently obviates even the need for Preterism to defend Jesus’ words.

It analyzes Jesus’ language in the Olivet Discourse and concludes that the phrase “this generation,” as it is written in the original Greek, does not necessarily have to mean the life-spans of the people He was addressing – his disciples.

It can also mean “variety” or “type” or “species” or “off-spring.”

All those interpretations would leave a much broader time-span for the fulfillment of Jesus’ words, for “this generation” can now refer to the off-spring of the believers or even to the species of humanity, the Jews, that will not pass away until Christ returns.

Things to

“Genea  hautey can mean “this offspring,” “this generation I just mentioned,” “this generation I am talking to,” or “this contemporaneous generation,” depending on the context. It is not other contexts, but the context of Matthew 24:34 that should be the determining factor as to what Jesus meant by the word genea. The context of the Olivet Discourse leads us to believe that Jesus was speaking either of the offspring of Jacob (the Jews), the generation of God’s children, or of a future generation among us he had just addressed.

[Lila: It could also straight-forwardly refer to “the generation which sees the “abomination of desolation.” And that, just there, proves that the Muslim “Dome of the Rockcannot be the “abomination of desolation,” as Zionists like to claim. First, it is not built on the ruins of the Temple of Herod (the Second Temple), but on the ruins of the Roman Fort Antonia, so there is no abomination involved; second, the generation that saw its building (in the 7th century) has long passed away and will not be around to see the Second Coming, however you conceptualize it.]

Alternatively, genetai may be translated “begin to happen” in Matthew 24 34.

Therefore, we are not forced into difficult aspects of the Partial Preterist view, which allegorize and spiritualize important portions of the Olivet Discourse. Nor must we resort, as Full Preterists do, to asserting that the Second Coming and the Resurrection must have happened invisibly in 70 AD, when it is plain to everyone that church history records none of these events, and the bodies of all men who have died, except that of our Lord Jesus (and possibly those mentioned in Mt 27:53), remain within the earth. Nor need we despair at finding a solution, as CS Lewis did. Despite his remarkable intellect and his usual able defenses of the Christian faith, he was quite wrong in thinking that the facts force us to admit Jesus made an embarrassing error.

Instead, we find not just one, but four reasonable, scriptural, and orthodox alternatives to the assertion of critics of the Christian faith that Jesus was referring to the contemporaneous generation in Matthew 24:34. All four permit us to confidently accept the full import of the other words of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse!”


Quake Experts Visited Nepal Days Before Quake

Here’s an interesting tidbit:

50 earthquake and social scientists were in Nepal the week before  the earthquake that devastated Kathmandu.

They were anticipating a quake but didn’t expect it so soon.

ABC News reports:

Nepal’s devastating earthquake was the disaster experts knew was coming.

Just a week ago, about 50 earthquake and social scientists from around the world came to Kathmandu, Nepal, to figure out how to get this poor, congested, overdeveloped, shoddily built area to prepare better for the big one, a repeat of the 1934 temblor that leveled this city. They knew they were racing the clock, but they didn’t know when what they feared would strike.

“It was sort of a nightmare waiting to happen,” said seismologist James Jackson, head of the earth sciences department at the University of Cambridge in England. “Physically and geologically what happened is exactly what we thought would happen.”

This should ring alarm bells for anyone with an interest in weather modification by the government or in geo-engineering.

And sure enough, digging around we find that the disastrous Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010, which killed over a quarter of a million people, had also been anticipated…and prepared for….just the day before it happened.

Global Research has this:

On the day prior to the earthquake, “on Monday [January 11, 2010], Jean Demay, DISA’s technical manager for the agency’s Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane.” (Bob Brewin, op cit, emphasis added)

The Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project (TISC) is a communications-information tool which  “links non-government organizations with the United States [government and military] and other nations for tracking, coordinating and organizing relief efforts”.(Government IT Scrambles To Help Haiti, TECHWEB January 15, 2010).

The TISC is an essential component of the militarization of emergency relief. The US military through DISA oversees the information – communications system used by participating aid agencies. Essentially, it is a communications sharing system controlled by the US military, which is made available to approved non-governmental partner organizations. The Defense Information Systems Agency also “provides bandwidth to aid organizations involved in Haiti relief efforts.”

[Lila: underlining is mine.]

J.S. Bach: Lutheran Prophet

From Faith

I. Prelude


The initials “J.S.B.” are some of the greatest in all musical history, and certainly in the top two or three in great Christian music. The J is for Johann, German for John. The S is for Sebastian (pronounced ze-BAH-styahn), the name of a Roman soldier who became a martyr by being “darted” to death by his company for being a Christian.1 The B is for Bach, German for creek or brook.
Were it not for Bach’s ancestor’s loyalty to the Reformation, it is likely that such a scripturally oriented musician would never have lived. Some time before 1597, a baker named Veit Bach left Hungary for his native Germany to protect his Lutheran heritage against the re-establishment of Roman Catholicism in his area. He again became a baker, and, more important, the forefather of a host of German musicians by the name of Bach, including the greatest, Johann Sebastian.



In the Latin Bible at Romans 16:27 and Jude 25 we find the words “Soli Deo Gloria”—”to the only God be glory.” This was to become J.S.B.’s motto. He would sign his works—whether sacred, such as “The St. Matthew Passion,” or “secular,” such as the light-hearted “Coffee Cantata,” with these letters: S.D.G.

Actually, to Bach there was no difference between sacred and secular. All works, he maintained, should be to the glory of God.


Libretto by Luther

It has been well said that Bach is one of the greatest interpreters of Luther. Both came from the same part of Germany. Both loved music. Both loved and fathered large families (Bach: 20 children by two excellent wives—his first wife died). Both loved orthodox Protestant doctrine. Later in life, Bach clung to Lutheran orthodoxy when it was becoming less fashionable. He also had a strong “pietistic” flavor to his Evangelical Lutheranism: he stressed a warm, personal faith in God through his Savior.


Music Rooted in Luther

The types of music approved and practiced by the Lutheran congregations of Bach’s time are deeply rooted in the great Reformer himself. Wohlfarth’s words are worth quoting at some length:

The Protestant cantorship was a creation of Martin Luther and his musical collaborator, Johann Walter, near the beginning of the sixteenth century. Luther loved music: “Youth should always be familiarized with this art, for it makes for fine and capable persons. I give musica the next place after theologia, and the highest honor.” For Luther, music was intrinsic to education: “Whoever has no desire or love for it and is not moved by such lovely wonders must surely be an uncouth clod, who does not deserve to hear beautiful music!” In worship music appeared to him as an indispensable means for proclaiming the divine good tidings. Here he differed significantly from the representatives of the Swiss Reformation, Zwingli and Calvin, who perceived sensual danger in the arts.

For I am not of the opinion that all the arts should be struck down by the gospel and perish, as some spurious spiritualists would gladly see happen. Rather I would see all the arts, but especially music, in the service of Him who created and bestowed them.”

Besides simple hymns for congregational singing, of which he himself wrote many, Luther most loved and marveled at the exalted art of polyphony. He fervently encouraged its nurture among the cantors of the larger churches. What especially filled him with astonishment was the so-called Tenorsatz, that is, the art of joining other contrapuntal voices to a given melody. Indeed, such art actually appeared to him as a proof of the divine origin and nature of music:

But where natural music is refined and polished by art, there one first sees and recognizes the great and perfect wisdom of God in his miraculous work of music. The most rare and marvelous musical creation of all occurs when a simple melody or tenor (as the musicians call it) is joined by three or four or five other voices, joyfully playing and skipping around it, decorating and adorning that simple, ordinary melody most wonderfully in various ways, with various sounds, as if in some heavenly roundelay of dance.

Such frankly ecstatic musical enthusiasm as Luther’s upon hearing polyphonic chorale motets had not been uttered since the Confessions of St. Augustine. With what joy would Luther have eavesdropped on the chorale cantatas created from his own melodies by Bach, two hundred years later!2

Bach’s Consecration

Not only did our musician consecrate all his works of a Christian nature “to the only God’s glory” (S.D.G.), but he also believed everything should be ad gloriam Dei3 (to God’s glory).

When a Frenchman writes favorably of a German, as André Pirro does of Bach’s religion, we do well to listen closely:

Bach . . . dreamed of consecrating ad gloriam Dei all forms of magnificence, even those born outside the church. A semi-Pietist by his personal fervor, mystic reading matter and feeling for Scripture, Bach was, nevertheless, strongly attached to Lutheran orthodoxy. Furthermore, what savored of Pietism in the religion of his choice came to him far less from its innovators than from his nature which was so profoundly German. His predilections, the emotions of his soul enamored of the Divine, his affectionate and almost fraternal worship of Christ were manifestations of that great current of pious familiarity which has so often flowed through Teutonic Christianity.4

II. An Evangelical Musical Genius A Great Family Man

Hollywood would be hard pressed to write an even mildly accurate script of Bach’s life that would please today’s “trash-TV”-oriented audiences. There were no moral or financial scandals, murders, or alcoholic excess in Bach’s immediate family. (Even his large extended family was respectable.)

Bach was a happily married, faithful husband and father. By his first wife, Barbara, he fathered three children. A year and a half after her death he married the 16-year younger Anna Magdalena, who bore him seventeen more! Both wives were not only sweet, “1 Peter 3″ type women, but also talented singers and musicians.

Like Luther and his wife and children, Bach and all his family had musical evenings of great vivacity, talent, and enjoyment. They were not a rich family (20 young mouths to feed!), but they were richly endowed by their parents’ Christian faith, love, hard work, and tremendous musical talents.


A Great Teacher

J. S. B. should please both the traditional schoolers and the home schoolers. Bach practiced both. At the St. Thomas Church School he taught many subjects, excelling in Latin and, of course, music. He taught the boy students to sing as he also had sung in choirs as a boy. At home he taught music to all his own children, boys and girls.

Bach was the first to teach the use of all five fingers on the keyboard, which we now take for granted. He had respect for his pupils’ desires and made his musical lessons and drills interesting. He made compositions of an easier nature for those with competent but less-than-genius abilities, including his second wife. She has the honor of having the famous, still widely-used Anna Magdalena’s Notebook named after her.

Regarding his family, Bach said:

They [Bach’s children] are all born musicians, and I can assure you that I can already form a concert, both vocal and instrumental, of my own family, particularly as my present wife sings a very clear soprano, and my eldest daughter joins in bravely.

It is not surprising that four of the Bach boys went on to become successful professional composers and performers—even rivaling their father at times.


A Great Organist

In his own time Bach was better known as a great organist than as a composer. He still is renowned for his marvelous organ works, which unfortunately we can’t hear him play himself.

Go to any organ recital (except those that are avant garde only) and the chances are excellent there will be a work by Bach on the program. Recitals of Bach’s works only are not a thing of the past either.


A Great Composer

Sad to say, soon after his death, Bach’s compositions fell into disuse. They were thought to be old-fashioned and too complex by many.

Fortunately, in 1829 the German composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy revived the “St. Matthew Passion.” From then on Bach increasingly began to be rightly appreciated for his genius. His “St. Matthew Passion” and “St. John Passion” use the text of Luther’s Bible with soloists singing the parts of Jesus, the Evangelist, Judas, and others. These are interspersed with beautiful choral works which the congregation joins in. For example, the tune of “O Sacred Head Once Wounded”—arranged, not written by Bach—was so appealing to the composer that he used it several times with different words.

Bach’s setting of Mary’s “Magnificat” (Luke 1:46-55) is in Latin, yet it is exciting and truly magnificent.

For the last 27 years of his life Bach wrote cantatas for the regular Sunday and holiday services at St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. All are worthy, some are wonderful.

In the “secular” realm (though J.S.B. didn’t believe in such a division—everything was “S.D.G.”!) “The Brandenburg Concertos” and “The Goldberg Variations” are noteworthy.

Strong Protestants may wonder when they see “Ave Maria” and the “Mass in B Minor” in the repertoire. Actually, Bach wrote the melody now labeled “Ave Maria” in honor of the Heavenly Father and a French Roman Catholic composer arranged it for Mary. (Is there a theological lesson here?)

The word mass as a term for musical composition was retained to some extent in Lutheran circles,7 and Bach wrote this work as a courtesy to a ruler of a Catholic subdivision of Germany.8


III. Finale

In some liturgies, there is a prayer for the blessing of a happy death. Whether J.S.B. ever prayed such a prayer we don’t know, but the Lord definitely granted His servant the sort of homegoing that fit his life of glorifying the one true God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1749 Bach became seriously ill and finally blind. The Leipzig city council immediately gave another musician an audition “for the future appointment as cantor of St. Thomas, in case capellmeister and cantor Mr. Sebastian Bach should die.”9

J.S.B. was not yet quite ready to depart! In his darkened room he dictated to Johann Christoph Altnikol his last thoughts:

The night shines deeper, to penetrate more deeply,
But yet within there glows bright light.
For completing of the greatest work,
One soul for a thousand suffices.10

As the musical genius felt the imminence of his passing, he dictated line by line—note by note—a last organ chorale. Most appropriately it is called “Before Thy Throne Herewith I Come.”

On July 10, 1750, Bach had a stroke. He died ten days later, “a little after a quarter to nine in the evening, in the sixty-sixth year of his life, he quietly and peacefully, by the merit of his Redeemer, departed this life,” as the wording of his obituary so nicely put it.11


IV. Postlude

J.S.B. has been long in glory. His music, ever glorious, which Mendelssohn revived from 1829 onward, is still being widely played and sung. As I write these words I have my Bach CDs set to play—each with a mixture of “sacred” and “secular.”


An Enemy Testimonial

We can find many glowing tributes to J.S.B. from those who love classical music, especially conservative Christians who actually believe that the words being sung are not only beautiful, but true! When, however, we can find a tribute from someone who has known and rejected Christian truth, the testimonial is all the more powerful.

And so we include a word from the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.12 In 1870 Nietzsche heard Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. This was Bach’s great (Wohlfarth calls it “miraculous”) confessional masterpiece and was performed only once during the composer’s lifetime. He had planned a second performance but the city council refused to support it financially. Nearly a century later, Mendelssohn directed the second performance. The rest is history. When Nietzsche heard it, he paid it this tribute: “One who has completely forgotten Christianity truly hears it here as Gospel.”13


Two Friendly Questions

Ray Keck, in his fine article on Bach’s legacy, asks the following two questions, which he feels, “alas, have no answer”:

Did he know, as some critics have suggested, that he was a genius trapped in the service of parochial, foolish men? Did he suspect that he was one of music’s greatest and most lasting lights, that his compositions would forever stand as one of the most noble creative efforts of our kind? Or was he, as some have insisted, a Lutheran of extraordinary spiritual resources, humble before God and sustained by a great faith? He did study theology throughout his life, read theological works for pleasure, and finished his compositions on music paper that contained the watermark “Jesu, juva!” Jesus, help!14 

Regarding the first question, one suspects the answer is “yes,” though Bach credited his work at least partly (in good Germanic style) to hard work. And yes, he did indeed suffer at the hands of many unappreciative officials and petty critics.

Regarding the second question, an Evangelical can well answer with a confident “Yes!” After all, what mere religionist would put S.D.G. on all his works? Or have “Jesus, help!” watermarked (not visible) into his composition paper?

The LSE: Training Ground Of New World Order

I blogged earlier about the dangers (physical and otherwise) of attending Yale, perhaps the leading training ground in the US of the elite that controls media, respectable opinion, academics, and publishing.

In Britain, a counterpart to Yale can be found in the London School of Economics, founded by the liberal imperialist, Viscount Haldane, a close friend of Fabian socialists, Beatrice and Sidney Webb.

Fabian socialism, or socialism by stealth, was the preferred mode of government encouraged by the ruling powers in their former colonies.

The Fabian Society took its name from the Roman general Fabius Maximus:

The Fabian Society, which favoured gradual change rather than revolutionary change, was named – at the suggestion of Frank Podmore – in honour of the Roman general Fabius Maximus (nicknamed “Cunctator”, meaning “the Delayer”). His Fabian strategy advocated tactics of harassment and attrition rather than head-on battles against the Carthaginian army under the renowned general Hannibal.

An explanatory note appearing on the title page of the group’s first pamphlet declared:

“For the right moment you must wait, as Fabius did most patiently, when warring against Hannibal, though many censured his delays; but when the time comes you must strike hard, as Fabius did, or your waiting will be in vain, and fruitless.”[7

The education in socialist philosophy and economics of the leading men of the former colonies (men like V.K. Krishna Menon and via Menon, Jawaharlal Nehru, as well as Nehru’s daughter, Indira Gandhi, via her advisors B.K. Nehru and P.N.Haskar) was ostensibly  one of many gifts of civilization bestowed by the British empire in its graceful withdrawal from the Indian sub-continent after centuries of enlightened rule.

Such is the received wisdom on the subject.

My earlier post on the number and intensity of the famines in British India, the precipitous decline in average Indian income, the vast expropriation of the earnings of the Indian peasantry, the punitive levels of taxation and tribute, the mass starvation of tens of millions, and the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of millions of Indians under Anglo-Jewish rule, proves the absurdity of this received wisdom.

Indeed, it exposes it as pernicious propaganda.

That granted, the importance of the LSE (London School of Empire one might call it) is easy to see.

LSE was the training ground where the first generation of native rulers would be set on a course that would weaken and destroy their countries, while convinced they were building them up.

A follower of the German philosopher Hegel,  Viscount Haldane, like his mentor, believed in the necessary supremacy of the state to fulfill the inherent workings of reason in history. Thus Haldane’s emphasis on national efficiency and thus his devotion to the training of the apparatchiks of state, the bureaucrats.

The   leaders of the newly “independent” colonies were to be gradually accustomed to the notion of a socialist world state, into which they would eventually merge, while nominally preserving their independence.

The merging is misleadingly called “neo-liberalism, thereby damning the free-market and the private property regime, whereas it is nothing more than state-sponsored acquiescence in the hegemony of  transnational bureaucracies backed by an octopus of national and international policing and surveillance mechanisms that enable and enforce Anglo-Western patronage and domination.

This recolonization – nearing completion today-  is apparent only to careful observers and it has only become  apparent to anyone when it is now all but irreversible.




British Empire Worse Than “Oriental Despots”

Here are some interesting facts about “benign” British rule in India:

In 1900, the average per capita annual income in various countries was as follows:

U.S.  –     $220

U.K. –     $180

France – $156

Germany – $124

Holland –  $110

Norway – $100

Austria –  $84

Italy  –    $80

Spain –  $80

Russia – $55

Belgium –  $14  (?)

British India – $5

(Source: William Digby, ” ‘Prosperous’ British India: A Revelation From Official Records,” 1901, cited by Taraknath Das in Young India’s Reply to Count Tolstoi, Part III” in  The Twentieth Century Magazine, Volume 2.)

This was a decline from $9 per capita yearly income only 20 years earlier.

That is, Indian incomes were halved during just 20 years of British imperial rule.

The cause was glaringly evident – the huge tribute paid every year to the British, amounting to $175 million dollars.

(Source: Rev. J. T. Sunderland in “The Causes of Famine in India.”)

The tribute was only the latest form of plunder.

In just over half a century after The Battle of Plassey in 1757, the British plundered between $2.5 billion and $5 billion from Indian peasantry.

While the Russian Czar only took 1/10th of the produce of his Eurasian subjects and allowed for variations in production, the British took 20% of the production and made no allowance for failures of crops and natural disasters. Poor peasants paid as much as 65% of their net income in land revenue.

All told, there were more famines in India under British rule than in all the centuries before under Muslim rule.

British writers themselves pointed out that Britain’s “famine relief” programs were paid from taxes on the Indians themselves so that it was a matter of taxing the starving to feed the dying.

(Source: “The Causes of the Present Discontent in India,” C. J. O’Donnell.)

While famines under previous rulers had struck at the rate of roughly 1 in 50 years, under the British, they struck every 9 years and their toll in numbers was much higher. They also affected a much larger area.

In just 40 years between 1870 and 1910, famine took the lives of 30 million Indians.

(“The British Empire and Famine in Late 19th Century Central India,” Laxman S. Satya).

As for the total number of “avoidable deaths” through out the two centuries of British empire, estimates run into the hundreds of millions, and at an upper end, the figure of over a billion.  This, not the racist fantasies of propagandists like Jean Raspail, is genocide and race war:

British-ruled India provides the most appalling example of imperial lies in a quantitative sense. For two and a half centuries every British schoolchild has been told the dreadful but substantially fictional “story” of the Black Hole of Calcutta – how in 1756 the ruler of Bengal incarcerated 146 British prisoners (including a woman) in a small cell overnight and in the morning only 23 (including the woman) had survived. This story demonized the Indians, victims for two centuries of genocidal British rule in South Asia (1757-1947) – whilst the appalling rapacious taxation, famine and commerce-spread disease in British India has been substantially deleted from British history.

The horrendous “forgotten history” of British-ruled India commenced with the Great Bengal Famine in rapaciously over-taxed Bengal in 1769/1770 (10 million victims or one third of the population dying) and almost concluded with the World War 2 man-made Bengal Famine (which peaked in 1943/1944, took 4 million victims, was accompanied by horrendous sexual abuse of huge numbers of starving women and was very likely due to a deliberate “scorched earth” British war-time strategy to prevent Japanese invasion of India). [1] In between these 2 disasters a succession of appalling famines killed scores of millions; mercantile spread of epidemic diseases such as plague and cholera killed millions; and grinding poverty from British taxation was such that the annual death rate before 1920 was about 4.8%, falling to a still genocidal value of 3.5 % in 1947. The current annual death rate in India nearly 60 years after independence is about 0.9% – a huge improvement but still about 3 times greater than what it should be.”



Sartre’s Zionist Sympathies

Joseph Massad (via Electronic Intifada):

In his recent book, Welcome to the Desert of the Real, famed Slovenian socialist intellectual Slavoj Zizek tackles the Palestinian question in a most unoriginal manner. What concerns him most is not the foundational racism of Zionism and its concrete offspring, a racist Jewish state, nor the racist curricula of Israeli Jewish schools, the racist Israeli Jewish media representations of Palestinians, the racist declarations of Israeli Jewish leaders on the right and on the left, or the Jewish supremacist rights and privileges guiding Zionism and Israeli state laws and policies – all of which seem of little concern to him – but rather Arab “anti-Semitism” which should not be “tolerated”.

Zizek makes Zionist-inspired propagandistic claims that have no bearing on reality, namely that “Hitler is still considered a hero” in “most” Arab countries, and that The Elders of the Protocols of Zion and other anti-Semitic myths are found in Arab primary school textbooks. While he seems to note Israeli discriminatory policies against Palestinian citizens of Israel and Israeli daily terror visited upon the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the conflict, for Zizek, seems like one of competing nationalisms and can be solved by possible NATO intervention. It is not Zionist Jewish colonialism and its commitment to European white supremacy in Jewish guise that the Arabs are reacting to and resisting; rather, it is Islam’s rejection of “modernity” triggered by a Jewish “cosmopolitanism” that characterises this conflict. “Israel’s stand for the principle of Western liberal tolerance” is attenuated in his essay by noting its neocolonial role, but this clearly does not prevent Zizek from visiting the racist Jewish state where he was a week ago delivering four lectures in which, according to Ha’aretzhe never mentioned the Palestinians or Israeli racism and terror once. Such is the legacy of Jean-Paul Sartre on many European leftist intellectuals.]

[Lila: I couldn’t find any proof that Sartre himself was of ethnic Jewish descent, although several websites referred to him as Jewish. However, at the end of his life, this infamous apologist for communist atrocities and outspoken atheist, whose theories poisoned the lives of millions of young minds, converted to Messianic Judaism, allegedly under the influence of his Jewish secretary. Again, my point in bringing up Judaism or Jewish ethnicity is not a racist one. It is because the Anglo-American Zionist establishment very often uses Jewish people and their concerns as the front behind which they operate. Thus it is important to identify mouthpieces of the Central Controllers. Sartre was one such mouthpiece.]

If Sartre failed to see how European Jews who left Europe as holocaust refugees arrived in Palestine as armed colonisers, Zizek’s approach is more insidious. While he insists that the holocaust is not connected to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he proceeds in viewing the Jewish colonists as still remaining holocaust refugees and possible victims of some alleged Arab anti-Semitism. Herein lies his obsession with opposing the alleged anti-Semitism to which these Jews are subjected by those who resist their racist violence. n,Zizek’s own anti-Semitism which manifests in reducing Judaism to the anti-Semitic notion of a “Judeo-Christian” tradition and which identifies Jews anti-Semitically as “cosmopolitan”,

[Lila: Of course, Judaism cannot be reduced to Judeo-Christian, but neither can Christianity. Indeed, there is a far better defense for Christianity being the legitimate development of historical Judaism, then there is of current Judaism being the antecedent of Christianity.]

is never clear to Zizek who projects it onto the Palestinians.

While suspending the status of European Jews as holocaust survivors, these European intellectuals fail to see that much of Zionist colonialism began half a century before the holocaust and that Jewish colonists were part of the British colonial death squads that murdered Palestinian revolutionaries between 1936 and 1939 while Hitler unleashed kristallnacht against German Jews. Zionism’s anti-Semitic project of destroying Jewish cultures and languages in the diaspora in the interest of an invented Hebrew that none of them spoke, and in the interest of evicting them from Europe and transporting them to an Asian land to which they had never been, is never examined by these intellectuals. Nor do they ever examine the ideological and practical collusion between Zionism and anti-Semitism since the inception of the movement.

Zizek seems observant enough, in another essay, to note that Zionist Jews are employing anti-Semitic notions to describe the Palestinians. His conclusion is not, however, that Zionism has always been predicated on anti-Semitism and on an alliance between Zionists and anti-Semitic imperialists, rather he perceives the alliance that today’s Zionists have with anti-Semitism might as the “ultimate price of the establishment of a Jewish State”.

When these European intellectuals worry about anti-Semitism harming the Israeli settler’s colony, they are being blind to the ultimate achievement of Israel: the transformation of the Jew into the anti-Semite, and the Palestinian into the Jew. Unless their stance is one that opposes the racist basis of the Jewish State, their support for Palestinian resistance will always ring hollow. As the late Gilles Deleuze once put it, the cry of the Zionists to justify their racist violence has always been “we are not a people like any other,” while the Palestinian cry of resistance has always been “we are a people like all others.” European intellectuals must choose which cry to heed when addressing the question of Palestine.”

Indonesian drug laws are Indonesia’s business.

Indonesia’s drug laws are Indonesia’s business, says one American expat sensibly:

Nobody who has spent a significant amount of time in Indonesia will make the argument that Indonesia’s legal system is perfect. Corruption is a major problem, and laws ranging from traffic violations to environmental regulations are flouted with impunity. One of my fellow teachers recently confessed that he would never call the police unless he was the victim of a very serious crime because he fears getting shaken down in return for the crime being solved. However, with the exception of the province Aceh, which uses a limited form of Sharia law, Indonesia’s political and legal system is based on secular values[iv] and thus cannot be dismissed as the product of radical Islam, even if critics might have you believe otherwise. Furthermore, there is no doubt whether the aforementioned drug traffickers are guilty, rather the question is if Indonesia has the right to execute foreign drug dealers. Indonesia is well-known for its strict drug laws as its airports are full of warnings that drug trafficking offenses carry the death penalty and even customs declaration cards carry the ominous threat that drug traffickers face the death penalty. Anti-drug signs and speeches are a regular part of life at an Indonesian high school and drugs, even marijuana, are considered completely taboo. Of course, drugs exist and people abuse them, but in my own experience, the Indonesian approach is very different from the West, where many drugs are illegal, but young peoples’ drug experimentation is often tacitly accepted.

I do not believe that drug traffickers should be given the death penalty; however, my opinion is irrelevant as I am not an Indonesian citizen, and even if I were the majority of Indonesians disagree with me.[v] This article is not attempting to argue that countries should adopt the death penalty for drug trafficking, but we should avoid trying to impose our more liberal views about drugs on other countries. Trafficking large amounts of heroin is considered a very serious crime worldwide including in the countries that have abolished the death penalty. The National Institute on Drug Abuse summarizes the effects of the drug as “once a person becomes addicted to heroin, seeking and using the drug becomes their primary purpose in life.”[vi] Hopefully, I do not have to devote any more time persuading the reader that heroin is a terrible drug and that Indonesia has a right to protect itself from drug traffickers. Some pundits have argued that Indonesia should not proceed with these executions because supposedly the death penalty does not deter drug trafficking, but the World Health Organization’s (WHO) 2012 World Drug Report revealed that there is a significantly higher percentage of Australians who abuse marijuana, amphetamine-type stimulants, and opioids (heroin, morphine, etc) than Indonesians.[vii] This makes intrinsic sense as the more serious the punishment for breaking a law the less likely people will do so. Obviously, there are other factors at work here as well, as many countries with less stringent laws have less drug abuse, but Indonesia should be free to combat drug dealers how it sees fit, and even if its methods are inefficient that is Indonesia’s problem, not ours.

According to The Economist’s 2012 Index of Democracy, the only Muslim-majority countries that are functioning democracies are Senegal, Malaysia, and Indonesia.[viii] Unfortunately, this list is unlikely to grow significantly in the future as the Arab Spring has not led to the expected growth in democracy, if anything the opposite has occurred. Thus, it makes sense for the West to do everything in its power to build strong relations and support the aforementioned Muslim-majority democracies, even if they are imperfect. Trying to interfere in a country’s legal system will only have adverse effects, even if the death sentences are commuted, as we risk alienating the Indonesian people, the majority of whom support the death penalty of drug traffickers[ix] and most likely do not want foreign countries interfering in their justice system. This should only be acceptable if there is a real injustice, but facing the consequences after being caught with a large amount of heroin or other narcotics is not an injustice and it is not worth damaging bilateral relations. Bob Carr, the former Australian foreign minister, put it best when he said “to produce a nationalist backlash in Indonesia would be terrible for Australia’s future in Indonesia and I really think in South-East Asia.”[x]

We expect immigrants and visitors to respect our laws, so it seems a little perverse to assume that our citizens will not be held to the same standard when travelling abroad. Indonesia is a much more conservative place than Australia, the Netherlands, etc, so if foreigners find this abhorrent, they should avoid traveling or visiting here, especially if they intend to engage in illicit activity. The only country which should be worried about how Indonesia deals with drug traffickers is Indonesia. Trying to influence domestic policy in other countries through coercion and cajoling may provide a short-term political popularity boost in your own country, but it is not a long-term formula for success, and we must respect Indonesia’s legal system. Otherwise the West risks permanently alienating Indonesia and similar countries by trying to strong-arm them into adopting our legal rules and ethics, which is bad for Indonesia, but even worse for us.”

And Alan Royle writes:

 Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is trying everything to get the condemned men’s sentences reduced to life imprisonment, on the rather dubious premise that capital punishment is barbaric, that all human life is precious and has value. Frankly, I doubt if the lady is all that familiar with the ‘all human life is precious’ argument. Why? Because one of her brilliantly thought through proposals to President Widodo of Indonesia is that our two nations do an ‘exchange’. The proposal is that Indonesia gives us back our two Australian drug dealers, and in return we give them three Indonesian ones captured on our soil. Then, our home-grown scumbags can serve a cosy prison sentence here, and the Indonesian scumbags can go home and get shot! Evidently, Miss Bishop’s understanding of the sanctity of life only applies to those holding an Australian passport. As I write, the death toll in Katmandu has climbed over 4,000 following the earthquake on April 25, yet the Australian media and government continue to focus their attention on the fate of the Bali 9 leaders. Where the Hell are our priorities? Virtually every Australian I know has enormous sympathy for the Nepalese people and none for two greedy drug dealers, so why does our media and government continually tell the world the opposite? There are vigils being held around the country, but they concern Nepal not Bali!”

Exactly right.  If the “sanctity of life trumps all’ argument were really held seriously, then of course, the US, UK , and Australia wouldn’t be turning away migrants who face starvation and/or war in their own countries.

But they do. Routinely.

In other words, if you are an innocent victim of catastrophe or war, don’t expect the self-proclaimed lovers of liberty to support your right to free movement to other countries.  Suddenly Jean Raspail gets trotted out. Europe’s very existence is threatened.

But, if you are a first world drug-trafficker inflicting untold misery on native teens and young people via hard drugs, then expect every bleating phony to rush out and defend the sanctity of life.

No one with half a brain can avoid knowing that they face the death penalty if they traffic in drugs in certain Asian countries. If you still, do it, because you want to make money off of ruined lives,  and if a lawfully elected government then sentences you to death, with the support of the culture and people in the country, and there is a legitimate and rational argument to be made that the law in question is just, your legal claim is non-existent.



Is Shiva Lucifer?

On various end-times websites, the meme is being floated that Satan (the evil one) is Shiva, the third figure in the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Except that Hindus understand Shiva as the destroyer of evil.

His exact parallel is Jehovah Sabaoth (Jahweh leading the battle or Christ with the sword destroying evil or the flames of the Holy Spirit).

He is not the defiant, vain-glorious fallen angel at all.

This is a false gnostic equation.

Agamic Hinduism has no equivalent for Satan that is precise because it does not give the same significance to evil as Christianity does.

The closest figure to Lucifer would be Rahu and Ketu, who are in fact regarded as malevolent deceivers cast down from the heavens just as Satan was.

Rahu is the head  (north node of the moon) and Ketu is the tail (south node of the moon) of the dragon (which is the eclipse of the moon).

Rahu-Ketu can be identified with the evil serpent called Satan (Shaitan in Islam) or adversary in the Bible.

Shiva in the Hindu pantheon is the equivalent of Yahu Sabaoth.

He is the part of  Godhead. that destroys evil.

Now, there are certain left-hand paths that involve the occult that can be fairly characterized as demonic and which have been attached to some forms of worship of Shiva and Kali (a form of Shiva’s consort).

The evil murderous thuggee cult was one such wicked form. But to equate that with Saivism as such is completely mistaken. Left-hand paths (tamasic practices) are forbidden to traditional Hindus.  We don’t equate the orgiastic rites of heretic Christians with Christianity nor the excesses of Sabbatean Frankists with Orthodox Judaism.

In the same way, the occult practices of heretics shouldn’t be equated with the Sattvic worship of Shiva.


Intelligence Ramps Up Anti-India Pressure? (Corrected)


I had a chance to look at the Vohra and Chatwal cases and neither looked to me like anything manipulated from above. The Vohra case looked like an extortion case (false rape charges) that the courts eventually threw out for lack of evidence and Chatwal was also exonerated of felony drug charges.  Furthermore, I’m not entirely sure of Manchanda’s credibility since he’s a former Freemason and CIA employee.

I’ve had a few exchanges with him about this case and I didn’t post anything about it because I was leery about the whole business.

So, Makow might be tossing in a couple of red herrings in order to discredit the entire “war on India” line.

[This is just speculation on my part and my concern is that something in this story will be found to be bogus and then discredit everything else in the piece.]

Caveat lector.


Henry Makow, an anti-feminist conspiracy site that might be disinformation but nonetheless has a lot of good information,  has an interesting piece on the travails of Rahul Manchanda, an Indian-origin diplomat who, reportedly, fell afoul of the powers-that-be when he refused to toe the line on Iran.

The dream turned into a nightmare after a fact-gathering trip to Iran in 2006, sponsored by what may have been a CIA-front group called “Network 20.”Manchanda found that contrary to Iran’s image as a fanatic terrorist state, Iranians actually love the USA and just wanted to enjoy the American Dream as well. They weresocrippled by sanctions they could barely keep their economy running, let alone pose a threat. They were friendly, intelligent, moderate people.Manchanda’s “whole world changed.”  When he returned, hewas pressured to write a report which vilified Iran. Instead, he urged the US to abandon adversarial colonial approaches and support democratic change in Iran. He says his report possibly influenced the 2007 “National Intelligence Estimate” which determined that Iran was not a threat.(With President Bush in happier times.) Manchanda was a “star” being groomed for higher things. His ethnicity made war mongering more credible to Americans. Similarly, he says “Obama has killed more brown people than any other president. If McCain had done it, he would be a war criminal.”

But after writing this report, the Cinderella Carriage quickly turned into a pumpkin. A series of scurrilous and defamatory lies appeared at “Rip Off Report” online, and both clients and staff fled his law firm in droves. He was subjected to many nuisance tax, labor and disciplinary audits.

“Overnight, I became a pariah,” he says. Suddenly, he was persona non grata in the mainstream media. In 2010, he filed for bankruptcy.  A one-man law firm today, he is still one of the top immigration attorneys in the United States.

A George-Soros-funded feminist group, Sanctuary for Families” got to his wife and she divorced him, taking their two children and involving him a protracted legal battle that was unwinnable because top NYC law firms donated their staff to this agency. Judges live in fear of it. All of his motions were denied. His appeals to higher legal authorities fell on deaf ears.

But the Illuminati weren’t finish yet. A young woman, Kate Bose, left, who has connections with the NYPD Intelligence Dept. entrapped him in a romantic relationship.  After they moved into together, she accused him of “menacing” her during a verbal argument.  He now faces a year in jail for having an argument with a woman and he is convinced he will be murdered in prison.

Meanwhile Kate Bose, who was practically insolvent, was rewarded with a $100K job with Ralph Lauren…….

The judge Tandra Dawson, left, is reportedly on the Board of “Sanctuary for Families”……

Manchanda is one of a score of Indian-American celebrities being persecuted as a way of pressuring India to take a more anti-Iranian foreign policy. These include banker  Rajat Gupta,  intellectual Dinesh S’Souza, Indian ambassador Devyani Khobrogade, developer Lakhinder Vohra, hotelier Vikram Chatwal,  Mathew Martoma, Indian Ambassador Prabhu Dayal, Indian Ambassador Daughter Krittika Biswas, noted human rights lawyer Chaumtoli Huq, Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, United States India Political Action Committee CEO Sanjay Puri, and countless others – all in New York City.”

[Lila: I’ve personally verified Manchanda’s earlier troubles with the family court in New York, but haven’t checked the later allegations.]
Of course, the high-level and thorough-going corruption of the US court system and political system never counts as corruption, when it comes to those “corruption indices” produced by the West,  on the basis of which writers like Jayant Bhandari come up with articles like this.
[I rephrased the last line to make it politer.]
Never mind that China, which Lew Rockwell often posits as a kind of answer to the US, is more corrupt than India and is on the 2014 list of the most corrupt countries in the world along with US allies Turkey and Afghanistan.
Are Turkey and Afghanistan –  both Abrahamic in faith – also pre-rational?
Never mind that the British came to power in India through the most corrupt means ever (the Doctrine of Lapse among them) – despite allegedly uniquely Western rationality and impeccable virtue.

We were all taken by surprise when Raja Saheb walked into the engineer’s house and made this proposition to him: “I know normally a contractor pays five per cent as commission to the engineer supervising his work but this is a big project and it is difficult to calculate each engineer’s share. You being the seniormost among them, I shall bring you on the first of every month a packet containing an amount equal to twice the salary of each member of the engineering staff here and you can distribute it among them.” After consultations with his colleagues, the engineer conveyed their acceptance of his proposal.

The fact is that in 1943 a government officer accepting money for favours rendered in his official capacity was as legal as the unwritten British Constitution, regardless of the stringent punishment provided against it in the written law.”

Rakesh Simha at The Russia and India Report has an excellent analysis of the “corruption” meme, as the Anglo-American powers deploy it and as it really developed:

In the West, India and Russia are depicted as corrupt to the bone. In 1976 the US embassy in New Delhi noted that “corruption is not a phenomenon which was brought to India by the West,” adding, “Hindu and other religious shrines in India have long been known for their corrupt practices.”

And where did the Americans dig up this evidence? “Kautilya, the ancient philosopher, in his treatise Arthasastra refers to various kinds of corruption and prescribes corresponding punishments,” writes the learned diplomat, whoever he or she was.

Surely ancient India did not have a monopoly on corruption. It was at any rate more transparent than most civilisations – past or present. Over 2300 years ago, the Greeks who were defeated by the Indians sent an ambassador to the court of Chandragupta Maurya, the Indian emperor. Megasthenes wrote an account of his years at Patliputra, Chandragupta’s capital, which he described as one of the most efficiently run cities in the world.

Bookkeeping of every economic activity was meticulous and free from corruption – and Victorian moralising. Megasthenes writes: “The Superintendent of Prostitution looked after prostitutes, controlled their charges and expenditures, and appropriated their earnings for two days of each month.” Kautilya says it was the duty of the Chief Controller of Entertainers to ensure the income of a prostitution establishment was not reduced by the extravagance of its madam.

How the West won – with bribes

Nobody is arguing India was corruption-free before the British arrived. But the British institutionalised corruption in India because it was so common back in Britain.

In the year 1651 the British obtained an official order granting exemption from payment of custom duties. Again in 1715, another Mughal emperor in an act of irresponsible magnanimity signed a decree giving the British not just inland trading rights, but the right to keep a garrison.

The British regularly flashed forged decrees at border posts, to sneak through all manners of goods duty-free. They also illegally sold their duty-free passes to Indian traders.

J.M. Opal, associate professor at McGill University, says the collapse of Mughal rule and the onset of civil government by a for-profit British corporation made “an ideal milieu for corruption, venality, and violence”. In 1769-1770 when failed rains triggered severe hunger in Bengal, the British disrupted both the production and distribution of rice, in some cases profiting from the sudden spike in the price of calories – crisis turned into catastrophe. Several million people perished.

American justice: Cash for kids

For sheer venality, nothing is likely to beat the corruption that blights the American justice system. In 2009 an unprecedented case of judicial fraud unfolded in Pennsylvania, where two judges pleaded guilty to taking bribes in return for placing an estimated 5000 youths in privately owned jails.

Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan received $2.6 million for sending juvenile suspects to prisons operated by two companies – the inappropriately named PA Child Care and Western PA Child Care.

Some of the children jailed were as young as 10 and at least one killed themselves because the excessive sentences ruined their lives. Some were locked up even after probation officers recommended against it – one teenager was jailed for two years for joyriding in his parents’ car.

Corruption in the West: Hidden but huge

Corruption in the West rarely makes it to the front pages. This is because income tax officers don’t get caught accepting a briefcase full of cash in exchange for a tax write-off. You don’t have to pay a bribe in London or LA to pass a driver’s test. There are no touts at railway stations.

In the West they have long since moved to the high stakes table. Why chase measly millions when you can start a war and take home billions? American bean counters will forever argue over how many dollars were spent on the disastrous Iraq War. They may settle on US$1700 billion or US$2000 billion, but what is undeniable is that American companies walked away with at least US$138 billion.

No company has profited more from the carnage in Iraq than Halliburton, the company headed by Dick Cheney. The company was given $39.5 billion in Iraq-related contracts.

Such blatant profiteering sends out only one message to future Cheneys – even during failed wars, the merchants of death profit.

Europe: Closely behind

In 2012 a poll by Eurobarometer showed that 74 percent of Europeans thought corruption was a major problem in their country. The results show around 20 million bribes are paid to officials in the 18 European Union nations covered by the report. The European Commission estimates the cost of corruption is equivalent to 1 per cent of EU GDP, some US$156 billion.

Britain’s BAE Systems, the maker of the Typhoon jet, is alleged to have operated a multi-billion pound slush fund for paying bribes to members of the Saudi royal family and senior military officials. After 9/11, American prosecutors found documents to prove that some of the BAE kickbacks to the Saudis were used to bankroll at least two of the hijackers.

Former prime minister Margaret Thatcher’s son was also allegedly involved in this affair. In fact, the American prosecutors said payments were made with the knowledge and authorisation of Britain’s Ministry of Defence officials.

Return of the bottom feeders

Even as the sharks operate with impunity, the decline in incomes and wealth in the West is coinciding with a rise in corruption in strange places. Last year, a former Apple Inc manager pleaded guilty to accepting kickbacks from suppliers and manufacturers in Asia seeking contracts with the California gadget-maker…..”

 Notably,  LRC, which published Bhandari, also runs neoconservative mouthpieces like Walter Williams and John Loftus;  pieces by ZeroHedge and James Altucher (both carry disinformation),  and race-war propaganda, for example, from Jean Raspail (via Charles Burris),  thereby proving, contra J. Bhandari, that servility to power and corruption are not solely the monopoly of Indian bureaucrats but flourish even among free market actors.
[I rewrote this last paragraph to make it less ad hominem.]

Nepal Earthquake Deaths Reach 2,500

The 7.9 earthquake that hit Nepal two days ago has now exacted nearly 2500 deaths, making it the worst since a 1934 earthquake took the lives of over 8,500 people.

The earthquake set off a monstrous avalanche on Mt. Everest, destroyed the 200 foot Dharahara  tower  built in 1832, and has racked up reconstruction costs estimated at 20% of the country’ GDP.

India, Pakistan, the UK, and the US have all pledged aid, although, as yet, nothing has reached.

Some conspiracy researchers are adding this disaster to an earlier volcanic eruption in Chile in 2008  ; an earthquake in Haiti in 2010 that killed over 230,000 people; earthquakes followed by a tsunami in  China in 2010; as well as earthquakes in New Zealand that devastated Christchurch, as evidence of a pattern of increasing seismic activity world-wide.

For example, the number of big earthquakes doubled in 2014.

The increase could be triggered by purely geological events, but some think they could be precipitated accidentally or intentionally by weapons testing/research or, at least in the US,  by fracking for oil.


Somervell Of Everest: Another Kind Of Missionary

Theodore Howard Somervell’s family recalls their modest father,  an exceptional athlete and mountaineer and  a successful painter and musician, who spent decades of his life in India as a missionary

The achievements of Theodore Howard Somervell, surgeon, artist and missionary, were many and varied – but even his family were amazed to discover that he had an Olympic medal.

“I didn’t know it existed until we went through his belongings after his death,” his son David Somervell says. “I remember thinking, ‘Gosh, what’s in this box?'” The medal is inscribed “Paris 1924″ and on its rim three scratched initials can just be made out: THS.

It is one of 21 awarded to members of the first full expedition to Everest in 1922, in an era when mountaineering was included as an Olympic sport. Another medal, which belonged to medic Arthur Wakefield, is now at Everest base camp. Mountain guide Kenton Cool hopes to take that one to the summit this week, fulfilling a pledge made 88 years ago.

Somervell was a polymath of exceptional talents whose life echoes that of another Olympic gold medallist from 1924, the sprinter Eric Liddell, joint subject of the film Chariots of Fire. Like Liddell, Somervell was a committed Christian who joined the London Missionary Society. He worked as a surgeon at a hospital in Neyyoor in the modern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Unlike Liddell’s, Somervell’s Olympic triumph was completely forgotten.

David Somervell, now in his 80s, is a retired doctor who also worked as a missionary in India. “The trouble with my father,” he says, “was that he was a very good surgeon, a very good artist, a fine musician and also a very spiritual man. His saving grace was that he had a good sense of humour.”

Somervell’s work as a surgeon in the Royal Army Medical Corps during WW I turned him into a pacifist.  In 1922 and then 1924, he was part of expeditions to climb Mt. Everest, an effort for which he won an Olympic gold later on.

Somervell could have stayed on in England and had a successful career as a consultant doctor and professional artist, but the loss of seven Sherpas on the expedition in 1924 changed his focus; his evangelical Christianity drew him to a more otherworldly career choice:

After Everest, Howard Somervell gave up the promise of a career in London at University College Hospital to work in India. “It’s extraordinary in a way,” David Somervell says, “but it’s very human. You see suffering and you want to do something about it. I think he thought that London already had plenty of doctors.”

Somervell annoyed fellow missionaries by dancing and playing cards on the boat out to India and he wasn’t interested in proselytising. The old ideas of medical missions as “a bait to catch the unwary”, he denounced as “un-Christian” and “wrong”. Yet he stayed 22 years, helping to transform the hospital, and later wrote – and illustrated – a textbook on abdominal surgery.”

In India, his memory is still kept alive in the many institutions he created and his innumerable students (including some of my family members) and colleagues, not least because his Christian witness was completely different from that of most missionaries:

Somervell (1890-1975) set up an X-ray unit in the Neyyoor hospital, introduced radium treatment for cancer, a first-of-its-kind in the country, performed hundreds of surgeries in a month, travelled to every village when cholera and malaria broke out in South Travancore.

He was also instrumental in setting up an exclusive hospital for the treatment of leprosy patients in Colachel in Kanyakumari district.

Tamil writer Jayamohan has written a short-story Olaisiluvai (The Palm Leaf Crucifix) based on the real-life incidents of Somervell. Malayalam poet Vyloppilli Sreedhara Menon has a poem on how the surgeon played the flute to give some soothing moments to a patient after a surgery.

The first portion of Olaisiluvai tells an incident about the missionary-surgeon converting the son of a palmyrah tapper to Christianity to deliver him from abject poverty, though Mr. Jayamohan ends the story with the surgeon handing over a portrait of Lord Guruvayurappan to a woman who had lost all her children to cholera.

“I wrote my story based on an incident narrated to me,” said Jayamohan. But, the autobiography of Dr. Somervell gives a different perspective, as he disapproved of conversion.

[Lila: As I do too, unless it is completely initiated by the one who converts.]

“The old idea of medical missions as a bait to catch the unwary and then proceed to proselytize him is obviously not merely out of date, but definitely wrong and unchristian,” he had argued in the book “After Everest: The Experiences of a Mountaineer and Medical Missionary.” Dr Somervell’s paintings of the Everest adorn the walls of the Royal Geographical Society’s House.

Francis Younghusband, a British Army Officer, in his foreword to the book, has recalled Dr Somervell as saying, “It is no part of our work as Christians to destroy Hinduism. Nor to go out to India with any feeling of racial and religious superiority, but to serve India in the spirit of Christ Himself – to be servants of Mankind.”

Dr. Somervell first came to Neyyoor in 1922, accepting an invitation from Dr Pugh, who was already working in the hospital, “in a tropical climate of continual damp heat, with a body which was far from physically fit.”

Later writing about his decision to work in Neyyoor, Dr. Somervell said: “Had I not then gone to India at the call of suffering, I could never have dared to look God in the face nor to say prayers to him again.”

Amid his back-breaking schedule, Dr. Somervell spent two hours a day learning Tamil so that he could communicate effectively with his patients.

He was fascinated by Indian music, describing Nagaswaram as “a very beautiful and striking instrument and mridangam, in skilled hands, a marvellous maker of rhythum”, but he regretted that the he could not succeed in his attempt to use these instruments at the church at Neyyoor.

After over two decades of service, he retired in 1945. He again came to Neyyoor in 1948. In 1949, he went to Vellore to pass on his surgical knowledge to Indian medical students and produce qualified Christian doctors. He worked again in Neyyoor (1950-51) and Vellore (1952-53). He also acknowledged the contribution of the Travancore Maharajas to his medical mission and also hailed a 1936 royal edict allowing all castes to enter Hindu temples.

A thorough-going English Christian, Dr. Somervell was critical of the caste system in India, regretting that “centuries of Hinduism, in spite of their great mystics, have never given untouchables a chance.”

He also said “caste is firmly embedded in the Indian mind, so much so that many Indian Christians take several generations to throw it off,” while narrating how his cook was not allowed to conduct his marriage in a church next door because he belonged to a different caste.

While arguing that Christianity gave the untouchables an opportunity for social uplift, he was not ready to blame Hinduism, saying, “It is not that Hinduism is bad in itself.”

“Some of the greatest sages of the world have been Hindus. Some of the stories of Hindu mythology are finer far than many of those in Old Testament. Rama is a finer character than Jacob and Sita and Savitiri have few peers in ancient Jewish literature,” he said.

However, for Dr. Somervell, all other religions are incomplete. “It is only in the New Testament that we find that part of our faith which satisfies and uplifts and gives us peace and power.”

Peacock Propaganda: The Masonic Yazidi Deception

Hindu geopolitics gives the inside story of how the Yazidis (objects of ISIS/ISIL persecution) are being turned into Hindus as part of a Masonic/New World Order effort to create a world-religion and to ensnare Hindus into identifying with their geo-political aims:

And so the Yezidi plot thickens… a new delegation of Yezidi (some from the United States) have landed in India, right into the hands of ex-ISKONITE Brandon Parker. Brandon Parker is one of the founders of the “Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society”, the goal of which is to “unite the two related” civilizations of the Yezidi and Hindus.  It would seem that those who wish to destroy both Hindu and Yezidi civilization under the guise of “interfaith” have not been discouraged by the recent outflow of evidence that the entire plan to label the Yezidis as Hindus is nothing more than a disingenuous plot to deflect both Hindus and Yezidis away from their own national causes and at the same time confuse their very identities.

Brandon Parker runs with the like of Mark Pinkham, a Templar (Catholic) who is also desperately trying to pervert and subvert both Hinduism and the Yezidi to create a new “Peacock Christ Cult” in India (see here), along with the cult leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his Art of Living (see here) who has no interest in maintaining the integrity of any religion but melding them all together into a New Age pot of nothingness.  Neither Parker and his Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Soceity, nor Mark Pinkham and his “Christ Cult” nor Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his Art of Living have any interest in promoting a free and independent Ezdistan Nation or unique Yezidi religious culture.  All three outfits are only interested in distracting the Yezidi from their own religious ideals and pushing them unto Hindus at the Hindus’ expense… creating nothing but mistrust between the two groups and facilitating the religious, cultural and national genocide of both. Why haven’t any of these groups promoted Ezdistan, a Yezidi nation, why are they all so gungho to push the Yezidi into India an confuse their identity?

Well Brandon Parker has really shown himself to have no scruples when it comes to his academic integrity and political allegiances.  In the below article published by World Hindu News, Mr. Parker shameless promotes the misconception that the Yezidi are from India, when their own legends state they are from Northern Iraq.  And right under his announcement that he had received the Yezidi delegation in India, he goes on to praise the recently departed Saudi King Abdullah as being a “respected soul” who “opposed Wahabbi Islam”. Um, Saudi King Abdullah ruled over an Islamic state where non-Muslims were killed for blasphemy, hardly a religious reformer or “respected soul”.  Who is this Brandon Parker and why are Hindus allowing him to control Yezidi-Hindu relations?

Hindus need to stand up and help the Yezidis build their own nation of Ezdistan, not allow ex-ISKONITES and Templars to use us to fund their “interfaith” games.

– Brandon Parker is a founder of the “Yezidi Sanatan Dharma Society” and is interested in “uniting the two related and ancient civilizations” of Hinduisn and the Yezidi religion. 

Vrndavan Brannon Parker attended Vedic Gurukula schools from the age of 4 to 14 years. He studied in the USA, Canada and in Vrindavan, India. His main focus has been on highlighting the similarities between the ancient cultures and civilisations around the world and defining their Vedic roots and he has been researching and publicly presenting Vedic Historical and Cross-cultural connections since 1996. Brannon dedicates his time to working with organizations that promote Vedic Dharma. 
Both   Nallein and Mr. Parker started the Yezidi Sanatana Dharma Society ( YSDS ) to unite two related and ancient civilizations, the Indians and the Yezidis. They can be reached at   Nallein Satana Al-Jilwah Sowilo -  Vrndavan Brannon Parker Acbsp - -

– Parker lies and states that the Yezidis are originally from India (they are originally from Iraq per their own legends)

The Yezidis are an Aryan people originally from Airyna Vaeja the mystical Homeland of Aryans which is in present day India.  The word Aryan is not related to race but refers to ‘The righteous’. The Yezidi calendar is 6764 yrs old and is the oldest in the Middle East. About 5000 years ago Yezidis migrated to Afganistan, Iran, Iraq and Middle East. At that time they were called Children of Melek Taus. Melek is an ancient Semite God of Babel and Caanite. Another spelling in Semite of Melek is Malik. Melek or Malik can be found in Sanskrit word Malaiklavon. Malaiklavon is another name for Murugan/Skanda, a God found in South India. -

– Brandon Parker is excited to host the new delegation of Yezidis in India 



– Brandon Parker praises dead Saudi ruler as being a “respected soul” and “leader of the opposition” against Wahabbi Islam



– King Abdullah oversaw a nation where non-Muslims were sentenced to death

While King Abdullah championed interfaith dialogue on the world stage, in his own country, no religion other than Islam can be practiced in public. For example, The Guardian notes an estimated 1 million Roman Catholics live in Saudi Arabia -- most of them foreign workers -- but there's not a single church. Blasphemy and conversion from Islam are punishable by death.

Adherents of Islam’s Shia denomination also face discrimination under the Sunni regime. The Shia minority complains of systematic exclusion from government, jobs and education. Shiites who called for equal rights in the 2011 street protests wererounded up and jailed.

Wheelock’s Latin Website

Delving into church history and messianic prophecies means stumbling through a lot of Latin….. and one summer session of Latin twenty-five years ago isn’t enough to get me through.

Is Humanae Vitae  pronounced Hoo-mahn-eye Weet-eye or is it Oo-mahn-ay Weet-ay…?

Or even Weet-ee?

Just one of many conundrums.

Don’t even start with something like Rorate Coeli

Fortunately, I came across Wheelock’s Latin Series Website, which has lots of audio files of common Latin words that you can now pronounce confidently in front of strangers, without provoking derisive laughter.


Carnage Of Russia’s Christians Under Bolsheviks

Srdja Trifkovic  writes about the 20th century as the worst century for Christian martyrdom (45 million).

This carnage dwarfs any of the crimes of the Inquisition or of the conquest of the Americas and dwarfs in absolute terms any previous Christian martyrdom, even under the Romans:

According to the respected and reliable OUP World Christian Encyclopedia (2001), there have been many more Christian martyrs in the 20th century–over 45 million–than in all of the preceding 19 centuries of Christianity. Of that number, some 32 million were killed by “atheists” and over 9 million by Muslims. The “atheists” denote, overwhelmingly, Soviets and their Communist cohorts and satellites, but also include Nazis and their allies. The Spanish Republic was an especially efficient Christian-killing machine. In terms of the size of the targeted population and the timespan of only two and a half years, the Compañeros did almost as well as the Tovarishchi.

It may be argued that among the Bolsheviks’ victims many were slaughtered not because they were Christians-as-such, but because they were “objectively” real or potential enemies of the state, i.e., Tsarist army officers and aristocrats, peasant farmers (“kulaks”), artists, academics, or middle class professionals. But while it would be admittedly erroneous to count every Christian, however nominal, who died under Communist persecution as a “New Martyr,” there is no doubt:

  1. that Christians were targeted with particular ferocity for the very reason of their faith;
  2. that the Russian Orthodox Church and other Christian confessions–notably Eastern Rite Cattholics–were subjected to systematic destruction on a titanic scale; and
  3. that the majority of victims targeted for supposedly “secular” reasons of class, profession, or political beliefs, were also Christian believers whose faith was inseparable from other traits of their personality.

We’ll never know how many of those countless victims were “in a situation of witness for the Faith” at the moment of death, which is the convential definition of martyrdom. Of the mental state of the killers, however, and specifically of their intention to eradicate Christianity by whatever means, there is no doubt at all. In 20 years (1918-1938) the number of churches that remained open in Russia was reduced from 54,000 to under 500–to less than one percent, that is, of the pre-Bolshevik total. In all some 600 bishops, 40,000 priests, 120,000 monks and nuns, and millions of laypeople were martyred for the Orthodox Faith in Russia in the five decades after 1918. The survivors were also confessors: they survived, but theirs was a living martyrdom…….
…Attempts at “killing the soul” started only months after the Revolution of 1917. Irina Skariatina remembered the desecration of her church while Metropolitan Benjamin was serving an all-night vigil in Petrograd in 1918 when the church was surrounded by hundreds of soldiers who subsequently broke in, talking, laughing, swearing, smoking, spitting loudly:

They came up the aisle to the altar where the Metropolitan and twelve assisting bishops and archimandrites were officiating and, pushing them aside, prodded the golden coverings of the altar with their bayonets (“to see if any firearms were concealed,” they explained), then threw cigarette ashes into the Chalice and finally spat into it, throwing it on the ground as they left the altar on their way out. The congregation, paralyzed with horror, did not move at first. Then suddenly it broke loose, a multitude of people maddened by the outrage, all acting under the same impulse of boundless indignation. In a second the soldiers were stopped, surrounded, and would probably have been torn to pieces alive (despite the fact that they were armed and the congregation was not), had not the Metropolitan come forward and called out in a loud voice the words of Christ: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” adding, “Let them go in peace and do not leave your places for we shall proceed with the service.” He was obeyed, of course …

Such fortitude did not save him from the firing squad in 1922. Patriarch Tikhon, amidst the rising ocean of blood, called on his flock to share the cup of martyrdom: “If it becomes necessary to suffer for the sake of Christ, we call upon you, beloved sons and daughters of the Church, we call upon you to suffer to-gether with us. If a redeeming sacrifice is required, the death of the innocent sheep of Christ’s flock, I bless the faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ to pain and death for His sake.”

By that time the mind-boggling scale of the Soviet killing machine made obvious a fundamental difference between anti-Christian pogroms carried out by Muslims in the previous 13 centuries and those perpetrated by 20th century totalitarians.”

Trifkovich, sadly, fails to notice the million or more Muslims killed in Iraq and other countries by Zionist Christians or their allies, the blow-back from which drives Islamic violence. He fails to reveal that Islamicist violence is often manufactured or instigated. He fails to analyze both Muslims and Socialists as tools of a more subtle and calculating power.

Even so, he is right to warn Western Christians that they too face a future of persecution:

The New Martyrs’ example and their legacy is precious, because in this, 21st century, it will be the turn of Western Christians to experience martyrdom. In Western Europe they will be persecuted by the unholy alliance between the postmodern, Christophobic velvet totalitarianism of the therapeutic hyper-state, and a resurgent Islam which already accounts for a quarter of all newborns in France. In the United States they will be persecuted for refusing to accept the destruction of the moral foundation of the society, currently epitomized by abortion, by “gay marriage,” and by the ever-expanding speech and thought codes. Instead of being thrown to the lions or sent to Siberia, the resisters will be subjected–by some monstrous mechanism devised by an ever more activist judiciary–to the mandatory “sexual diversity orientation sessions,” or feminist-led pro-abortionist “right-to-choose education workshops,” or “immigrant rights sensitivity training,” after which the continuing refusal to recant will lead to compulsory “therapy” and forced medication. This scenario is not farfetched on either side of the Atlantic. Western Christians should be prepared for martyrdom.”

How Rothschild Looted Tsar Nicholas Romanov

Modern History Project:

One of their [the Rothschilds] greatest triumphs was the successful outcome of the Rothschilds’ protracted war against the Russian Imperial Family. The family name of the Romanovs was derived from Roma Nova, New Rome.

[Lila: It’s certainly true that the Russian Tsars had always considered themselves the Third Rome from the very start and the defender of Orthodox Christianity.  This was so especially after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 when many precious Orthodox relics was transferred to Moscow.  These are some sources for the name Romanov:

1. Son of Roman (traditional Russian patronymic ending -ov/off)

2.  A medieval Italian name Romano (or a variant)

3.  Jewish/Polish/Russian name of Romanov from  Belarus, habitational name derived from town of Romanova or Romanova Slutsk (also, Lenino).  (There is apparently also another Romanova, now called Ramanava, also called Lenino, in Gorki district).

4.  Isabel de Madariaga, “Ivan the Terrible,” (Yale University Press, 2008 ) – descent from Prus, brother of August of Rome.

“The Secret World Government,” Count Cherep-Spiridovich, 1926.

[This can be fairly characterized as anti-Judaic as well as anti-Semitic in the classic sense.]

(Cherep-Spiridovich was a Pan-Slav White Russian activist, whose theories allegedly fueled Henry Ford’s anti-Semitism).

TheThe Secret World Government” (pdf online).

The information on Prus is on page 62.

Romanovs traced their descent from one Glanda Cambilla, a descendant of the Roman prince Prus, brother of the Roman emperor August, who settled and gave his name to the region of Prussia. Cambilla came to Novogorod in the 13th century and changed his name to Cabilla. His grandson, Theodore, became regent on the death of Ivan the Terrible, and his grandson Michael eventually became czar in 1613.

I will repost this separately and expand on the credibility of these sources.]

It embodied the ancient prophecy that Moscow was to become “the New Rome.” The family originated with Prince Prus, brother of Emperor August of Rome, who founded Prussia. In 1614, Michael became the first Romanov Czar.

After the fall of Napoleon, the Rothschilds turned all their hatred against the Romanovs. In 1825, they poisoned Alexander I; in 1855, they poisoned Nicholas I. Other assassinations followed, culminating on the night of Nov. 6, 1917, when a dozen Red Guards drove a truck up to the Imperial Bank Building in Moscow. They loaded the Imperial jewel collection and $700 million gold, loot totalling more than a billion dollars. The new regime also confiscated the 150 million acres in Russia personally owned by the Czar.

Of equal importance were the enormous cash reserves which the Czar had invested abroad in European and American banks. The New York Times stated that the Czar had $5 million in Guaranty Trust, and $1 million in the National City Bank; other authorities stated it was $5 million in each bank. Between 1905 and 1910 the Czar had sent more than $900 million to be deposited in six leading New York banks: Chase, National City Bank, Guaranty Trust, J.P. Morgan, Hanover, and Manufacturers Trust. These were the principal banks controlled by the House of Rothschild through their American agents: J.P. Morgan and Kuhn, Loeb Co. These were also the six New York banks which bought the controlling stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914. They have held control of the stock ever since.

The Czar also had $115 million in four English banks. He had $35 million in the Bank of England, $25 million in Barings, $25 million in Barclays, and $30 million in Lloyd’s Bank. In Paris, the Czar had $100 million in Banque de France, and $80 million in the Rothschild Bank of Paris. In Berlin, he had $132 million in the Mendelsohn Bank, which had long been bankers to Russia.

None of these sums has ever been disbursed; at compound interest since 1916, they amount to more than $50 billion. Two claimants later appeared, a son, Alexis, and a daughter, Anastasia. Despite a great deal of proof substantiating their claims, Peter Kurth notes in “Anastasia” that: “Lord Mountbatten put up the money for court battles against Anastasia. Although he was Empress Alexandra’s nephew, he was the guiding force behind Anastasia’s opposition.” The Battenbergs, or Mountbattens, were also related to the Rothschild family. They did not wish to see the Czar’s fortune reclaimed and removed from the Rothschild banks.

Kurth also notes:

“In a 1959 series on the history of the great British banks, for example, the Observer of London remarked of Baring Brothers, ‘The Romanovs were among their most distinguished clients. It is affirmed that Barings still holds a deposit of more than forty million pounds that was left them by the Romanovs.’ Anthony Sampson, editor in chief, said no protests were made. This story is generally considered to be true.”

The Fruit of Peace

Ann Diener writes about an early collaboration between Palestinians and Israelis:

According to Wikipedia, “Jewish immigrants to Palestine adopted the Jaffa orange variety from Arab farmers. Partnerships in growing and exporting these oranges was an example of Arab-Jewish cooperation despite rising political tensions.

“By 1939, Jewish and Arab orange orchards in Palestine covered 75,000 acres (300 km2), employed over 100,000 workers, and their produce was a primary export. During World War II (1939–1945) citrus-growing declined, but recovered after the war with the vigorous assistance of the British Mandate authorities.”

“Jaffa oranges are harvested in Israel between November and March, with the marketing season beginning in September and extending through until April. More than half the annual crop is exported, and Israel is a main provider of other citrus fruits to the European Union.”

The Jaffa orange groves were a sign of success of cooperation post the writing of the “Iron Wall.”

Currently, more attention is paid towards the failures that include rockets in Israel and destruction of Arab society in Palestine through warlike activities potentially based on the “Iron Wall” thinking and isolation of Israeli society with the premise that the wall will keep them safe and force the Palestinians into submission with the threat of “enormous suffering.”

What if the solution was found in the exact opposite tactic, one of cooperation to produce success for both sides, like that of the Jaffa orange?

According to the Hope Simpson Royal Commission Report of 1930, “The cultivation of the orange, introduced by the Arabs before the commencement of Jewish settlement, has developed to a very great extent in consequence of that settlement. There is no doubt that the pitch of perfection to which the technique of plantation and cultivation of the orange and grape-fruit have been brought in Palestine is due to the scientific methods of the Jewish agriculturist.”

Therefore, maybe after over sixty years of conflict, the government of Israel should consider former President Ronald Reagan’s famous line, “Tear down this wall,” in their mindset. and try a new, more positively based strategy. Then, maybe we will see a better headline like “Jewish Agriculturalist and Arab Products Create Perfection with Orange,” rather than “Children Terrified and Burnt to Death in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

The Tel Dan Stele


“The nation of Israel was in conflict with the Arameans for about 300 years, from the time of David, ca. 1000 BC, until Assyria annexed the Aramean city-states at the end of the eighth century BC. Most of the conflict was with the city-state of Damascus that, under Hazael, dominated Israel in the second half of the ninth century. A recently discovered inscription, the Tel Dan Stela, takes us back to those days.

Discovery and Significance of the Tel Dan Stela

The largest fragment of the Tel Dan Stela, Fragment A, was discovered at Tel Dan in northern Israel in July 1993 (Biran and Naveh 1993; Wood 1993). Then, in June 1994, two additional joining fragments, labeled Fragment B, were found (Biran and Naveh 1995). Together, Fragments A and B represent only a fraction of a much longer inscription. The language is Aramaic and it celebrates the victory of a king of Aram over Israel and Judah. It is the first royal inscription from the kingdom period to be found in Israel.

The most stunning aspect of the document is the reference to Judah as the “House of David.” For the first time, it was thought, the name David appeared in an extra-Biblical document. At about the same time, however, two French scholars, André Lemaire (1994) and Émile Puech (1994), independently recognized the same phrase in the Mesha Inscription, which has been around for well over 100 years (Wood 1995). It now likely that the name David is in a third inscription. Egyptologist K.A. Kitchen believes that the phrase “highland of David” appears in the Shishak inscription in the Temple of Amun at Karnak, Egypt (1997: 39–41). All this at a time when a number of scholars were challenging the existence of the United Monarchy and a king name David!

Unfortunately, the beginning of the Tel Dan Stela is missing. This is where the name of the king who commissioned the memorial, and the event which occasioned it, would have been recorded. With the discovery of Fragment B, however, we can assign the stela’s place in history with near certainty. Parts of the names of two kings are preserved in Fragment B: Joram, son of Ahab, king of Israel from 852 to 841 BC, and Ahaziah, son of Jehoram, king of Judah (the House of David) in 841 BC. With this new information it is possible to assign the stela to Hazael, king of Aram-Damascus, who undoubtedly set it up in Dan to commemorate his victory over Joram and Ahaziah at Ramoth-Gilead in ca. 841 BC (2 Kgs 8:28–29).”

Guillaume Faye – Use EU to Stem Immigration

Guillaume Faye, allegedly an important voice of the European right, gets it spectacularly wrong:

“Although Mr. Faye is a man of words and ideas, he stresses that “one doesn’t fight for ‘ideas,’ one fights for a people.” And for what people do identitarians fight?

An Antwerpian of Belgian nationality, a Catalan of Spanish nationality, a Lombard of Italian nationality . . . are my compatriots. They are fellow Europeans. But a West Indian, an African, an Arab, or a Chinese who possesses a French Nationality Identity Card are not my compatriots, though in strictly judicial terms they may be considered French.

Mr. Faye notes that immigrants may sometimes call themselves “French” or “Belgian” but never manage to become Scots, Bavarians, or Sicilians.

The tragedy of the struggle is that Europe “is at war and doesn’t even know it.” So long as their shopping carts are full, Europeans will not wake up to the crisis of dispossession. For those who see clearly, however, traditional European distinctions of Left and Right are petty distractions. The only distinction that matters is who is, and who is not, part of the European struggle against oblivion.

To be sure, there are questions of strategy. Should a French identitarian hope to return to a France that is authentically French, or should France cede sovereignty to a strong, self-conscious Europe? Should a European patriot try to use the powers of the European Union to hurl back the Third World or should he try to undermine those powers in the expectation that racial consciousness can arise only at the national level? These are legitimate questions on which identitarians may disagree.

They should all agree, however, that traditional Christians and non-believers must work together to preserve Europe. Mr. Faye is not a Christian, but believes that a traditional Catholic should be able to say “I respect all the Christians of the world, but nic et nunc [here and now] I fight for my people above all, whatever their religion.”

He notes that neither Judaism nor Islam has ever been “masochistic” like Christianity, but points out that Christianity itself is not the source of our collapse: “We shouldn’t forget . . . that the egalitarian virus is also found in non-Christian conceptions of the world and that Medieval Christianity knew how to protect itself from it.” As for liberal, mush-minded Christianity, he sees no salvation for it, and wishes it would disappear.

Historical ignoramuses

Mr. Faye is slashingly contemptuous of the mentality of the elites who are herding Europe into the abyss, calling them “historical ignoramuses” and “stargazing intellectuals.” He wonders if they can really believe we will live happily ever after in the multi-culti utopia, for there is no “mixing of cultures,” only conquest:

India, China, Black Africa, the Arab-Muslim or Turkish-Muslim world, etc., are affirming their identities, tolerating neither a colonising immigration nor a cultural mélange on their soil. Only our pseudo-European elites defend the dogma of a ‘mixed planet,’ which is pure illusion.

Nor can Mr. Faye excuse the naiveté (or duplicity) of those who would open the West to strangers in the name of Western values those strangers will never adopt. Our rulers say that because Europe accepts pluralism and celebrates differences, it should welcome millions of Muslims or Hindus—who despise pluralism and hate differences. Mr. Faye concludes that “it’s absurd to demand the right to differences for those who would deny it to others.”

My Comment

Somebody should inform the ignorant Mr. Faye that exactly what is happening to Europe has already happened to other countries. They’ve already had an alien culture imposed on them (European) long before Europe began to get a taste of it.  Or do new-right thinkers crack open the history books only after their birth-dates?

As for using the EU – which is a prize of the globalist project-  to dismantle it, only a fool or a tool would suggest it.

File, along with Raspail, as another NWO front and diversion.

One can learn something from racists. But   propagandists  are another matter altogether.


Roots, Not Symptoms, Mr. Raspail

Michael Hoffman, whose  other views I don’t necessarily endorse, sees through Jean Raspail’s race-war propaganda classic, “The Camp of the Saints”:

How strange – not one word from Jean Raspail about who is really at fault for the invasion of France–the French themselves! Who were (and are) too hedonistic and selfish to average three or more French children per couple. Into this vacuum quite naturally (i.e. by the iron law of biology) rush those people who have enough sense to reproduce themselves (the Muslims) and who need lebensraum. Raspail deals, as do so many others, with symptoms and scapegoating: “those politicians” and that “sepulchral media” who vex “the still healthy body of the French nation.”

I assure Monsieur Raspail that the French people are desperately sick, not healthy, and that the “sepulchre” was built by the French themselves and the bones one finds there are of the aborted children who would have obstructed the multiple vacations, the second house, the third car. This sepulchre is also peopled by the spectre of millions of French children who were never conceived, for the same reasons.

Those white nations which do not have sufficient spark of life to reproduce themselves are indeed doomed, but this is no “conspiracy.” These are the inevitable wages of the Masonic, “secular Republic” that is France. The same is true for Italy, where the Catholic Church has auto-destructed and Germany, Spain, Sweden...all secular, all playboys and playgirls.

One cannot merely pay lip service to Christianity, tossing a bone to a mere nostalgia. The French, or for that matter the American intellectuals, even on the Right, dare not look to see what culture and religion prevailed when Charles Martel marched to Poitiers in 732, when Isabella reconquered Granada in 1492, when Pius V was victorious at Lepanto in 1571 and Nicholas, Graf von Salm in Vienna in 1529 and John Sobieski in that same city in 1683.

The West today, ruled ideologically by the spirits of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Charles Darwin, Albert Pike, Sigmund Freud and Menachem Mendel Schneerson cannot conquer, except from the cockpit of a glorified airborne video game attached to missiles.

Who is to blame for the demise of Europe– the healthy, fertile Muslims or the anemic, self-extinguishing denizens of the House of Usher? If lebensraum was a virtue for the Germans is it a vice for the Muslims? The most primitive pagan in the jungle knows what the “advanced” Europeans do not know, that sex without children is death!

And the current “Crusade”? It was only forty years ago that Jacqueline Kennedy wore a black veil at the funeral of her assassinated husband, and Christian women throughout Europe and America–sophisticated women of the middle and upper classes–wore head coverings in church. Now crusader George W. Bush is on a campaign to “free Muslim women” from standards of propriety and modesty not so different–at least in spirit– from what prevailed universally in the West as recently as four decades ago.

France has banned girls from wearing head scarves in its public schools, lest the girls appear too modest, and this in a France where rectums and genitals are on display on every street-corner kiosk, yet there is a morbid fear of the least display of chastity.

The Muslims rightly despise us because we have lost all self-respect; because we are not the people of the West any longer, but the people of the alchemical crucible of constant, ruinous transvaluation.

The West cannot turn its back on God and retain any territory anywhere, and when I say God I am not speaking of the god of the rabbis.

Roots, not symptoms, Monsieur Raspail.”

The Declining Value of Elite Credentials

Of Two

“Economist Michael Spence developed the job market signaling model of valuing employees based on their credentials in the 1970s. The basic idea is that signaling overcomes the inherent asymmetry of information between employer and potential employee, i.e. what skills the employer needs and what skills the employee actually has is a mystery to the other party.

Credentials (diplomas, certificates, grad point averages, test scores, etc.) send a signal that transfers information to the employer about the opportunity cost the potential employee sacrificed for the credential.

It is important to note that the credential doesn’t necessarily signal the employee’s actual skills or knowledge– it only signals the amount of human and financial capital the employee and his family invested in obtaining the credential.

Signaling boils down to something like this: if Potential Employee A graduated from a prestigious Ivy League university, and Potential Employee B graduated from a lower-ranked state university, this doesn’t signal that Candidate A is necessarily more intelligent than Candidate B; it does signal, however, that Candidate A probably worked harder to get into and graduate from the prestigious school.

The signal is: Candidate A will work harder for the employer than Candidate B, all other qualifications being equal.

The Signal Value of credentials is the entire foundation of higher education. The higher education system does not actually test or credential the body of knowledge or working skills of graduates; it simply accredits that the graduate sat through a semi-random selection of courses and managed to pass the minimal standards–or alternatively, that the graduate gamed/cheated the system to gain credit without actually doing any real learning.

The reason tens of thousands of parents are sweating blood to get their child into an Ivy League university is the signaling power of that degree is widely viewed as having the near-magical ability to guarantee lifelong highly compensated employment.

But the power of higher education credentials is eroding for systemic reasons.

1. Credentials of all sorts are in over-supply: there are more people holding credentials than there are jobs that require those credentials.

2. Higher education does not prepare graduates for the real world of work in the emerging economy, so the signaling value of a diploma has been lost.

3. The opportunity cost paid by those graduating from college is now more noise than signal.

4. The intrinsically ambiguous signal value of a credential cannot be substituted for real-world accreditation of real skills and working knowledge.

In essence, the failure of signaling to accredit actual skills and knowledge bases is being acknowledged by employers. This accreditation is precisely what diplomas fail to do. Specialty programs (nursing, medicine) accredit the skills and knowledge of the graduates, but this is not true of the vast majority of diplomas and credentials.

The job-market value of a college degree was relatively high in the 1970s when Spence developed the Signal Model because the number of workers with college diplomas was still relatively modest (around 15% of the workforce). The most basic function of the market–supply and demand–worked in favor of what was relatively scarce–a college diploma. As a result, the assumption that the applicant had worked hard to obtain the degree was more signal than noise.

Nowadays, conventional credentials such as college degrees are in over-supply: around 40% of the work force has a college diploma of some sort, and an increasing number of college graduates are taking jobs that do not require a college education.

This is reflected in the declining wages of college graduates: Even the Most Educated Workers Have Declining Wages.

While the cost of higher education has skyrocketed (tuition is up 1,100% since 1980), the educational yield of higher education has declined. The national study Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, found that over one third of college students “did not demonstrate any significant improvements in learning critical thinking and other skills central to success in the new economy” and concluded that “American higher education is characterized by limited or no learning for a large proportion of students.”.

From this dismal record, we can extrapolate that another third gained marginal utility from their investment of tens of thousands of dollars and four years of study.

Google is widely viewed as a bellwether of the new economy. It is noteworthy, then, that Google has found that academic success has little correlation with being productive in the workplace. Lazlo Bock, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google, made the following comments in an interview published by the New York Times in June 2013:

One of the things we’ve seen from all our data crunching is that G.P.A.s (grade point averages) are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless. Google famously used to ask everyone for a transcript and G.P.A.s and test scores, but we don’t anymore. We found that they don’t predict anything.What’s interesting is the proportion of people without any college education at Google has increased over time as well. So we have teams where you have 14 percent of the team made up of people who’ve never gone to college.

Signaling an ability to grind though four or five years of institutional coursework is no longer enough; the signaling needed to indicate an ability to create value must be much richer in information density and more persuasive than a factory model diploma.”


Buiter’s Bunny Boiler – Part II

Willem Buiter, once a critic of the banksters, albeit, as much as an insider can be,  is now doing their bidding:

Bloomberg, via LRC/North:

“In a new piece, Citi’s Willem Buiter looks at this problem, which is known as the effective lower bound (ELB) on nominal interest rates.

Fundamentally, the ELB problem comes down to cash. According to Buiter, the ELB only exists at all due to the existence of cash, which is a bearer instrument that pays zero nominal rates. Why have your money on deposit at a negative rate that reduces your wealth when you can have it in cash and suffer no reduction?

Cash therefore gives people an easy and effective way of avoiding negative nominal rates.

Buiter’s note suggests three ways to address this problem:

Abolish currency.

Tax currency.

Remove the fixed exchange rate between currency and central bank reserves/deposits.

So  perhaps that was what that scandal with Helene Mees was all about.

A little arm-twisting by the powers-that-be?

While Mees has agreed to a deal that keeps her out of jail, she is said to be planning a suit for defamation against the economist.


Subversion Of Language As Thought-Control

Note: I have had time to read more at Kreeft’s website, and, though I think he’s a good writer and thinker, he’s also wrong on several things. Here’s one:

He claims Hinduism is pantheistic. It is not. It is panentheistic (in its most developed forms), which is quite a different thing.

It is also monistic in some traditions, theistic in others,  and even materialistic in still others.

Whether this is the sign of an agenda being pursued, I don’t know,  not having read enough of Kreeft.


Peter Kreeft, a Christian professor of philosophy, the author of 75 books defending Christianity, explains how cultural subversion works through language:

In light of the President’s recent “evolution” on same-sex marriage, here’s a 2004 interview Dr. Peter Kreeft gave to the Boston College Observer (text posted at

What are your thoughts on the current debate about gay marriage?

Dr. Peter Kreeft: As a philosopher the thing that strikes me most is the brilliant strategy of the gay marriage movement. Like Orwell in 1984 it sees that the main battlefield is language. If they can redefine a key term like “marriage” they win.

Control language and you control thought; control thought and you control action; control action and you control the world.

Mussolini knew that too. He made it illegal for Italians to say “hi” in the traditional way. The Italian for “how are you?” is “Come sta lei?” “Lei” is the feminine inclusive pronoun. Fascist ideology held that this was emasculating and weak, so you had to say “Come sta lui?” from now on. “Lui” is the masculine pronoun. So no one could say “hi” in Italy without identifying themselves as pro or anti-fascist.

In America, the feminists have succeeded in exactly the same way. They’ve labeled the traditional inclusive language, the language of every single one of the great books of Western civilization written in English, as exclusive because it uses “he” and “man” to include women; and they’ve labeled their new artificial ideological invention, which insists, contrary to historical fact, that “he” and “man” exclude women—they’ve labeled this “inclusive” language. And amazingly, nearly everyone follows like sheep!

So it will be easy, I think, for them to redefine marriage. Hell, they’ve already redefined “human beings” or “persons” so that they can murder the littlest ones whenever they want to. Why should they feel any guilt about dishonesty when they don’t feel any guilt about murder?

I think you will find that there is an overwhelmingly strong connection between these three agendas: gay marriage, feminism, and abortion.

Lila: It was the reading I did while researching my blog posts that led me to the same conclusion –  something I’d sensed when I was much younger in a more inchoate fashion:

Very seldom do you find people who are for one but not the other, or against one but not the other. And what they all have in common is this attitude toward language: it is what the most powerful and insidious propaganda film in history called “the triumph of the will.”Already in Canada it is a crime, punishable by a fine or even imprisonment, to speak against homosexuality in public. Politically incorrect ideas, such as Biblical morality, are now defined as “hate speech.”

One of the things I fear from this is an ugly backlash against homosexuals. If the truth is now whatever we will, then just as there is nothing to stop society today from redefining marriage, there is nothing to stop it tomorrow from redefining personal dignity and rights so as to take them away from homosexuals. The Nazis did exactly that.

The Church is the best friend of homosexuals, both because she tells them they are made in God’s image and have intrinsic dignity and rights and are called to be saints, and because she is the only social force left that insists on moral absolutes—so when they sin against themselves she says NO, just as she does to heterosexuals who sin against themselves sexually, but when others sin against them she says NO also.

No one else dares to say NO. She speaks up for everyone, including homosexuals.

Read the rest at

Some of the best friends I’ve had in this country have been homosexuals. Their intelligence and empathy for a foreigner (I’m actually a foreign-born citizen) helped me immeasurably in my life.

Several of them were spiritually inclined; all were more than ordinarily intelligent and perceptive.  No personal animosity toward them as people, no physical repugnance toward their sexuality (“homophobia” properly called) motivates me.

I simply see in the diabolically subtle propaganda surrounding this issue frightening portents of the future for everyone, including homosexuals themselves, as Dr. Kreeft convincingly argues.

The one who says “no” is not necessarily the one who is inimical to you. The one who says “yes” is not necessarily your friend.

Rothschild Behind Young Turks & Genocide traces the hand of Edmund James de Rothschild behind the deposing of the Ottoman Sultan, Abdul Hamid II,  in  1908; the rise of the secular nationalist government of the Young Turks;  and the genocide of Armenian Christians by the Young Turks, most of whom were Sephardic Jewish Sabbateans and/or Freemasons.

Less well-known is the savage massacre of Assyrian Christians, also at the hand of the Young Turks.

R. J. Rummel and several of the authors above cite  Mevlan Zadeh Rifat’s “The Inner Facet of the Turkish Revolution,”  Rifat also seems to be one of the main sources for the following claims,

So where do we need to look to find the thread that will bring us to the real powers behind these Young Turk scenes? We will start to move in the right direction if we go back to Caraso and his position of Lodge grandmaster. How does one become grandmaster of a Lodge, it is not the type of role that gets advertised in the job centre. The answer is that freemasons are supposed to ‘work their way up in the craft’ and advance from spiritual stage to spiritual stage. As they grow they are raised in rank and degree. Each degree has its own practices, known as rites. A major Lodge with several thousand members would have masons at all different levels (degrees) but there is only ONE master mason for the Lodge.

Therefore, for Caraso to have reached the position of Lodge grandmaster, the Lodge which granted and therefore OWNS the charter for his Macedonia Rissorta Lodge, is the Lodge that will have given him this appointment. In this case the charter was granted by the Grand Orient of Italy, through and not by the Istanbul Italia Lodge. This means that the grandmaster of the Istanbul Italia Lodge would have been at a similar rank to the grandmaster of the Macedonia Rissorta.  Therefore in this case ‘head office’ in Turin must have appointed Caraso.

We now have to ask the question, who was the power behind the Grand Orient Lodge of Italy at that time? We should start by looking at who was the founder of the Grand orient Lodge and who was its first grandmaster. The answer is surprising, in that we find the Lodge was established by no less a person than Napoleon Bonaparte, at the time that he conquered Italy. We find that after founding a chivalric order called The Order of the Iron Crown, Napoleon and his advisers continued. “Furthermore, a Grand Orient Masonic lodge was founded on 20 June, 1805; Eugène was its Grand Master and Marescalchi the Grand Conservator. In the kingdom, for certain higher levels of responsibility, membership of Free Masonry was almost obligatory. On the other hand, a modern administration had been formed, and the young Italian agents (average age of under forty in), were soon integrated.” (See for the fuller story)

Summing up this state of affairs we find that the charter for the Grand Orient of Italy (in Turin) was in fact granted its charter by the Grand Orient of France (in Paris). The first grandmaster named above, Eugene, is in fact Napoleon’s stepson, Eugene Beauharnais (biography at The appointment of Eugene was made by the grandmaster of the Grand Orient of France.

At this time, 1805, no Jews were accepted into Lodges anywhere in Europe. In fact the first Jew to be accepted into any significant position within European Lodge, was a man by the name of Isaac Adolphe Cremieux (biography at He was very much seen as an assimilated Jew by his contemporaies and as a result managed to gain access and prominence in many important french institutions. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica however, his crowning achievement was in freemasonry. “Adolphe Cremieux was not only a freemason from his early youth but in 1869 became the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the Scottish Rite in Paris”.

Cremieux was the first Jewish grandmaster of a Grand (charter issuing) Lodge, and one which was international, being the charter issuer and therefore owner of several Grand Orient Lodges, including of course the Italian.

The Return of Mehmet Cavit

These apparently separate pieces come together when we re-visit Mehmet Cavit at the time of his death. Alexandre Jevakhoff further informs us that when Ataturk had decided on the death penalty for Cavit in 1926, for an alleged attempt on Ataturk’s life, an important aspect of Cavit comes to life. “He had connections with French financial circles. And both the French government and the house of Rothschild appealed to Ankara on his behalf.”

Cavit was openly a Zionist and he had major connections into Paris, so high that the French government intervened for his life.

Who could this connection have been? Given the year was 1926 there were only 9 members of the Rothschild dynasty that would have been of an adult age and of them only one was openly a rabid Zionist, namely Edmond James de Rothschild. (Biography at It is worth noting that his wife was Adelheid and that she was born in Naples, given the importance of the Italian freemasonic influence.

Given that Caraso made his own personal fortune AFTER the revolution of 1908, the question arises as to who put the money up for this entire operation? The answer lies in the FACT that Rafik Bey was present in Paris in 1908 and therefore able to give an interview to Le Temps about his activities. He was part of the Zionist cabal that was working over and through the Young Turk movement, receiving instructions and financing directly from Edmond James de Rothschild, who supported the movement as part of Rothschild’s plan to acquire the land of Palestine.”

Do I contradict myself?

A reader writes querulously that he can’t understand why I link so-and-so (a Hindu right-winger), even though I am a believing Christian…..and why I deconstruct the Tamil Tigers, but say nothing about Sri Lankan racism.

He put it a lot more intemperately than that, but that was the substance of it, once the personal attacks are left out.

Another tells me that if I critique neo-conservatives, I must equally criticize Islamicists.

In other words, I have a point of view that is not neutral, according to my readers.

Well, guilty as charged.

I am not neutral, nor would I want to be.  I cordially detest the ideology and objectives of the global centralizers. I might call them Zionists or Elites or Power-Elite or any other term, but it’s clear whom I mean, and if it’s not,  please search Kleptocracy or New World Order or Zionism on my blog.

Given that,  this blog is my small attempt at deconstructing the unceasing propaganda put out by the Controllers,  propaganda that extends to every branch of human inquiry, from science to theology, from politics to academics.

One reader wants me to begin every critique of the Tamil Tigers with a “fair and balanced”  criticism of Sri Lanka. But why? Are the  Tigers, with the backing of Western intelligence groups, with a well-heeled Tamil diaspora and Western (left-wing) church groups behind them,  lacking in voice?

Sri Lankan racism is beside the point. If armed insurrection, assassinations, and terrorism against civilians is the proper response to racial chauvinism,  God help us all.

The facts show that the Lankan Tigers were manipulated and used by both a part of the Indian intelligence service (RAW) and the Israeli (Mossad). That is what is important.

If the Tigers were concerned about Tamils, they would not have killed them in such numbers. Until the civil war, they assassinated more Tamils than their enemies did.

I am sure Sri Lankans can be racist. Who doubts it? That goes with the human condition.

But my  primary interest on this blog is to show how the Controllers use such inter-ethnic frictions to push their own agenda, using the various players as tools in their larger game. And how that agenda itself drives the friction.

Explaining why some particular tool really had some cause against that other tool isn’t germane to my objective.  I am interested in the ones who use the tools. And my sole objective is to neutralize the propaganda.

I am fair, but unbalanced.

I could, of course, flame the fans of race or culture-war in the US, as some do.

And some people might consider some of my posts as tending in that direction. But I’m not interested in culture-wars, except as they are war-gamed by the elites.

I deconstruct homosexual propaganda, only because sexual “liberation” has long been the front behind which the global order brainwashes the young to turn against the very traditions that would protect them from the pathology of that order. For the rest, my beliefs  do not require anyone else to subscribe to them.

As for consistency, my political positions on war, the police state, and the government have stayed the same, but in the course of writing and reading, I’ve changed from staunchly pro-choice to strongly pro-life. I’ve gone from being a Christian skeptic to a believing Christian.  I’ve gone from being an ardent Ron Paul/Lew Rockwell anarcho-capitalist to a traditionalist conservative, but an antiwar, small government conservative. I have become sympathetic to the men’s rights movement (the part that the elites haven’t co-opted).

That is the nature of the intellectual life.  One learns. One grows; sometimes, down, but hopefully, up.

My old posts are up there for everyone to see, revisions, corrections and all. The things I got right, the things I got wrong (pro-choice,).

I link the Hindu right-wing when I think they are right. When they are wrong, I don’t link them.  I link others. Is that hard to understand?

Not if you think that truth is more important than ideology.

And that truth, in the realm of politics, doesn’t exist outside a context or a history.  And  what one takes to be context or where one starts one’s history is not just personal preference but judgment, which is objective and true, but not in an ideological sense. In fact, it requires the abandonment of ideology.