Christ-Hating Zios & Shabbos Goyim

From Mask of Zion:

So when the ostensibly “Christian” British state, known and hated the world over for its “Christian” missionary activities that cloaked so many if not all of its genocidal invasions, chucks its “Christian” identity to the wayside and castigates a man like Dieudonné, who identifies himself as an “Islamic-Christian (23)”, while welcoming filth-peddlers and desecrationists like Sarah Silverman and Larry David, it is betraying an upsetting truth that many Brits may not be able to accept: Their country is not the great power that they’ve been brainwashed into believing it is since birth. Their country is a subcontractor for a far more powerful, far more sinister force. Their country is not Christian. Their country has no love or respect for Jesus Christ The Messiah. Their country is not sovereign. Their country is on its knees, its forehead at the feet of the Rothschilds and other “chosenite” overlords. Their country is subservient to Jewish supremacy.

As is America. The US and UK regimes are empires and imperialists only in name, for they do not serve their own interests but the interests of Organized Jewry, which sends its Christ-hating spokespersons into the public eye to bash and humiliate what they allegedly hold most dear while they remain deafeningly silent. But when opponents of Zionist-subverted Western policy criticize the parasitic, plutocratic elite running the West into the ground, they are not greeted with the same silence. They are not even greeted with accusations of “anti-Westernism”. No, they are bombarded with the gobbledegook of “anti-Semitism”. Pounded with the sheer irrationalness of “Jew-hatred”. Browbeaten for spitting on the “memory” of the “Holocaust”. This is not just an exercise in hypocrisy alone. Hypocrisy represents the mere obviousness of the matter. This is proof, the kind comprised of unbreakable stone embedded in unshakeable ground, that imperialism, while a terribly real threat that must be combated and stopped, is only vice president in the hegemonic power structure; its agents are “shabbos goyim” and its boss is Zionism. “

White Phosphorus Used On Raqqa Civilians

The Independent (UK) reports:

Known as WP, use of the highly flammable chemical is accepted under international law in order to light up the battlefield and provide cover for ground troops.

But it is banned for use in densely populated areas or when directly targeted at infantry because it is highly toxic and can burn through skin and bone.

Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, a network of citizen journalists which represents the primary source for information from inside the Isis-held city, said there were reports “that air strikes targeted Raqqa today (Sunday) with phosphorus” munitions……

On 13 November, witnesses in the opposition-controlled city of Idlib in north-western Syria told The Timesdozens of civilians had suffered “horrific injuries” following two attacks using WP.

Ahmed, an activist based in Idlib, told the newspaper: “We knew it was phosphorus because the entire sky lit up and when it settled it set everything on fire.”

This illustrates the reasoning behind false-flag terror attacks. They allow the military to conduct illegal forms of combat against civilians, because domestic opinion has been inflamed so much that it will tolerate and even applaud.

The false “war ON terror” enables the real “war OF terror.”

Morning Of Paris Attack: Drill For Identical Scenario

PARIS, 2015

Before the Paris attacks of 11/13/15, there was a military drill in the morning, preparing for exactly what happened later on, in the evening.

Now consider the following:


A federal active shooter drill was being conducted on the day Dylan Roof shot and killed 9 members of a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina on 6/17/15.


Officials were conducting a large-scale terrorist exercise right across the finish line of the marathon when the Boston Marathon bombing took place on 4/15/13.

OSLO 2011

A few hours before the mass shooting in Oslo by Anders Breivik on July 22, 2011 (7/22/11)  a police emergency squad drill for an identical scenario took place.


NATO carried out drills just before the  March 11, 2014 (3/11/14) Madrid train bombings took place.


The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks (9-11) took place while a number of federal drills and other exercises were taking place.

These are not the only instances. A little digging reveals that the 7/7 London bombing, Sandy Hook, and many other disasters occurred at the same time drills were running.

True that there are lots of drills being run for all sorts of reasons at any given time, but the coincidence of shootings or bombings following drills that exactly or closely replicate them is a bit too much.

On the other hand, if you concede that these attacks might be staged… or stage-managed….then there is a plausible explanation – the drills provide cover for the government or for government-assisted contractors and operatives who can then blame them on convenient patsies.

Such false-flag terror, envisioned by P2OG and played out during Operation Gladio, is intended to fan the flames of popular anger in the right direction.


Paris Attacks Give Hollande Unprecedented Power


President François Hollande declared the national emergency immediately after the Nov. 13 attacks. It allows police to break down doors and search houses without a warrant, break up assemblies and meetings, and impose curfews. The order also clears the way for military troops to be deployed to French streets. Since then, French security teams have aggressively raided apartments and houses to round up suspects and weaponry.

French authorities haven’t imposed a nationwide state of emergency since 1961, in the depths of the Algerian War, and the measure approved Friday expands an emergency law that was first drafted to empower Paris to put down the Algerian uprising. With the reform in hand, Hollande will spend the next three months with enormous executive power at his disposal.”

Police Dragnet Targets Muslims In Paris

The Bulletin:

All over France, from Toulouse in the south to Paris and beyond, the police have been breaking down doors, conducting searches without warrants, aggressively questioning residents, hauling suspects to police stations and putting others under house arrest.

The extraordinary steps are perfectly legal under the state of emergency decreed by the government after the attacks Nov. 13 in Paris that left 130 dead — a rare kind of mobilization that will continue. The French Parliament last week voted to extend the emergency for another three months, which means more warrantless searches, more interrogations, more people placed under house arrest.

There have been 1,072 police searches, 139 police interrogations, and 117 people have been placed in custody, the Interior Ministry said Monday. Those included a weekend raid on a restaurant selling halal burgers and Tex-Mex food in the Paris suburbs, where officers found nothing suspicious, after breaking down the doors.

Many of those being swept up are among the hundreds of French who have already been flagged as potential security threats in the notorious S-files of the security services.

The police are now free to pick up and interrogate suspects virtually at will.


US Issues World-Wide Travel Alert

The US State Department has issued a world-wide travel alert to US citizens, cautioning them about travel during the holiday season. The last previous alert was issued in December 2014:

The alert does not instruct Americans to avoid travel, but it does urge U.S. citizens to “exercise vigilance when in public places or using transportation.”

“Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowded places. Exercise particular caution during the holiday season and at holiday festivals or events,” the State Department said in the alert.

The department said that terrorist attacks remain likely as ISIS members return from Iraq and Syria.

It warned that “there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations but conducted on an individual basis,” pointing specifically to large sporting events, theaters, open markets and airlines.”

Backlash Against Innocent Muslims

To be clear: the Islamic State, which claimed the attacks in Paris, is responsible for more Muslim deaths than western deaths. It has killed tens of thousands of Muslims for being “infidels” in the past couple of years. Nevertheless, anti-Muslim hysteria will likely soar to new levels in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris.

Police in Oklahoma shot a man after he called 911 and promised to shoot anyone who looked like a Muslim because of what happened in France. An Ethiopian Uber driver in North Carolina was punched in the head by a passenger, who thought the driver was Muslim. The passenger threatened to kill the driver and refused to believe he was not Muslim.

A Muslim family in Orlando, Florida, found a bullet in their garage door and believed it was retaliation for the attacks in Paris. Shots were fired at a mosque in Connecticut on November 15.

In Ontario in Canada, a mosque was set on fire in what authorities treated as an act of arson. In Toronto, a Muslim woman was robbed and attacked while picking her children up from school. Attackers called the woman a “terrorist” and told her to “go back” to her own country. And, in Calgary, someone broke into a mosque while worshipers were in the middle of a candlelight vigil for Paris and stole donation boxes and a computer.

In Glasgow and West Scotland, the Bishopbriggs Cultural Center, which is used as a mosque by the Muslim community, was set on fire.

On November 17, security removed three men and a woman of “Middle Eastern descent” on a Spirit Airlines flight after a passenger reported “suspicious activity.” One of the people removed had been watching a news report on their phone, which the passenger thought was a video from the Islamic State. The people removed were questioned and then allowed to return to the flight, which was headed to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago.

Two men were removed from a flight to Boston on November 16 after crew expressed concerns. One of the men was in an exit seat and “couldn’t speak English.” A K-9 unit was brought on board to sniff the airplane.

The Islamic Society of St. Petersburg and the Islamic Society of Pinellas County received phone calls from a man who made terroristic threats. The man, who said his name was Martin Schnitzler, claimed to have a “militia” that would come down and “firebomb” and shoo whoever was there in the head. “I don’t care if they’re (expletive) 2 years old or 100,” he added.”

Hasan Green: Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior

Fanny Crosby:

Pass me not, O gentle Savior,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by

Savior, Savior,
Hear my humble cry,
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.

Let me at Thy throne of mercy
Find a sweet relief;
Kneeling there in deep contrition,
Help my unbelief.

Trusting only in Thy merit,
Would I seek Thy face;
Heal my wounded, broken spirit,
Save me by Thy grace.

Thou the spring of all my comfort,
More than life to me,
Whom have I on earth beside Thee,
Whom in Heav’n but Thee.

State Surveillance Enters The Bedroom

UPDATE(Picture: George Lawler/

I just saw this picture of George Lawlor in a “V for Vendetta” mask.

Something clicked. This is an intelligence created story to sell that “consent app” ( see below).

It’s intelligence, just like the fracas over Halloween costumes at Yale.That’s why I made those posts private.


Read this and weep.

At the University of Warwick in the UK, George Lawlor, a nineteen-year-old male student with the aggressive demeanor of a ba-lamb,  is in trouble with feminists.

For not wanting to attend a “consent” work-shop intended to deter coercive sexual encounters, he has been harassed to the point that he wants to drop out of university.

Contemporary feminists of a certain sort believe that all men are potential rapists in need of training on how to comport themselves with women, hence the fury.

There does need to be discussion about sex on campus, but lecturing the men alone misses the point. Women also need some advice on how they should carry themselves in public….on why uncontrolled drinking has different impacts on men and women…. and on where they can go alone… and with whom.

Just maybe, the whole idea of mixed dorms needs to be revisited too... and how about limiting access to drugs, alcohol, and porn on campus?

Just lecturing the men seems to be a rather bigoted way of tackling the issue.

But, if that wasn’t bad enough, the article about Lawlor also cites a new “app” (software application) for sexual consent.

It lets potential sex partners  video record their consent before getting together.

That students seem to think this is a good idea tells you everything you need to know about campus today.

Everyone else knows that phone and computer technology is almost completely under government control, unless you consistently encrypt at a very high level. Even so, the equipment and operating systems themselves have enough entry-points for the government.

A “consent app” that records two people agreeing to have sex is as good as sending the agreement in the mail to the police.

As a matter of fact, that is the intended purpose of such agreements in the event of post-coital problems.

All these years, the left has been blaming those near-mythical ” Christian fundies” for dragging the government into the bedroom.

Now,  feminists have sent the police and courts a gold-embossed invitation to participate in people’s sex lives..… and people are cheering.



Blog Problems II

I posted a short explanation of some problems I’d had with the blog this morning.

Obviously, it was published, because I see from my admin panel that someone read it.

Yet it’s vanished completely.

I know I didn’t delete it. And it’s not to be found inside another post, as I thought.

In any case, if you’re wondering what happened to that post, I don’t know. I didn’t delete it. Earlier, the order of my posts was completely reversed and posts from 2007 when I began the blog were at the top.

I switched that back. Now this.

So, if you see anything else wrong, just post a comment and I’ll fix it.



Black Lives Don’t Matter, Neither Do White….

All this campus late-teen angst can be saved by realizing that  no-one’s lives really “matter” in a grand world-historical sense.

Most human lives, with some exceptions, make very little difference in any way to the course of human history.

Your life only matters to you, mommy and daddy, and Jesus.

Maybe not even mommy and daddy.

Get over it.


Millets Preferable To Quinoa In India

There is a craze in India for adopting the organic alternative grains that are fashionable among American consumers.

The problem is that those grains, like quinoa, are mostly imported from central and southern America, regions that are well within the economic reach of well-to-do America, but are a ridiculous form of ostentatious consumption for India.

Living on the other side of the globe, with far less purchasing power, and with many more constraints of  soil, land, technology, and climate, Indians have to be smarter than this.

India already has a whole range of traditional cereals that are far more nutritious and far easier to produce than polished rice:

When seeing nicely packaged ragi biscuits in the health section of supermarkets, one could almost get the impression that millets are indeed becoming fashionable again. However, the statistics speak a different language: Changes in consumption trends over the past decades, coupled with state policies that favour rice and wheat, have led to a sharp decline in millet production and consumption.

In the 1950s, the area under millet cultivation in India exceeded the area cultivated under either rice or wheat, and millets made up 40% of all cultivated grains. However, in the early 1970s, rice overtook millets, and in the early 1990s so did wheat. Since the Green Revolution, the production of rice and wheat was boosted by 125% and 285% respectively, and the production of millets declined by -2.4%.

Although India is still the top millet producing country in the world, by 2006, the millet growing area was only half that of rice, and one fifth less than wheat. The share of millets in total grain production had dropped from 40% to 20%. This has dire agricultural, environmental and nutritional consequences.

Not just urban food preferences, state policies also play a major role in the shift of consumption habits. For instance, the Public Distribution System has promoted rice and wheat uniformly across India, completely disregarding local climatic conditions, agricultural traditions and food cultures. Polished rice became the cheapest and most readily available foodgrain, and as a consequence the most popular one. The change in preferences was aggravated by notions of cleanliness, purity and sophistication of refined grains versus the more down-to-earth “coarse” grains.

Millets contain a high amount of fibre, which earned them the derogatory name “coarse grains” and often degrades them to animal feed. However, in a time where urban consumers tend to go overboard on refined products, the extra fibre in millets might just be a great boon. Fibre is essential not just for good digestion and a healthy bowel; it also has a positive impact on blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, millets are richer in several nutrients than rice, wheat or corn. For instance, they are rich in B-vitamins such as niacin, B6 and folic acid, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and beta carotene. Each millet variety has a different nutritional profile. The table below compares several millets, wheat and rice with regard to selected essential nutrients. Millets are also ideal for people suffering from gluten-intolerance.

Millets are truly miraculous grains in terms of their nutritional value, and even more so in terms of their humble requirements as agricultural crops. They are ideal for rainfed farming systems – the majority of India’s small and marginal farms. The rainfall requirement of millets is only 30% of that of rice. While it takes an average 4,000 litres of water to grow 1 kg of rice, millets grow without any irrigation. Millets can withstand droughts, and they grow well in poor soils, some of them even in acidic, saline or sandy soils. Traditional millet farming systems are inherently biodiverse and include other important staples such as pulses and oilseeds. They are usually grown organically, as millets do not require chemical pesticides and fertilizer.

Organizations that promote millet cultivation and consumption for security of food, nutrition, fodder, fibre, health, livelihoods and ecology across India are joined in the Millet Network of India (MINI), an alliance of over farmer organizations, scientists, civil society groups and individuals.

Millets are richer in several nutrients than rice, wheat or corn. Pic: Flickr, Creative Commons

Millets are available in organic stores, from organic online retailers, in supermarkets and various other shops. They can easily be integrated into any kind of diet.

Here’s how you can use millets at home:

•Mix millets with other grains or use by themselves like rice
Make soft and tasty idlis from whole jowar
•Add some millets to your dosa batter
•Enjoy puffed jowar as a snack, breakfast cereal or sprinkled on salads for a nice crunch
Use foxtail millet rava for a more nutririous upma
•Add millet flours to rotis; for cakes and raised breads, mix them with wheat flour, as millets do not contain gluten.”

Bataclan Attacks: Silent Assassins Or Shouting Jihadis?

Stephen Farrell in the  New York Times:

Silent Gunmen Killed People in the Bataclan, Witness Says:

They didn’t shout anything, they didn’t say anything. They were wearing black clothes and they were shooting at people on the floor, executing them. I was luckily at the top of the stage, on the front of the stage.”

[Witness, radio reporter, Julien Pierce in an interview with CNN, November 14, 2015.]

But another witness contradicts this flatly, see People’s Pundit Daily, “Witness To Paris Attack: Gunmen Shouted Allahu Akbar,” November 13, 2015:

“A witness named Louis, who was in the Bataclan, told France Info radio that the men opened fire and shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

Putin: ISIS Funded By G20 Per Russian Intel

From Global Research:

We’ve been very patient. For the last 12 hours we’ve been constantly refreshing Google News for just one — one — western article about Putin’s bombshell comments at the G20 summit in Antalya. You would think that the Russian President stating publicly that ISIS is receiving money from 40 different countries, including G20 members, would be “newsworthy”. Right? 

But the western media has defied even our worst expectations: Not a single mainstream western outlet reported on Putin’s comments. Typically, at least the Daily Beast has the common courtesy to distort or misrepresent the most recent Putin press conference. But in this instance, there is literally no written western record of Putin saying anything about who finances ISIS during the G20 summit in Turkey. This is insane.”

Only cricket chirps from the west

Hosein Mortada: Mossad Trained Paris Attack Perps

A reader tipped me off the day before yesterday about a report on NBN TV, Lebanon, by Syrian war reporter Hosein Mortada that there were five Paris attackers and they were

trained near the Golan Heights by Mossad.

Here is the original interview.

I couldn’t track down the original interview, but noticed today that the same information is being reported at Activist Post.

[Note that Activist Post has claimed that this information was personal information relayed to the writer of the article by Hosein Mortada. There is no reference to the NBN Lebanon TV interview. Note also that the writer mentions only one attacker.]

NOTE: What follows is a personal report I received from Hosein Mortada, Lebanese journalist and director of the Information Center for Studies and Documentation.

Hosein Mortada has provided details about one of the individuals who carried out the Paris attack on Saturday November 13th with the rest of his crew of jihadists. His name is Abo Talha Al Jazaeri (Aljazaeri means ‘Algerian’).

Abo Talha, a French national, has been trained in the Occupied Golan Heights, along with his crew who carried out Paris attack operation.

All of the terrorists involved with the Paris attacks were European nationals, previously fighting in Syria alongside Al Nusra Front and then moved to Al Raqqa to join the so-called ISIS, Islamic State in Syria and the Levant.

Finally they moved to Quneitra, Daraa, and their last station was in the Zionist entity, Israel, at a site called Bait Zorah where they have been trained by Israeli Mossad.

They were then sent to France, just six months before the Paris attack incident.The questions here are:

  1. How could such a terrorist group violate secured places like stadiums or concert halls without any assistance with foreign intelligence?
  2. Is France ready to designate those fighters as moderate rebels, as it is their title in Syria?

The USA started training these terrorists in Jordan, calling them the Syrian Democratic Army at the time, as Hosein has been informed by his source.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA), backed by Lebanese resistance Hezbollah and Russian aerial support, have made great progress all over Syria and this progress on the part of the Syrian Arab Army makes Israel worried. Thus, Israel needs more involvement on the part of the USA and its allies (including France) in Syria in order to prevent this advance of the Syrian Arab Army even further.

Now, France and the USA have more pretext as a result of the attack in Paris to escalate their interference in Syria.”

Afraa Dagher is a political analyst currently residing in Syria. She has made numerous media appearances commenting on the current state of affairs inside Syria as well as the nature of the current crisis. She has appeared on RT, PRESS TV, and is a regular guest on Activist Post writer Brandon Turbeville’s Truth on the Tracks radio program. Her website is

Here is what my reader told me two days ago:

Hosein Mortada had a one-hour NBN TV (Lebanon) interview in which he gave this information publicly.
He said there were FIVE attackers, all Algerians and Tunisians, with French citizenship.
They have been in Syria since 2012 and were trained by the Israelis near the Golan Heights and in Quneitra.
They are NOT ISIS but Al Nusra, an offshoot of Al Qaeda – that is, of AQ in Syria.

I still cannot find the link, but I am going ahead and posting it as is….and will correct it later, as I get more information.

Migrant Population Interactive Map

There is an excellent interactive map of migrant populations at The Migration Policy Institute.

When looking at numbers of emigrants from a country, consider the numbers relative to the population size. 2 million Indian emigrants seems a lot until you set it against the approximately 1.4 billion Indians in India.

Then you realize that a far smaller proportion of Indians, for example, emigrate than do, say, Poles.

Indeed, far from emigrating all over the world, Asians and Africans are, by and large, confined to their countries by restrictive immigration quotas, the prohibitive cost of migration for relatively poor people, and the difficulties of even living in those countries, let alone planning emigration from them.

By contrast, relative to their populations, it is the affluent countries that supply the most emigrants to other places.

And that has always been the case…which is why so much of the landmass of the world has been appropriated by white populations that now deem them off-limits to other people.

Contrast these facts with the rhetoric of “white genocide by brown immigration” and “Eurabia” and you will find the latter largely baseless, except in so far as the latest migrant incursion into Europe has been manufactured to create a “fortress Europe” mentality.

And, now, with the Paris attacks, France has declared martial law for three months.

Thus, a full-fledged security state is in place in the heart of Europe, just as planned by the globalists.


Zionist Tentacles In Africa

In light of the terrorist/hostage crisis in Mali, I am posting the concluding paragraphs of Jonathan Azazaiah’s “The Zionist Infestation of Africa”:

[Note: As always, posting a piece doesn’t mean I endorse it entirely. But I certainly find it an eye-opener.]

Welcome To Africa, Where Zionist Tentacles Extend Throughout The Continent

On November 23rd 2010, an important story reported in the Hebrew press of the Zionist entity, then picked up by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV, revealed a rather bothersome development. A retired “Israeli” colonel by the name of Avi Sivan had died in a helicopter crash near Yaounde, the capital of the Central African nation of Cameroon. Sivan was responsible for training the Cameroonian presidential guard and was also the head of the Jewish supremacist entity’s military delegation to Cameroon (41). The question was, “if the Zionist entity’s tentacles in Africa had penetrated a nation as geopolitically obscure as Cameroon, where else was it reaching?” To be blunt, the answer is, “everywhere.” On the books, the usurping Jewish regime has intelligence contacts in Eritrea, Kenya, Malawi, Zaire, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Morocco (42).

Off the books, the list is even more extensive and thus, a brief but precise overview is necessary. Firstly, it must be understood that even America’s policies towards Africa, in fact, its entire geopolitical network of stratagems for the continent, are shaped by the Zionist regime itself and its plethora of think tanks (43). Secondly, the pestilential plan of senior “Israeli” foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon, “A Strategy For Israel In The 1980s,” a plot discussed on numerous occasions here at Mask of Zion, which features the fragmentation and dissolution of Sudan and Libya as prominent points, has been exported by the Zionist regime across the African continent. “Yinon Africa” is being assisted by the Ugandan dictatorship of Museveni, the corrupt regime in Kenya and the longtime marionette of Zionism, Ethiopia. The objectives of “Yinon Africa” are to balkanize the continent on three lines: ethno-linguistics, skin color and religion. Additionally, the concept of a US Military Central Command in Africa (AFRICOM), was designed and promoted by the Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (IASPS), the same Zionist think tank that produced the infamous “Clean Break” papers (44).

The usurping Jewish
supremacist entity
and the apartheid regime
in South Africa were so
intertwined before the fall
of Pretoria that it appeared
they were a singularity.The malevolent apartheid regime of South Africa is perhaps where the Jewish supremacist entity’s ties were the strongest. In South Africa, Jews benefited and thrived under the racist regime’s protection, maintaining and strengthening their ties with the Zionist entity. The Board of Deputies of South African Jewry, a major Zionist Lobby front on the African continent, declared “neutrality” in regards to apartheid so Jewish interests weren’t compromised. The “Israeli” security establishment saw the relationship with South Africa so vital in fact that, it actually believed the ties saved the Jewish “state” from extinction. The Zionist entity didn’t just provide a plethora of arms to the apartheid regime, it “created the South African arms industry.” Zionist occupation officers also assisted Pretoria with its operations (read: atrocities) in Angola and, from the illegal Jews-only colony of Kibbutz Beit Alfa, “Israel” developed a profitable industry selling anti-riot vehicles to the apartheid regime. Most astoundingly, Zionism provided South Africa with nuclear technology and expertise, helping it build its own miniature nuclear arsenal (45). Needless to say, every drop of South African blood spilled by the apartheid regime, especially in its last days, is on the hands of “Israel.”

Speaking of Angola, where the Zionist entity was active with South African forces, it should be mentioned that Angolan warlord Jonas Savimbi, the seemingly eternal darling puppet of America’s Jewish Lobby, the neoconservative establishment and “Israel,” was assassinated by Zionist special forces when he no longer served a purpose (46).

Nowhere has the usurping and criminal Zionist entity been more successful in executing destruction than Sudan, a prime target of the Yinon Plan in its past and current incarnations. Oil-rich Sudan has been cracked in half, its unity split and destroyed. The Zionist dragon’s military-intelligence apparatuses designed this balkanization, instigated it, funded the players and from Uganda to Ethiopia, it still maintains agents and assets to uphold the new fragmented Sudanese status quo. “Israel” has already entered the new, fabricated nation-state of ‘South Sudan.’ The deceptive and dangerous IsraAID, backed by Zionist Lobby organizations like the American Jewish Committee and United Jewish Appeal, is on the ground. The newly-created Zionist puppet state has opened its doors to “Israeli” companies to do business in the fields of agriculture, infrastructure, security and medicine, business worth hundreds of millions of dollars. South Sudan views this gesture as gratitude for the Zionist dragon’s committed military and intelligence support to its ‘rebellion.’ And now, to make the relationship between South Sudan and Zionism globally legitimate, full diplomatic relations have been established between the two entities so Tel Aviv can officially take control of South Sudan’s oil-rich economy (47).

“Israel” has been exceedingly active in Ethiopia for decades upon decades but 1990 is where relations hit new peaks. The Zionist regime fueled the Ethiopian Civil War as a testing ground for what it could do with its real enemies, Iraq, Syria and Iran. “Israel” supplied the regime of war criminal and collaborator Mengistu Haile Mariam with cluster bombs, several hundred IOF military trainers to guide the Ethiopian Army, 150,000 bolt-action rifles and an unknown number of its patented “Uzi” machine gun (48). The assistance has continued under the rule of Ethiopian Prime Minister and horrific human rights abuser Meles Zenawi Asres, in power since the fall of Mariam, with the most recent development being the purchase of murderous drones from the “Israeli” firm, Bluebird (49).

Kenya has been dear to the heart of the Jewish “state” since its assistance to Mossad and Aman during Operation Entebbe (50). In late November, the Kenyan regime signed a security pact that would have “Israeli” security consultants sent to the East African nation to govern its assault against the Islamic Resistance of occupied Somalia, Al-Shabab. The Somali Resistance assailed the Kenyan regime for the traitorous move, slamming the deal as an attack on Islam (51). The Zionist entity has provided Kenya with weapons in the past and this pact will significantly expand the existent ties, which is promising for “Israeli” arms firms; as usual, the innocent civilians already being butchered in the Zionist proxy war are of no concern to the Jewish “state” (52), considering that the civilians are of African origin and therefore “cursed” in Zionist eyes.The “Israel”-Kenya dirty deal is already “bearing fruit,” as Kenya has allowed the usurping Jewish entity to house 5 drones in a Kenyan military base on the border with Somalia in exchange for a stash of heavy weaponry and 13 “Israeli” military advisors making their home in Kenya. The Zionist drones have illegally taken to the skies in Somalia and launched hellish missile attacks, with the latest one murdering at least 17 innocents and wounding more than 60 others (53). A 53-year old IAF engineer named Hanoch Miller, who founded a defense firm called Radom Aviation which has worked with “Israeli” Aerospace Industries, has been caught attempting to smuggle weapons to the pathetic puppet regime in Somalia, which is fully complicit in the crimes against the Somali people carried out by the US-backed UN-AU occupation. Though Miller appears to be acting independently, this is highly suspect due to his elite status in the IAF and the fact that the Zionist entity wants to establish relations with the regime (54). Only because of the steadfast Resistance of Al-Shabab has Somalia not been colonized, but it is indeed in the sights of the Merhav Group of “Israel,” a powerful Mossad-run consortium headed by elite Mossad agent Yosef A. Maiman that has already taken over the energy interests of occupied Afghanistan (55). Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhdhafi, a revolutionary and four-decade resistor of Zionism and Western domination loved dearly by his people, is dead. In an operation led by NATO and its rebels, Qadhdhafi was sodomized and tortured before he was murdered. The invasion, which took place on the Jewish revenge holiday of Purim, like Iraq before it, was designed by the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), the renamed Jewish-Zionist “Cabal” once known as the Project for a New American Century, and the despicable lies of “human rights violations” and “impending genocide” used by the Zionist media to sell the invasion to the world were generated by UN Watch, a Zionist affiliate of AIPAC’s foreign policy wing, the American Jewish Committee, and headed by “Israeli” citizen Hillel Neuer. Qadhdhafi was planning to introduce a gold dinar into the African economy for oil trade, a move that would have devastated Jewish-Zionist financial domination of the continent (56). The NATO rebels are not only willing to recognize the usurping Zionist regime, they are prepared to let it establish a base in eastern Cyrenaica on a 30-year lease (57). Qadhdhafi is spinning in his grave.Another African revolutionary life that “Israel” ended was that of Mehdi Ben Barka, routinely described as the “Moroccan Che Guevara” and, “the Frantz Fanon of Morocco.” The Zionist entity’s Mossad kidnaped the great revolutionary theoretician and murdered him in cold blood (58).

Nigeria as of late has been rocked by an unrelenting campaign of violent car bombings, including a horrific attack on Christmas Day, which the Zionist media blames on an Islamic group known throughout the capital of Abuja and other cities for its social services, Boko Haram. Nigerian Muslims view the attacks as a means of instigating a religious war to divide the country on ethno-sectarian lines (59), as per one of the directives of “Yinon Africa,” and Nigerian Muslims also reject the idea that Boko Haram is behind the sophisticated attacks, saying it is far beyond their scope and antithetical to their agenda. They say that Boko Haram has become a “boogeyman” used by the Goodluck Jonathan regime to obtain Western grants (60). It is not by luck of any sort that the bombings in Nigeria began right around the same time that the Jonathan regime brought in a team of Mossad and CIA operatives, overseen by “Israeli” Ambassador to Nigeria Moshe Ram, to probe (read: run) its security services (61). The Zionist entity is attempting to break up Nigeria using the same successful methods it used in Sudan and it couldn’t be any clearer.

“Israeli” activity has even been found as far as the tiny island state of Madagascar, where an “illegal commando unit” of Zionist mercenaries led by 60-year old Joseph Akiva from the illegal Jewish settlement of Netanya were involved in a savage crackdown that left dozens of protesters dead. Akiva and his band of goons were suppressing rivals of former Madagascar President Marc Ravalomanana. Despite business interests on the Indian Ocean island involving construction, Akiva has been extradited back to occupied Palestine for his murderous criminal activity (62).

One of the most unknown examples of Zionist puppetry in Africa was “Emperor” of the Central African Republic, Jean-Bédel Bokassa. The closest friend of the megalomaniacal Bokassa was one of the usurping Jewish entity’s “famous generals,” General Shmuel Gonen-Gorodish. The “Israeli” general, in addition to his military and security advice, built up the public relations of Bokassa throughout the globe. Gonen-Gorodish also embezzled large amounts of taxes and customs from the state treasury. Though their relationship didn’t last long, when a military coup ousted Bokassa from power, Gonen-Gorodish helped him flee to the Ivory Coast, where, ironically enough, the luxury hotels, palaces of the rulers and monopolistic companies were all built with the close assistance of the private firms and racist Histadrut of the Zionist entity (63).

The coastal West African nation of Sierra Leone has been pillaged by some of the most vile elements of International Jewry. From the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brighton Beach, the small, troubled and diamond-rich Sierra Leone was “virtually run” by Marat Balagula, the Ukranian-Jewish mob boss of the most powerful criminal organization on earth, the Red Mafiya. Sierra Leone’s president, Joseph Momoh, didn’t have any problem with the Jewish syndicate setting up global smuggling and money laundering operations in Freetown because Balagula’s associates, in return, bankrolled Momoh’s 1985 presidential campaign. The Jewish ultra-gangster’s main contact in Sierra Leone was a Mossad agent named Shabtai Kalmanovitch, who trained Momoh’s presidential guard and assisted in the crushing of an attempted coup in 1986. Balagula and Kalmanovitch were introduced by Rabbi Ronald Greenwald, a frontman for the interests of Marc Rich (64), the famous billionaire Jewish criminal pardoned by Bill Clinton. This revelation shows a clear nexus between the “Israeli” entity and organized crime, united in the ancient Jewish hatred of the Black man, working together for the furtherance of Jewish interests.

In the Congo, where a catastrophic genocide has been occurring since 1996, in which up to 10 million people have died at a maddening rate of 1,500 a day, the profiteers of this downright insidious humanitarian disaster are almost exclusively Jewish and intimately linked to the larger network of international Zionism that has been responsible for every major conflict of the last century. Led by Dan Gertler, the grandson of Moshe Schnitzer, an Irgun terrorist known throughout the Zionist entity as “Mr. Diamond” and for founding the “Israel” Diamond Exchange in Tel Aviv in 1960, which today brings the usurping regime $14 billion annually in blood business, there is a Jewish-Zionist network in the Congo so interlocked, so powerful and so domineering, that it can truly make one’s head spin (65).

Gertler, a member of the influential Chabad Lubavitch supremacist gangster cult and guided by Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Leibovitch, is in bed with Jewish diamond dynasties that include the families of Templesman, Oppenheimer, Mendell, Blattner, Hertzov and Steinmetz, his main partner. The Chabadnik criminal bought off the Congolese government in exchange for high-level “Israeli” defense and intelligence assistance. The endeavors of Gertler and Beny Steinmetz, one of the richest Jews in the Zionist entity, have proliferated and today, they have a monopoly over Congo’s diamonds, a dominant stake in Congo’s copper and the largest cobalt-mining company in the world. And all of this blood money ties into Jewish organized crime, “Israeli” arms dealers, multiple influential Chabad houses and the Zionist occupation itself all the way up to Netanyahu’s office (65). Gertler, a Jewish supremacist of the highest order, revels in sucking the Congo’s blood and he’s so sadistically thirsty for it, he just won’t stop his criminality until there is nothing left but millions more dead.

If the late Mehdi Ben Barka was the “Moroccan Che Guevara,” then Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara, the Burkinabé revolutionary, Pan-Africanist and righteous leader of Burkina Faso from 1983-1987, was certainly the “Che Guevara of Africa.” Sankara was known for his incorruptibility and radical (and successful) policies that included land reform, women’s rights, literacy promotion, education, famine prevention, resource nationalization, anti-neoliberalism, anti-Zionism, anti-imperialism, public health care, social justice and legal punishment for all previous oppressors, colonialist and collaborator alike. Thomas Sankara was nothing short of remarkable. Unfortunately however, his extraordinary and pristine life came to an end on October 15th, 1987, when he was overthrown and executed in a coup d’état by incumbent Burkinabé president, Blaise Compaoré. It has been known, for quite some time, rather undisputably in all actuality, that French intelligence and the CIA aided the coup, but there is yet another player that isn’t discussed.

Not only has the usurping Zionist entity’s Foreign Affairs Ministry described Burkina Faso as “one of ‘Israel’s’ most loyal friends in Africa (66),” but Blaise Compaoré is an honorary member of The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (67), a known front for the usurping Jewish regime’s Mossad in which Yosef A. Maiman, the aforesaid Mossad agent who runs the Merhav Group of “Israel” consortium that is currently targeting Somalia, sits on the Board of Directors (68). The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation was founded by Argentine Jewish supremacist Baruch Tenembaum, a devoted Talmudist, Kabbalist and Zionist who made it his life’s work to undermine Christianity (69). The fact that Compaoré belongs to such an organization is damning; he is a Mossad asset and has been one from the moment that he sold his soul and Burkina Faso to the enemies of Thomas Sankara. Moreover, in a startling admission from former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, it is now known that French intelligence is compromised and has been so for some time; the Zionist entity controls it (70). This is yet another damning piece of evidence that Thomas Sankara was indeed a martyr made so by Zionism.

The fallen Burkinabé hero’s widow, Mariam Sankara, declared with her head held high, “What remains above all of my husband is his integrity.” Indeed. And just one week before Mossad asset Compaoré led the coup against him which would result in his untimely death at the tender age of 36, Thomas would famously state, “While revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas (71).” Indeed again.

The ideas of Thomas Sankara have not died; they are more alive now than ever before, in the hearts of the Islamic Resistance of Somalia and the Libyan Green Resistance fighting Zionist-designed occupations of their ravaged homelands, and in the streets of Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco, fighting counterrevolutions and repressive, pro-“Israel” dictatorships. What the people of Africa, Black and Arab, Christian and Muslim, and everything in between, must know, is that the Zionist entity, inspired by a primordial Jewish supremacist ideology, has no interest in your land except to exploit it, and exploit you. Zionism is a cancer that infests, infects and destroys everything in its path. But like any other cancer, it can be counteracted and cut out, so it never returns.

O’ Africa! Cut out the Zionist cancer from your midst. Cut it out like a knife to flesh and vow never to mix with it again. It is what Sankara would have wanted. It is what Qadhdhafi would have wanted. It is what Mehdi Ben Barka would have wanted. It is the right thing to do; the just thing, for all of the martyrs of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. For Rwanda. For the Congo. For Burkina Faso. For Somalia. For Zimbabwe. For Uganda. For anyone and everyone who has suffered at the hands of the usurping Jewish entity; to all oppressed people from Africa to what lies beyond its beautiful and ancient borders, heed the call: cut out the Zionist infestation before it is too late. Cut it out before you wake up one morning to the cruel jackboot of Jewish cultural imperialism stepping on your soul, with no Fela Kuti to remind you of the “Zombie” that now personifies your very existence.”

How To Read The News

I’ve been watching the mainstream Western media critically since about 1991, when Gulf War I took place. That’s a total of nearly 25 years.

Including this blog, I’ve written literally tens of thousands of pages about news images and stories. Tens of thousands.

For academic superstars, Marxist professors, State Dept honchos, and intelligence operatives.  They were not fools and none of them took me for a fool.

Here is what I’ve learned:

  1. Don’t be overwhelmed by detail and “noise”. You’ll lose the big picture. The noise is where the propaganda is. Tune it out.
  2. Don’t leap to take the bait. Let things come out on their own and then try to fit the pieces in.  Don’t force the pieces. Instead, change the narrative.
  3. Follow the money.
  4. Follow the money.
  5. Follow the money.
  6. What happened yesterday, happens today, and will happen tomorrow. History repeats itself.  Read history. Fit the politics into the history and not the other way around.
  7. Follow the money.
  8. Everything in the mainstream is suspect.
  9. Everything in the alternative media is also suspect, in a different way.
  10. The truth is not hidden. It’s hiding in plain sight. It’s hidden by fog, noise, and distortion, not by outright concealment.
  11. Listen to outsiders, the unknown, the marginal.
  12. Follow facts, not people. Trust no media figure completely.
  13. Follow the money.
  14. Look inside yourself to understand other people’s motives, responses, and reactions. People are not different.
  15. Look outside yourself to understand other people. People are different.
  16. Embrace cognitive dissonance. Learn to entertain contradictory interpretations in your mind without striving  prematurely for a conclusion.
  17. Learn to live without certainty about many things. Probabilities are good enough, most of the time.
  18. Don’t study any phenomenon in isolation. Study it from as many angles as you can. Connect.
  19. Don’t discount any theory, however outlandish. Reality is much weirder than you think it is…..or can think it is.
  20. Follow the money.

10 Signs Paris Attacks Were False-Flag

From Binu Matthews at

There is another angle to the Paris terrorist attack. This may well be a false flag attack. False flags attacks have happened several times before in history, including the infamous Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933, initially blamed on the communists which was later proved to be the handiwork of German secret service. The fire was used as evidence by the Nazi Party that communists were plotting against the German government. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler later famously said, “Terrorism is the best political weapon, for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.

Here is a short history of proven false flag attacks. The Paris attack may not be a false flag attack. But we can not rule out the false flag angle. This angle too must be investigated before we reach any conclusion regarding the Paris terrorist attack. Here are 10 facts which may prove that the Paris attack may have been a false flag attack.

1. The attack was carried out by a group of 8 terrorists. Seven got killed in the operation one person, Salah Abdesslam, was the lone survivor. The coordinated terrorist attack, using sophisticated weapons, needed elaborate planning, and transnational coordination. It is impossible to believe that such planning was done under the radar of America’s 16 intelligence agencies, including sophisticated NSA eaves dropping and the French and European intelligence agencies. Salah Abdesslam was detained in the Belgian border several hours after the attack by the French Police and inexplicably allowed to go scot-free.

2. At least one of the terrorists, Omar Ismael Mostefai, was a Parisian who had been on a terror watch list for five years, but was not being monitored closely enough to be stopped before he took part in the murderous attack. He was put on an S-Card watch list for radicalization in 2010. S-Card or Fiche S is basically a classification used by French law enforcement to flag an individual considered to be a threat to national security and possibly requiring surveillance or monitoring. How someone on French government watch list carry out a terror attack of such massive scale without the knowledge of French security agencies is incredible. [corrected from original.]

3. A Syrian passport was found from the site of the suicide bomb blast site, purportedly to be that of Ahmad Almohammad. It is beyond belief that the passport was intact while the person holding it blown into thousand pieces. Incidentally, identity papers of the alleged terrorists are found at the location of many proven false flag attacks that have taken place around the world.

4. Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, under Regan administration and a former Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal said he “received a report from European security that there was a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks. Among other things, the attack took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveillance The attack was not a straightforward DDOS attack but a sophisticated attack that targeted a weakness in infrastructure hardware. Such an attack is beyond the capability of most organizations and requires capability that is unlikely to be in ISIL’s arsenal. An attack on this scale is difficult to pull off without authorities getting wind of it. The coordination required suggests state involvement.”

5. The attack took place at a time when Europe was reeling under the pressure of growing refugee crisis of its own creation of many plundering wars in Libya, Iraq and Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East and Africa. It is not just coincidental that the passport of a Syrian refugee was found among alleged terrorists. Immediately after the attack the French border was closed, followed by most of the European countries. The European refugee crisis is solved for the time being!

6. An hour after the terror attack French President Hollande blamed the attack on ISIS, even before the group claimed responsibility of the attack. How did he know ISIS was behind the attack so soon? If he had prior information, why didn’t he stop the attack?

7. Hollande declared that it was an “act of war” much like George W.Bush’s famous statement “War on USA” just after the 9/11 attacks. The word ‘War’ has tremendous implications as we saw it unfurl after 9/11, 2001. Deja Vu. New York Times reported “France bombed the Syrian city of Raqqa on Sunday night, its most aggressive strike against the Islamic State group it blames for killing 129 people in a string of terrorist attacks across Paris only two days before”

8. The attack took place when Russia has started asserting itself in Syria with coordinated air strikes with Syrian government. The Assad regime is winning the battle for the crucial Aleppo with Russian air support. The Russia-Syria-Hezbollah-Iran axis has turned the applecart of the western alliance in Syria.

9. The attack took place just after the Obama administration announced that it will deploy ground forces in Syria and Iraq and just before the multi-nation November 14 talks in Vienna on Syria and the crucial G 20 summit which turned into a summit on terrorism with all the world leaders condemning terrorism unequivocally.

10. Last but not the least, the question that all investigators ask is who benefits from the crime. Just like what happened after 9/11 ‘a coalition of the willing’ of USA and NATO may be in the making for increased assault on Syria to win back the momentum from the Russia-Assad coalition. Refugees flowing into Europe will be dealt with an iron hand by the whole of Europe unitedly. More draconian laws like Patriot Act could be enacted throughout Europe. The military industrial complex will be salivating, which made thousands of billions of dollars in Iraq and Libya through weapons trade, supplying military contractors, reconstruction contracts etc. The momentum of Marine Le Pen , the ultra-nationalist and anti-immigrant and anti-refugee leader of National Front who has come out on top of the candidates for the next French presidential election and Bernie Sanders in USA could be toppled.

Who lose? We the people. Refugees will be severely affected. More draconian laws will be forced upon us. We lose our freedom. More surveillance will be put on our every move, even on our thoughts. More wars will be fought on tax-payers money, channeling it into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex corporate entities. The world will be even more worse place.”

“Muslim Rape Crisis” In Sweden Debunked

I found this interesting post that debunks the “Muslim rape crisis in Sweden” narrative and points out how high rape and crime rates are in almost entirely white European countries like Estonia and Latvia that no one includes in discussion about Islam and rape in Europe [minor edits added for readability and grammar]:

New UPDATE (06/06/2013):Sweden’s latest murder statistics have come out for the year of 2012, and this is really bad news for atheists/racists.Remember the murder statistic is a very objective crime statistic, since it doesn’t rely much upon the rate of reporting or a a country’s laws, and is difficult to falsely report. So, the homicide rate and count is very objective when compared to many other crime statistics.Since atheists as a whole are universally stupid people, they would never ever read the official crime statistics published or encourage anyone to do so, but instead just use speculation, rumors, or other such nonsense as sources.

Here are the official crime statistics:–statistik/mord-och-drap.htmlThe murder count in Sweden in 2012 was 68, which comes to a murder rate of 0.71 per 100,000 for 2012, which is lower than all 50 US states, almost every country on the entire planet, and one of the very lowest murder rates in Swedish history!

So Sweden has now achieved an unthinkable astronomically low murder rate of 0.71!

What a disappointment for the Nazis/atheists that Sweden’s murder rate in 2012 (with more Muslim immigration) is even lower than it was in 2011, and is one of the very very lowest murder rates in all of Swedish history.

It’s really almost unthinkable that any country could have a murder rate this low.

To put things into perspective, let’s look at the number of murders in the US states with population sizes closest to Sweden’s 9.6 million population (Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina),  since the murder rate is in proportion to the population size:
– Georgia had more than 550 murders in 2011
– Michigan had more than 600 murders in 2011
– North Carolina had more than 500 murders in 2011


So, this means that the US state with the lowest murder count and population size closest to Sweden (North Carolina) had nearly 100 more murders in 1 year than Sweden did in 5 years.

Sweden’s murder count in 5 years (2008-2012) would be 414, whereas North Carolina’s murder count is above 500 in just 1 year.

The murder count in Sweden in 2012 was 68. You’d have to go all the way back to maybe the 1960s or 1970s to find Sweden murder rates this low.

If crime is up and there’s much more violence, wouldn’t the murder count and murder rate go up dramatically and be higher than at least a few US states?

So where’s all the ‘crime’ that the fools (atheists) are referring to?

Not only is the murder rate lower, the murder count is lower than ever as well.

Apparently there’s more ‘crime’ and violence in Sweden, but Sweden is safer than all 50 US states.  The US state with the lowest murder rate in 2011 had a murder rate of 1.2 per 100,000.

Well I guess I can’t blame atheists for being misled, they are gullible people who never read official crime statistics published, just garbage on blog sites.

I’m still waiting for the fools (atheists) to justify their lies about there being so much more crime in Sweden now, with more Muslim immigration, I guess they can’t. All they have are lies from their low-life atheist mouths.

What will the fools (atheists) come up with next since the official crime statistics published debunks their lies?

BTW: I’m not a Muslim and never have been at any time in my life (and never will be), I’m not from the Middle-East, Asia, Africa, or Europe. Initially I was on the same anti-Islam bandwagon that many are on right now (and said lots of anti-Islamic things) up until around 2011 when I realized it was just a waste of time and energy.

What’s the point in focusing lots of time and energy on ending just Muslim-related crime (non-violent rapes with no injuries), helping rebuild Muslim countries, trying to make life better for Muslims alone, and helping out Muslim countries alone?

I don’t get it.

Since 9/11 there were more than 120,000 non-Muslim killings in the US (from 2002-2012), so what would happen if we focused our time and energy on helping out non-Muslims instead?

The very worst thing that can happen to the Nazi White Nationalist movement in Sweden is a 0% Muslim population and lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants. This would ruin everything for them wouldn’t it?

They should deport/ban Muslim immigrants and prevent all that ‘crime’ in Sweden, then bring in lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants. If this time, with non-Muslim immigrants there really is more actual crime, what will Nazi Swedes do?

There’s “more crime”, but the murder rate in 2012 (latest data) is one of the lowest in Sweden history, lower than all 50 US States (meaning that there’s not even 1 US state that has a lower murder rate), and lower than almost every single country in all of the entire world.

All that the liars/atheists can do is discourage people from reading the official crime statistics published and avoid mentioning the murder rate at all costs.

UPDATE: After much discussion I’ve determined the actual cause of the reported rape rate in Sweden being high.

Here’s my hypothesis as to why Sweden’s reported rape rate is so high:
– Sweden’s new modified rape laws in 2005 made it so that the way rapes are counted is intentionally inflated
– The rate of reporting rapes in Sweden is very high
– Many reported rapes in Sweden are false reports caused by the extreme racism there

The evidence to support this hypothesis:
– An excerpt from this BBC News article demonstrates how laughable Sweden’s new rape laws are:

“In Sweden there has been this ambition explicitly to record every case of sexual violence separately, to make it visible in the statistics,” she says.

“So, for instance, when a woman comes to the police and she says my husband or my fiance raped me almost every day during the last year, the police have to record each of these events, which might be more than 300 events. In many other countries it would just be one record – one victim, one type of crime, one record.” –

So this means that 1 report from 1 woman in Sweden could count as 300 or more “rapes” in their rape statistics, depending on how many times the victim claims they were “raped”.

In 2009 according to the Sweden Democrats there were only 253 rape cases (the number of rape cases would tell us the number of rapes if Sweden would’ve had regular rape counting laws), meaning that Sweden’s reported rape rate would only be around 2.7 per 100,000 if they had normal rape counting laws (which is more than 94% lower than the current rate that appears in their rape statistics).

All of the objective crime statistics in Sweden that are difficult to falsely report like the murder rate and car thefts have decreased or remained constant

– Sweden’s murder rate in 2011 with more Muslim immigration has decreased to 0.86. It’s the lowest murder rate in decades for Sweden and one of the lowest in all of Sweden history, so Sweden’s murder rate is lower than all 50 US states in 2011 and almost every country in the entire world.

The murder rate in Sweden was much higher in the 1990s when there was much less Muslim immigration. From the murder rate we know that the type of “rapes” and “crime” in Sweden must not be lethal (Source:–statistik/mord-och-drap.html)

–  The reported number of homicides for Sweden in 2009 was 232, but the actual number was 92! So this means the actual homicide rate was more than 60% lower than the reported homicide rate.

Over 100 of the reported homicides in Sweden in 2009 weren’t even about homicides. (Source:

If people are willing to falsely report murders obviously they would be willing to falsely report a rape.

For a car theft how are you going to falsely report it? Are you going to make a up a non-existent license plate or hide your car? It’s difficult to falsely report a car theft.

For a homicide how are you going to falsely report it? Claim someone got killed even if they’re alive? It’s difficult to falsely report a homicide. Although you can falsely convict someone of murder.

But for a rape, it’s easy; even if there’s no DNA evidence or injuries in the case you can still win. Anyone can just make up a story about how they were raped; it’s arguably the very very easiest crime to falsely report.

– The main sign of a false rape report is no injuries and no DNA evidence.

No injuries tells us that very little to no force was used and no DNA evidence tells us that there was no actual intercourse. So in cases like these you would just have to rely upon whom you believe, the accused or the accuser.

If there was more violence in Sweden we would expect the murder rate to increase, not decrease, so the murder rate is a real big blow to the Nazi movement in Sweden.

– Falsely reporting a rape is extremely easy, falsely reporting a homicide is extremely difficult, and the reported rape rate is the only crime statistic that’s radically changed in Sweden

– We know from history that in extremely racist societies falsely reporting rapes was common. Here’s an example of one in Sweden:

“The [Swedish] woman later recanted her story about the alleged rape when she learned that a surveillance camera mounted in the taxi had recorded the couple leaving the vehicle without paying” –

– The murder rate isn’t calculated by the number of reports like how the reported rape rate is, it’s calculated by objective deaths, so the murder rate is a very objective statistic that’s difficult to distort and skew

– There were over 5,940 reported rapes in Sweden in 2009, but the Swedish Democrats talked about 114 out of 253 cases, 253 cases is more than 95% lower than the total number of reported rapes in Sweden, I’m guessing the number of cases is much lower because the “reported number” counts each alleged event (Source:

– According to Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist “Most [Sweden] rape complaints are false. I base my conclusions on the hundreds of preliminary investigations and verdicts I’ve reviewed in my 30 years as a journalist” (Source:,00.shtml)

– Since the reported rape rate relies upon a country’s rape laws, the rate of reporting rapes, and since it’s extremely easy to falsely report a rape the reported rape rate is the very least objective of all crime statistics and gives us no objective data as to what’s occurring

– The murder rate is really embarrassing, so the Nazi Swedes avoid mentioning it at all costs
– Not being able to falsely report a murder like a rape must really pain the Nazi movement in Sweden

There’s no way Swedish racists are going to encourage people to look at the official statistics and reports published, they’re only going to encourage people to look at  propaganda Nazi articles and YouTube videos
– The basic argument of the Nazi Swedes and anyone who supports them is that “crime is up in Sweden except in every objective crime statistic that’s difficult to falsely report and distort”
All that’s changed in Sweden is Sweden’s rape laws and the rate of reporting rape, this is why the murder rate has remained constant (and is actually lower now) in Sweden

If Swedes really believe that Muslim immigration is their problem (with a murder rate lower than all US states) then here’s what I suggest they do:
Deport/ban all Muslim immigrants
– After all the Muslims are gone, bring in lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants
– If there’s more actual crime in Sweden (you know in objective crime statistics) with  white non-Muslim immigrants, without a target as easy as the Muslims, what will Nazi Swedes do?

I would encourage Sweden to deport all existing Muslim immigrants and ban all Muslim immigration.  I would suggest that any Muslim immigrant living in Sweden voluntarily leave Sweden. I would also suggest that white non-Muslims go live in Sweden.

It would be a great experiment to see what would happen in Sweden with a 0% Muslim population and lots of non-white non-Muslim immigrants. My guess is that then it wouldn’t matter if the murder rate was 10 times or 20 times higher in Sweden. It wouldn’t be international news, because non-Muslim immigrants are much harder targets.

Some other things to note:
– The worst rapist in Sweden was a White Swede, Thomas Quick, who allegedly raped and murdered 30 men
– New Zealand doesn’t have Sweden’s unique rape laws, so NZ’s reported rape rate is probably more real than Sweden’s, yet in NZ they have rape-murderers, like Jason Frandi, a White New Zealander who raped and murdered a tourist

– The European countries with the highest murder rates, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia have the least non-white immigration, the lowest percentage of Muslims in Europe, and the purest European stock. I’ve asked the people who complain about the supposed “Problem of Islam” in Europe as to why they don’t make websites or YouTube videos to help out Lithuanians, Latvians, and Estonians, but none of them have ever answered the question.

– Multiple studies and experiments have shown that White males are reported less often for all crime in general.

– Since White males are reported less often for rape, if White males were reported as often as others at least 80% of the reported rapists in Sweden should be White males, this would be more consistent with the murder rate in Sweden
– If you report a White male for rape and there’s no injuries, you don’t have video camera evidence, 20 witnesses, or anything like that, and it’s not a child rape or drug rape, then the jury will most likely just say “it’s no big deal, charges dropped”, you’ll just have to wait for the White male to go on to kill or seriously injure someone to get a conviction

What a shame it is for the Nazi movement in Sweden that you can’t falsely report a murder, as you can a rape.”

Real Estate Mafia And Chennai Flood Damage


With every invitation to Make in Chennai, the city is unmaking itself and eroding its resilience to perfectly normal monsoon weather events. The infrastructure of big commerce has replaced the infrastructure to withstand natural shocks.

The 2015 disaster was not just avoidable; it was a direct consequence of decisions pushed for by vested interests and conceded by town planners, bureaucrats and politicians in the face of wiser counsel.

The case of the Pallikaranai marshlands, which drains water from a 250-square-kilometre catchment, is telling. Not long ago, it was a 50-square-kilometre water sprawl in the southern suburbs of Chennai. Now, it is 4.3 square kilometres – less than a tenth of its original. The growing finger of a garbage dump sticks out like a cancerous tumour in the northern part of the marshland.  Two major roads cut through the waterbody with few pitifully small culverts that are not up to the job of transferring the rain water flows from such a large catchment. The edges have been eaten into by institutes like the National Institute of Ocean Technology. Ironically, NIOT is an accredited consultant to prepare Environmental Impact Assessments on various subjects, including on the implications of constructing on waterbodies.

Other portions of this wetland have been sacrificed to accommodate the IT corridor. But water offers no exemption to elite industry. Unmindful of the lofty intellectuals at work in the glass and steel buildings of the software parks, rainwater goes by habit to occupy its old haunts, bringing the back-office work of American banks to a grinding halt.

The vast network of waterbodies that characterised Chennai can only be seen on revenue maps now. Of the 16 tanks belonging to the Vyasarpadi chain downstream of Retteri, none remain, according to Prof. M. Karmegam of Anna University.

Virtually every one of the flood-hit areas can be linked to ill-planned construction. The Chennai Bypass connecting NH45 to NH4 blocks the east flowing drainage causing flooding in Anna Nagar, Porur, Vanagaram, Maduravoyal, Mugappair and Ambattur. The Maduravoyal lake has shrunk from 120 acres to 25. Ditto with Ambattur, Kodungaiyur and Adambakkam tanks. The Koyambedu drain and the surplus channels from Korattur and Ambattur tanks are missing. Sections of the Veerangal Odai connecting Adambakkam tank to Pallikaranai are missing. The South Buckingham Canal from Adyar creek to Kovalam creek has been squeezed from its original width of 25 metres to 10 metres in many places due to the Mass Rapid Transit System railway stations. Important flood retention structures such as Virugambakkam, Padi and Villivakkam tanks are officially abandoned.

Capacity reduction

Before political rivalry between the two Dravidian parties brought it to a midway halt, an ill-advised Elevated Express freight corridor from Chennai harbour to Maduravoyal had already reclaimed a substantial portion of the Cooum’s southern bank drastically reducing the flood-carrying capacity of the river.

Remarkably, all these causes were listed out by the government’s own officials at a seminar on waterways organised by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority in 2010. But there seems to be many a slip between enlightened understanding and enlightened action.

The Second Masterplan prepared by the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority glibly authorises built-up spaces with no regard to hydrology. In the Ennore region, the authority has reclassified waterbodies, intertidal zones and mangrove swamps as “Special and Hazardous Industries” and handed it over to the Kamarajar Port Ltd.

In Ponneri, a town in a rural part of Chennai Metropolitan Area, developers are executing  Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority-approved plans with no regard to drainage. Last weekend, Ponneri received 370 mm of rain – 135 mm more than Chennai did. While it suffered from flooding, damage to property and life was not high. Ponneri is slotted to be developed as a Smart City. But will our dumb engineers be able to build a smart city?”

Note: I don’t believe this has anything to do with “dumb” engineering. It has everything to do with the government-construction mafia that overrides any other input from engineers or architects or civil servants.

A Reader’s Tip

One reader suggests that the attacks against Christian apologist Dinesh D’Souza are part of the on-going psychological war on America’s ostensible ally in Asia, India.

I’ll follow up on that when I’ve had time to get into the whole story. D’Souza, from my perspective, isn’t an Indian public figure in the US I feel compelled to support, given that he’s spent his whole career telling American conservatives what they want to hear…or think they want to hear…misrepresenting many things about his country of origin in his eagerness to please his country of adoption.

But, in the end, what did it get him?

A hard-core of conservatives are also nativists and racialists and they would never accept a dark-skinned Indian man as one of them, no matter how thoughtfully he argued or how faithfully he defended their interests.

And D’Souza didn’t always argue thoughtfully, although almost always with insight.

He often took cheap shots at liberals and the left, for one thing, which discredited his other positions.

Hitting the left accurately where it hurts is fine, but tarring the many decent left-libertarians, anti-imperialists, and humanitarians, who for one reason or other call themselves leftists or liberals, is foolish and wrong.

Remember, the rule in American politics is that if you’re a conservative, you get handled worse if you also happen to be a minority.

It’s as though the media establishment sees people who go against their natural interests as some kind of traitor rather than just intellectually non-conformist.


Levels Of Brain-washing

First Level Brain-washing: General Public:


“The Paris attacks were committed unprovoked by Islamicists (ISIS) who hate us (France/America/substitute country name) for our freedoms.”

RESULT: Anger directed against Islamic countries, Muslims, all brown people.

Helps NWO-instigated ongoing psyop called “war on terror.”

Second Level Brain-washing: Informed Public/Activists:


“The Paris attacks were blow-back by radicalized young men who join ISIS, who hate us  (France, America/substitute country name) for attacking them before.”

RESULT: Anger directed against French, American and allied Muslim governments.

Helps NWO-instigated ongoing psyop to dismantle all governments.

Deprogrammed public & activists:


“The Paris attacks were committed by Western intelligence operatives, working with their golem, ISIS and with hired operatives of Western-allied Muslim outfits to instigate public support for more funding for the “war on terror.”

RESULT: Anger directed against Western intelligence outfits and the Western elites who run them.

Obstructs NWO’s continuing psyop on the world, called the “war on terror,” which might better be called the “war OF terror.”


Open defecation is a social problem in India and Indonesia, not in Syria. Middle-class Syrian Muslims are not likely to be involved in anything like that.

Conclusion: the “migrants” are operatives.

Note that the CIA has, for several years, been using feces and menstrual blood in its intelligence operations abroad: for example, these “Egyptian feminist” activists, who front for Western intelligence.

[I deleted the link because of the images. You can find them by googling for Egyptian feminists sh** and bleed, or looking up the archives of Reason magazine.]

The secondary benefit Western intelligence agencies derives from the usage of feces and menstrual blood is that the public begins to be habituated to such images in the news, which helps promote genres of porn involving feces and menstruation.

The intelligence agencies are ultimately run by financiers/elites that depend on the global porn trade, so the use of these images can be seen as government-funded advertising to increase big porn’s market-share.

The images also make homosexuality more acceptable, for reasons I needn’t flog.

A further benefit to the agencies is that by running public campaigns against open defecation in Asia, on the one hand, while simultaneously running intelligence operations involving open defecation, on the other, the Western public is conditioned to associate militant brown (“like feces”) Isis operatives with, first, Islam and Muslims in general, and, secondly, with all brown-skinned people, especially South Asians and Indians.This conflation helps transform rational debate over immigration into something visceral and racial that solidifies resentment and anger toward all foreigners and thus supports imperial aggressions.

Lack of hygiene ( a social and economic problem) becomes conflated with “brown people” (color and race) and these in turn become conflated with attacks against the West leading to the notion of an anti-white foreign invasion generated by the third-world.

Syria, of course, is not a “third-world” country.

The propaganda classic, “Camp of the Saints,” made exactly the same move, conflating impoverished people in Calcutta with a migrant invasion of Europe, and in the process exacerbating white working-class anxieties.

The author, Jean Raspail, is a royalist, but, like all too many who fawn on blood-elites, he himself is  working-class.

The Calcuttan slum-dwellers who, in the book, land up in Paris, in the real world, cannot even afford to leave their slum, let alone, Bengal or India.

In the book, the slum-dwellers from Calcutta are uniformly depicted in the most loathsome terms, as perpetually copulating, disease-ridden sub-human monstrosities, swamping the shores of the “beloved city” of France.

The “beloved city” is a phrase from Revelations that actually refers to Jerusalem, so that in Raspail’s white-nationalist supremacist vision, the Christian end-times becomes fused with British Israelism and white Europeans become the “true Israel,” surrounded in the last times by the demonic forces of Gog and Magog, now equated with the third-world.

This is simply sleight-of-hand, intended to distract from the groups actually orchestrating the “clash of civilizations.”

Why Do-It-Yourself Is Here To Stay

An excellent piece by  Charles Smith (Of Two Minds) – h/t to LewRockwell.

Labor overhead is all the labor-related expenses paid by employers: the vast majority of pundits, most of whom have never hired a single employee with their own money, tend to overlook the overhead costs paid by employers: workers compensation insurance (soaring), healthcare insurance (soaring), disability insurance, unemployment insurance, 401K or pension contributions, etc.

The “solution” in the Digital Revolution is to eliminate all labor overhead and transfer all these risks and expenses onto the free-lancer. As a free-lancer/self-employed worker, I am well-acquainted with these overhead costs: it costs $15,300 annually to purchase stripped-down healthcare insurance for my self-employed wife and I.

This is $7.66 per hour for a 2,000-hour work year. The total value of the labor overhead paid by employers for someone of my age and experience exceeds the $15/hour being trumpeted as a minimum wage.

In other words, it would cost an employer $30/hour to pay me $15/hour.

The net result of reducing labor to auctioned-off surplus is that the state, and thus ultimately the taxpayer, is paying the overhead costs. The person being paid $5 to shop at Target (or $50/day to deliver whatever the high-earners didn’t order through Amazon) for a top 5% earner can’t possibly afford $15,000 a year for healthcare insurance, much less all the other benefits paid by employers.

So they end up getting social welfare benefits for low-income people such as Medicaid, food stamps, Section 8 housing subsidies, etc. In other words, this form of menial labor is ultimately subsidized by taxpayers.

The person paying someone a menial sum to perform some service may think they’re “hiring” that person, but in reality the taxpayer is footing the majority of the costs–the real “employer” is the taxpayer.

In other words, this informal “work” is a simulacrum of paid employment. All the costs being offloaded onto the informal worker end up in the taxpayer’s lap.

How can this be lauded as a functioning system of employment? It can’t, because it isn’t.

Those who believe the Digital Revolution will create more work also overlook the realities of risk when it comes to employing people. Once again, I wonder how many of these people have ever hired a single person on their own dime, i.e. with their own money, paid the overhead costs of an employer and took the risks of hiring employees.

Here’s one example from real life: you hire a fellow cash-only (informally or through some sort of labor auction exchange) to clean the roof gutters on your house. He falls off your roof and is seriously injured. You may think your insurance will cover you, or the labor auction exchange’s claim of coverage will protect you, but guess again: you could be on the hook for a huge settlement/judgment that will not be paid by your homeowner’s insurance or the labor exchange.

Labor laws don’t disappear just because you’ve hired someone informally. Anyone violating labor laws is also exposed to lawsuits and claims, exploratory “fishing” or otherwise. How about claims of ethnic, religious or gender discrimination? Those don’t disappear just because you’re an informal employer.

Many people seem unaware that a $10,000 claim for violating labor statutes may cost $10,000 or more to defend in court (or in pre-trial legal expenses). You’re out $10,000 either way.

Few pundits seem to put themselves in the shoes of those performing menial tasks for their “betters” for minimal compensation. What are the risks and rewards for managing an injury (real or faked) for those auctioning off their labor for a few dollars?

Those within the insurance industry know that there is an entire class of people who claim injuries in department stores, etc. so they can settle for $5,000 each “incident”– and they get the settlement because it will cost the corporation far more than $5,000 to contest, investigate, go to court, etc.

How good a job will you get when the worker bid so little to get the work? Once again, few pundits seem to put themselves in the shoes of those performing menial tasks for their “betters” for minimal compensation. You want to supervise people who are rushing to finish the task so they can hurry to their next low-paying gig? No thanks; be my guest. From my experience, it will cost me more time/money to re-do the work that was done poorly than it would to have done the work myself and forget hiring someone for the lowest bid.

This is why I will never hire anyone again, no matter how low the wage or cash payment: the risks are way too high and the rewards far too modest. Anyone who’s been a “real” employer like I have knows the realities, risks and costs. Those who’ve never hired a single employee with their own money are ignoring the realities.

When I need some real work done, I hire licensed contractors who pay all the labor overhead costs and pay for liability and disability coverage. These are very costly, so the service is costly. But you get what you pay for.

As for hiring someone myself–I can’t afford the true costs or risks. It literally makes no financial sense to hire someone if you pay the full freight. I will hire formal enterprises that pay the full costs of their employees, but only when I can’t do the work myself.”


US Trans-Formation: Money, Control, Depopulation

Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition like anorexia.

Like anorexia, gender dysphoria is most likely a result of injured family dynamics or social pressures.

But while anorexics are not given liposuction to appease their anxieties, people with gender identity confusion are given sexual reassignment surgery (SRS).

As one tortured “trans-gender,” who quickly came to regret his transformation, realized, the medical community is making big money from this quack “treatment”:

The recently published WPATH Version VII has simply allowed the medical community to open the “floodgates” for this very tragedy to unfold. To get on cross gender hormones and then have surgery has become almost as simple as going to the convenience store for a pack of gum. If the client [Lila: the word client, instead of patient, is instructive] wants it, give it to them. “Real Life Test”? Maybe, maybe not, depending on your circumstances, occupation, etc. It is a billion dollar industry that thrives on your illness.

Get help. Don’t mutilate your body. The psychiatrist, psychologists, and surgeons will enjoy a wonderful life. You, however, could end up with a tortured life, ending up penniless, possibly unemployed, without family or friends and maybe even homeless. And that’s if you haven’t tried or committed suicide by then! All so you can become the girl you “think” you are inside and wanted to be! People, God or whatever you believe in made you in the correct gender. It is encoded in your very DNA. If you think differently, get real help; but, DON”T CHANGE IT.”

There are several incentives at work here for the ‘trans agenda’:

  1. MONEY: These lucrative surgical and hormonal therapies are a bonanza for the unethical professionals who offer them. Drug companies make big money from them. Meanwhile, the expensive treatments become another burden that tax-payers are forced to pick up, making them more impoverished. The fetishitic and pornographic aspects of trans life-style are also cash cows for the sex industries (pornography, sex-toys, fetish costumes etc).
  2. CONTROL: The advantage of creating another protected class is that it becomes dependent on the government and antagonistic to the general population. Trans activists can thus be successfully used as proxy rulers, snitches, and controllers, to demonize and further destroy heterosexual families. The “trans” agenda helps the government interpose itself intimately into childrens’ lives and makes them destroy family and society from within. The increasing numbers of confused teens drawn into this community become a reliable vote-bank for pro-government policies.
  3. DEPOPULATION: The end-game is to reduce the number of “breeders.”  This is the real goal of encouraging people with psychological issues to turn themselves into guinea-pigs for treatments that have no chance of changing their chromosome-determined sex,  but have a 100% chance of destroying their ability to have children.


US Soldiers Disciplined For Reporting Afghan Boy Rape

Here’s a bizarre story:

The US military is disciplining its own soldiers if they report on the horrendous rape of boys by allied Afghan police chiefs. The soldiers are being told it is none of their business and is an Afghan internal criminal matter.

That might well be true, but in the case of rapes taking place at US military bases, the soldiers are within their rights to report the matter. At the least, they should not be disciplined.

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R., Fla.) is demanding that the decorated Green Beret who blew the whistle on U.S.-allied Afghan forces raping boys be reinstated by the Army immediately.

Buchanan labeled war hero Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland’s dismissal from the force a “national disgrace.” Martland stood up for an Afghan rape victim in 2011.

“Driving Sgt. Martland out of the Army is a national disgrace,” Buchanan said in a statement. “He stood up for American values and should be commended, not punished.”

This week, reports surfaced that U.S. soldiers and Marines have been instructed to ignore suspicions of Afghan forces raping boys. While Martland appealed his dismissal from the Army, he was rejected this week. He will be discharged at the start of November.

Buchanan called on the Army Board for Correction of Military Records to reverse its decision and reinstate Martland. Otherwise, he demanded that either Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey or President Obama take action.

“The only people who should be punished and discharged from the service are the ones who created and condoned the immoral practice of ignoring child rape on a U.S. military base,” Buchanan said.

Earlier this week, the Republican congressman also demanded the House and Senate Armed Services Committees launch investigations into the alleged policy that discourages troops from reporting sexual abuse of boys at the hand of Afghan forces.

The commander of U.S. forces on Afghanistan has insisted that no such policy exists.”

The Ashkenazy or Sephardic Roots Of Hitler

From the Daily Telegraph:

Saliva samples taken from 39 relatives of the Nazi leader show he may have had biological links to the “subhuman” races that he tried to exterminate during the Holocaust.

Jean-Paul Mulders, a Belgian journalist, and Marc Vermeeren, a historian, tracked down the Fuhrer’s relatives, including an Austrian farmer who was his cousin, earlier this year.

A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

“One can from this postulate that Hitler was related to people whom he despised,” Mr Mulders wrote in the Belgian magazine, Knack.

Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts for approximately 18 to 20 per cent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 per cent to 30 per cent of Sephardic Y-chromosomes, appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population.


Knack, which published the findings, says the DNA was tested under stringent laboratory conditions.

“This is a surprising result,” said Ronny Decorte, a genetic specialist at the Catholic University of Leuven.

“The affair is fascinating if one compares it with the conception of the world of the Nazis, in which race and blood was central.

“Hitler’s concern over his descent was not unjustified. He was apparently not “pure” or ‘Ayran’.”

It is not the first time that historians have suggested Hitler had Jewish ancestry.

His father, Alois, is thought to have been the illegitimate offspring of a maid called Maria Schickelgruber and a 19-year-old Jewish man called Frankenberger.”

Thanks To All The People Who Tweet/Link Me

Thank you to all the kind souls who take the time to link, tweet, or repost my pieces.

I appreciate it a great deal, since I don’t have the time to do it myself and am reluctant to get on other forums because of all the crazy stuff I’ve experienced.

Jeff Rense and Henry Makow, both of whom I’ve fingered for running disinformation, overlooked that and still gave me a boost. I appreciate both, though I will still call out disinfo as needed.

I would call out all your names except it might embarrass some of you or cause you trouble, given that this blog isn’t exactly uncontroversial, but you know who you are.


Tamil Nadu Gets First Transgender Officer

BBC reports on the appointment of Tamil Nadu state’s first transgender police officer:

India’s supreme court recognised transgender people as a third gender last April, five years after the electoral commission added the category to ballot forms.

The ruling meant the government had to provide transgender people with quotas in jobs and education in line with other minorities, as well as key amenities.

There are an estimated two million transgender people in India.

While the Times of India reports that Tamil Nadu police already have three transgender constables on their books, reports in other Indian media said Prithika will become the first officer in the country.

Prithika was born Pradeep Kumar and left her parents’ home before completing a computer studies course and undergoing surgery.

She had wanted to be a police officer since being a child, Indian media said.

The court also ruled that the result of a police physical test, which Prithika failed after being a second late in a 100-metre dash, was not valid.”


Manic Depressive Cross-Dressing Professor’s Tale

More about the real roots of fetishistic cross-dressing  from someone who healed himself of the behavior:

In my own case the sexual adventures, which I have recounted in vivid detail in my book, “Bipolar Bare”, were associated both with both mania and depression. A depressed rage would come over me, where I sought out high risk behavior in bathhouses. I wished to kill myself through contracting AIDS. I would go into periods where I thought my life worthless, and vile. The more I sought out sex in gay bathhouses the worse I felt about myself, but I hid this behind a façade of normality. I acted and dressed like a professional during the day, and at night during those times of extreme depression I would go out looking for sex. I didn’t do this when I was not depressed. I acted like a heterosexual male dating women and loving their company. But I could never get into a meaningful relationship because I had this secret life which occurred during my depressions. I was addicted to marijuana at this time. Stoned it was easy to overcome my inhibitions about homosexuality so that as my cyclical depressions arose I could operate on my hidden fantasies. Gay sex was the behavior I loved and hated at the same time.Later after I had given up marijuana and became a Buddhist meditator, I abandoned this secret life for eight years. I still had depressions and manic episodes, but they were not as severe and I could handle them. I stopped hating life and frequenting bathhouses. I got married and embarked on a productive professional career as an architect, but this period of tranquility did not last. After a few years the stresses in my life especially the problems of keeping an architectural practice flourishing lead me back into severe manic-depression and addiction. The drug I became addicted to was far more powerful than marijuana. I found crack cocaine and immediately began to abuse it. Crack is rocket fuel to mania. I loved this high, which at first and actually for a fairly long time diminished my depression. I was self-medicating. The drug however released all my inhibitions, and I found what I most wanted to do was cross-dress and seek out sex in clubs and bars. I did this secretly for a long time. I had a studio separate from my home, where I would go ostensibly to work on my art, which I did some of the time, but much of the time I spent getting dressed up as my alter-ego Carlotta. She would prowl the streets of downtown Los Angeles with the other transvestites looking for johns. She also carried in her purse and eight inch ice pick for protection -she said- but in reality she hoped to come across some poor smuck who would challenge her and she could skewer. Luckily this never happened. It was all about risk and dichotomy.

The risk of this behavior was more than merely exciting, I was euphoric. Once I had a rough homeless man hanging onto my open car door as I tried to speed away from a drug deal gone bad. I was trying to push him off the door at the same time negotiating the steering wheel. He eventually let go and tumbled into the street. I should have been terrified by this event. I wasn’t. I was trilled. It was everything I wanted: the adrenalin rush, the exhibitionist behavior – I was dressed in full drag, and the act on the cusp of illegality. I could not get enough of this activity. I like Dr. Jekyll could not and did not want to stop becoming Mrs. Hyde.

The dichotomy was a full expression of my manic self. There was Carl, the professional architect doing his job each day looking normal -at least normal at first, the more my addiction grew the less balance and reliable I became. People in my office later remarked to me that they did not know what Carl would show up on any given day. One day I would be cute and loving, the next I could be cutting and hateful. Then there was Carlotta, black dressed bitch with orange red hair, who raced around town from transvestite bar to gay bar or walked the streets of skid row. These two selves were diametrically opposed to one another. One was the daytime loving husband and father; the other, the queen of the night.

I have recovered from my addiction and my cross-dressing with the help of therapy and medication. I have come to see my desire to become a woman as a manifestation of my illness that had its roots in childhood. When I was five or six before my young life was torn apart by the nasty divorce of my mother and father. My happiest days were dressing up in an attic closet with my older sister in our grandmother’s old clothes and shoes. We would put on slips- they dragged far behind us, high heels that were twice as big as our little feet, and wrap our necks with feather boas. These days with my sister that ended in our separation after the divorce stayed with me and influenced my future relationship to my sex. Sex is deeply ingrained, be it be sexual identity or sexual proclivity. I believe it comes out in mental illness in some form or the other, perhaps influenced by personal history or just plain biology. Perversion of sex can be seen in many of the bipolar disordered.”



Cross-Dressing Linked To Recidivism, Suicide, Mental Illness

In “Forensic and Medico-Legal Aspects of Sexual Crimes and Unusual Sexual Practices,” (CRC Press, December 2008), Dr. Anil Aggarwal of Maulana Azad University, New Delhi, demonstrates that the paraphilia of male cross-dressing is not, as activists like to claim, completely harmless.

Instead, it is characteristically accompanied by other sexual fetishes, such as, bondage, masochism, and auto-erotic asphyxiation.

C-D is often seen with homosexual inclination, increased sexual interest, and increased masturbation and is associated with increased use of pornography, as well as with forms of mental illness (mania, depression, suicidal ideation).

Aggarwal finds cross-dressing linked to childhood separation from parents.

Other researchers, even within Western governments, come to similar conclusions:

In “Dynamic Predictors of Sexual Recidivism,” (1998), R. Karl Hanson and Andrew Harris (Corrections Research, Dept. of the Solicitor General, Canada) write:

A recent meta-analytic review of
follow-up studies identified numerous individual factors that were reliably related to sexual offense recidivism (Hanson & Bussière, 1996, 1998). Almost all of these identified factors were static (e.g., offense history, victim type, age) and the remainder were highly stable (e.g.,antisocial  personality disorder, deviant sexual preferences).” (p. 6)

The authors also make the following observation:

The recidivists had committed a new sexual offense while on some form of community supervision (probation, parole, mandatory supervision).

The non-recidivists were matched to the recidivists on victim type, criminal history, geographical region and jurisdiction.

The study examined approximately equal numbers of rapists, boy-victim child molesters and girl-victim child molesters.
Despite efforts to match the recidivistic and non-recidivistic groups, some differences remained in static, historical variables.
In comparison to the non-recidivists, the recidivists had a greater history of sexual deviance, such as diverse types of victims, stranger victims, juvenile offenses and paraphilias (e.g.,
exhibitionism, cross-dressing).
As well, the recidivists showed more signs of an antisocial lifestyle than did the non-recidivists. The recidivists were more likely to
meet criteria for antisocial personality, psychopathy (PCL-R), and had higher
scores on objective risk scales (SIR and VRAG).”  (p. 3).

In  “Managing High Risk Sex Offenders in the Community: A Psychological Approach,” (2004) Jackie Craissati writes:

“As might be expected, the sexual homicide group exhibited much greater levels of paraphilia – non-contact behaviors such as exhibitionism, cross-dressing, and voyeurism – and this has been observed in other studies.”

and the following (p. 63):

Common features found in sexual sadists which differentiate them from non-sadistic sexual offender include a significant history of physical abuse, known cross-dressing, obscene telephone calls, and indecent exposure.”



Fringe Sites Also Controlled, Say Members

That the so-called “lunatic truth fringe” of the alternative media spectrum is also controlled is truly mind-boggling.

If you search Godlike Productions, you can see unsourced claims that Merkel is the spawn of Hitler and plenty of other rants of that sort.

But my rather decorous and fully sourced account of her actual ethnic background vanishes in a few hours.

As I’ve said before, lunacy, racism, and incitement are things the powers-that-be love.

It’s reasonable discourse about unmentionables, from people who don’t have their stamp of approval, which is censored.

All roads must lead to Rome, or they’ll put up road-blocks.

Below is a comment from a GLP (God-Like Productions) member who’s run into the same problem.

Note: I am not a member of any of these sites and consider most of them to be disinformation venues, with good facts mixed up with fog, either official or unofficial, but even I was taken aback at the swiftness with which just a link and a comment that was completely factual got erased.

I take that to mean that the powers-that-be do keep an eye on everyone on the net – not just major media voices.

Doomsday Prophecies:

Try to post the words Tavistock and/or Jason Lucas on GLP. Just those words and nothing else.

Then when you are autobanned by a php script go do some research on the subject.

Now when seeking an alternative to GLP some of you will arrive at LOP (LunaticOutPost) They allow you to post anti-GLP rants in one section of their forum.

Be careful of LOP as some research on the web will show that it too is a Tavistock psyop.

They are practicing mind control with their sites and sucking people in like a new Dyson.

What amazes me is how desperate people are to stay unbanned and go about kissing Trinity’s pimpled a**.

By the way he is not one. Trinity is more than one person all of which are scum. It is a controlled experiment where the mess with your minds.

One day Trinity preaches Ron Paul values and the next says Obama is not that bad of a guy.

Some days GLP casts banning nets where they allow all kinds of trash talk. It will go one for a few hours and then they see who submits ‘abusive posts’ to earn karma while the mods go on a banning spree. It is like clockwork and is obvious to anyone with a brain.”

Link To Godlike Productions, Reddit Deleted

Yesterday, Godlike Productions, another conspiracy site, had two pages with links to the Merkel piece. This morning, one has vanished, the other has been deleted:

Sorry, that message is no longer in the database.

There was a link to a couple of pages on Reddit, yesterday.

This morning, a search for Reddit shows nothing, even though both Godlike Productions and Reddit show up on my dashboard as links leading to the blog.

More proof that every forum, whether mainstream, alternative, conspiracy, fringe, nationalist, or racist/racialist is controlled by the powers-that-be?

Another thing – the hits on the one article posted at Rense now stand at over 7000, yet the overall position on my blog on Google has not budged. I may misunderstand how these things work, but it sure looks strange to me.


Thread With Merkel Link Deleted At LunaticOutpost

I noticed that the Merkel piece that Rense picked up had been posted at Lunatic Outpost, a conspiracy forum. Now, a few hours later, the entire thread has been deleted.

That was shortly after I blogged that Lasha Darkmoon is an intelligence plant.

Was it unrelated? Did a moderator just see the thread and decide I was persona non grata?

See below. The link was on the Merkel is a Polish Jew thread that was deleted, as indicated below. I’ve seen links of mine deleted like this in several forums. Yet, commentary that really is bigoted gets posted. Go figure.


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Angela Merkel visibly disgusted by German flag – Throws it away during celebration. A short insight on who’s currently supposed to represent the German people …



Unless I know you, I’m a little wary about replying to mail personally. Instead, I will usually answer on the blog.

So –

To D.D. who wrote to thank me for the information on this blog, thank you for reading. As to meeting you in person, I cannot do it, one of the reasons being that I do not live where you think I do.

To “Commander” who asks me to do a piece on Obama’s Jewish roots (he put it more crudely than that), I generally don’t do pieces about information that is already fairly widely known, but thanks for reading and writing.

Jeff Rense Link

Jeff Rense, the conspiracy site (which also retails “aliens” and other sci-fi stuff) has linked my piece on Merkel’s Ashkenazy and communist affiliations. I thank him heartily, but warily, since when one gets attention from bigger sites, it often ends up in the services of other agendas, some hostile.

Is November slated for some big-time shake-up (ala the Million Mask March in London) that the powers-that-be have planned and every little dissident voice must be roped in….or not?

No idea. But I see the same link showing up on some fairly racialist/racist sites, below which Indian immigrants are characterized as “shit-skins,” among other epithets.

I suppose it’s all the anti-migrant feeling being fanned by the NWO-orchestrated migrant/refugee incursion into Europe.

To be expected.

Meanwhile, I’m watching that one piece get more hits in one morning than my whole blog sometimes gets in a couple of weeks.month.

Million Mask March On London Turns Violent

From Euro News, further evidence of orchestrated chaos, as the million mask march in London descends into violent chaos.

Notice the masks from the New World Order themed movie, “V for Vendetta,” typical of the intelligence-related group Anonymous.

The Million Mask March is said to be a rebranding of the failed Occupy movement, a Soros-infiltrated effort at stirring up the masses around the globe that was a bit of a damp squib. Anonymous has been orchestrating the MMM since 2013 and there have been complaints that it is infiltrated by CIA. Not sure if the complaints are genuine or just more theater by operatives.

Notice the timing – on Guy Fawkes Day (November 5).

I’ll add to this post, once I’ve researched the topic a bit more.

Autogynephilia: The Truth Behind “Transgender”


Lady in red: Kerry says that many men enjoy female masking but that it's a taboo even among the cross-dressing community“Transgender” as an identity equivalent to a biological male or female is the latest intellectual legerdemain intended to hoodwink the American population.

Some radical feminist bloggers have spotted “transgenderism” accurately as an attempt to erase the notion of biological women in favor of  male autoerotic sexual obsession – autogynephilia –  a condition that is associated, apparently at alarming rates, with sexual offenses ranging from public exhibitionism to rape and murder.

[Note: transgender activists adamantly deny the centrality of autogynephilia to transgenderism and consider it quack science.

As for me, I find it plausible, but not as a medical condition so much as a moral condition.

In my lay opinion, there are no such fixed identities as homosexuals, autogynephiles etc. These are reifications of acts chosen by human beings, under more or less erotic compulsion.

As a Christian, I consider such acts disordered or immoral on the basis of their non-conformity to the injunction to regard our bodies as the temple of God, who appears to favor the missionary posture and reproductive sex over everything else.]

Despite the language of “feminine essence” employed by political activists, it is not female “brain sex” but male fetishism – autogynephilia – that is behind the large majority of transgender cases that develop in adulthood.

Perhaps to disguise this fact, transgender activism has lately become centered on feeding puberty-delaying/suppressing hormones to children who display even the most innocuous divergence from the expected behavior of boys or girls.

In a two-step regime, this blocking is followed with hormone therapy to induce the secondary sex characteristics of the desired sex.

The hormone blockers are the first stage of the treatment, but there’s a second stage that’s possible. Once children have postponed puberty for three or four years, at around age 16 they can choose to begin maturing sexually into the opposite gender, the gender they want to become. To do this, they begin taking the hormones of the opposite sex. For males, taking estrogen at this point will bring on breast and hip growth — and all the attributes physical and emotional of females. The reverse will happen for girls who take testosterone. Spack says this treatment can help make an adult transgender male almost indistinguishable from a biological male in terms of physical appearance.”

But there’s a catch in this gender wonderland:

Taking testosterone or estrogen immediately after blocking puberty will make a teenage patient sterile.”

To repeat  –   transgender therapy following puberty-blocking therapy results in sterile adults who cannot, and will never, reproduce.

How different is this really from Nazi human experimentation?

And who gives either the medical profession or the parents the right to make such monstrous changes in the sexuality of their children?

What irony that people who are so quick to denounce Muslims for female genital mutilation, even of a relatively circumscribed nature, have no problem with destroying forever the fertility of their children.

Fertility, moreover is not adventitious but central to sexuality.

Regardless, the rush is on to swap organs and hormones at will.

One can see why.

With government funding and elite backing, transgenderism and its attendant therapies, surgeries, drug-regimes, social-conditioning, judicial monitoring, legislative framing, and media promotion, make for a huge financial bonanza for the professions, NGO’s, and government agencies involved.

In the UK, the Tavistock and Portman Trust has taken the lead in transgender therapy, which has seen a 75% increase there from 2002 to 2015.

The Tavistock and Portman Trust is a specialist mental health branch of the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK under private control. Note, private control.

It is an off-shoot of the Tavistock Clinic, founded in 1920 to treat shell-shocked soldiers returning from World War I.

The Portman clinic was founded in 1933 to study and treat delinquency.

The Tavistock Clinic and the Portman joined forces in 1994 and then became a foundation trust of the NHS in 2006.

The work of the Tavistock Clinic was expanded by the Tavistock Institute, founded in 1946 with a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.

It planned to study/assist organizations with an amorphous mandate best described by its own web-site:

(They) integrate different approaches from the social sciences to give our clients a deep understanding of their issues and potential ways forward. (They) bring assumptions to the surface and work with the unpredictable, including what is hidden, and sometimes, unconscious.” [2]

So-called conspiracy researchers are almost unanimous in concluding from this vague jargon that the Tavistock Institute’s real goal is far more subversive and anti-social than its stated one.

Tavistock has become synonymous with mind-control of the masses.

Another of the elite backers of transgender therapy, this time in the United States, is influential billionaire and former US army lieutenant-colonel James (now Jennifer) Pritzker.

Pritzker has publicly admitted that he is an autogynephile, that is, a man who is aroused at the thought of himself as a woman.

Pritzker has also come out publicly as a transsexual, a man who makes himself into a woman through surgery.

Pritzker’s family, one of the richest in the America, owns and operates the Hilton chain of hotels and his own personal net worth is around $1.5 billion.

His extended family’s fortune is over ten times that.

Sadly for its public image, aging male fetishists like James Pritzker are the primary fans of the trans-gender movement.

It has therefore cleverly fastened onto transgenderism in children as a way to diffuse that awkward fact.

But the transgender children end up being paraded by their adult care-takers in a pornified spectacle catering to the same fetishistic males:

The “Transgender Chicken Circuit”, for the uninformed, is a patchwork of media appearances, news and feature articles, talk shows, documentaries, convention and seminar appearances that savvy parents can weave together into a modest cottage industry of transgender child celebrity. Think of it as a Munchausen-marinated transgender version of “Toddlers and Tiaras” whose fans are aging cross-dressing male autogynephiles in possession of both a wistful longing for an unexperienced girlhood, and a generous disposable income. These men are the funders of the agencies and lobbying groups promoting the medicalization of childhood gender nonconformity. The best known example is billionaire financier and lifelong closeted crossdresser (and father of three) James “Jennifer Natalya” Pritzker whose Tawani Foundation single-handedly funds the experimental pediatric transgender drug clinic at Children’s Hospital of Chicago.”

To sum up, transgender activism in the UK (Tavistock) and in the US (Tawani) caters to the sensibilities of adult male fetishists and is both driven and funded by the private foundations (Tavistock and Tawani) of the super-rich ruling elite.

To be more specific:

The Pritzkers, a rich, powerful, and influential family of Ashkenazy Jews, are behind the transgender therapy movement in the US.

The king-pin Ashkenazy Rothschild family and the Sephardic converso Rockefeller family, which merged financial interests in 2012, are behind the same thing in the UK.

The Rockefellers fund a wide-range of political and social programs whose overarching themes are those of what is called the New World Order – feminism, environmentalism, one-world government, sexual license, sterility, abortion.

Those who think that the crypto appellation for the ostensibly Protestant Rockefellers is an anti-Semitic canard should read “The Grandees: America’s Sephardic Elite,” by Stephen Birmingham.

The author cites a book meant only for Jewish eyes that lists older established Sephardic Jewish families in the U.S in order to distinguish them from the post-1848 parvenus, among whom are many of the Ashkenazy banking elites.

Who would expect to find, for example, the Rockefellers in The Book? They are there, along with such old-family members of American society as the De Lanceys, the Livingstones, the Goodwins, the Stephensons, the Ingersolls, the Lodges, the Ten Eycks, the Tiffanys, the Van Rensselaers, the Hopkins, and the Baltimore McBlairs.”

Now a little more about the Pritzker family: Penny Pritzker, the current Secretary of State is Obama’s top fundraiser.

The Pritzker family co-owned the Superior Bank with the New York developer Alvin Dworman (also Jewish) at the time of its spectacular crash from gross mismanagement, a collapse that was the largest of its kind in a decade.

The Pritzkers pretended not to have known anything about the management, even though they collected exorbitant dividends, let the federal thrift insurance fund take a hit of $440 million dollars for the bank’s covered losses, and coming out relatively unscathed themselves.

In short, your typical crony-capitalist hustlers.

Guy Russo’s book, “Supermob: How Sidney Korshak and His Associates Became America’s Hidden Power Brokers,” (2006) describes how Pritzker’s grand-father and great-grandfather became wealthy as tax lawyers for the Chicago mob, the Outfit.

But the Pritzker’s association with crime does not stop there.

It extends to banking with the criminal BCCI bank; CIA ties through the off-shore racket, looting of thrifts; labor racketeering; and sweet-heart deals with the government.

The Pritzkers are allied with another Ashkenazy crime family – the Crowns, according to Christopher Bollyn, citing Sherman Skolnik (h/t to Abel Danger) who says that the Crowns are affiliated with Israeli intelligence and have repeatedly exerted pressure on Obama to attack Iran and to attack researchers on 9/11.

With that bit of background, let’s return to what the Pritzker money has wrought in the realm of transgenderism.


It has funded studies at the Palm Center of  San Francisco State University that urge the military to open its doors to transgendered individuals, despite their elevated risk for suicide and psychiatric illness.

The Palm Center also wants the military (the tax-payer) to subsidize the drug-therapy and surgeries that transgenders might require.


The Pritzker money funds the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and HIV Prevention at the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

There, younger and younger children are being given hormones that block puberty or bring on opposite sex characteristics that cause irreversible changes, including loss of fertility.

Many of these patients are 14 and younger at the time they give their “consent.”

Ironically, many of these gender non-conforming children would, if allowed to develop, simply choose to act homosexually.

In other words, the transgender activists are demanding that childrens’ bodies conform to their moral/sexual choices about sexuality.

It is not wonder that many homosexuals, lesbians, and radical feminists have found the transgender agenda alarming, although they have erroneously identified the problem as conservative heterosexual conformism.

Even more dishearteningly, the Lurie children’s program is run by an HIV-positive homosexual who admits that he has no idea what the long-term result of hormonal interventions will be, but nonetheless has few qualms about using confused children and their anxious parents as guinea-pigs in his quest for glory.

It is hard to understand in what way this odious project is different from the human experimentation of Nazi scientists, who also induced sterility in their victims.

Moreover, adult transgenderism is not associated by medical researchers with opposite sex identification (or same sex interest) in children, although some activists have created a narrative that argues as much.

Adult transgenderism is linked most obviously to autogynephilia, a behavioral addiction that, unchecked, can lead to obsessive cross-dressing at one end of the scale, and sexual reassignment surgery at the other.

Less remarked is the large number of autogynephiles who commit assaults, rapes, and murders.

Colonel Russ Williams, the commander of a Canadian air-force base,  broke into women’s bedrooms to steal their underwear for years before he raped and murdered two subordinates.

A cross-dressing fetishist, he routinely masturbated in his victims’ undergarments after his crimes and meticulously recorded everything for his future gratification.

Serial killer Ed Gein, the inspiration for the horror films, “Psycho” and “Silence of the Lambs,” was obsessed with creating articles of clothing from the sexual organs of his victim.

In the minds of these injured males, wearing women’s clothes is equated with wearing women’s skins and sexual organs….a male erotic fantasy that they enjoy as males, not females.

Far from being a case of “women hiding in men’s bodies,” as the media presents it, autogynephilia is a case of men hiding in  men’s bodies, and in the case of a related erotic fetish – female masking –  men hiding in women’s bodies.

Autogynephiles remain men intent on mimicking the appearance of women to enhance their sexual experience as men.

They “wear” their victim/target’s appearance/clothes in order to erase the women outside them – real biological women – in favor of their own narcissistic and erotic mimicry.

In that sense, the autogynephile is not becoming a woman, as he would like us to believe.

He is consuming or assimilating woman-hood to complete his self-contained and injured masculinity.

By definition, autoeroticism – like porn – is fundamentally at odds with other-directed, reproductive, biological sex, although it can parody it grotesquely.

That is to say, transgenderism is sterile in theory as well as in practice.

And this sterility coincides with the stated objective of the New World Order to eliminate or reduce reproduction, which is why it is being promoted vigorously by the establishment media.

But to observe as much in this increasingly deranged society is to be counted as paranoid and bigoted.

All aberrations must be tolerated by the tolerant society except the aberration of  calling things aberrant.


Religions Being Played Off Against Each Other

From Washington’s Blog (which sometimes runs disinformation), this excellent piece:

Fundamentalist Muslims, Christians and Jews all think they are in a “holy war” against the other guy.

They assume that Christianity, Judaism and Islam are mortal enemies.   As such, they assume that Saudi Arabia (the seat of most fundamentalist school of Islam) fights for Islam, Israel for Judaism and the U.S. (which has the most Christians of any country in the world) for Christianity … or religious tolerance.

They’re being played.

Specifically, while it’s true that Saudi Arabia has long backed Islamic terroristsso has Israel (and see this and this).

Radical Islamic Syrian “rebels” have allegedly offered to “trade” the Golan Heights to Israel … in exchange for military aid.

The Saudis – along with the Israelis – say that Arabs are not ready for democracy.

Israel has also repeatedly been caught impersonating Muslim extremists. For example, Israel admits that an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind “evidence” implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers, and several of the Israelis later confessed) (and see this and this).

NBC News reports that Israel backed a Muslim fundamentalist terror group against Iran.

Former CBS News producer Barry Lando claims that Saudi Arabia helps directly fund Israeli’s Mossad in its campaign to assassinate Iranian scientists.  And see this.

The Sunday Times reported that Saudi Arabia has tested the ability to stand down its air defenses to allow an Israeli strike on Iran to pass through its airspace. After the Arab Spring, Israel views the Saudi government as “guarantor of stability”, according to the New York Times. In 2011, Israel approved a German sale of 200 Leopard tanks to Saudi Arabia. The approval came from Uzi Arad, the national security advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu.

And the U.S. has long backed Saudi Arabia … and the Madrassa schools within Saudi Arabia which teach radical, violent Wahabi beliefs.

The Washington Post reported in 2002:

The United States spent millions of dollars to supply Afghan schoolchildren with textbooks filled with violent images and militant Islamic teachings ….

The primers, which were filled with talk of jihad and featured drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines, have served since then as the Afghan school system’s core curriculum. Even the Taliban used the American-produced books ….

The Council on Foreign Relations notes:

The 9/11 Commission report (PDF) released in 2004 said some of Pakistan’s religious schools or madrassas served as “incubators for violent extremism.” Since then, there has been much debate over madrassas and their connection to militancy.


New madrassas sprouted, funded and supported by Saudi Arabia and U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, where students were encouraged to join the Afghan resistance.

And see this.

The U.S. also directly arms, funds and otherwise supports the most violent fundamentalist Muslim terrorists – including Al Qaeda – against the more moderate Muslims and secular Arabs. Indeed, the U.S. backs Islamic terrorists who are persecuting Christians and Jews.

Yet the U.S. not only strongly supports Israel, but many of the most fundamentalist American Christians support the most fundamentalist, hard-line, radical Israeli Jews. And the Israeli government supports the Christian fundamentalists.

These 3 countries – centers of 3 different religions – are also all fighting on the same side in various wars. For example, the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel are all fighting against the Syrian government, and backing Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. (Indeed, the New York Times reported that virtually all of the rebel fighters are Al Qaeda terrorists.)

In reality, corrupt government officials – many of whom are atheists – are using the most extreme forms of religion to divide and conquer us … while they are working together with “enemies” from the “opposing” team.”

Transgender Activism: Porn Behind The Mask

I guess when you live in an affluent country, with dirt-cheap food, housing bargains galore, paid work if you are willing to do it, one of the cushiest social safety-nets around, well-stocked free libraries on every corner, and technological marvels at your disposal that a Roman emperor would envy, you tend to obsess over imaginary grievances.

Today’s imaginary grievance is that if you don’t feel quite in sync with your biological sex – a psychiatric condition called gender dysphoria that has some neuro-chemical basis – you shouldn’t just work on changing your mental disposition. Ah no, that would be too bourgeois and torturous.

Instead, you should chop off the offending body part, ala Origen, pump yourself up with hormones, and then force society to accept you at your face – er- genital value.

Yes. It’s bottoms up in the USSA.

That’s the substance of a recent ruling from America’s diseased judiciary on transgender rights.

The ruling forces an Illinois school district to give full access to the girls’ locker-room in a high school, in addition to the girls’ bathroom stalls, to a pre-op biological boy with his boy-parts and baritone fully intact, who rather fancies himself in girls’ dresses.

The biological girls at the receiving end of this  gross outrage staged a walk-out. The school offered to let the “victim” use a private bathroom.

But no, Mr. Guess-Who must undress before the girls and outrage their modesty, or his human dignity will be at stake.

In another age, the wanna-be Barbie would have earned a swift kick in the pants and exile to boot-camp or wilderness-training to learn some testicular fortitude.

This being the USSA, the American Civil Liberties Union whipped out the accordion and violins, Barbie was assuaged to the tune of 75 grand, and some shriveled men-in-black ruled from somewhere near Mount Olympus that undressed teen-aged girls in Illinois must watch a young man display his genitalia to them and allow him to watch them in turn or …..fascism!

This can only be construed as a victory for voyeurs and pedophiles, for who else would celebrate violating the sexual privacy of thirteen and fourteen-year old girls?


Apparently, large numbers of brain-washed liberals, for whom the issue has already been framed as one of “rights” and “discrimination,” rather than as it really is – a whole-sale, frontal assault on the young and the innocent by the pornocracy.

Fangs bared and bloodied, the porn culture howls in frustration at the one last obstacle – public opinion- that separates it from the freshest “meat” on the sex-market.




Captured Israeli Colonel Fighting With ISIS


israel isis mossad cia

Image: h/t

More evidence surfaces that supports the widely-held theory that ISIS is simply a creation of the CIA and Mossad:

An Iraqi security source said that an Israeli army colonel “Yusi Oulen Shahak” related to “Golani” battalion has been captured in one of the operational fronts in Iraq’s Salahuddin, Al-Alam News Network reports.

According to Al-Alam News Network, Iraqi security sources confirmed that the Israeli army colonel is named “Yusi Oulen Shahak” who is a member of the “Golani” battalion.

According to this reports, a number of extremist elements of the terrorist group ISIS/ISIL along [with] the Israeli army colonel have been arrested in one of the operational fronts in Salahuddin in Iraq.

According to this reports, Iraqi security forces are interrogating him about his relationship with the ISIS militants.”



Malhotra Trounces American Professor

Hindu activist Rajiv Malhotra’s brilliant rebuttal of plagiarism charges by an American professor, Andrew Nicholson.

Nicholson, having borrowed liberally – without any acknowledgment whatsoever– from traditional Indian pandits, had called Malhotra a “plagiarist,” even though Malhotra cites him over thirty times in his book:

Dear Andrew Nicholson,

I am glad you have entered the battlefield so we can get into some substantial matters. Since this is an extended article, I want to go about it systematically, starting with the following clarifications: I used your work with explicit references 30 times in Indra’s Net, hence there was no ill-intention. But I am not blindly obeying you, contrary to your experience with servile Indians; hence your angst that I am ‘distorting’ your ideas is unfounded. My writing relating to your work can be seen as twofold:

  • Where I cite your work.
  • Where it is my own perspectives.

You are entitled to attribution for ‘A’ but not for ‘B’.

Regarding ‘A’, I am prepared to clarify these attributions further where necessary. But, as we shall see below, I am going to actually remove many of the references to your work simply because you have borrowed Indian sources and called it your own original ideas. I am better off going to my tradition’s sources rather than via a westerner whose ego claims to have become the primary source. This Western hijacking of adhikara is what the elaborate Western defined, and controlled system of peer-reviews and academic gatekeepers is meant to achieve, i.e. turning knowledge into the control of western ‘experts’ and their Indian sepoys.

Regarding ‘B’, let me illustrate by using the very same example you cite as my ‘distortion’ of ‘your’ work. You wrote in your book that Vijnanabhikshu unified multiple paths into harmony. This is correct. That comes under ‘A’. But I add to this my own statement that Vivekananda does the same thing also. This is important to my thesis that Vivekananda built on top a long Indian tradition, and not by copying ideas from the West as claimed by the neo-Hinduism camp. This is ‘B’ – my idea. Your complaint is that by asserting this about Vivekananda, I am distorting you. You fail to distinguish between ‘A’ and ‘B’ because you assume that you are the new adhikari on the subject and anything in addition to or instead of your views amounts to a distortion. I see this as a blatant sign of colonialism.

You are carrying the white man’s burden to educate the Indians even about our own culture. Please note that Vijnanabhikshu is an important person in our heritage and there are numerous commentaries on his work. Yours is not any original account of him. You got this material from secondary sources. But by complying by the mechanical rules of ‘scholarship’ you got it into western peer-reviewed publications, and hence you claim to be the new adhikari. Furthermore, nor was Vijnanabhikshu the first to unify Hinduism. I have sources of the unification of various Hindu systems that go back much further in time and you do not seem to be aware of these. My point is that Vivekananda stands on the shoulders of many prior giants within our own tradition. I cited you to the extent it worked for me but did not stop there; I took it further than you have.

Sir Williams Jones started this claim to be the ‘new pandit’ in the late 1700s when he was a top official for the East India Company. Today that enterprise is dead in one sense, but has revived and reincarnated into new forms. You do not seem conscious that your position is not only arrogant but also puts in the parampara of Sir William Jones.

I re-examined your book lately and find too many ideas taken from Indian texts and experts that are cleverly reworded in fancy English. Let’s take a look at bhedabheda Vedanta. My teacher of this system has been Dr Satya Narayan Das, head of the Jiva Institute in Vrindavan, who spent considerable time with me while I was writing Being Different where I first explained my understanding. He is considered one of the foremost adhikaris today in this system, and adhikar in our tradition is not a matter of producing publications (with lots of quotation marks and obedience to other rules), but mainly requires actual experience of what is being said. Without the inner experience of the states of consciousness being discussed, it is at best secondary knowledge.

This experience is not a simple matter for western Indologists who spend hours going through other western interpretations and Sanskrit dictionaries. By complying with the procedural requirements of citations, etc. they suddenly claim to have become the new original and primary source. This system needs to be questioned, and I have written extensively about the syndrome I call the peer-review cartel. (You can read my debate on this a decade back on

Therefore, I intend to delete most of the references to your book for bhedabheda, because it is clear that you lack the adhikara as per our system. I do wish to credit you in some respects but nowhere close to what you demand. It amazes me that there is nothing original in your explanation of bhedabheda, as your knowledge is obtained from reading Indian texts, western interpretations and sitting at the feet of Indian pandits to learn. Unfortunately, western Indology does not recognize what the pandit teaches you as his work, because it is oral and not written in a peer-reviewed (hence western supervised) publication. So the whole protocol of claiming something to belong to you as the author is a sort of technology of thievery. Fortunately, Indians have started claiming back their bio-heritage such as Ayurveda from such thievery that is being done by westerners claiming that Indians never filed patents as per western rules. It is time to also claim our intellectual heritage back.

Indian pandits know their materials by heart and it is orally transmitted, and they do not have the ego to claim authorship. They are very humble and hence get taken for a ride. They are duped by any ‘good cop’ from the west who comes in Indian dress to talk to them nicely and bamboozle them into believing that he is a friend of the tradition. Westerners can pick their brains freely, without which you would not be able to learn; but then you go back to the West and have the arrogance to call it yours. As per your Western protocol, you thank the pandit in some preface once, and feel that it suffices. But if you want that my 30 references to your work fall short then by the same token, please note that you, too, ought to be acknowledging your pandits and Indian textual sources in every single paragraph, if not every sentence.

Only that portion of your work which you feel gives truly original thoughts can become yours and make you its adhikari. If you would be kind enough to send us a list of what you consider original thoughts in your book, and that I have used these because they are not found anywhere else except in your work, then I would gladly bow to you and thank you profusely. But whatever portions (which is almost the entire book) are merely your rehashing the Indian materials in fancy English, over those I do not grant you the status of ‘ownership’.

….. What frightens your colleagues is that my book will educate our traditional pandits about your methods of exploitation. Let me frighten you even further: All my books are in the process of being translated into Sanskrit, specifically for the purpose of education of young pandits about the issues I raise. So my target reader is not folks like you, but our own pandits and others who claim this as their heritage and practice. I am especially interested in those who did not sell out to western sponsorship, foreign tours, etc. These will comprise my home team. I am only doing a humble service to inform them about the issues and remedies.

This is why more and more Indologists will be asked to come out of the woodwork and defend the old fortress. In the process they will also expose themselves. But that fortress is crumbling and my work merely accelerates the process of India once again becoming the center of Indology and not a subservient satellite of it.

Indian authorities should demand the return back to India of the 500,000 Sanskrit manuscripts that are lying outside India in various Western universities, archives, museums and private collections. These are our heritage just like old statues and should be returned since they were mostly taken by theft during colonial rule. I consider these more precious than the Kohinoor diamond. Right now, it is western Indologists like you get to define ‘critical editions’ of our texts and become the primary source and adhikari. This must end and I have been fighting this for 25 years. Now we finally some serious traction, thanks in part to people like you who attack and give me a chance to make my case more openly. Please note that what happens to me personally is irrelevant, and I am glad if attacks like this awaken more people.

My response to you is nothing personal, but serves to educate my own people. You are a glaring example of what I have called a ‘good cop’, i.e., one who goes about showing love/romance for the tradition. But at some time his true colors come out when he does what I have called a U-Turn. You would make an interesting case study of the U-Turn syndrome, for which we ought to examine where you got your materials from, and to what extent you failed to acknowledge Indian sources, both written and oral, with the same weight with which you expect me to do so.

To suit their agendas, westerners have pronounced theories like ‘nobody owns culture’ and ‘the author is dead’. Our naïve pandits are too innocent to know any of this, but I wish to inform them. The claim that nobody owns a culture makes it freely available to whosoever wants to do whatever they choose to do with it. Hence, Indian cultural capital is being digested right and left. The contradiction is that the west is ultra-protective about its ‘intellectual property’ and your obsession to squeeze more references/citations out of me illustrates this.

By declaring that the ‘author is dead’, the West says the contexts and intentions of the rishis are irrelevant. They are dead and nobody knows what they meant. So ‘we’ (the Western Indologists) must interpret Indian texts by bringing our own theories and lenses. This has been the basis for the Freudian psychoanalysis of Hinduism, and all other Western theories being applied. If the original author is dead, the material does not belong to anyone. It is public domain. So whoever has more funding and powerful machinery will determine how it is interpreted. However, the same ‘nobody owns culture’ principle does not apply to what you consider as your ‘property’. Indians need to wake up to this game.

[This same foul game is played by anti-IP libertarians who operate from the same assumptions of the colonialists, old and new.]

They need to stop funding Western Indology and develop Indian Indology. The ‘make in India’ ideal should also be applied here. Expecting Indologists to change because you dole out money is like feeding a crocodile expecting him to become your friend. For the first 10 years of my work in this area, I gave away a substantial portion of my life savings in an unsuccessful attempt to fund and change the Indologists’ hearts. But they play the good/bad cop game with skill. I learned a great deal because I was acknowledged as the largest funder of western Indology at one time. Then I stopped and became their harshest critic. I have on file a lot of grant correspondence with Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, to name just a few. Naturally, they worry that I am exposing their secrets. One day I will get someone to organize all that material into a publication.”


Why Christians Must Defend Their Traditions

The argument is made that Christians best imitate Jesus by not taking offense at insults and attacks on their traditions and icons.

There are many reasons why this is false.

There is the obvious one that Jesus himself did not tolerate the desecration of the Temple.

He actively threw the money-changers out of its precincts, over-turned their tables, chased away their animals, and put them out of business.

Then, there is the invective Jesus used  – “serpents,” “devils,” “liars,” “hypocrites.”

Is this Jesus meek and mild?


There never was a Jesus meek and mild.

That is a concoction of well-bred, middle-class Sunday School misses.

They cannot be blamed for knowing nothing about real men, but we can.

Jesus slept out in the open, with only stones for his pillow.

He went for days without food or sleep.

He preached and healed in sun and rain on the hills and on the lake-shore, in front of sweaty, restless crowds of thousands of peasants.

He worked and lived with illiterate fishermen and carpenters, who drank and swore.

He routinely castigated the lawyers and scribes and the powerful members of the Sanhedrin.

Indeed, the entire Gospel story is the story of the relentless persecution of Jesus by the religious “mafia” that had an iron grip on the spiritual life of the Judeans.

That was the iron grip that Jesus broke on the cross.

So, using Jesus as an excuse for our cowardice doesn’t work.

But there are other reasons.

As the symbols of a tradition are denigrated with impunity, they lose their power over the minds of the young.

Young people don’t yet have the experience or discernment to filter out the abuse and distortion.

The young go by what they are told, not so much in words as in deeds, by their elders and their peers.

When the adults around do not respond to the tidal wave of filth and abuse directed at the Christian tradition, the young do not take Christianity seriously.

They see it only as the butt of jokes. The punch-line of comedy routines.

Faith flourishes with physical persecution. The shedding of blood creates martyrs.

But faith is hard-pressed to survive Saturday Night Live and a moral martyrdom of unending, undefended humiliation.

Jesus Christ will survive it. So will his saints.

But the rabble who perpetrate this barbarism and the cowards who countenance it will not survive with their  humanity intact.

I Feel Dread

I feel dread when I read the news.

The patterns by now are so familiar to me.

The same lies. The same liars. The same events, washing up like dirty spume from relentless waves.

They are waves from far out.

They are shadows cast ahead by something dark and terrible.

I know how it must have felt in the years before the world wars.

One must have smelled in the salty air what the future held.

It is terrible to look back and see how in less than twenty-five years, half of one immigrant’s adult life, a nation could have changed so utterly as this country did.

Even the surface of things doesn’t look the same. Smiles are harder, eyes are emptier, words more shapeless and soiled with overuse.

I can hardly bear to read through opinion in the regular press. I have to have it sifted through congenial websites.

We were free as late as 1984 – that fabled year. We were celebrating the victory of freedom in the world only five years later.

And now, thirty years later, we…the whole world…has wandered in broad daylight into  prison and the gates have been shut.

Judaic Anti-Christian Bigotry

I am using the term Judaic instead of Jew to represent the ethnicity that is otherwise called Jewish. I’m not satisfied with the word, but it will have to do for now.

Consider that the US has sent millions – if not billions – of dollars of tax-payer money to Israel, in addition to the oceans of donations from naive Zionist Christians who think of  anti-Christian Israel as the Biblical Holy Land.

I have included examples of anti-Christian bigotry from America and Israel, because liberal Judaics mock Jesus just as much as religious extremists.

It is a cultural item bound up in Judaic identity.

It is a hatred they have been fed from their religious texts and the warped and “lachrymose” narrative by which they’ve been isolated from humanity and conditioned by the Zionists.

1. An American Judaic climbed up onto a cross, took off his clothes, defecated, and spread his feces on it to express his hatred of Christians. This took place in 2009, but was recirculated on the internet in 2013, after the official announcement of the NWO at the London Olympics.

2. The same year, 2009,  American Judaic Larry David, in an episode of the HBO TV show, “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” urinated on a picture of Jesus. It was treated as a joke by the largely Judaic-dominated media in the US, which said nothing about the religiously-mandated bigotry behind such humor.

[The link is to the web-site of a revisionist scholar who has written extensively on the Talmud. I don’t subscribe to his views of the Holocaust, but neither do I believe that questioning the facts of the Nazi killing of European Jews should be a legal crime or render someone beyond the moral pale.

I also don’t subscribe to Hoffman’s views on usury, the interest-rate, Vladimir Putin, or what is entailed by Christian belief.

I’ve always suspected that “Holocaust denial” is promoted by the Zionists themselves, as a wedge issue and also to keep tabs on dissidents.

That is to say, it is quite possible that Hoffman, besides being a dissident, is also a disinformation agent of the state.

If he is not, I apologize to him in advance.

Anyway, reader beware.]

3. Comedian Sarah Silverman, a notorious  American Judaic, who has depicted herself having sex with “Jesus,” said that she hoped the Jews had killed Christ and that she would do it again herself in an “effin'” instant.

4. South Park, a Judaic comedy show, depicted Jesus defecating on George Bush, while censoring itself from depicting even an image of Muhammed. The video of the show has been removed from Youtube and elsewhere.

5. In June 2015, the Church of the Loaves and Fishes on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, an important Christian site, was damaged by an arson attack by extremist Talmudists, who left the message – “all idols will be smashed.”

6. In 2014, there were waves of attacks by “price tag” Talmudic extremists against Muslims and Christians. Christian churches were sprayed with graffiti with the message – “Jesus is garbage.” The attacks get their name from the argument by the extremists that vandalism and arson are the “price-tag” of trying to restrain the West Bank settlers from moving into Palestinian areas.

7. In an Israeli show, “Toffee and the Gorilla,” a girl in a bikini tells viewers how the goyim (Christians) are dangerous for Judaics because they try to convert them, refers to Jesus as Yeshu (a Hebrew acronym for a curse), and nails her companion, a toy gorilla, to the cross in a mock crucifixion.

8. Yeshiva students routinely spit on Greek, Armenian, and Syrian Christian priests and damage crosses.

9. A mob of 100 ultra-orthodox Talmudists attacked a group of 50 pro-Israel tourists, wearing t-shirts with Jesus’ words, “Love thy neighbor as thyself” that identified them to the mob as Christians. That was their sole provocation. Three people were injured and the police were needed to end the attack.

10. Lubavitchers and Hasidics show routine hostility toward ordinary British and American people they encounter, explicable only as religious hatred.

The Global Supra-National Climate Czar


We close with a quote from Schellnhuber from his own study, published in the year 1998, and entitled “Geocybernetics: Controlling a Complex Dynamical System Under Uncertainty”; and which confirms Wippermann’s grave reservations and critical observations: “While the borders of nation states have become almost irrelevant to global economic players (for instance) after the end of the Cold War, human and natural rights are still confined and dominated by thousands of frontiers. This situation can only be overcome by giving up a good deal of national sovereignty and establishing a true regime of global governance. As a prerequisite, the rather symbolic parts and pieces of the UN system must be transformed into powerful supra-national institutions: allons corriger le futur!”