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I happened to look at my backlinks at a website which monitors these things and found I had over 16,000.

A much larger website with 25% fewer links had a rate of nofollow tags to links of 1.5%.

I had 13% with nofollow.

A link to my site at Zerohedge (a govt. endorsed conspiracy site) has a nofollow tag behind it.

So also at the popular site, Business Pundit.

So also at

In other words, dozens of sites that have links placed by readers and sometimes by me (I voted for Business Pundit, that’s why there was a link there) had nofollow tags so I wouldn’t get traffic from the link.

Did they take the trouble to do it themselves or is it some kind of web censorship?

When I’m a bit less sleepy (it’s past midnight), I’ll find out more about the other sites that are blocking traffic for me.

Meanwhile, a reader posts and asks me not to publish.

I published, but removed the name.

I need your comments and I need links.

I know people don’t like “getting involved,” but if you don’t, who will?


Angela Merkel: Stasi Informant

Dialog reproduces the thesis of a recent biography alleging that Angela Merkel’s father used his church as the terrain on which he spied for the East German government:

I have always been curious about Angela Merkel’s background in the former GDR.  Did she always have pro-American, Christian democratic beliefs?  If so, did she suffer any consequences for these beliefs in the repressive GDR system?  Was she spied on by the Stasi?  Was she close to democratic dissidents like Wolf Biermann or Robert Havemann?  Some of these questions are answered in Gerd Langguth’s biography: Angela Merkel.

The key to unlocking the mystery of Angela Merkel is her father, the Protestant Minister Horst Kasner, who emigrated from West Germany to the East Zone in 1954, where he began an effort to “rehabilitate” the church – making it acceptable to the Stalinist SED ruling party.  The church under Kasner thus became another instrument of state domination, and Kasner benefitted greatly from his elite status within the political apparatus.  Kasner’s family also reaped the benefits: luxury home, two cars (most GDR citizens had to wait years for just one Trabant), trips to Italy and other countries outside the socialist bloc.  Angela was able to attend the elite school (Erweiterte Oberschule) along with the sons and daughters of important party functionaries.  Langguth describes how Horst Kassner worked closely together with Stasi informant Clemens de Maiziere on forming the SED church policy. De Maiziere’s son Lothar would later play a decisive role in Angela’s life during his brief stint as DDR-Premier (before he too was exposed as a Stasi informant).

What is interesting about Angela’s formative years is the utter banality and conformity of her life.  While the Perestroika movement was shaking the foundation of the GDR and led to a creative renaissance with novels (Jurek Becker), films and theater(Plenzdorf) , Angela was blithely studying physics at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig, where she was active in the SED youth organization.  Fellow students recall that Angela was Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda and procured theater tickets for her comrades, but her files from that period have mysteriously vanished. 

Her one act of rebellion against her father occured after Die Wende when she joined the new party Demokratischer Aufbruch (DA), started by another Stasi informant Wofgang Schnur.  As Langguth points out, this was a shrewd move on her part, since she could hedge her bets by not joining one of the West parties should the DDR have remained a separate country.  After Lothar de Maiziere made her his deputy spokesperson and the DA became subsumed in the Christian Democrats, Angela caught the attention of Helmut Kohl and the rest is history.  Angela Merkel – a daughter of Stalinist privilege, now the leader of the conservative CDU and quite possibly Germany’s next chancellor. ”

[Lila: This was written before Merkel became German Chancellor]

More in this piece at the World Socialist Web on the nexus between the evangelical church and the East German government that allowed members to spy on the congregation, exert pressure in political circles, and groom Merkel for her own career. has more incriminating details, this time from her academic career:

What most Germans don’t know, however, is that Hans-Jörg Osten was her Professor and close confidante at the Academy of Sciences where she was a student. And what they only found out yesterday is that Osten was a paid agent of the Stasi – with documentary evidence from the files to prove it.


In the files (extracted left) her physics professor and fellow FDJ bigwig is unmasked as a spy using the cover name ‘Einstein’.

Today, Hans-Jörg Osten is 56 years old, and a professor at the Leibniz University of Hanover.

The documents go on to say that he was recruited ‘on the basis of the political-ideological cooperation…in his operating activities, he is mainly useful on defence issues, and for the development of people working files. He was always a very reliable worker.’ The ‘defence issues’ thing is a reference to time spent by Osten working in the US. During this period, he was a Stasi spy.

Contemporaries suggest that Merkel had “an unusually close” relationship with her married Professor. Indeed, this tendency of unsere geliebte Geli to stick like a limpet to the big mines before disarming them has been recorded several times before at The Slog.”

Merkel was to go on to spy for the KGB, even on other agents, one of whom was her first husband, and then to parlay her espionage contacts and technical knowledge (a PHD in quantum chemistry) into a political career.

The further suspicion is that her  Stasi/KGB past is behind her suspected blackmail by Mossad into supporting strongly pro-Israeli positions.

Globalists Reward Their Puppet Merkel

Some awards that the Polish-Jewish chancellor of Germany has received from her bosses for her faithful performance in power:

  1. 2006 Vision for Europe award for contributing to greater European integration (given by the Edmond Israel Foundation. The Foundation is named after the director of Clearstream, a Luxembourg financial company that provides post-trade settlement services and had assets under custody worth 12.2 trillion euros in 2014. It is a bank for banks.
  2. 2008 Charlemagne Prize for contributing to European unity (given by the City of Aachen).The first Charlemagne prize was given to Richard Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, the founder of the pan-European movement, a leading light of the NWO.
  3. 2008 B’nai Brith European Award of Merit. B’nai Brith (“Sons of the Covenant” in Hebrew) is one of the premier Jewish interest organizations.
  4. 2010 Leo Baeck Medal for the support of Jewish culture in Germany and the integration of minorities there (awarded by the Leo-Baeck Institute, which specializes in German-speaking Jewish culture).
  5. 2010  Global Leadership Award (AICGS) for strengthening German-American ties (given by the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at Johns Hopkins University).
  6. 2013 Lord Jacobovits Prize (given by the Conference of European Rabbis) for opposing anti-Semitism and allowing circumcision in Germany, whereas it is forbidden elsewhere in Europe.Her stance was also supported by  Muslims, who practice female circumcision.



Angela Merkel: Crypto-Communist Converso

Unmasking the stooges of the new world order is not a terribly difficult task.

One of the first and most obvious signs is duplicity in the image they present to the world.

To the world, Angela Merkel is the Christian socialist East German hausfrau of good bourgeois sense.

None of this is true.

Merkel was raised a communist, not a Christian.

She is not fully German, but of mixed Polish and Jewish descent, I believe, on both sides of her family.

[Almost always the stooges have some Jewish ethnic ancestry or else enjoy close ties to the Anglo-Zionist cartel. Again, this is not a slam at Judaism. I am talking about ethnic descent. Merkel is a Lutheran.]

Merkel is no bourgeois.

She was raised in a very left-wing feminist atmosphere, patronizing nude beaches when she was young and openly cohabiting with both her spouses before marriage. Again, this is not moralism about her personal life. It is to point out the contrast with her public persona.

Examine the facts:

Angela Merkel was born Angela Kasner of Polish descent:

Merkel was born Angela Dorothea Kasner in 1954 in Hamburg, West Germany, the daughter of Horst Kasner (1926–2011),[16][17] a native of Berlin, and his wife Herlind, born in 1928 in Danzig (now Gda?sk, Poland) as Herlind Jentzsch, a teacher of English and Latin……Merkel has Polish ancestry through her paternal grandfather, Ludwig Kasner, a German national[19] of Polish origin from Posen (now Pozna?).[20] The family’s original name Ka?mierczak was Germanized to Kasner in 1930.[21][22]


However, Kazmierczak is not just Polish.

It is specifically an ethnic Jewish name:

Kazmierczak derives from Kazimierz, a major Jewish city in Poland, made especially for Jews outside of Cracow. Kazimierz (Latin: Casimiria; Yiddish Kuzmir) is a historical district of Kraków (Poland), best known for being home to a Jewish community from the 14th cent.”

The Jewish name Kazmierczak apparently derives from the Hebrew word Chazan.

It was the name given to the profession of  cantor in a synagogue.

This master list of Central European Jewish names includes Kazimierczak as both Polish and Jewish.

By contrast, the Polish Genealogical Society derives Kazimierczak from Slavic roots:

Actually the standard Polish spelling is Kazimierz, and it’s an ancient Slavic name dating back to when the Poles were pagans and gave their children names formed by joining two root-words to express a kind of hope or prophecy for their children. So Kazimierz comes from the root kazi-, “to destroy” + mir, “peace” — thus naming a child Kazimierz was expressing the wish that he would grow up to be a destroyer of peace, i. e., a great warrior (“peace” as ancient Slavs thought of it was not necessarily the wonderful thing we consider it, they gloried in war). Kazimierz is an extremely popular first name in Poland, and has been for a long time — it’s one of the few Polish names that is even used in English, in the Latinized form Casimir. It is not all that common as a surname — as of 1990 there were only about 202 Polish citizens with Kazimierz as a surname. But other names formed from it are extremely popular — for instance, Kazimierczak (5,095), Kazmierczak (28,198) [both of which mean “son of Kazimierz”), and Kazmierski (5,240).”

Still, the preponderance of evidence favors an ethnic Jewish ancestry for Angela Merkel on her father’s side:

This website about Krakow  says that Kazimierz was an ethnic Jewish city.

Merkel’s grandfather came from Posan (Pozan), about four hours from Warsaw, which had one of the earliest communities of Jews in the country.

Pozna?’s Jewish community was one of the earliest to be established on Polish soil; the first reference to Jews living in the town comes from 1379. While tradition dates the town’s synagogue to 1367, there is no documented evidence of its existence until 1449 (the cemetery, however, was first mentioned in 1438).

Despite Jewish descent, Horst Kazimierczak/Kasner joined the Hitler Youth in Berlin where he was brought up, which was probably a fairly common thing at the time.

On her mother’s side, Angela Merkel is descended from Willi Jentzsch, a leading politician in Danzig.

For Merkel to be considered Jewish (as some conspiracy sites have alleged), she would have to descend maternally from Jewish ancestry, Merkel’s mother Herlind Jentzsch has a name that is derived from Johanan (John), probably the most common name in the West. Nothing can be inferred from this. Herlind is the daughter of Willi Jentzsch and Gertrud Alma Drange, who is said to be of mized Kashubian-Polish descent.

Thus on one side Merkel is Polish-Jewish. And on the other Polish-Kashubian.

Kashubians are said to have been pre-Slavic inhabitants of Poland and there are many Jews among Kashubians. Gertrud’s father Emil Drange was a top municipal official of Elbing and his wife’s name was Emily Wachs of Glogau. Wachs is an Ashkenazy Jewish name meaning beeswax, making Gertrud Drange of Kashubian-Jewish descent and Merkel ethnic Jewish in the technical sense (through the maternal line).

Going back even further, Emil Drange’s own mother was a native of Posen (Poznan), which, as I mentioned earlier, has a large number of Jews.

Is Merkel a Christian?

She is a Lutheran in theory and ostensibly a Christian Democrat, but she is much closer to the communists than is usually recognized, according to a recent book.

The book explores Merkel’s life growing up in German Democratic Republic (GDR), where her father Horst Kasner was a Protestant pastor and a committed socialist. He moved to East Germany from West Germany in 1954.

Merkel has said in the past that her FDJ role at the academy was more that of a cultural secretary and that her duties included buying theater tickets and organizing book readings.

‘Closeness to the System’

But former German Transport Minister Günther Krause — an eastern German politician who worked with her in the final months of the GDR and as a fellow minister in the government ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl in the early 1990s — contradicts her in the book and says she propagated Marxism-Leninism.

“With Agitation and Propaganda you’re responsible for brainwashing in the sense of Marxism,” he said. “That was her task and that wasn’t cultural work. Agitation and Propaganda, that was the group that was meant to fill people’s brains with everything you were supposed to believe in the GDR, with all the ideological tricks. And what annoys me about this woman is simply the fact that she doesn’t admit to a closeness to the system in the GDR. From a scientific standpoint she wasn’t indispensable at the Academy of Sciences. But she was useful as a pastor’s daughter in terms of Marxism-Leninism.”

As for the iron frau herself:

‘She is like Tony Blair, but without the principles,’ remarks one party critic with biting irony.”

Mentored and promoted by Helmut Kohl, who called her “his girl,” she turned on him with canny opportunism when he was caught in a political scandal.

So much for her principles.

Now for Merkel’s “haus-frau” image:

In 2013 a photo was leaked that showed what looked like a young Angela Merkel at a nude beach.

This in itself is not that unusual in Germany, where millions of people appear naked in public at least once a year.

But Merkel’s nudity seems to have been associated with Freikoerperkultur (naturalism/nudism), which was especially popular in East Germany and was ideological:

At his blog, Roger Boyes gives one view of German naturalism as an expression of primitive socialism and a rebellion against the conventions of industrial society:

Germans see nudism – sorry naturalism – differently. It has, at least since the end of the 19th century, been part of a movement to get back to nature. To free oneself – hence the name, Freikörperkultur – from religious strictures that teach you to be ashamed of your body. To free oneself from industrial society – without clothes no-one is a factory slave, everyone is equal. Significantly the first FKK Verein was established (in 1898) in smoky Essen. It was a primitive kind of Socialism which was why the bureaucratic communists of East Germany, Ulbricht and co, hated it so much. They understood that when their citizens stripped off, they were shedding the system. In the 1950s the communists tried to ban the nudists.”

But if the primitive communists were rebelling against the bureaucratic communists, it’s hard to see how the nude Angela (circa 1970) who seems to represent the first could also be the commissar Angela (circa 1972), whose photo in uniform also caused a stir on the internet in 2013.

One explanation is that Merkel was always an opportunist, jumping on whatever trend would help her advance.

But there are other explanations.

The Freikoeperkultur was associated not just with the left. It had its apolitical and its right-wing variants.

The Lebensreform movement, one of its affiliates, was closely tied to Nazism:

As early as 1907, Richard Ungewitter published a pamphlet called Nudity and Culture (which sold 100,000 copies), arguing that the practices he recommended would be “the means by which the German race would regenerate itself and ultimately prevail over its neighbours and the diabolical Jews, who were intent on injecting putrefying agents into the nation’s blood and soil”.[4]

The extremists promoting rightwing ideology eventually became popular among Nazi Party officials and their supporters, including Heinrich Himmler and Rudolph Höss, who belonged to the right-wing farming organization the Artaman League. When other groups were being banned or disbanded due to political conflict during the 1930s, the extreme nationalist ideology became connected with Naziism. The German Life Reform League broke apart into political factions during this time. The Nationalist physician Artur Fedor Fuchs began the League for Free Body Culture (FKK), giving public lectures on the healing powers of the sun in the “Nordic sky”, which “alone strengthened and healed the warrior nation.”

In addition, Freikoeperkultur was closely linked with the Wandervogel movement, a movement inextricably tied to advocacy for homosexuality, bisexuality and pederasty:

[Adolf] Brand became involved in Magnus Hirschfeld‘s Scientific-Humanitarian Committee (the first public homosexual rights organization), until there was a split in 1903; that same year Brand led the formation of the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen organisation with the scientist Benedict Friedlaender as principal theorist, and Wilhelm Jansen. To this new group, male-male love, in particular that of an older man for a youth, was viewed as a simple aspect of virile manliness available to all men; they rejected the medical theories of doctors such as Magnus Hirschfeld who found that a gay man was a certain type of person, the intermediate sex.[3] The GdE was a sort of scouting movement that echoed the warrior creed of Sparta and the ideals of pederasty in Ancient Greece, and the ideas on pedagogic eros of Gustav Wyneken.[3] The GdE was heavily involved with camping and trekking and occasionally practiced nudism – the latter then common as part of the Nacktkultur (‘culture of nudity’) sweeping Germany. In the 1920s this would develop into the Freikörperkultur under Adolf Koch.

The GdE was similar to other such groups in Germany at the time, such as the Wandervogel. Wilhelm Jansen, co-founder of the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen, was one of the chief financial supporters of the Wandervogel and also a leader in it.[4]”

Merkel is rumored, like Hillary Clinton, to be a closeted lesbian [this was the sub-text of an ad run by a lesbian magazine attacking Merkel for not supporting gay marriage.

She was perhaps  more thoroughly indoctrinated in communist ideology than her current persona as staid haus-frau reveals.

Certainly, that is the accusation made against Merkel by former Polish PM Jaroslaw Kaczynski whose brother was killed, along with numbers of  senior officials, in a sinister plane crash some years ago (see this MBP blog post).

Kaczynski believes Merkel was brought to power by the German Stasi (or rather, the remnants of the Stasi) and has expansionist designs for Germany:

“(German Chancellor Angela) Merkel belongs to a generation of German politicians that would like to reinstate Germany’s imperial power,” writes Kaczynski. “A strategic axis with Moscow is part of that.” Poland can only be an obstacle in that respect, he continues, adding that Germany would need to “subdue our country, one way or another.”

The plane-crash brought in a Judeophile leadership to Poland, which in collusion with the crypto-Jewish leadership of Germany has been seeking to redraw the German-Polish border and return Germans expelled from Poland after World War II, some of whom entered Poland only after the invasion by the Nazis.

Bret Stephens On Donald Trump

Bret Stephens in a hard-hitting piece in the WSJ on Donald Trump:

For now let’s speak plainly about what the Trump ascendancy says about the potential future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement.

It says that we may soon have a conservative movement in which the American creed of “give us your tired, your poor” could yield to the Trumpian creed that America must not become a “dumping ground” to poor immigrants from Latin America, as if these millions of hardworking and God-fearing people are a specimen of garbage.t says that a movement that is supposed to believe in defending old-fashioned values and traditions against the assorted degradations of the postmodern left might allow itself to be led by a reality-TV star whose meretricious tastes in trophies, architectural and otherwise, mainly remind me of the aesthetics of Bob Guccioni


“The leader isn’t the problem. The people are. It takes the demos to make the demagogue.”

Well, here Mr. Stephens is only saying things I said a while back:

“Rule of the Demos”

Regarding Donald Trump, I made a similar observation about his houses and his wives:

“Obama Birth Certificate A Forgery Says Sheriff Arpaio”

I once exchanged a couple of emails with Stephens, I guess before he took a look at my blog and passed out.

I take some faint consolation in thinking that a bit of my thinking got through to him in some way, perhaps not in the way I hoped for.

In any case, I know he’s a neocon, but not everything neocons say and do is wrong.

On Trump the demagogue, Stephens is correct and it’s a shame to see this impresario, who shilled for the oligarchy at the most crucial time, being passed off as a folk-hero by libertarians and conservatives, no less. I’ve no doubt the whole Trump candidacy is intended to make any rational criticism of immigration look bad and thus drive more people to the liberal-left consensus on that and other things.

Trump, the bankster-shill, is a Trojan-horse, and any knowledgeable person pushing him is not a dupe but a knave.

Hinduism and Satan’s Lie

I’ve had a bemused few hours this evening wandering through the agitated blogs of various Christians who consider this or that religion “demonic,” “Satanic,” and so on.

Far be it from me to dismiss the existence of demonic entities or energies.

They exist, however one chooses to call them – “psychological compulsions,” “obsessions,” “demons.”

But it truly puzzles me how people who claim to be devotees of  Jesus can so quickly denounce billions of their own fellow human beings as demonic, without the slightest acquaintance with the real beliefs, practices, and culture of the people they denounce.

One example.

Hundreds of Christian blogs claim that Hinduism is demonic because it teaches “self-deification,” and that this is “Satan’s original lie” from Eden – “Ye shall be as gods.”

Well, one thing I do know about Satan is that he can quote scripture as well as the next fellow.

And he usually does it out of context, so he can twist things to mean the opposite of what they really do.

“Ye shall be as gods” is the lie told by the Adversary to get the first couple of Eden to disobey God.

Underline that.

Traditional Hindu practice and devotion, like that of any traditional religion, is obedience to God and God’s embodiment to the devotee – his guru.

Obedience to God and Guru is in fact a far higher value in the East than it ever was in any Western culture outside the monastic civilization of the Middle Ages.

Westerners deify rebellion. Milton made Satan his hero, with the famous line, “Better to rule in hell than serve in Heaven.”

That’s the first mistake made by these Christian bloggers.

The second mistake is mistaking the absence of a strong Satan-type of figure in Hinduism for the absence of any apprehension of evil.

Not so.

This is a different civilization, a different people, a different psychology.

Satan has his equivalent in Hinduism, quite apart from the demonic figures of Ketu and Rahu.

There is the notion of samskaras (innate attractions or tendencies), which drive us to rebirth.

This is much the same thing as the notion of the “natural” or “carnal” man in Christianity.

Then there is maya – the deceptive nature of appearances in the world, which also plays part of the role that Satan plays in Christianity.

There is also ahamkara – ego identification, which is considered demonic in inclination.

Hinduism teaches the overcoming of these inclinations. It is thus a true religion.

Now for the third and most important reason why traditional Hindu teaching is not Satan’s lie in Eden.

The “self” that is posited in Hinduism as equivalent to the divine is not the “ego” self, as these Christians erroneously believe.

Hinduism is a profound religion, not a silly New Age concoction.

The “self” that is equated with the divine is the “spirit of god in you,” not your ego or your personality.

Thus, when  a Hindu says Atman (the soul) is the same as Brahman (God), he is not saying that the individual in his ego identity is the omnipotent God.

Radhika or Sunil are not God in their personal selves.

But Radhika’s transcendent self (her highest being) is the same as the immanent form of God.

This is not too far from Christianity, believe it or not.

When the Rabbis attacked Jesus as a blasphemer for claiming to be the son of God, he replied tartly that even those to whom God only sent his messengers were called sons of God, so why would it be too much for Him, the only begotten son, to claim as much.

Why indeed.

“Atman” and “son of God” are differences of language, psychology, emphasis, and temperament, not of good and evil in some Manichean sense.

In fact, in calling billions of people satanic, without regard to whether they lead good or bad lives, these Christians are committing  sin –  the terrible perversity of calling good evil.

That is the “sin against the Holy Spirit,” which Jesus warned was the one sin that might be unforgiven in this life or the next.





The Real War on Women

Gavin McInnes has a brilliant satire at Takimag on the “right-wing” war on women the left is always complaining about. The satire lies in the fact that the slander pinned on the right is actually the creation of the left – it is the ideology of feminism:

The “War on Women” is a term usually used to describe Republican policies and their effects on the fairer sex. The right denies such a thing exists, but let’s stop kidding ourselves. Going back over the past half century, it’s impossible not to see a vast right-wing conspiracy to strip women of everything that makes them women and convert them into sex toys who take out the garbage.

The war began simply enough. In the 1960s, men decided they wanted to see more tits. The Republicans created an organization that encouraged women to burn their bras. Almost overnight, men were treated to breasts of all shapes and sizes swinging freely in thin T-shirts. As we gazed at their pendulous cans, we told women they were expressing their freedom and teaching us a lesson about uncomfortable underwear or something. Conservatives never lost momentum with the “dump ’em out” movement and as recently as 1992 removed all barriers between my eyeballs and funbags.

Inspired by this remarkable victory, the GOP began a “war of the sexes” that would garner as much sex as possible for men. The biggest obstacle they had was the fact that women can create life. This makes them less likely to spread their legs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who comes along. The solution to this was simple: trivialize it. Make women think it’s an irrelevant detail that’s downright disgusting. This took some convincing, but today it’s not unusual to see a young woman turn her nose up at the act like it’s the same as shitting out a tumor.
“Wasting a woman’s fertile years isn’t even a thing these days. How convenient is that?”

Once getting pregnant was seen as some kind of revolting accident, getting laid was way easier. Republicans encouraged birth control and created a “Free Love” movement where men could bed whomever they wanted without consequences. Those stupid enough to buy the cow when they were getting the milk for free invented key parties, where married men would exchange wives for a night. This led to a massive divorce epidemic, which sucks at first but ultimately means more sex partners for men. It’s a win-win.

Of course, accidents will happen and women will still get pregnant, so conservatives started pushing abortion as some kind of girl-power movement. All wars need a propaganda machine, and ours was so good it convinced the enemy that giving birth is defecation but vacuuming out a fetus is basically a phoenix rising from the ashes. This was particularly brilliant because you have a woman’s body doing exactly what it was supposed to do and she gets rewarded with a lifetime of trauma trying to forget the baby she killed. Today it’s not unusual to meet a young woman who has had several abortions, many of them after the first trimester! Us men get to ejaculate into whomever we please and she has to deal with the consequences. In the War on Women this was our D-day.

You can’t totally eradicate the biological clock, of course, so what we did was convince women their eggs will last well into their 40s when we no longer want to have sex with them. When doctors disagreed, we dug up some anecdotal evidence of some chick’s aunt who had twins at 45 and everybody clapped.

Today you can date a 25-year-old and dump her at 30 as her eggs are drying up, and nobody says a word. She’s recovered and ready to go at 33, but it’s too late, she can’t have kids. Now those nonexistent kids can’t have kids. In one simple shrug, this conservative has killed maybe a million people, and there is no possibility whatsoever he will be tried for a war crime. Wasting a woman’s fertile years isn’t even a thing these days. How convenient is that?

If a girlfriend did get pregnant and was too headstrong to get an abortion, she’d tend to become very cloying. She’d whine about being cared for and protected and blah blah blah. Could anything be less badass? In order to get out of this responsibility, Republicans created the welfare state and said the government will pay all your bills if you just leave this guy alone and let him get back to shtupping chicks. This worked wonders, especially in the black community, where 72% of dudes get to make babies for free.

The beauty of turning childbirth into nothing is you turn women into weak little dudes. Now she feels like a loser if she’s not strong enough to carry a grown man out of a burning building or do enough pull-ups to become a Marine. It’s like putting Superman in a vat of kryptonite and kicking him in the balls. Women strive to be something they’re not and create movies where they know kung fu and can lose the cops in a car chase. Making them into dudes means straight guys get the same sex life gay men have. Sometimes women complain that they “catch feelings” after being treated like a colostomy bag for yet another stranger’s semen, but we make sure they feel terrible about it. Isn’t that amazing? We convinced women their feelings are an STD. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Another fun part of making women into dudes was making them work. Your girlfriend isn’t someone you need to take care of. She’s a roommate who has to pay the bills. If she has a problem with that she’s a total sellout. Republicans got women out of the kitchen and into the workforce so they can pay half the rent. It gets better. You see, women still have that weird craving to be at home. They want to see the only child they managed to create, and this provides a massive distraction. This means they tend not to go up the ladder as fast as someone who isn’t pining to nurture and who leaves them stuck with all the shitty jobs us men don’t want to do. A generation ago, the ideal woman was a friend in the living room, a mom in the kitchen, and a slut in the bedroom. Today she’s a slut everywhere and a slave at work. Way to go, us!”


David Cameron: Scion of Opium Barons

A post on David Cameron’s ancestral ties to the ruling elites by a blogger named Brian Akira was republished by conspiracy researcher Henry Makow, without an issue, but Akira’s blog has been archived or suspended for terms of service violations. Whether that has to do with the content he published or something else is not clear.

Here are the juicy details:

David Cameron’s forebears have a long history in financial racketeering. His great-great grandfather, Emile Levita, a German Jew, was related to the German-Jewish Goldsmid banking family, and obtained British citizenship in 1871. He was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.

The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China was founded in London in 1851 following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. It opened its first branches in 1858 in Calcutta and Bombay and then Shanghai. The Shanghai branch of Chartered bank began operation in August 1858. Initially, the bank’s business was in large volume discounting and re-discounting of opium and cotton bills.

Although opium cultivation gradually increased in China, opium imports still increased by more than 50% between 1863 and 1888. Transactions in the opium trade generated substantial profits for the Chartered Bank and the Jews and Freemasons who controlled it.

Later, the Chartered Bank also became one of the principal foreign banknote-issuing institutions in Shanghai. In 1862, the bank was authorized to issue bank notes in Hong Kong, a privilege it continues to exercise to this day. Over the following decades, it printed bank notes in China and Malaya.

With the Rothschilds’ opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 (Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was accused of undermining Britain’s constitutional system, due to his lack of consent from Parliament when purchasing the shares with funding from the Rothschild Jews), Chartered was well placed to expand and develop its dope-running and other rackets.

Besides usury, the bank also dealt in cotton from Bombay, indigo and tea from Calcutta, rice from Burma, sugar from Java, tobacco from Sumatra, hemp from Manila and silk from Yokohama. In 1912, Chartered Bank became the first foreign bank to receive a license to operate in New York.

In 1927, the bank acquired 75% of the P&O Bank, which had offices in Colombo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canton. P&O Bank also owned Allahabad Bank.

In 1957, the Chartered Bank acquired the Eastern Bank, giving it a network of branches in Aden, Bahrain, Beirut, Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE. It also bought the Ionian Bank’s Cyprus Branches.

Chartered Bank merged with the Standard Bank of South Africa in 1969, and the combined bank became the Standard Chartered Bank. It’s motto is “Here for Good” so you know they’re evil.

Chartered Bank Director, Emile Levita married Catherine Plumridge Rée, the daughter of Hermann Philipp Rée (from an prominent Danish Jewish family.) Their children were Arthur Levita, Cecil Levita and Enid Levita.

Arthur Levita of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with Sir Ewen Cameron (London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and member of the Council for Foreign Bondholders and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders) played key roles in arranging loans from the Rothschild syndicate, including Jacob Schiff, to the Japanese central banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo [????] to finance the Japanese war against Orthodox Christian Russia in 1905.  Cecil Levita was chairman of the London County Council. [DELETED] Enid Levita married Sir Ewen Cameron’s son.

Enit Levita is David Cameron’s paternal grandmother. His father, Ian Cameron, was a successful stockbroker, a partner at Panmure Gordon, like his father and grandfather.”

33% US Population On Government Welfare

Welfare statistics:

Welfare Statistics
Total number of Americans on welfare 110,489,000
Total number of Americans on food stamps 41,700,000
Total number of Americans on unemployment insurance 10,200,000
Percent of the US population on welfare 35.4 %
Total government spending on welfare annually (not including food stamps or unemployment) $131,900,000,000
Welfare Demographics
Percent of recipients who are white 38.8 %
Percent of recipients who are black 39.8 %
Percent of recipients who are Hispanic 15.7 %
Percent of recipients who are Asian 2.4 %
Percent of recipients who are Other 3.3 %
Welfare Statistics
Total amount of money you can make monthly and still receive Welfare $1000
Total Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than an $8 per hour job 39
Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than a $12 per hour job 6
Number of U.S. States where Welfare pays more than the average salary of a U.S. Teacher 8
Average Time on AFCD (Aid to Families with Dependent Children)
Time on AFDC Percent of Recipients
Less than 7 months 19%
7 to 12 months 15.2%
1 to 2 years 19.3%
2 to 5 years 26.9%
Over 5 years 19.6%
Top 10 Hourly Wage Equivalent Welfare States in U.S.
State Hourly Wage Equivalent
Hawaii $17.50
Alaska $15.48
Massachusetts $14.66
Connecticut $14.23
Washington, D.C. $13.99
New York $13.13
New Jersey $12.55
Rhode Island $12.55
California $11.59
Virginia $11.11

How Lenin Looted Russia


Since 1991, with the partial opening of archives in Russia, it has become apparent, through the work of historians like Edvard Radzinsky and Dmitri Volkogonov, that Lenin was at least as bad as Stalin, in terms of his thuggery………

Lenin did not have the apparatus of repression available to him which Stalin had. But the viciousness and violence with which he responded to even the slightest challenge to his authority seems to indicate that if he had had, he might well have used it as savagely (and counter- productively) as Stalin did. But that is speculation — at least it was until Sean McMeekin published the extraordinary book under review. In it he describes in minute detail how Lenin and his cohorts destroyed Russia in order to take power for themselves.

What is so interesting about Mc- Meekin’s approach to the subject is his primarily economic analysis — by their loots ye shall know them! This makes a refreshing change from tales of the Gulag and the Lubyanka. No one has yet made so careful a study of the Bolshevik’s economic crimes. Yet this story is central to any understanding of how the Communists killed Russia.

It is extraordinary to discover that Marxists, who operated on the axiom that economics determined everything, understood nothing whatsoever about the practical workings of an economy — any economy, whether capitalist or socialist. They really had no ideas in their collective head other than theft and destruction, plus arrest and murder for anyone who opposed them. If McMeekin drives one point home above all else, it is that the Bolshevik revolution was entirely negative. There was not a single redeeming aspect of idealism in the make-up of any of the major figures. Lenin was the worst of the lot.

Winston Churchill was one of the first to appreciate this. But even he, who wanted ‘to strangle Bolshevism in its cradle’, was only half right when he said of the Father of the Revolution: ‘His aim – to save the world; his method – to blow it up.’ The first part of that sentence, we now know, was nonsense. Lenin’s aim was to take power, keep it and to make sure the Russian people paid for everything he required in order to enslave them.

McMeekin starts by describing just how wealthy Russia was in 1914. Though a country with considerable economic problems, and burdened with a political regime which was medieval and inimical to progress, Russia nonetheless had the fourth largest industrial economy in the world, one which was growing at a rate of 8-9% per annum.

It was also the world’s largest exporter of food. It had Europe’s largest gold reserves — about 1,200 metric tonnes — due to running a continual trade surplus. The stock exchange was booming; agriculture was being modernized; and the arts and culture were all flourishing. It was a desirable place to be. McMeekin comments: ‘Russia in the last days of the tsars was a substantial net importer of both people and capital, a telling fact that, after 1917, would never be true again.’

In his Prologue, McMeekin poses the question his book aims to answer:

‘All this wealth taken together was the national patrimony of centuries… The riveting scenes of the Revolution, which saw desperate Russians selling priceless jewels and family heirlooms for food and fuel to survive the winter, would be repeated again after the collapse of Communism in 1991 — with one crucial difference. At the century’s end, in a crude measure of how badly the Bolsheviks had beggared the country, Russia’s dispossessed hawked not expensive jewellery, but ragged mittens and small handfuls of vegetables raised on dacha plots. It was an extraordinary fall: from world-famous opulence to subsistence agriculture in only seventyfi ve years. How did it happen?’

The short answer is that the Bolsheviks stole everything, then squandered it on armaments and their own comfort.

Lenin established a system whereby every item of value in the country was confi scated without compensation. This went from the gold reserves and the stock of rubles in the Central Bank, through to art treasures in public and private hands, and down to any items of value, like clocks, icons and silver spoons, which were held by individuals or the Church. Those family heirlooms sold on the streets were often disposed of simply in order to pre-empt the kommissars.

One of the most original parts of Mc- Meekin’s book is the long description of how all the money raised by selling this loot abroad was used for purchasing armaments with which to fight the people from whom it was stolen. Lenin made peace with the Germans at Brest–Litovsk in March 1918, then started trading with them, initially through sympathetic bankers in Stockholm. He bought pistols, machine guns, military uniforms, artillery, aircraft, trucks, field telephones, signalling equipment, locomotives and all the other apparatus necessary to wage war on his real enemy – the Russians.

Though the country was starving, the Bolsheviks bought food only for themselves — in fact considerable quantities of it. (Lenin also purchased spare parts for the Rolls-Royce he used, which can now be seen in the museum at Leninsky- Gorky.) The Red Army was the only well-fed group of people in the country, apart from the Communist leadership. The war, McMeekin says, was essentially a war for control of the food supply so that once the gold, roubles, art-works, jewellery and church silver ran out, the Communists could still feed themselves, courtesy of the now enslaved peasantry.

By this stage, even Lenin’s original power base in the urban factories had largely deserted him. McMeekin says that by the winter of 1919-20 only 2 percent of industrial laborers still belonged to the Bolshevik Party.

Why did the Germans co-operate? They did so because, McMeekin says, ‘they were blinded by anti-Allied rage and imperial greed.’ They had a dream of colonizing Russia with the aid of the Bolsheviks. Only Allied victory on the Western Front prevented that from happening.

Even after defeat, the Germans continued helping the Bolsheviks, right up to 1931. In that year, their government allowed the Soviet Union, now ruled by Stalin, to place orders worth $10 billion in today’s money for armaments to be used in the final showdown with the peasants during the collectivization of agriculture. The result was that ‘the Bolsheviks had imported enough German Mausers, machine-guns, and motorcars to ensure that resistance to Stalin’s collectivisation off ensive in the Ukraine could be suppressed with ease by army and secret police enforcers.’

Five months later, the Soviet Union, pleading poverty, defaulted on the bill for all of this, thereby getting it from impoverished Weimar Germany effectively for nothing, just at the time Hitler was emerging onto the political scene arguing that Bolshevism should be opposed rather than assisted.

Is it not legitimate to ask whether, in these circumstances, the Soviets themselves did not bear a small part of the responsibility for creating the public mood in Germany which made the Nazi revolution possible?”

Sanatana Dharma Of Jesus

Christian Gospel (John 1:1) :

In the beginning was the Word

And the Word was with God

And the Word was God.

[Written circa 50-100 AD]

Indian Vedas:

Prajapatir vai idam agre asit
Tasya vag dviitiya asit
Vag vai paraman Brahman

In the beginning was Prajapati (Brahman)
With whom was the Word;
And the Word was verily Brahman.

[Lila: Brahman and Prajapati both mean God, the former in his utterly transcendent and immanent form and the latter in his form as creator of the world.]

(Krishna Yajurveda, Kathaka Samhita, 12.5, 27.1; Krishna Yajurveda, Kathakapisthala Samhita, 42.1; Jaiminiya Brahmana II, Samaveda, 2244

Approximate date: 1000-1200 BC, with a strong possibility from internal evidence, of being even earlier.

Chesterton On A World Of Untamed Virtues

G. K. Chesterton, the great Catholic writer, describes what happens when societies are re-engineered:

“The modern world is not evil; in some ways the modern world is far too good. It is full of wild and wasted virtues. When a religious scheme is shattered…it is not merely the vices that are let loose. The vices are, indeed, let loose, and they wander and do damage. But the virtues are let loose also; and the virtues wander more wildly, and the virtues do more terrible damage. The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone. Thus some scientists care for truth; and their truth is pitiless. Thus some humanitarians only care for pity; and their pity (I am sorry to say) is often untruthful.”

U of Tennessee Promotes New Pronouns For Old

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville loses  its collective mind and encourages you to do the same (h/t Karen de Coster at LRC):

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The University of Tennessee is asking students to use “zehirhirs, and xexemxyr.”

No, those words are not another language. They’re actually the gender-neutral singular versions of pronouns.



The University of Tennessee Office for Diversity and Inclusion is asking students and faculty to use the pronouns in order to create a more inclusive campus. They say it alleviates a heavy burden for people expressing different genders or identities.

“We should not assume someone’s gender by their appearance, nor by what is listed on a roster or in student information systems,” Donna Braquet, the Director of the University of Tennessee’s Pride Center said. “Transgender people and people who do not identify within the gender binary may use a different name than their legal name and pronouns of their gender identity, rather than the pronouns of the sex they were assigned at birth.”

For the first week of classes, Braquet is also asking teachers to ask everyone to provide their name and pronoun instead of calling roll. “The name a student uses may not be the one on the official roster, and the roster name may not be the same gender as the one the student now uses,” ze said.

“These may sound a little funny at first, but only because they are new,” Braquet said. “The she and he pronouns would sound strange too if we had been taught ze when growing up.”

Braquet said if students and faculty cannot use ze, hir, hirs, xe, xem or xyr, they can also politely ask. “’Oh, nice to meet you, [insert name]. What pronouns should I use?’ is a perfectly fine question to ask,” ze said.”

Indians Say No To Fraudulent “Menstrual Revolution”

An eye-opening article from a woman who is involved with women’s public health in India who spots the “menstrual revolution” for what it is.

[For my previous posts on Kiran Gandhi’s free-bleeding stunt and Asha Impact (her family’s foundation, with extensive ties to the Western NGO circuit and the globalist foundations), see

“Behind “Tampon” Gandhi, menstrual hot-lines at $8/call”

“The Kotex-Industrial Complex II”

“The Kotex-Industrial Complex I: Another Indian Stooge“]

Also note that the magazine (Swarajya) from which I took the excerpt below is run by Indians with extensive ties to the right-wing of the globalist order, i.e., they are the “controlled opposition,” as you can see from the fact that they style themselves the “liberal right-wing”; seem to endorse globalist stooge Narendra Modi; and buy into some of the globalist memes themselves.

In other words, this site is not the authentic, Indian right, but a globalist-endorsed Indian right, much like large parts of the “Men’s rights” movement in the West is globalist-endorsed.]

The most often quoted statistic, is of a study done by A.C Nielson and Plan India, which states “Only 12% of India’s 355 million menstruating women use sanitary napkins (Sns). Over 88% of women resort to shocking alternatives like unsanitised cloth, ashes and husk sand.” Here is why this study and others like it are incorrect in representing Indian women:

  • The lesser known fact about this study is that it only interviewed 1033 women, i.e. < 0.00029% of India’s menstruating women! How this sample size is representative of a country as diverse as India is really questionable.
  • Even if 88%  women might be using cloth, it is absolutely incorrect to club the usage of sand, ash husk in the same percentage bracket. The usage of sand, ash husk or dried leaves for menstrual absorption happen in extreme conditions (less than 1%), such as in Rajasthan where some women have been using fine sand for ages since water is scarce. In these cases, we need to further investigate if indeed such usage has been detrimental to their health, since such practices have prevailed for hundreds of years. Obviously if such practices were harmful, people would have let it go a long time ago
  • On what basis are they calling the cloth ‘unsanitized’? Are the cloth pads being sold by foreign NGOs sanitized? In fact, if we look at the stitched cloth being sold by NGOs, it is more difficult to dry and sanitize it in sunlight because the inner layers are never exposed to sunlight. Whereas, the loose cloth used by rural Indian women can be opened and dried with complete exposure to sunlight. It is foolish to take a traditional practice such as using cloth, and package it to give it the look of a modern pad, and in the process missing out on the point of maintaining hygiene using cloth!

Pads for India, reusables for the West

The hypocrisy is such that while foreign organizations are promoting the need to introduce sanitary napkins in India by saying that 88% of Indian women are using cloth, in their own country they are promoting reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups, citing environmental reasons. If that is the case, then India is far ahead of the rest of the world in being environment friendly.

In the light of the latest wave of western feminism, movements (such as the Free Blood Movement) which promote women’s right to bleed without using any product are being applauded and encouraged. At the same time, international organizations look down upon indigenous women who for generations have bled naturally without using any product.

But what took the cake was when, at the conference, an excited American activist told me that I should tie up with one of these cloth-pad making NGOs (which I’d rather not name) to start distributing cloth pads to rural Indian women because it is environment friendly and a safer alternative to sanitary napkins! Imagine the drama of telling our rural women to throw away their piece of menstrual cloth and instead use my packaged version of it, which by the way will also cost them. Imagine teaching her about being environment friendly as a new concept, when all along she has not used a single bit of environmentally damaging menstrual product. Imagine trying to educate her about cloth being healthy, when she and all generations before her have been quietly following natural methods of managing menstruation.

The ridiculousness of the suggestion made me both laugh and seethe with anger.”


How Many Church-Going Americans Are There?

I often think about that insightful statement I read somewhere to the effect that America is a nation of Indians under a ruling class of Swedes. (It’s actually from sociologist Peter Berger).

It got me thinking about how different the average American is from the way he/she is portrayed in Hollywood or in the mainstream media.  Church hardly figures in the media except as the object of raised-eyebrows and patronizing smiles, if not outright scorn.

But a large percentage of the population goes to church and goes regularly. One in five goes every single week-end.

That says something. I am a believing Christian but I go only a handful of times in a year, although there are reasons for my lack of attendance that probably don’t hold good for most people.

Anyway, here are the numbers:

Q: What’s the size of U.S. churches?
A: The median church in the U.S. has 75 regular participants in worship on Sunday mornings, according to the National Congregations Study (NCS) . Notice that researchers measured the median church size — the point at which half the churches are smaller and half the churches are larger — rather than the average (186 attenders reported by the USCLS survey ), which is larger due to the influence of very large churches. But while the United States has a large number of very small churches, most people attend larger churches. The National Congregations Study estimated that the smaller churches draw only 11 percent of those who attend worship. Meanwhile, 50 percent of churchgoers attended the largest 10% of congregations (350 regular participants and up).
Want to know more? Check the websites for the National Congregations Study (NCS) at The US Congregational Life Survey (USCLS) website has statistics about congregations by religious traditions at The Faith Communities Today national study of churches 2010 study also contains size and other congregational findings.

Approximate Distribution of U.S. Protestant and Other Christian Churches by size *based on NCS study
(excluding Catholic/Orthodox)




  9 million 59%



25 million 35%



  9 million 4%



  8 million 2%



  4 million .4%



  .7 million .01%


approx. 300,000

approx. 56 million 100%


upQ: How many people go to church each Sunday?
A: For years, the Gallup Research Organization has come up with a consistent figure — 40 percent of all Americans, or roughly 118 million people, who said they attended worship on the previous weekend. Recently, sociologists of religion have questioned that figure, saying Americans tend to exaggerate how often they attend. By actually counting the number of people who showed up at representative sample of churches, two researchers, Kirk Hadaway and Penny Marler found that only 20.4 percent of the population, or half the Gallup figure, attended church each weekend.
As added proof for the accuracy of this smaller percentage of churchgoers, if 20.4% of Americans (approximately 63 million in 2010) attended the nation’s 350,000 congregations weekly then the average attendance would be 180 people per congregation which is almost exactly the figure that numerous research studies have found.”

Natural Mosquito Control

From Jerry Baker’s Tips and Tonics:

Q: My yard is swarming with mosquitoes. How can I get rid of them so I can enjoy my backyard again?

A. Remember that any standing water in your yard or garden can turn into a mosquito breeding ground, so get rid of any puddles around your yard. Then, overspray your yard with my Buzz Buster Lemonade: 1 cup of lemon-scented ammonia and 1 cup of lemon-scented dishwashing liquid in a 20 gallon hose-end sprayer, filling the balance of the sprayer jar with warm water. Repeat this treatment 3 times a week in the evening, and the little buggers will be history.



Fall Of Jerusalem Was Biblical “End-Times”

Christian Zionists need to study Biblical prophecies in the light of 1st century politics in the Roman Empire, rather than 21st century politics under the American empire.

If they did, they would quickly realize that the textual and historical evidence points overwhelmingly to the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD as the “end-time” and “Day of the Lord.”

From Preterist

Let’s survey some of the many passages whose characters and events tie the second coming to the fall of Jerusalem. 

Gen. 49:1, 10“And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, Gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days…the scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” 

This passage, spoken by the patriarch Jacob upon his deathbed, ties the “last days” to events bound up with Biblical Israel and the coming of Christ. Since the “last days” are tethered by this prophecy to Biblical Israel, when the nation terminated and ceased to exist so did the last days.     Indeed, the “last days” are coterminous with the last end and closing days of the Jewish state. Jacob does not directly describe the destruction of the Jewish nation, but his saying “what will befall you in the last days” certainly carries ominous overtones suggesting that event. In saying that the monarchical power would not depart from Judah until Shiloh (Christ) had come, Jacob alludes to the political end and existence of the nation. With the appearance of Christ, a new dynasty and world epoch would begin, in which the government would devolve upon Christ, who now reigns [sic] earth’s nations from his throne in heaven. In transferring the government to heaven, Christ removed the mantel of authority from national Israel upon earth. And since the Jews murdered Christ and persecuted his church, Jesus sent and destroyed the nation by the armies of Rome.

Num. 24:14-25 – “And now, behold, I go to my people: come therefore, and I will advertise thee what this people shall do to thy people in the latter days…I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but now nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab and destroy all the children of Sheth. And Edom shall be a possession, Seir also shall be a possession for his enemies; and Israel shall do valiantly.”

This is Balaam’s prophecy of events that would occur in the latter days. Like Jacob’s prophecy, Christ was to appear in the latter days while Biblical Israel still existed. Jesus is referred to under the imagery of a “Star” and “Sceptre,” and “he that shall have dominion.”     Christ’s “possessing Edom and Seir” should be compared with the prophecy of Amos about the restored tabernacle (house/throne) of David, “that they may possess the remnant of Edom” (Amos 9:11, 12). James said the prophecy of Amos was fulfilled in the apostles’ day, as Christ reigned from heaven and the Gentiles came into the church (Acts 15:16, 17). As Balaam’s prophecy treats of the same events, it too was fulfilled in the first century. The last prediction in Balaam’s prophecy states (Num. 24:24):

“And ships shall come from Chittim and shall afflict Asshur, and shall afflict Eber, and he also shall perish for ever.”

The prophet Daniel mentions “Chittim” in a context that makes unmistakable reference to Rome (Dan. 11:30), and is witnessed by the Septuagint version of the Qumran community and the Vulgate in this place, both of which render “Chittim” “Romans.”[1]     “Asshur” is Assyria and represented the extreme eastern border of the Roman Empire. “Eber” was the forebear of Abraham (Gen. 10:21; 11:17, 26), and is believed to be the root of the word “Hebrew.” In saying “he also shall perish for ever,” Balaam’s prophecy becomes the first direct prediction the A.D. 70 destruction of Jerusalem by Rome. Spiritual Israel (the church) would do valiantly and conquer the world, but national Israel would be destroyed.”

200-Yr-Old Body Of Monk Defies Decomposition

From The Siberian Times:

A mummified monk found in the lotus position in Mongolia is ‘not dead’ and is instead one stage away from becoming a real-life Buddha, it has been claimed.

Forensic examinations are under way on the amazing remains, which are believed to be around 200 years old, having been preserved in animal skin. But one expert has insisted the human relic is actually in ‘very deep meditation’ and in a rare and very special spiritual state known as ‘tukdam’.

Over the last 50 years there are said to have been 40 such cases in India involving meditating Tibetan monks.

Dr Barry Kerzin, a famous Buddhist monk and a physician to the Dalai Lama, said: ‘I had the privilege to take care of some meditators who were in a tukdam state.

‘If the person is able to remain in this state for more than three weeks – which rarely happens – his body gradually shrinks, and in the end all that remains from the person is his hair, nails, and clothes. Usually in this case, people who live next to the monk see a rainbow that glows in the sky for several days. This means that he has found a ‘rainbow body’. This is the highest state close to the state of Buddha’.

He added: ‘If the meditator can continue to stay in this meditative state, he can become a Buddha. Reaching such a high spiritual level the meditator will also help others, and all the people around will feel a deep sense of joy’.

Initial speculation is that the mummy could be a teacher of Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov.

Born in 1852, Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov was a Buryat Buddhist Lama of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, best known for the lifelike state of his body.

Mummified monk is ‘not dead’ and in rare meditative state, says expert


Ganhugiyn Purevbata, who is the founder and professor of the Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art at Ulaanbaatar Buddhist University, said: ‘Lama is sitting in the lotus position vajra, the left hand is opened, and the right hand symbolizes of the preaching Sutra.

‘This is a sign that the Lama is not dead, but is in a very deep meditation according to the ancient tradition of Buddhist lamas’.

The mummified remains, which were covered in cattle skin, were found on January 27 in the Songinokhairkhan province of Mongolia.

However, there is more to the story and now police have revealed that the monk had been stolen from another part of the country and was about to be sold off.

An unnamed official said that it was taken from a cave in the Kobdsk region by a man who then hid it in his own home in Ulaanbaatar.

He had then been planning to sell it on the black market at a ‘very high price’, with local media claiming he wanted to take it over the Mongolian border. Police uncovered the plot and quickly arrested a 45-year-old, named only as Enhtor.

According to Article 18 of the Criminal Code of Mongolia smuggling items of cultural heritage are punishable with either a fine of up to 3million roubles ($43,000) or between five and 12 years in prison. The monk is now being guarded at the National Centre of Forensic Expertise at Ulaanbaatar.”

Rabbi’s Shemitah Prophecy Is NWO Fraud

Some Christian web-sites are skeptical of Jonathan Cahn’s Shemitah theory and his attempt to make America the duplicate of ancient Israel:

The Berean Call says:

This imposed Shemitah judgment was very specific and involved  only the nation of Israel . Since no Gentile nations were ever obligated to keep the Shemitah, there is no scriptural basis for suggesting that any other nation would ever experience an imposed Shemitah judgment. Yet, this is precisely what Jonathan Cahn suggests that America has experienced.

Cahn also wrongly implies that the Shemitah is essentially a universal  principle  that is somehow integrated into the order of the universe. Cahn makes the following assertion in his book:

[KAPLAN] “Seven years—the biblical period of time that concerns a nation’s financial and economic realms.” [This and all quotes are taken from: Jonathan Cahn,  The Harbinger  (Lake Mary, FL: Frontline, Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group, 2011)]

Although Israel was on a seven-year economic cycle, no biblical passages support Cahn’s idea that natural economic cycles of seven years exist for nations in general. Furthermore, financial experts have not identified any seven-year economic cycle. —

If anything happens during The Shemitah (September 2015), it’s not because of God and a connection to Isaiah 9:10, it’s because the Freemasons who control this world are pushing the buttons and they are making things happen (in cycles of 7 as it’s a ‘magic’ number) for their own purposes to further the progress of a New World Order.”

Zionists Salivating For American Collapse

Zionists on every front are salivating over the prospect of divine “judgment” on America apparently through the mechanism of  stock market collapse – for an assortment of evils, varying from aborting babies to not grovelling with sufficient meekness to Israel:

Well-known [Zionist] Christian evangelist Pat Robertson was criticized for suggesting the “Black Monday” stock-market collapse was a “taste” of the “judgment of God” for national sins such as abortion.

But another [Zionist] Christian leader is adding his voice to the controversy – and he says Robertson is right.

“Of course it is judgment!” says Mark Biltz, pastor of El Shaddai Ministries and the discoverer of the “blood moons” tetrad.

He argues the United States of America has courted God’s judgment with mistaken policies, especially with regard to Israel.

The final blood moon arrives next month, and Biltz noted he predicted “economic judgment” coming upon American in his book, “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs.”

After observing two major stock-market declines earlier this century, on the day before Rosh Hashanah in 2001 and on the day before Rosh Hashanah in 2008, Biltz wrote: “Could the coming blood moons signal our third strike, and we will be out economically? We already see the signs of economic collapse coming, with America being so much in debt and our government in a comatose condition.”

Last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged about 1,000 points. It did the same in the first five minutes of trading Monday but then rebounded slightly. On Tuesday, there was a bounce in the market, then it plunged again. The Dow is down about 13 percent now from its recent highs. That means trillions of dollars in stock and bond equity have vanished.

Religious teachers, analysts and international media outlets are warning of the possibility of American economic collapse, with some going to so far as to predict “economic apocalypse.” And while other Christian leaders shy away from specific predictions, they caution America may well be facing heavenly judgment.

[Rabbi] Jonathan Cahn’s clarion call to repent and return to God is well known, but what about the man himself? Where did he come from and how did he rise from obscurity to a Christian voice heard by millions? WND has produced a new documentary film, “The Harbinger Man,” that answers these questions and more. Pre-order your copy now.

[Zionist] Evangelist, filmmaker and author Joel Richardson told WND he would “never say that every negative or corrective cycle in the stock market is God’s judgment.”

However, the author of “When a Jew Rules the World: What the Bible Really Says About Israel in the Plan of God” argues Americans should not dismiss the larger reality of God intervening in the fate of nations.

He stated: “The fact is, God does indeed humble nations because He desires for them to repent of their sins and return to Him. There can be no question that many within the United States are increasingly rejecting God and His ways. No doubt, as a nation, we need to turn back to Him. Desperately so.”



Agora President Offers You The Alt Kool-Aid


I saw this more recent article at LRC, which in rather general terms, does point out the crookedness of the players involved….

But the knock against conspiracy sites on the USA collapse video was completely uncalled for.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is always good policy.


Bonner & Partners has released this video – USA Downfall – for your edification.

I’ll give you the gist.

It has the usual...lengthy... pronouncements of doom for which the company is now (in) famous, although I don’t necessarily disagree with the fundamental analysis.

But then there are all those other….lengthy.… pronouncements in the video:

The selective treatment of ‘Islamic violence” that just bloomed all on its own in the 1990s, with no push from any of Mr. Bonner’s own colleagues and cohorts in and out of government.

The deferential quotes from Goldman Sachs chief Hank Paulson, side-kick Tim Geithner, and Neel Kashkari.

Yes, that’s like analyzing crime in America with edifying quotes from Al Capone and “Legs” Diamond.

And it’s a COMPLETE REPUDIATION of  Mr. Bonner’s own positions in the past.

Then there are the gratuitous swipe at “conspiracy theorists,” who are making it “too easy.”

Too easy?

Actually, it’s a lot easier to butter up the people really in power, for example, Goldman Sachs, whom Mr. Bonner cites so lovingly.

It’s a lot easier to never mention the strings that are pulled, the levers that go off, the rigging and the racketeering.

That’s how you get to grow into a billion-dollar business attacking the Feds, with the warm support of the Feds.

Meanwhile, scare the idiots on the street with ….lengthy...doomsday scenarios and take credit for “truth-telling.”

This is Alternative Kool-Aid, folks.

Don’t drink it.

Read the conspiracy sites, warts and all, and sort it out for yourselves.

That’s where those billion-dollar companies get their information from in the first place.

Then they retail it to the suckers at a huge mark-up.

Don’t be a sucker.



ISIS Blows Up 2000 Yr Old Temple Of Baal Shamin

ISIS has just blown up the 2000 year old Temple of Baal Shamin in the UNESCO world heritage site of Palmyra in Syria.

Apparently, this was done to erase “idolatry”.

Baal Shamin  (Baal Hadad) was a North-West Semitic god popular among the Canaanites and Phoenicians.

Baal Shamin was equated with Zeus Helios (Zeus as Sun God) by the Nabateans, a mysterious people who are supposed to have been the ancestors of the Bedouin, but also had an admixture of  Edomite/Esau descent.

ISIS recently decapitated a leading Syrian archaeologist, 82-year-old Khaled el As’ad, who specialized in Palmyra’s antiquities.

El As’ad was an expert in the cult of Baal Shamin. His dead body was displayed with the caption “heretic” displayed over it.

Earlier in the year, ISIS destroyed several major Christian and Muslim shrines, as well as ancient towns like Nimrud,  on a quest to wipe out anything that offends its purist Sunni sensibilities.

However, it seems rather obvious by now that the only group that would have such a keen interest in wiping out both Muslim and Christian shrines and populations, would not be Muslims in all likelihood, but extremist Zionists, enacting historical revenge on their rivals/enemies, while creating the gap into which, inevitably, Anglo-Zionist rule will be inserted. ISIS is a Zionist golem.

It is an example of preemptive terrorism CREATED by the West to create instability and a pretext for further intervention. I wrote about it in 2005:

Recall that in 2002 the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board (DSB) urged an increase in ?human intelligence (HUMINT) forward/operational presence and . . . new clandestine technical capabilities.? (3) Translated from Pentagon-speak, that reads: we need more spies in foreign countries equipped with secret spy technology.” And from where would these new spies be drawn? From a ?robust, global cadre of retirees, reservists and others who are trained and qualified to serve on short notice, including expatriates.? Selected from among this group, a master spy agency, the Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG), would launch secret operations aimed at instigating terrorism as a pretext for attacks by US forces.”



Dangers Of Ancestral DNA Data Banks


The New Orleans Advocate recently published a shocking story that details the very real threats to privacy and civil liberties posed by law enforcement access to private genetic databases and familial DNA searching.

In 1996, a young woman named Angie Dodge was murdered in her apartment in a small town in Idaho. Although the police collected DNA from semen left at the crime scene, they haven’t been able to match the DNA to existing profiles in any criminal database, and the murder has never been solved.

Fast forward to 2014. The Idaho police sent the semen sample to a private lab to extract a DNA profile that included YSTR and mtDNA—the two genetic markers used to determine patrilineal and matrilineal relationships (it’s unclear why they reopened the case after nearly 20 years). These markers would allow investigators to search some existing databases to try to find a match between the sample and genetic relatives.

The cops chose to use a lab linked to a private collection of genetic genealogical data called the Sorenson Database (now owned by, which claims it’s “the foremost collection of genetic genealogy data in the world.” The reason the Sorenson Database can make such an audacious claim is because it has obtained its more than 100,000 DNA samples and documented multi-generational family histories from “volunteers in more than 100 countries around the world.” Some of these volunteers were encouraged by the Mormon Churchwell-known for its interest in genealogy—to provide their genetic material to the database. Sorenson promised volunteers their genetic data would only be used for “genealogical services, including the determination of family migration patterns and geographic origins” and would not be shared outside Sorenson. Its consent form states:

The only individuals who will have access to the codes and genealogy information will be the principal investigator and the others specifically authorized by the Principal Investigator, including the SMGF research staff.

Despite this promise, Sorenson shared its vast collection of data with the Idaho police. Without a warrant or court order, investigators asked the lab to run the crime scene DNA against Sorenson’s private genealogical DNA database. Sorenson found 41 potential familial matches, one of which matched on 34 out of 35 alleles—a very close match that would generally indicate a close familial relationship. The cops then asked, not only for the “protected” name associated with that profile, but also for all “all information including full names, date of births, date and other information pertaining to the original donor to the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy project.”

This is when the case starts to sound like something out of the TV show “CSI.” Sorenson linked the crime scene DNA to DNA from a man born in 1952. That man didn’t fit the age profile of the murderer, so the cops used Sorenson’s genealogical information to trace his male descendant line and find his son, Michael Usry Jr., born in 1979. Then the cops searched Usry’s Facebook page and found he had some Facebook friends who lived somewhat near Idaho Falls. And then through Google searches, the cops learned Usry was a filmmaker who had been involved in making a few short films that had homicide or killings in the story line. (The cop noted in a warrant affidavit “these short films have won awards in several film festivals.”) Based on this completely circumstantial evidence, the Idaho investigators got a warrant to collect a swab of Usry’s DNA.

They called up Usry, told him they were investigating a hit-and-run, and asked him to meet with them. Usry thought he “had nothing to hide” and agreed to the meeting. They took him to an interrogation room, questioned him without a lawyer present, and eventually collected a DNA sample. Then Usry sat on pins & needles for a month waiting for the results.

When the results came in, it turned out Usry’s DNA didn’t match the crime scene sample—despite the close familial markers and other circumstantial evidence, he wasn’t the murderer.

Usry was lucky. The forensic crime scene DNA sample came from semen and likely was single source (meaning it contained DNA from only one person). This means that it was relatively easy for the cops to compare Usry’s DNA against the forensic sample and determine conclusively the two didn’t match. In many cases today, however, forensic samples come instead from “touch” DNA—miniscule samples of DNA deposited on physical surfaces that people have touched. Touch DNA is less reliable and harder to match both because it may not include enough DNA for meaningful interpretation and because it often contains DNA from multiple persons—some of whom may have had no connection to the crime at all. With touch DNA, lab analysts may see a match where none exists. Just this year in San Francisco, the San Francisco Chronicle revealed a crime lab analyst had been making assumptions about poor-quality, incomplete genetic evidence and testified at trial that one of the profiles she generated matched the defendant, which was false. This analyst’s misconduct could affect as many as 1,400 cases. When touch DNA analysis expands to include familial markers, the risk of misidentification only increases.

This risk will increase further as state and local law enforcement agencies begin to use Rapid DNA analyzers—portable machines that can process DNA in less than an hour. These machines will make it much easier for police to collect and analyze DNA on their own outside a lab. Currently, because forensic DNA analysis in a lab takes so long, we generally see its use limited to high-level felonies like rape and murder. However, Rapid DNA manufacturers are now encouraging local police agencies to analyze DNA found at the scene of low-level property crimes. This means much more DNA will be collected and stored, often in under-regulated local DNA databases. And, because most of the forensic DNA found at property crime scenes is likely to be touch DNA—this only increases the risk that people will be implicated in crimes they didn’t commit.


Citizen Statement Against Indian DNA Profiling

An excerpt from a Petition against Biometric profiling through Aadhar and Human DNA Profiling:

Notably, Human DNA Profiling Bill has been prepared and which when enacted could require the citizen to give one’s DNA to the state. What ambitions does this reveal? This would complete the journey of subjugation which started with fingerprints and is possibly ending in DNA profiling.
The profiling, and the intrusion of privacy, that is a central aspect of these projects are, among other things, contrary to the Supreme Court’s judgment dated 4th July, 2011 [Writ Petition (Civil) NO. 176 of 2009] where it reiterated that the Right to Privacy is a part of the constitutional Right to Life. The central government has shown disdain towards this judgment by launching aadhaar related projects on the basis of biometrics which is untested and untried, and which have surveillance, tracking, profiling, tagging and convergence at its core.

UIDAI had set up a Biometrics Standards Committee which revealed that ’the biometrics will be captured for authentication by government departments and commercial organisations at the time of service delivery.’ The commercial organisation mentioned herein is not defined. The working paper of the UIDAI revealed that the ’UID number will only guarantee identity, not rights, benefits or entitlements’. It is also said that it would not even guarantee identity, it would only provide ’aid’ in identification. In fact it makes right to having rights conditional on having biometric aadhaar.
Notably, Biometrics Standards Committee had categorically stated that UID/aadhaar’s is meant only for “civilian application” but the order on aadhaar enabled biometric attendance system has been extended to defence employees as well. The fact remains UID was first adopted by USA’s Department of Defence, later by NATO. It has subsequently been pushed through World Bank’s eTransform Initiative in partnership with France, South Korea, Gemalto, IBM, L1, Microsoft, Intel and Pfizer.

Some of them have signed agreements with UIDAI. This constitutes breach of national security.

Across the globe very stringent data privacy law has been framed wherein one’s personal data cannot be used by anyone including the government without your specific consent. But in India there is no data protection law. Aadhaar is akin to a piece of collar which the transnational powers want to tie on the neck of Indian citizens. Government has allowed itself to be misled and it has failed to protect personal sensitive information which has already gone to foreign companies.

It must be recalled that Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister had distributed Unique Identification (UID)/ Aadhaar numbers among the villagers of Tembhali village in Nandurbar District of Maharashtra on 29th September 2010. “The Aadhaar number will ease these difficulties in identification, by providing a nationally valid and verifiable single source of identity proof. The UIDAI will ensure the uniqueness of the Aadhaar numbers through the use of biometric attributes (Finger Prints and Iris) which will be linked to the number”.

It has now come to light as per a RTI reply of April 2015 that out of 83.5 crore aadhaar numbers issued so far, only 2.19 lakh i.e. 0.03 % comprised of them who did not have a pre-existing ID proof.

It shows how Indians were taken for a ride.

It must also be noticed that even the Identification of Prisoners Act, 1920, of colonial vintage, reads: “The object of this bill is to provide legal authority for taking measurements, finger impressions, footprints and photographs of persons convicted of, or arrested in connection with, certain offences.” According to the Identification of Prisoners Act, 1920, at the time of the acquittal of the prisoner, his biometric data is required to be destroyed. Since 1857, fingerprint identification methods have been used by police agencies in India and around the world to identify suspected rebels, political dissidents and criminals. The method is unfolding to indiscriminately profile citizens in general to identify them. The UID/aadhaar project, however, stores the biometric data forever.

It should be noted that in its report to Parliament, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance has taken on board studies done in the UK on the identity scheme that was begun and later withdrawn in May 2010, where the problems were identified to include”(a) huge cost involved and possible cost overruns; (b) too complex; (c)untested, unreliable and unsafe technology; (d) possibility of risk to the safety and security of citizens; and (e) requirement of high standard security measures, which would result in escalating the estimated operational costs.” Countries like China, Australia, UK and France have also rejected it.

This open declaration of war against citizens’ sensitive personal information like biometric data by transnational entities and governments captured by them paves way for the enslavement of present and future generations through aadhaar database that lies on cloud beyond Indian jurisdiction. Such initiatives must be stopped and boycotted else it will spread its tentacles in every sphere of life and mobility in the country.

Notably, central government itself has filed several written affidavits in the Hon’ble Court contending that right to privacy is a fundamental right. It is remarkable that one former Union Law Minister has complained to the Prime Minister informing him about the blunders being committed by the law officer in question.

There is a compelling logic for rejection of those parties which implicitly or explicitly support tracking, profiling, databasing and mortgaging of citizens’ rights and their sovereignty under the dictates of their donors and non-state actors. The biometric idea is aimed at making citizens transparent before the all mighty Governments so that Government, their servant can remain opaque to safeguard the interests of undemocratic and ungovernable social control technology companies.

In a case of breach of trust central government has proposed to make aadhaar mandatory although the very first promise which legally questionable UIDAI made in its aadhaar enrolment form is/was that it is “voluntary”.

This Public Statement is a follow up of the Statement of Concern against UID/aadhaar issued by 17 eminent citizens at a Press Conference at Press Club of India in New Delhi on 28th September 2010. These citizens included Justice VR Krishna Iyer, Retired Judge, Supreme Court of India, Prof Romila Thapar, Historian, K.G.Kannabiran, Senior Civil Liberties Lawyer, Kavita Srivastava, PUCL and Right to Food Campaign, Aruna Roy, MKKS, Rajasthan, Nikhil Dey, MKKS, Rajasthan, S.R.Sankaran, Retired Secretary, Government of India, Upendra Baxi, Jurist and ex-Vice Chancellor of Universities of Surat and Delhi, Uma Chakravarthi, Historian, Shohini Ghosh, Teacher and Film Maker, Amar Kanwar, Film Maker, Bezwada Wilson, Safai Karamchari Andolan, Trilochan Sastry, IIMB, and Association for Democratic Reforms, Prof. Jagdish Chhokar, ex- IIMA, and Association for Democratic Rights, Shabnam Hashmi, ANHAD, Justice A.P.Shah, Retired Chief Justice of High Court of Delhi and Deep Joshi, Independent Consultant.

A Dalit activist who was one of these eminent citizens said, “This project wants to fix our identities through time. Even after that we are dead. The information held about us will be fixed to us by the UID number. Changing an identity will become impossible. We are working for the eradication of the practice of manual scavenging, for rehabilitation of those who have been engaged in manual scavenging, and then leaving behind that tag of manual scavenger. How can we accept a system that does not allow us to shed that identity and move on? How can a number that links up databases be good for us?”

We reiterate our demand that Bills like Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 and projects like biometric aadhaar “should be halted before it goes any further”.


1. Prof. Anil Sadgopal, Scientist, All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE), Bhopal, Email:
2. Prof. Kalpana Kannabiran, Director, Council for Social Development, Hyderabad, Email:
3. Prof (Dr) Mohan Rao, Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health (CSMCH), Jawaharal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, Email:
4. Dr Meher Engineer, Scientist, former President, Indian Academy of Social Science, Kolkata Email:
5. Ram Bahadur Rai, noted senior journalist, Email:
6. Dr Babu Rao Kalapala, Scientist, formerly with National Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad, Email:
7. Kavita Krishnan, Secretary, All India Progressive Women Association (AIPWA), Email:
8. Prof D M Diwakar, Professor of Economics, A N Sinha Institute of Social Studies, Patna, , Email:
9. Arun Kumar, former Member, Press Council of India, Indian Journalists Union, General Secretary, Bihar Working Journalists Union & President, The Times of India Newspaper Employees Union, Patna, Email:
10. Sankar Ray, veteran journalist, Email:
11. N D Jayaprakash, Disarmament Researcher & veteran activist seeking justice for victims of Bhopal disaster, Email:
12. Qaneez Sukhrani, urban affairs analyst, Pune, Email:
13. Kshetrimayum Onil, Lead Coordinator, REACHOUT, Manipur
14. Shabnam Hashmi, social activist, Anhad, Email:
15. Irfan Ahmed, General Secretary, All India Tanjin-e-Insaf, Bihar, Email:
16. Guman Singh, Himalaya Niti Abhiyan, Himachal Pradesh,
17. Dr Umakant, Human rights advocate & independent scholar, New Delhi, Email:
18. PT George, Intercultural Resources, Delhi, Email:
19. Wilfred D’ Costa, Indian Social Action Forum, Delhi, Email:
20. Prakash K Ray, Editor,, Email:
21. Gopal Krishna, Member, Citizens Forum for Civil Liberties (CFCL), Email:

Sudanese Women Stripped Naked For Crime Against Modesty

Police harassment of Christian women in Muslim-majority Sudan:

A Sudanese court has fined three Christian girls on charges of “immoral dress” for wearing slacks and skirts on their way home from a Baptist church function in June, while it found four other girls who were wearing similar clothing innocent of the charges, the advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide has reported. During their apprehension, 10 girls from the church were forced to strip naked in front of police who inspected their clothing for compliance with Shariah law.

All seven girls were among a group of 12 Christian females who were arrested on June 25 while on their way home from a service at El Izba Baptist Church in Khartoum simply because they were wearing trousers and skirts, which police deemed to be immoral dress.

Two of the girls were released from police custody without charges, while the remaining 10 were forced by authorities to strip out of their clothes and later charged with indecent dress under Article 152 of the Sudanese Criminal Code. Advocates for the girls said they range in age from teens younger than 18 to early 20s.”


Israeli Rabbi: Jewish Messiah Arriving Sept. 12, 2015

From Breaking Israel News:

After a lifetime of immersing himself in classical Jewish texts, Rabbi Kanievsky’s study partner informed various media sites that the Rabbi is talking about the messiah “all the time.” Since last summer’s war in Gaza, the Rabbi has been spreading this message of imminent return…….

When asked about the timing of the Messiah’s arrival, Rabbi Kanievsky answered, “At the end of the Sabbatical year.” Several people have asked the Rabbi to verify this and he has given the same answer each time. This year is the Sabbatical year and it will be ending on the 29th day of Elul, which, by the Gregorian calendar falls on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

In answer to Rabbi Kanievsky’s call, the Jews of France have begun to arrive in Israel in blessed droves. The impetus is certainly a reaction to increasing anti-Semitic and Islamic fueled violence across Europe……

Last year, 7,000 French Jews made aliyah to Israel, making it the number one country of origin for new immigrants. The Jewish Agency and the Ministry for Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption are expecting more than 3,000 French Jews to immigrate to Israel this summer alone, many of them families with children who want to arrive and integrate before the beginning of the school year.

It should be noted that it is considered a positive trait to always be anticipating the Messiah. The Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan, a great Torah sage, is  told to have said that any time he heard a loud noise, he would say, “Perhaps the Messiah has arrived?” Similar stories have also been told of the leading Moroccan Kabbalist, the Baba Sali, Rabbi Israel Abuhaseira.”

Visiting Indian Grandpa Paralyzed By Police Thug

While affluent expatriate Indians like Ms. Gandhi urge us to ponder the oppression of women by hygiene and etiquette, the real violence suffered with depressing regularity by  male immigrants at the hands of police  does not seem to have got her attention:

From Voices of (Feb 12, 2015)

Welcome to Police State America, Sureshbhai Patel. The 57-year old grandfather hadn’t been away from India more than a week when he was paralyzed by police in Madison, Alabama. Patel was visiting his son and daughter-in-law to help care for their 17-month old baby.

Then things got suspicious. Patel went on a stroll. While the sun was still out. This stirred the Madison Police Department into swift action.

When multiple police officers approached him, Patel didn’t have much to say, at least not in English since he doesn’t speak the language. What would be one of his last voluntary motions before cervical fusion surgery, Patel put his hands in his pockets. One officer attempted a pat-down then took the old man down, smashing his neck and body to the point of paralysis.

According to Madison Police, this all stemmed from a neighbor’s call to them about a “suspicious” man.

From NBC News:

We  are preparing to file a lawsuit against the City of Madison, Alabama, and the officer who injured Mr. Patel,” Hank Sherrod, Patel’s civil rights attorney, told NBC News, “The lawsuit will include claims for violations of Mr. Patel’s constitutional rights. Presently, however, the City of Madison is refusing to release the officer’s name and refusing to provide the media or the family with audio and video of the incident.”

Patel remains partially paralyzed, although the hospital reported him in good condition Monday. His son said that he can now move his right leg a little and he can raise both arms, but his left leg is still paralyzed and he cannot make a tight grip. He had no health problems previously, and he is expected to have a long recovery.

“This is broad daylight, walking down the street,” said Sherrod, “There is nothing suspicious about Mr. Patel other than he has brown skin.”

Hong-Kong Introduces “DNA Shaming”

To get an inkling of the abuse possible with DNA profiling of the kind being considered in India, take a look at a public health initiative called “Hong-Kong Clean Up.”

The South China Morning Post has this:

The Face of Litter campaign was launched on Global Earth Day last month for the Hong Kong Cleanup Initiative, organised by online magazine Ecozine and the Nature Conservancy. It was aimed at raising awareness of the extent of littering in the city by pinpointing those responsible and encouraging people to change their behaviour.”

That should ring a bell just there.

“Earth Day” is a holiday central to the ecological movement and, not coincidentally, it is celebrated on April 22, which is the  birthday of Vladimir Lenin, the blood-drenched architect of the communist revolution in Russia in 1917.

A number of people have spotted this coincidence as further proof of the underlying communistic agenda of environmentalism.

Population control,if not depopulation, is its real goal.

Virginia-based Nature Conservancy is a corporate “do-gooder” that I’ve dealt with before.

You can read about its shenanigans in this excellent series published in the Washington Post.

Nature Conservancy has a long history with Goldman Sachs, which just supplied this “non-profit” with a CEO for a mere $700,000.

Nature Conservancy is in the business of monetizing (i.e. putting a financial figure on) environmental efforts, through such mechanisms as “cap and trade” and the “carbon exchange,” both regarded as useless rackets by grass-roots activists.

So what did “Hong-Kong Clean Up” do with the litter it picked up?

It used DNA from the litter to reconstruct the faces of the litterbugs and then posted the faces publicly to shame them.

The firm behind this DNA scheme is PR giant Ogilvy & Mather and the lab tests were done in the US by Parabon Labs.

Ogilvy & Mather has a history of complicity in the US Government’s propaganda efforts, including the War on Terror, the Drug War, and so-called “Greenwashing” – repackaging companies with bad environmental practices as good guys.

Why people resident in Hong-Kong should have their DNA fingered by Americans is anybody’s guess.

Reed Collins, the Ogilvy chief creative officer who led the campaign, says 27 facial composites were created from a combination of 24 DNA samples taken from litter and three controlled samples donated by volunteers.

The faces were used to create “wanted posters” and digital banners, which were displayed in high-traffic areas, including 10 MTR stations and at “the scene of the crime”.

“Because age is impossible to determine through DNA alone, but still integral in creating an accurate portrait, DNA data has been combined with other factors, such as demographics based on the type of litter and where it was collected to determine the approximate age of the litterer,” Collins says.”

Christensen says that although DNA alone can only produce a high probability of what someone looks like, the purpose of the campaign was not to point fingers at specific individuals.”

Despite Ogilvy & Mather’s disingenuous disclaimers, this is on so many levels outrageous.

It breaches privacy in the grossest fashion.

It has endless potential for abuse –

Identity theft

Falsification of evidence

Framing innocents


Refusal of insurance, housing, or other services

Racial and genetic profiling

Targeting for abortion/contraception advertising

Targeting for drug-testing

Targeting for drugs and porn advertising

Targeting for bio-weapons and depopulation programs.

If you think that’s over-reaction, consider the centrality of population control and eugenics in the thinking of every major thinker in the modern leftist pantheon.

Margaret Sanger, Bertrand Russell, Havelock Ellis, and dozens of other influential leftist thinkers, were all enamored of eugenics, population control, and the elimination of undesirables.

The question is not IF DNA profiling will be abused. The question is only WHEN.


Indian DNA Profile Usable For “Any Purpose”

In the Hindustan Times, Menaka Guruswamy, a Supreme Court lawyer, points out the dystopian nightmare hidden in India’s 2015 DNA profiling bill:

Most troubling is that the bill provides that the DNA profiles will be made available for identification in criminal cases during judicial proceedings to enable decisions in criminal prosecution for the defence of the accused and, rather strangely, ‘for the creation and maintenance of a population statistics Data Bank that is to be used … in identification research, protocol development or quality control…’.

As if this were not enough, the DNA information can also be used for ‘any other purposes’ as may be prescribed.

The idea that the State can assemble a population data base, not simply a census but a blood history of its citizens, so as to enable identification research or even quality control, is anathema to a constitutional, democratic India.

This bill, when worked in tandem with the Aadhar regime, has the potential to profile, rather intimately, every Indian.

In fact, this bill reads like very bad science fiction, one in which the State runs amok and bad science leads to little truth, many lies and an abuse of our DNA.”

Behind “Tampon Gandhi”: Menstrual Hotlines @ $8/Call


A Google search of Kiran “Tampon” Gandhi brings up pages and pages of uncritical praise from slick fashion, alternative, political, and media sites, even though, from the comments, most readers have reacted unfavorably.

Nearly every one of these sites applauds Tampon Gandhi as a “badass,” in such uniform terms that the articles must have been scripted.


One such site is, which can be translated as, “freedom” being one of those multi-valent buzz-words typical of New World Order mob-speak. signals it’s on board the global menstrual revolution, by sticking out the begging-bowl for its cutting-edge “Menstrual Hot-line,” manned by menstrual activists at the cost of $8 a phone-call.

8 dollars in India is a decent amount of money, close to 500 rupees.

The Azadi Toll-Free Menstrual (1-800-3000-2805) aims to fill critical knowledge and support gaps, providing adolescent girls with a trained counselor to learn and discuss menstruation, menstrual health and menstrual management. Given the ubiquity of mobile phones in rural India, the Azadi Menstrual Helpline has the capacity to bring information to thousands of girls.

Each call costs approximately $8 to service. This includes the cost of training our counselors, manning the lines, and doing outreach activities. If you would like to support this program, click here! here!”


“Menstrual counseling” and “menses outreach”translate to radical feminist brainwashing and recruitment.

Now, the Indian government already has innumerable rural health schemes of all kinds, quite apart from the work of religious and secular charities.

So, the new, tax-subsidized, one-world government-backed, initiatives exist only to take tax-dollars and donations from Indian citizens on one hand and guilt-ridden Westerners on the other to fuel their parasitic existence.

It’s the most extraordinary chutzpah and immorality for the Crony-Corporate One-worlders (aka “international community”) to demand donations from ordinary people, crushed by the burden of taxes, the depreciation of their savings,  and the evisceration of their economies, all of which have been orchestrated by the very same people now trundling out Indian villages girls to pan-handle on their behalf.


As I wrote earlier, these “non-profits” have “for-profit” investors lined up for miles behind them.

A few clicks on the web-site of take us into the Byzantine world of Health NGOs’ and non-profits:

AZADI.COM has for its partners,


Deconstructing just two of these is enough to establish that the Menstrual Hot-line links back to the Globalists.


1.VILLGRO.COM has a web-site replete with globalist buzz-words (eco-system, thrive, sustainability – all of which are worthy enough in their own right, except that they are perpetually exploited to sell one-worldism.)

One of VILGRO’S initiatives is called “UNCONVENTION.”

“Unconvention” partners with

(among many other)

TIE (Indus Entrepreneurs), IIM- Ahmedabad, ASHA IMPACT (“Tampon” Gandhi’s family’s foundation), and the BRITISH COUNCIL..

These names represent the quintessence of academic respectability and knowledge-capital in the UK and India.


Azadi’s next partner is PATH.

PATH describes itself as “driving transformative innovations to save lives.”

Their slick website suggests why a single phone-call in India – capital of cheap cell-phones and free VOIP services – should need $8 bucks to back it up.

After all, a typical cell call in India might be a few cents and VOIP calls are often free.

A click on PATH’s “Executive Leadership” explains the high-cost:

PATH’S executives are all involved with the Centers of Disease Control or other initiatives of the US Govt, or with international health bodies like UNICEF, or with the Gates Foundation and its vaccine programs, or with Microsoft.


These ties suggest that the US Government and its corporate cronies, rather than some humble charity, is the ultimate beneficiary of the Menstrual Hot-line promoted by Asha Impact and its partners and advertised so slickly by Kiran “Tampon” Gandhi.

There is certain to be a surveillance angle to all this, considering that the current allegedly nationalistic Modi Government (with its suspicious courting of the Saudi government) is also pushing a gargantuan, privacy-shredding DNA profiling program onto the entire Indian sub-continent.


Steve Davis, President and CEO

“…CEO of internet pioneer and global digital media firm Corbis, director of social innovation for McKinsey & Company, and interim CEO of the Infectious Disease Research Institute. Earlier in his career, he practiced law at the international law firm of K&L Gates, with a focus on intellectual property.

Mr. Davis is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and holds a faculty appointment as a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He currently serves on the boards of InterAction and Global Partnerships and sits on several advisory groups, including the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Social Innovation, the Clinton Global Initiative’s Global Health Advisory Board, the Council on Foreign Relation’s Task Force on Non-Infectious Diseases, and Wellcome Trust’s Sustaining Health Dialogue. He previously has served on numerous corporate and nonprofit boards.”

(from his biography)

Amie Batson Chief Strategy Officer

“Ms. Batson’s 20-year career in global health includes positions with the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNICEF, and most recently, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), where she served as senior deputy assistant administrator for global health.

During her three-year appointment with USAID, Ms. Batson led the agency’s engagement in the President’s Global Health Initiative, represented the US government on the board of the GAVI Alliance, and led the US government team in coconvening the Child Survival Call to Action, which launched the global vision to end preventable child deaths.

Throughout her career in global health, Ms. Batson has been a leader in innovation. Her contributions to immunization and vaccine financing at the World Bank resulted in billions of dollars in new funding for global health and the vaccination of millions of children against polio, pneumonia, diarrhea, and other vaccine-preventable causes of death.”


Kathy Cahill
Vice President, International Development, and Interim Program Leader, India

“She is the senior partner and founder of AHISMA Group, a global health company focused on health systems strengthening, policy development, program assessment, and monitoring and evaluation of infectious and noncommunicable disease programs in low-resource settings.

Previously, Ms. Cahill served as our interim vice president for Public Health Impact. Before joining PATH in 2014, she served as deputy director of Integrated Health Solutions for Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as director for Policy, Planning, and Evaluation and division director for Immunization Service Delivery.”

David Fleming, Vice President, Public Health

“Dr. Fleming was director of Global Health Strategies at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, overseeing a grant portfolio of more than $1 billion in vaccine-preventable disease, nutrition, maternal and child health, leadership, emergency relief, community health programs, and human resources and health information. Dr. Fleming also served as deputy director at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Science and Public Health, and as deputy administrator of the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

Dr. Fleming currently serves on the boards of Global to Local Partnership and the Washington Global Health Alliance, both in Seattle, and the Trust for America’s Health in Washington, DC. He sits on the Advisory Committee to the director of the CDC and chairs the external advisory groups for the CDC’s Center for Global Health and its Office of State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support. His former global health board service includes Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN); the Health Metrics Network; and the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.”

David Kaslow, Vice President, Product Development

“Dr. Kaslow has more than 25 years of experience in vaccine research and development. Before joining PATH in 2012 as director of MVI’s work to drive the development of safe and effective vaccines against malaria, he held key advisory positions with MVI and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation related to malaria vaccines. Prior to that, he oversaw project leadership and management of Merck Research Laboratories’ vaccine pipeline and founded the Malaria Vaccine Development Unit at the National Institutes of Health.

As a basic research scientist, Dr. Kaslow completed the molecular cloning and characterization of several proteins involved in malaria parasite sexual development. He also has directed product development, including field studies, of several malaria vaccine candidates. Outside the malaria field, Dr. Kaslow has contributed to the vaccine application of tools originally developed for gene therapy.”

Michael Kollins, Chief Operating Officer

“During his 15-year career at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, he served in a variety of sales, product development, and management roles in Asia, Europe, and the United States, finishing his career in Hong Kong as the chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Asia.”

Daniel Laster, General Counsel

“….Microsoft Corporation and working in private practice at the law firms of Stokes Lawrence and Perkins Coie.

Mr. Laster has served on the boards of the YMCA Metrocenter of Seattle, ACLU of Washington, and the Digital Learning Commons.”

Mark Murray, Vice President, Global Engagement and Communications

“Mr. Murray served as press secretary, legislative director, and chief of staff to US Representative Don Bonker, who chaired the Foreign Affairs subcommittees on Human Rights and International Organizations and Trade and Economic Development. He also served as communications director, speechwriter, and deputy chief of staff to Seattle Mayor Norm Rice. Most recently, before joining PATH in 2015, he served in a number of senior communications roles at Microsoft, including citizenship communications, global public affairs communications, corporate digital channels, and international communications across more than 100 countries.”

Kathy O’Driscoll, Chief Human Resources Officer

“Before joining PATH, Ms. O’Driscoll was general manager for human resources in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business Group. As a key member of the group’s executive leadership team, she was responsible for HR strategy and service delivery for 10,000 employees in the United States, China, India, and Israel. Over her 20-year career at Microsoft, she held HR management positions in varied units, including Microsoft Global Operating Groups, where she supervised domestic HR teams and staff in Dublin, India, and Singapore.”

Olivia Polius, Chief Financial Officer

“Most recently, Ms. Polius served as deputy director of global program services at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where she managed a team responsible for implementing an innovative operating model that focused on creating greater strategic integration among the organization’s global programs.”




Bloomsbury’s Creed: Cheap Money & Cheap Morals

Nearly every ideology that has corrupted modern life, from the destruction of the economy by the uninhibited printing of money to the articulation of the one-world state, was propagated by a circle of intellectuals in late 19th – early 20th century Britain called the Bloomsbury Circle.

In his conservative classic,“Keynes at Harvard,” Zygmund Dobbs describes how  Bloomsbury master-minded every corrupt trend in the former colonies of the British empire.

Thereafter, their economic and moral enslavement would proceed apace, despite ostensible “independence,” without much serious opposition:

The works of Keynes, Lytton Strachey, and Bertrand Russell have been, and are today, required reading in almost every college and university in the United States and Canada.

[Note: There were other Bloomsbury icons, including Leonard and Virginia Wolf (literature and philosophy, structure of world government); Havelock Ellis (social psychology, public health);  G. E. Moore (philosophy, language); G.L. Dickinson (literary criticism); George Bernard Shaw (literature, cultural criticism); Walter Lippman (media, politics);John Dewey (philosophy, education), and many more.]

From “Keynes at Harvard”:

In the spring of 1905 Keynes and his lavender cohorts had been thrilled by a conference of Russian revolutionaries in London. British Fabians and Joseph Fels, an American soap manufacturer who was also a Fabian, had financed the Russian gathering and furnished them a hall in a Christian church. Key revolutionaries at this London conference included Nikolai Lenin, Leon Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin. The future slaughter of fifty million civilians, and the conquest of one-third of the earth’s surface. rested within the shelter of this gathering. Shivers of excitement rippled down the spines of the socialist homosexuals when they heard that Lenin had openly defended the slaughter of bank guards and stealing of bank funds for the bolshevik coffers. During this time Strachey wrote to one of his intimates: “At this moment Keynes is lying on a rug beside me.”

……..During March of 1917 he [Keynes] confided privately that he supported the bolshevik group among the Russian socialists after the overthrow of Czar Nicholas.

The seizure of power by the bolsheviks in November of 1917 elated Keynes and the rest of the Fabian coterie. At Leftist parties in London, Keynes and his fellow perverts celebrated by dressing in women’s clothes and performing lewd dances. He had as his consort an eighteen-year-old-boy who was ensconced as his assistant in the Treasury Department.

Just before the Bolshevik Revolution, Keynes had made a hurried trip to the United States for the British Government. Here he had a chance to make contact with the American Fabians who were similarly entrenched, via the Frankfurter-Lippmann group, in key positions of the Wilson Administration……

Keynes’ deviate socialist circle was almost completely pro-bolshevik. One month after the Revolution, J.M. Keynes wrote his mother”

“Well, the only course open to me is to be buoyantly bolshevik; and as I lie in bed in the morning I reflect with a good deal of satisfaction that, because our rulers are as incompetent as they are mad and wicked, one particular era of a particular kind of civilization is very nearly over.”

On February 22, 1918, Keynes proudly boasted of “being a bolshevik.” Yet the British Government blindly sent Keynes to the Versailles peace talks. There he joined forces with his Fabian American comrade, Walter Lippmann, who was among those representing the equally blind U.S. Government. The ensuing pro-bolshevik and anti-American machinations were largely responsible not only for laying the basis for continuing Red victories, but also for setting off the chain of events that eventually brought Hitler to power.

In 1919 Keynes authored The Economic Consequences Of The Peace, which was promptly acclaimed from Moscow by Nikolai Lenin, himself. The Red dictator declared: “Nowhere has the Versailles treaty been described so well as in the book by Keynes.” A special edition of The Economic Consequences was printed under the label of the Fabian Society; and, Frankfurter and Lippmann brought the manuscript to the United States and arranged with Harcourt and Brace to publish it here. The volume became required reading among American socialists and Communists.

However, Keynes’ value as a hidden Red was in danger. The Fabians had developed the posture of “respectability” to a fine art and the value of Keynes’ book as an “impartial work” was in jeopardy. With Keynes’ future usefulness in upper-class circles at stake, Lenin had personally come to the rescue. He pulled the classic Leftist double-twist, praising Keynes’ book as a model for Communist revolutionaries and at the same time covering for Keynes by labeling him as “anti-bolshevik.” Nikolai Lenin rose before the Second Congress of the Communist International and declared:

“I will quote another economic source which assumes particularly great significance, the British diplomat Keynes, the author of The Economic Consequences Of The Peace, who on the instructions of his government, took part in the Versailles peace negotiations, watched them directly from the purely bourgeois point of view, studied the subject step by step, and took part in the conference as an economist. He arrived at conclusions which are stronger, more striking and more instructive than any a Communist revolutionary could advance, because they are conclusions drawn by an acknowledged bourgeois….”

Thus was launched the career of Fabian leader Keynes as a “non-Leftist” and “non-Communist.” continued apace…..

[The Fabian socialists were preoccupied with ] sadistic beating of young boys, “compulsive pre-occupation with male reproductive and excretory organs” and voyages to the most depraved dens of perversion throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia.

The Fabian homosexual circle was incredibly successful in gaining influence and control in a wide area of activity. They staked out the entire British Empire and the United States as well. Lytton Strachey wrote to Keynes:

Oh dear me!, when will my heaven be realized? – My Castle in Spain? Rooms, you know, for you, Duncan and Swithin, as fixtures – Woolf of course, too, if we can lure him from Ceylon; and several suites for guests. Can you conceive anything more supreme! I should write tragedies; you would revolutionize political economy, Swithin would compose French poetry, Duncan would paint our portraits in every conceivable combination and permutation, and Woolf would criticize us and our works without remorse.”

This projection was incredibly prophetic. J. M. Keynes became the mastermind behind the economic structure of British and American socialism. Strachey was responsible for writing books that undermined the Christian ethic of the Nineteenth Century and set the tone for the pornographic and depraved literature of today. Leonard Woolf worked out the details of the socialist drive for World Government. He was not only the architect of the League of Nations but outlined the structure of the United Nations.

Others of this perverted group of Keynesians have set the tone in art, music, education, and religion. Today [1971], alas, even the President of the United States says: “I am now a Keynesian in economics.”

Draconian Kuwaiti DNA Law Sets Ominous Precedent

From July 2015 onward, all Kuwait residents (citizens and foreigners) must submit their DNA or risk up to seven years of jail. This draconian law casts a fearful shadow on the DNA bill now being considered by the Indian government.


Earlier this month, Kuwait enacted a law that makes DNA profiling of its citizens and foreign nationals living in the country mandatory. Anybody refusing to furnish their DNA for this database is liable to be jailed for up to seven years. This means all residents of Kuwait, including Indian workers living there, will have to give samples so that their DNA can be extracted and kept in government custody. To say the least, it is draconian.

Even before the news of Kuwait’s DNA profiling law sank, news has emerged about such a law in India. No, the Indian government is not emulating the Kuwaiti model, but only wants to make DNA profiles of criminals and suspects. The Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 is slated for introduction in the Indian Parliament during the current session. The full draft of the Bill is not currently in the public domain, but going by the details trickling from various sources (and information based on its earlier versions), it appears that the bill has clauses that violate privacy and leave room for potential misuse.”

Bertrand Russell: The Ghost Of Madness

John Hare, in, analyses the personality and personal history of the celebrated mathematician and anti-Christian philosopher, Bertrand Russell.

Russell’s Why I Am Not A Christian, is a favorite of  many atheists and anti-Christian Hindus.

Note: Most Hindus adhere to the mainstream Hindu tradition of  respect for Jesus as an avatar of God, even while they object to the aggressive conversion tactics and chauvinistic language of some missionaries.

But, as Hare writes, Ray Monk’s outstanding biography of the man, “Bertrand Russell: The Ghost Of Madness,” tears off the mask of genius to show  a deeply immoral, cruel, and mentally unstable man:

What keeps the reader fascinated is the unfolding of this double truth; that one of the century’s brightest, most influential thinkers seems to have been at the same time capable of appalling cruelty and moral blindness……..

Russell’s sense of the hereditary danger was confirmed by his own experience. An informal account of what we would now call a psychopathic personality is the disorder of someone who is amoral, who harbors great rage that he usually hides, who considers almost all others inferior, and who is a pathological liar. Monk gives us evidence of all of these traits in these first 49 years of Russell’s life. I am not trying to say here that Russell was a psychopath, but that he had evidence in his own life to make it reasonable for him to fear that he was predisposed to some such disorder.”

Salient excerpts from Hare’s review of the Monk biography reveal Russell’s moral monstrosity:

[Note: Beatrice Webb (referred to in the first line below) was the wife of Sidney Webb, and, along with him, was one of the founding members of the Fabian Society, which promoted Fabian socialism.

Fabian socialism was a gradualist approach to communism that was inflicted on former colonies, like India.

It had as its own goal the goal of the New World Order – population control through family planning and feminism and through the advocacy of income redistribution]

On Russell’s callous treatment of women (this from someone who championed women’s “liberation”):

Beatrice Webb, after a visit, put it this way, “[Russell] looks at the world from a pinnacle of detachment. What he lacks is sympathy and tolerance for other people’s emotions.” One of the most chilling examples of this trait is the story of Russell’s relationship with Helen Dudley, whom he met in America and persuaded to come to England to live with him. When she arrived, he discovered he was no longer in love with her and got rid of her, as a result of which she suffered a complete and permanent mental breakdown. In his Autobiography, Russell puts it this way: “I had relations with her from time to time . . . and I broke her heart.”

It is not just what Russell did that is chilling, but the fact that he talks about this and other such episodes as though they had happened to somebody else.”

On Russell’s murderous rages and seething hatred (this from a “humanitarian” and “pacifist”):

Russell’s desire to kill people was sometimes quite literal. Indeed, this was one of his fears about his heredity, because of the fate of his Uncle Willy, who had lost his memory and ended up in a workhouse infirmary. As in Plato’s example in the Republic, the police gave Uncle Willy back a knife he owned and with it he went on a murderous rampage. When institutionalized, he continued to be prone to apparently random attacks of rage and violence. Russell had moods in which he hated the whole human race. But he also had to fight against the desire to kill quite specific people, such as his friend Fitzgerald: “On one occasion, in an access of fury, I got my hands on his throat and started to strangle him. I intended to kill him, but when he began to grow livid, I relented. I do not think he knew that I intended murder.”

On Russell’s alienation from, and feelings of superiority to, ordinary people (this from a man who professed that his hatred of religion, especially of Christianity, was based on his love for human freedom):

When I am talking to an ordinary person,” Russell says, “I feel I am talking baby language, and it makes me lonely.” In prison because of his anti-war activities, he reports that “Life here is just like life on an Ocean Liner. One is cooped up with a number of average human beings, unable to escape except into one’s own stateroom.”

On Russell’s pathological lying (this from a philosopher who attacked religion for being based on something other than truth):

He seems to have been a pathological liar. This started very early, with his grandmother. He maintained the outward show of piety, while departing further and further from the Christian faith. It became, however, a recognizable pattern in all his relationships, even those he cared most about. “You simply don’t speak the truth,” said D. H. Lawrence to him. “You simply are not sincere.”

On Russell’s self-loathing, expressed in hatred for  Christianity (the religion of his upbringing), alienation from his own emotions, and constant alternation between rage and guilt (this from someone who claimed to be completely rational):

Later, the sense of sin keeps recurring, as a kind of self-hatred………

..On another occasion Russell found himself on his knees in a church in Verona, praying for strength to subdue his instincts. He does not associate either experience explicitly with God, but what strikes this reader is the echoes of Russell’s grandmother’s piety, which was also a religion of love, duty, and suffering.

A Christian can see these experiences as God trying to break through, as the untiring chase by the hound of heaven. But Russell himself could not interpret them that way, or at least he could not do so for long. My hypothesis about why he could not do so is the one I gave earlier. The experience of God’s presence and his own failure was just too painful for him, and the pain was too close to his fear of madness. One response was the retreat to the surface and to disengagement.”


Topless, Free-bleeding “Activism”: Ads For Porn

The plethora of videos and photos celebrating “topless’ activism (by FemenPussy Riot, and other groups); the sudden trend of breast-feeding in public; and, lately, images of menstruation are not “activism,” although that is the pretext used by the media to inundate the public with such imagery.

Both lactation and menstruation are niche categories of porn, according to this article at Alternet.

The Western ruling class is heavily invested in pornography, which is a 97 billion dollar business, but in urgent need of diversification to survive.

Revenue from traditional porn films has been shrinking, though, because of piracy and an abundance of free content on the Internet.

“DVD sales are barely alive at this point,” says Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid, one of the industry’s largest and best-known studios. “We’ve seen probably an 80 percent reduction in sales over the past five years—to the point where fairly soon it’s not going to make sense to put movies out on DVD. It’s not going to happen tomorrow, but we are certainly marching towards that day.”

One way to diversify and expand the porn market is to saturate normal, day-time news with raunchy images and discussion that previously would have been confined to explicitly x-rated shows or specific channels.

The public is being conditioned to accept porn as “normal” and acceptable.

There is another angle.

Now that gay marriage is a done deal, social engineering must move onto the next step.

Consider why TV anchor Brian Williams could state publicly that he had no problem watching his daughter “perform” simulated anal sex on a studio set, in person.

Consider why the media is filled with images of Kiran Gandhi’s parents smiling cheerfully and posing for photos with their blood-stained daughter.

These are instruction manuals for us.

These images also prepare the public mind for an imminent normalizing and legalizing of incest.


Why Bertrand Russell Was Not A Christian



This post should be understood in the context of my other writings in and around this subject.

Clearly, Bertrand Russell was a Christian in upbringing, as were his ancestors for generations.

Clearly, there is nothing in Torah-based Judaism per se which supports the kinds of positions he took in his life. Russell’s liberal/libertine and atheistic views have nothing in common with either Christian or Jewish orthodoxy. However, central tenets of modernist ideology (by modern, I mean the schools of thought arising out of Darwinian Evolution theory, Freudian psychology and the psycho-social theories associated with the Frankfurt school) were formulated by people whose descent was ethnic Jewish (in the sense in which that term is employed today).

In doing so in no way am I suggesting a biological/genetic component to this ideology of modernism.

I am suggesting instead that biology explains the phenomenon of the converso, who retains ancestral traditions and beliefs, regardless of the conversion.

I am suggesting that a tradition of hostility to the establishment and explicit espousal of revolutionary socio-economic schemes and libertine theories, colors the converso’s new-found faith and renders it only a variant of his old faith, which he, perhaps unconsciously, continues to propagate.

Put more bluntly, Russell could well have been a Sabbatean Frankist (a kabbalist) in everything but name.

Please read the original post by scrolling down below the two updates.

The substance of this post is that the celebrated mathematician Bertrand Russell, who wrote perhaps the most popular denunciation of Christianity, was a cold, cruel and deeply immoral individual in his personal life.

A recent book has also shown that he came from a family-line with a high degree of insanity and psychopathy.

That same line funded the Tavistock Institute and was notable for the propagation of sexual libertinism and population control, twin pillars of the New World Order.

Update 2:

In “Black Terror, White Soldiers,” David Livingstone has the following:

MK-Ultra, the CIA’s infamous “mind control” program, was an extension of the behavior control research conducted by the Tavistock Institute. Formed at Oxford University, London, in 1920 by the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), a sister organization to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) created by the Round Table, the Tavistock Clinic became the Psychiatric Division of the British Army during World War II.[1] The clinic took its name from its benefactor Herbrand Russell, Marquees of Tavistock, 11th Duke of Bedford.

The Dukes of Bedford was the title inherited by the influential Russell family, one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Britain who came to power and the peerage with the rise of the Tudor dynasty.

Herbrand Russell and arch-conspirator Bertrand Russell shared the same great grandfather, John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford. Bertrand Russell was descended from John Russell’s third son, Bertrand’s grandfather, John Russell, 1st Earl Russell, who served twice as Prime Minister of the England in the 1840s and 1860s.

Herbrand Russell’s son, Hastings Russell, Lord Tavistock, the 12th Duke of Bedford, went on to become patron of the British Peoples Party, a far-right political party founded in 1939 and led by ex-members of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. It was he whom Rudolf Hess flew to England to contact about ending World War II.

The basis of the project of the Tavistock Institute was explained by Round Tabler, Lord Bertrand Russell, who is considered one of the founders of analytic philosophy along with his predecessor Gottlob Frege and his protégé Ludwig Wittgenstein, and is widely held to be one of the twentieth century’s premier logicians.

Russell offered a revealing glimpse into Frankfurt School’s mass social engineering efforts, in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society:

 I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology… Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called “education.” Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part…. It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

…Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.[2]


The author of numberless anti-Christian statements, toward the end of his life, Bertrand Russell attempted to blunt the force of his singular attack on Christianity by including Hinduism, Confucianism, and other religions, in his criticism.

Notably, he did not include Judaism.

There are two explanations for this: either Russell was aware of the ruling class whose interests he served and feared reprisal, or he actually supported the goals of the ruling class.

The second seems more likely, when one researches Russell’s history.

He came from an aristocratic family line – the Dukes of Bedford – with a long history of subversive activity and “progressive” ideals (women’s liberation, birth-control, free love etc.).

The name Russell/Russel is said to derive from the word “rous.”

Rous was originally a nick-name for a person with red hair and derived from an Old French word for red.

The nick-name might have arisen from the supposed red hair of the Norman conquerors of England.

[Coincidentally, note the following:

1. The “Red Jews” were part of a legendary Jewish nation that can be found in vernacular literature in Germany upto the 1600’s. They were said to be an existential threat to Christendom and were associated with  Gog and Magog who are released in the end-times in the Bible.

2. The name Rothschild is derived from the German for Red Shield.]

A description of the origin of the Russell/Russel clan in Scotland can be found at Wikipedia, which identifies Bertrand Russell as the descendant of one Rufus (which is an alternative name for Russell).

Rufus is a popular Jewish name.

Bertrand Russell was thus apparently of Jewish/crypto-Jewish descent (using the word Jew here in the modern sense to refer to the people known as Ashkenazim).

That might explain how his advocacy of the goals of the NWO became so popular.

It might also explain his anti-Christian animus.


Bertrand Russell, the mathematician, philosopher and activist, has had a great deal of popularity among atheists and among anti-Christian Hindus in India, because of a book he wrote attacking Christianity, “Why I Am Not a Christian.”

Russell’s stature as a “peace activist” is such that he is accorded a pass on what it is he actually advocated.

I urge Hindus and atheists who take Russell’s critiques at face-value to delve into the motivations of the man who wrote it.

A closer look shows a deceptive and unsavory supporter of  the key goals of the New World Order.

  1. Russell was a Fabian Socialist from his college days at Cambridge onward. He is thus associated with the pernicious system of thought responsible for the “stealth communism” that has destroyed most of  India’s social and economic fiber.
  2. Even though he was aligned with pacifists in theory, in practice he was in favor of violence, if it was in the cause of overthrowing what he considered unjust governments. Thus, he supported the communist revolution in Russia, but, after its conclusion, distanced himself from it.
  3. He claimed to have held refined views on human relations, but the facts of his own life are at odds with his claims: he betrayed his first wife for a succession of wives and paramours, although his wife continued to be devoted to him to her death; he seduced the bride of the great Christian poet, T.S. Eliot, before her wedding, contributing to the destruction of the marriage. A bi-sexual and an outspoken advocate of “free love” his “consensual cuckolding,” enabled by wife, Dora, created an unstable home for his children that exacerbated the latent insanity in the family leading to more than one case of insanity and suicide.

Russell’s political positions were far from purely humanitarian and seem to have been articulated ultimately for the benefit of the New Order coming into being.

In “Bertrand Russell, Prophet Of The New World Order,” David Peterson writes:

Bertrand lost both father and mother at a very early age. In his sixth year he was placed in the home of his elderly grandmother. In his autobiography Russell complains bitterly about the stifling tyranny and repression he endured while living in her home. Unlike his older brother who rebelled and left home, little Bertie remained her pet, never openly defying his granny. He said he developed an overwhelming rage which, to keep the peace at home, he completely suppressed during his childhood. Whether his grandmother did him any harm is hard to say; however, there is no doubt he developed some serious psychological problems. In his autobiography he speaks about his plan to commit suicide as an adolescent, a plan, which was abandoned when he realized it would mean never learning any more mathematics. Despite his great intellect he displayed the personality of an iconoclast and a misanthrope all his life. The primary motivation of Russell’s intellectual effort was the removal of cultural repression, which he attributed to traditional religion. He set his mind to the task of eliminating the influence of Christianity on Western culture.

Here is a passage from a letter Russell sent to his friend Gilbert Murray, which gives some insight into his tumultuous state of mind as a young man: “I have been merely oppressed by the weariness, tedium and vanity of things lately, nothing seems worth doing or having done. The only thing that I strongly feel worthwhile would be to murder as many people as possible so as to diminish the amount of consciousness in the world.”

Sexual obsession and lust were a dominant force throughout Russell’s life and underpinned his public advocacy of population reduction and birth control. Lady Ottoline Morrell, Bertrand’s longtime lover and confidante, was the wife of Phillip Morrell. Russell was a notorious libertine whose multiple marriages never prevented him from satisfying his momentary lusts with whomever was at hand and willing. Russell carried out a long series of such affairs after he walked out on his first wife, Alys. With characteristic bluntness, he explained that he left his despondent young wife because he was “bored and disgusted with her.” We could say that, all in all, Bertrand Russell devoted his life to eradicating what is known as the moral order. Nietzsche had pronounced in his writings that “God is dead” and firmly held that the ethical norms taught by Jesus Christ had emasculated the human race. It was Russell who took Nietzsche’s call for the “transvaluation of all values” (reversing the Judeo-Christian moral order) and lent to that project his respectable credentials as a modern scientific thinker.”

At one time or other, Russell became a highly effective public advocate of the pillars of the New World Order – sexual libertinism (the destruction of the family unit, social control through psychology and addiction to drugs, a one-world government, and population control.

Russell’s population-control, like Sanger’s, was an outgrowth of his own eugenecist and racist ideas.

David Peterson:

He was alarmed about the higher fertility of nonwhite women and he demanded that the Asian and black birthrate be drastically curtailed. Otherwise, he felt his own breed (whites) would be overwhelmed, resulting in chaos and disaster. His view on population was made clear in his Prospects for Industrial Civilization: “Population [must be] stationary or nearly so…. The White population of the world will soon cease to increase. The Asiatic races will be longer, and the Negroes still longer, before their birth rate falls sufficiently to make their numbers stable without the help of war and pestilence…. Until that happens…the less prolific races will have to defend themselves against the more prolific….”

Advocating what is now know as Zero Population Growth, Russell wrote:

If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors would be free to procreate freely without making the world too full.” Russell went on, “this state of affairs may be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.”

As for Russell’s pacifism, David Peterson has the following:

During World War I, Russell described himself as a pacifist and was jailed in England for his antiwar speeches. Later his reputation as “peace maker of his generation” suffered severe damage when, in the early years of the Cold War, Russell signed on as an avid backer of the so-called Baruch Plan. The proposal was billed as a peace offer to the Russians but it might be better described as a bomb hidden in a CARE package. Under the plan, Stalin would be given an ultimatum: the Soviets could join an international peace agency and forgo developing an H-bomb; but if they refused, Moscow and the other major Russian population centers would be instantly obliterated by a nuclear bombardment.

In his defense, Russell told a BBC interviewer, “I thought the Russians would give way but you can’t threaten unless you’re prepared to have your bluff called.” Certainly this English aristocrat and intellectual was not the only voice that could be heard recommending a pre-emptive nuclear attack against the Soviets, but he was by far the most prominent “pacifist” to do so. Some years later when he was faced with the publication in a New York newspaper of the charge that he had “decided that it would be good morals and good politics to start dropping bombs on Moscow,” Russell contracted a convenient case of amnesia and vehemently denied that he had ever countenanced any such thing.

By the opening of the inaugural meeting of the Pugwash Conference in 1957, Cold War Realpolitik had changed considerably and the Baruch Plan was buried. Russian scientists had developed a Soviet version of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and just as suddenly Russell experienced a change of heart. Miraculously, his former mortal enemies, the Soviets, were now his partners in world peace! Anti-Communism had dissolved in favor of Russell’s new crusade for world peace and nuclear disarmament. Pugwash proposals were imbued with the ideology of the British Fabian Society, calling for a world government (made up of the world’s elites) to enforce a global peace. The plan called for NATO and the Warsaw Pact to be partners in halting the spread of nuclear weapons. The Pugwash Plan, however, went far beyond megatonnage and delivery systems. All nuclear energy and technology were to be centralized in the hands of the existing nuclear states–America, Britain, and Russia.

The antinuclear weapons campaign allowed Russell and his circle to accomplish two of their most important cultural objectives. The first was establishing a command and control center for one-world government. The second was creating a radical ecological movement that was hostile to technology and industrial progress. Pugwash propaganda skillfully equated “nuclear warfare” with “industrialism and technology.” The three terms were linked together and branded as the characteristic “evils of modern capitalism,” three evils which would soon annihilate us, either by nuclear war, by uncontrolled pollution, or by the depletion of our “fixed” resources. Only the Pugwash planners — with the “peace-loving” Soviets as their partners — had the solution. World leaders had to come to their senses and submit to a world government or all humanity was doomed!

Many of the Pugwash initiatives became the bedrock beliefs of Zero Population Growth and the radical ecology movements. The same ideology was disseminated in Western media channels and financed by the donations of hundreds of wealthy corporations, think tanks, and foundations. Much of this philanthropy is subsidized by having tax-free status — which means in effect it is paid in part by U.S. taxpayers.”

Female Privilege Check-List


I’ve been waiting a long time to say this….Check your privilege,feminists!

As a response to the feminist “Male Privilege Checklist” I’m going to codify the privileges that most if not all females enjoy.

1. From an early age the opposite sex will be instructed never to hit me but I may not be given the same instructions. However, should I strike males I can expect not to be hit back and any social penalties that occur from my actions will actually fall on the male.

2. If I’m not smart, but pretty, I can marry and achieve the social and financial level of my husband without ever working.

3. I can produce offspring. A status which grants me an “essential” status in our species that men can never have and which can never be taken away from me even in old age.

4. Regardless of my mate value society has organized fertility clinics and social welfare programs that will allow me to have children and provide for them should I choose to reproduce without a mate or marriage.

5. I not only have the more valuable and sought after sexual identity, but I also have complete control over my reproductive choice and in many ways over the reproductive choice of the opposite sex.

6. At any time I can abandon my parental responsibilities with little or no social stigma and hand the child over to the state or abort the pregnancy. A male could never relieve himself of this burden unless I allow him to.

7. I am granted all the rights of a democracy without any of the burdens of military service.

8. At age 18 I lose the protective status of the child but retain the protective status of the female. Boys at age 18 lose the protected status of the child and become targets if they fail to gain status after that point.

9. When I marry a man with status I can take his name and become whoever he has spent years becoming. I need not do anything special to be worthy of receiving the reputation he has built. However, if I wish to keep my own name I can do so. Should my husband feel the sting of this insult I can simply call him a sexist for it.

10. People will help me more when I’m in need and I will receive no social penalty or stigma for it.

11. When I’m on a date things will be paid for me.

12. When I search for employment I can choose jobs which I think are fulfilling without concern of whether they provide a “family” wage.

13. I can discriminate against the opposite sex ruthlessly without social penalty.

14. If I marry and quit my job and enjoy a leisurely life with light housework and then later divorce I will be given half of the marital assets.

15. If I commit a crime and am convicted I will get a sentencing “discount” because of my gender. If I am very pretty it will increase my discount.

16. If I am a partner in crime with a man I will likely be charged with lesser crimes even though I committed the same crimes even if I was the ringleader.

17. I have the option to be outraged if my husband asks me if my behavior is due to PMS and later on use PMS as a successful legal defense for murdering that same husband.

18. At age 18 I will not be forced to register for Selective Service and will not be penalized for failing to do so.

19. At a time of war I will never be drafted and ripped from my employment, home, and family and forced to become a military slave.

20. My feelings are more important than men’s lives. Every precaution will be made to protect me from harassment at work. However, males will make up nearly %100 of workplace fatalities.

21. My gender controls 80% of domestic spending. We get to spend our money if we have any and we get to spend men’s money.

22. The majority of luxury apparel is designed, marketed to, and consumed by women.

23. Seven times as much jewelry will be purchased by or for me than by or for men.

24. I have a department of women’s health whereas men have no such department.

25. My gender enjoys more government spending on health than males do.

26. My gender consumes the lioness’ share of entitlement programs while men contribute the lion’s share of taxes.

27. If I rape or molest a child I can expect lighter treatment in court and afterwards receive less social stigma. What’s more, should I become pregnant, I can sue my victim for child support when he finally turns 18.

28. When I divorce my husband I will be guaranteed custody of my children unless I am deemed to be unfit. Even if my husband is “Parent of the Year” 10 years running it is unlikely he will get custody over me even if I am a mediocre parent.

29. When I divorce I can use false accusations of domestic violence, sexual molestation of the children or abuse of the children to gain advantage during court proceedings. If I am found out to be a liar I can expect to get away with it.

30. If a man calls me a slut it will probably hurt his reputation more than it hurts mine, but at any rate the damage will be small and localized. However, if I call him a child molester or claim that he raped me I can destroy him completely and the damage may be nationwide.

31. If I fail at my career I can blame the male dominated society.

32. I may have the luxury of staying home and being a housewife but if my sister’s husband does the same thing I’m likely to call him a deadbeat loser and tell her to leave him.

33. If I “choose” to join the military; the best military occupations providing the most lucrative civilian training will be reserved for me. I will be kept away from the fighting as much as possible to the point that I will be thirty times less likely to be killed in a war zone than my male counterparts. I will be given equal pay for less risk. I will never have to consider the fact that by joining the military and getting a plumb assignment I automatically forced a male out of that position and into a combat role that may cost him his life.

34. If a male soldier injures himself before a deployment he can be arrested and court marshaled for it. If I deliberately get pregnant before a deployment or even during a deployment I will be reassigned and or taken out of a war zone and I will receive no penalty for it.

35. My gender watches more television in every hour of every day than any other group. This along with the fact that women control %80 of domestic spending means that most television shows and advertisement are designed to appeal to me.

36. I can wear masculine clothing if it pleases me however men cannot wear feminine clothing without social penalty.

37. Not only is there a wealth of clothing choices designed for me but it is likely that I will be able to afford or have them provided for me.

38. I can claim that a wage gap exists and that it is the fault of sexism while simultaneously seeking employment without considering income as a priority. I will probably choose my job based on satisfaction, flexibility of hours, and working conditions and then expect to make as much as the males working nights, out in the rain and cold or working overtime.

39. I can be bigoted or sexist against males without social penalty.

40. If I make a false claim of rape against a male in an act of revenge or in order to cover up my own scandalous behavior I may well succeed at both and he may spend years in prison. If I am found out it is unlikely I will be charged, convicted, or serve any time at all.

41. If I abuse my husband and physically assault him and the police arrive it is almost guaranteed he will go to jail.

42. If I am in an abusive relationship there are a multitude of social organizations to help me get away from him. There are few for men in the same position even though women initiate the majority of DV and even though men are hospitalized %30 of the time.

FPC Part 1

43. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency that requires evacuation I can expect to be evacuated before males. This includes male doctors, humanitarians, politicians, captains of industry, billionaires, and religious leaders. I will receive no social penalty if all of those people died because I was evacuated first. However, should they manage to get evacuated before women and those women died they will all suffer a social penalty.

44. If someone is attacking a person on the street I have no obligation to assist them and I will receive no social penalty if I do nothing.

45. If someone is harming my children and I run away and ask someone else to help I will receive no social penalty for my cowardice.

46. I’m immune to cognitive dissonance.

47. I may denounce the concept of a dowry, however, I still expect a man to give me an engagement ring when he asks me to marry him.

48. I expect a man to ask me to marry me and suffer the potential risk of rejection.

49. If I lie it’s because I’m a victim of a male dominated society forced into difficult circumstances and not because I’m a bad person.

50. If my boyfriend sabotages a condom he can pay me child support for the next 20 years. If I secretly don’t take my birth control my boyfriend can pay me child support for the next 20 years.”

Read the other 50 items at Men’

Cool Roofs: Lime-wash Or Heat Reflective Coating?

From, an inexpensive lime-wash mixed with fevicol cools roofs by 5 degrees centrigrade.

My friend Dr. S.P. Periaswamy and I explored several options to reduce the heat in our house. Many options like the sun-reflective white paints were very expensive. After a long search on the Internet and several enquiries with paint companies, we found a cost-effective option for painting our roof white – the finely ground (microfine) lime powder. It is sold by commercial names like Janata Cool or Summer Cool. I bought the Janata Cool sold in 5-kg bags with a small packet of translucent crystal inside. The instruction says it has to be dissolved in 9 liters of water, further adding the lime powder and mixing it well, and leaving to dissolve for 10 minutes.

We used the following procedure:

We took 8 liters of water, dissolved the packet of crystals in it, added 500 ml of Fevicol (adhesive) and then mixed in it the 5 kg of lime powder well.

We let it for 10 minutes, then mixed the solution well and painted the roof with a wide brush. It covered about 600 square feet (60 square meters) of roof surface. We have to paint the roof either early in the morning (06:00 to 10:00 am) or in the evening (04:00 to 08:00 pm) to avoid inhaling the pungent fumes that emanate from the solution when exposed to direct sunlight and high temperature. You can water the painted surface 12 h later for curing.  A second coating is applied 24 hours after the first application. We can water the painted roof for 3-4 times in two days for proper curing. After drying, we can see the bright white roof. We use the solar panels to get solar power for our home use.

We measured the temperature inside the house before and after painting the roof white with the lime powder: 35 oC  before and 30 oC after painting the roof white, a reduction of 5 oC in room temperature, under Coimbatore conditions (16-17 April 2013). We can now comfortably sleep in the bedroom with a fan only in the night. We have avoided the use of AC even during the peak of this summer, with a simple solution like painting the roof white with lime. The cost in Indian Rupees (Rs) of lime painting for 600 square feet (60 square meters) of roof surface is as follows:

Ingredients         Price (in INR)
Janata Cool lime powder (two bags 5 kg each) 360 (180X2)
Fevicol Adhesive(one litre)   80
Labour Charges 500
TOTAL 940 per 60 Square Meter

You can also use this simple solution to beat the heat this summer at an affordable cost.


The coating of lime solution mixed with fevicol adhesive will last 3+ years on sloping roof and 2-3 years on flat roof, if there is not too much trampling. If you walk over lime-coated terrace every day for drying clothes, etc., you may have to lime-coat the terrace once in two years. Alternatively, you can place a wooden plank on the terrace to walk over and dry the clothes or do other activities. Minimum trampling will keep the lime coating for longer.

Unlike some of the enamel paints that will come off like flakes, lime coating will not peel off (especially if the surface is a bit rough before lime coating). It is better to keep the lime-coated surface clean by periodic sweeping with a smooth broom (It is easy to clean with a smooth broom). The maximum you may need is an annual lime coating to get maximum reflection of the sunlight and thus an effective cooling of the rooms inside the building……”

[Further details on costs, materials and suppliers can be found at the link]

In the UAE, scientists are recommending the use of a reflective paint developed by Watergy International Group which reduces temperatures by 20%, they claim.

But at one contributor claims that lime-wash doesn’t do much and passes on a suggestion from a civil engineer:

I had the same problem and was trying to find a solution to this few months back. If you are living in the top floor, the best way is to use a heat reflective coating. I live in Bangalore and it gets around36C during noon and my home used to get too hot. Thermometer in my room used to read1C-2C higher than outside temperature always. Roof does not cool soon and it stars radiating the heat to lower floors when the outer temperature drops. Due to this, even during night, my room temperature usedto be around30C when it was25C outside. It was almost impossible to stay inside home during noon even after having good ventilation. One of my friend who is a Civil engineer and is working in a constriction company told me many of the common techniques like lime wash and growing plants are not much effective as they do not cover whole of your roof.The idea is to cover your roof with something so that it does not absorb any heat at all. He suggested me to use something called as Heat Reflective Coating(Insulative paint) and it worked wonders. It was the cheapest solution I found (Costed me around 4.5k Rs). There are many companies out there who has these products like Fosroc, Pidilite, Monarchindia, etc. I got one from ebay India and applied it on my roof. To my surprise, my home temperature dropped to 29C-30C during noon when it was 36C-37C outside. Fan was more than enough for cooling and this saved me lot of money as I had earlier though of investing in multiple AC’s in the house. Before applying the coating, I was able to feel the heat on the roof while walking during evening. After applying it, it is literally cool even during noon. Heat Reflective Coating are mainly used in industries and are not well known or marketed. I fell these can be used for cooling house roofs as well.”

Proof That Free-Bleed Marathon Was A Stunt

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1. The Kotex-Industrial Complex I Another Indian Stooge

2. The Kotex-Industrial Complex II

3. The Dynamics Of the Humanitarian-NGO Racket

1. Kiran Gandhi claims that she ran the marathon without a tampon to bring awareness to her “sisters” in poor countries who have no access to tampons.

But there are no links to any charities or organizations that supply tampons to the poor on her web-site. If she really did it for the poor, wouldn’t she have a link on her site?

2. The only organization that is mentioned by Gandhi is THINX. Thinx is a private company created by her friend, Miki Agrawal, a serial entrepreneur, who has a book accompanying it.

Forbes and major media have given a lot of play to Thinx, which doesn’t happen to your usual drum-playing recent Harvard MBA.

The title of the Forbes piece is a give-away.

It runs, “Can these panties disrupt the $15 billion feminine-hygiene market?”

The word ‘DISRUPT’  is a favorite with the NWO ruling elites. You will see it repeated often. Sometimes these words are used innocently by people unaware of their potency. But when the word “disrupt” comes with the backing of Forbes and front groups for the Royal family, you can label it a ruling-class meme.

Gandhi is in the music business (she is a professional drummer).  Gandhi’s mother and father are prominent figures in international financial and NGO circles. Thinx and the Gandhi family’s philanthropy, Asha Impact,   are both involved with AfriPads, a tampon distribution outfit in Africa.

The “free-bleed” stunt is a way to push THINX and its related companies and to allow the Gandhi family foundation (which is a front for Rothschild interests, as I have shown above) to profit.

3. The extensive coverage of menstruation in the major media in the past year is proof that the Western ruling elite is seeking to enter the lucrative feminine hygiene market. Compare this to the high number of Indian beauty queens who cropped up at international levels in the 1990s, when the Western ruling elite was entering the Indian luxury goods market.

4. Photos of Kiran Gandhi at a TED talk show that she is already a voice for the ruling elites. TED talks are a prominent elite venue. She is promoting “Atomic living,” which is another way of talking about synchronicity, the notion of “finding your bliss” by “going with the flow” (notice the pun) of events.  Those are major New Age/New World Order themes. They are rehashed Hinduism, omitting the moral and traditional content.

5. The dark patch on Kiran Gandhi’s track-suit was amazingly small for 4 hours of bleeding during exhausting physical effort. It is also amazingly neat. I didn’t see any streaks and runs. How do we know that Gandhi actually had a period at this time?

6. If her point was that having to wear tampons to avoid being a mess in public is oppressive of female agency, then why did she shave her arm-pits when she ran? Let it all hang out.

7. Is training for a marathon for a year the best way to spend your time, if female hygiene in the third-world is really your passion?

8.  Isn’t the most likely result of this stunt that more people will look at ordinary Indian women abroad as disgusting and unhygienic, adding to other attacks on them (partially accurate) on the Internet that have garnered a lot of attention?

9. Isn’t Gandhi speaking for women who would most likely find her behavior repellent themselves?

10. Isn’t Gandhi slandering poor women, who do NOT walk around with blood running all over them? Most poor women use and reuse rags, or use straw, leaves, sand, or ash, or simply lie down for a few days, out of public sight. Rather than representing them, Gandhi is misrepresenting them.

This Bloomberg article, which is also pushing the menstrual meme, gives the game away in a paragraph toward the end. An Indian specialist states that it is the lack of WATER that is the problem in menstrual hygiene, not the lack of things to staunch the flow.

11. In countries, where public hygiene is a serious problem, Gandhi’s message is actually a horrible one.

She’s saying that you can do in public anything you want, regardless of how unsanitary, offensive, or inconvenient it is for everyone else.

Does a country like India or Indonesia, with so many people defecating outside the house, really need this message?

Even in the West, more and more people feel it is OK to litter, spit, breast-feed, pull down their pants, and go topless in public. Reality shows and media are saturated with vulgar exhibitionism. Doesn’t Gandhi just add one more chunk of degradation?

12. With all those appeals to “sister-hood,” what is the real message? Women already receive the larger part of public funding of health in India and the West. Yet, men are ignored when it comes to public health campaigns.

[Note: I  don’t think the tax-payer should be funding health-care at all. Let private companies compete freely, without any subsidies.]

Consider that the first person to develop a cost-effective tampon for the Indian market was a man. That man was shunted aside so that the Indian government and foreign corporations and NGOs could enter the hygiene market with a program of “free” tampons for poor Indian women. The tampons are actually purchased at above-market rates from Western companies, and the government then distributes them through Western NGOs to the poor. That means, the Indian tax-payer is actually paying Western companies to undercut local Indian businesses for a sham humanitarian venture that actually puts money in the pockets of the ruling class (see links above).

13. Kiran Gandhi has written publicly that she is interested in pornography.

? You know, we’ll just talk about things that matter to me, for example, like feminism and pornography and just like weird things that I like and just kinda see where they’re at with it. I live for these conversations.

Her website (which I won’t link) contains a video, which she says was made to empower women who are terrified by men exposing themselves in public. Her idea of empowerment is making a porn video of the subject. This connects her to the menstrual porn that is being distributed by the CIA, via so-called anti-Islamicist activists affiliated to Pussy Riot.

These supposed acts of disruption are actually advertisement for new genres of pornography.

That link is very clear from reading through Gandhi’s website and from the interview cited in the link above.

That interview ends this way:

So, if I were a piece of art, I would want it to be some sort of gender-funk performance art that make people question the way they view their own world.”

[Of course, there was no “gender-funk” in the optics of the London Marathon. Kiran Gandhi SHAVED her arm-pits, like any other woman subject to traditional beauty norms, Western or Eastern.]

As for the interviewer, if this is the kind of individual being sent to man the guns of gender war in India, god help that country.

Medha is currently a student at Bryn Mawr College studying things like Health, Policy, Sexuality, and South Asia. She spends her free time getting inspired by other brown womyn and dabbling with music. In the near future, she hopes to be working in the Public Health field with a focus on violence against women in India.”

These are the brain-washed tools of elite university campuses who function as the thought-control agents and enforcers of the crippling ideology of modern feminism, the twin-sister of communism.


The Dynamics Of The Humanitarian NGO Racket

I want to expose the actual dynamics at work below the surface of “activism” and “social justice.” [I will add links later.]


The UN and establishment Western non-governmental agencies (aka “international community”), with heavy ties to the Western corporate world and to politicized religious bodies, intervene as HUMANITARIAN ADVISERS in the policies of developing countries (in this case, India), telling them they need a FREE PROGRAM FOR THE POOR or a CRISIS will ensue.




Vulnerable members of the Indian government are either BRIBED or PRESSURED with POLITICAL/ECONOMIC THREATS to go along with the WESTERN PROGRAM. If they are reluctant,  a NEGATIVE MEDIA CAMPAIGN is launched to DEMONIZE India, and POLARIZE it, using SHILLS from the country as spokesmen. A TWITTER MOB is created to enlist support from young people who do not know they are being used. The tools are promoted and rewarded.




The Indian government succumbs and agrees to the program. Immediately, LOBBIES from politically-connected corporations descend, BRIBES/KICK-BACKS are given to CORRUPT OFFICIALS, and the BID IS RIGGED.   Local companies offering the same product at much lower rates are ignored. The Indian tax-payer is FORCED TO SUBSIDIZE corrupt Western corporations at his own expense.  The Western media sensationalizes the CORRUPTION of the Indian government, while ignoring the CORRUPTION OF ITS OWN CORPORATIONS AND NGO’s.



The Indian government then hands out free products to the poor in India, creating a DEPENDENT CLASS and a new VOTE-BANK. The CORRUPT INDIAN POLITICIANS and the CORRUPT WESTERN CORPORATIONS then pat themselves on the back. In the Western media, this is trumpeted as HUMANITARIAN AID funded by the Western NGOs who hand out the freebies, when it is actually AID GIVEN BY THE INDIAN TAX-PAYER TO THE WESTERN CORPORATIONS and NGOs.

Meanwhile, Indian small-businesses that could supply the same need un-subsidized, cost-effectively, and locally are destroyed. Only big businesses with political connections can survive this subsidized competition. Only large corporations can afford to pay for new workers. Enclaves of corporate employment are created in a sea of unemployment.



Western corporate media then sensationalizes this situation as the result of INDIAN BUREAUCRACY and demands further INTERVENTION leading to further PRIVATE-PUBLIC partnerships and further subsidies to Western corporations from the Indian tax-payer.

The NGOs are FRONTED by wealthy cosmopolitan Indians, with strong ties to Western governmental and ruling class interests, which are concealed through philanthropic foundations and charities. The greater part of the money earned goes to the “stake-holders” and administrators’ salaries. With IMPACT INVESTING, the interests are even more clearly private.

The media, owned by corporations, acts as an advertising arm using the humanitarian angle as a marketing tool. What needs are met are met not from the pockets of the investors, but from those of the developing country’s tax-payers and the government’s budget. That means there is no government money left for services to the developing country’s tax-payer. The Western media that is actually RESPONSIBLE for this situation then hypocritically trumpets this as another FAILURE of the Indian government. This becomes the launch-pad for FURTHER INTERVENTION, either “HUMANITARIAN,” or when the country has served its purpose as  a MILCH-COW for the West, for a MILITARY INTERVENTION.




London Olympics Winner Berates Kiran Gandhi

Note: Since I posted this, I’ve read that the article is a satire put in the mouth of the winner, who didn’t actually write anything addressed to Kiran Gandhi. Will check on the source.

The winner of the London Olympics has some tart words for Kiran Gandhi:

“Gandhi stained her pants in public. I ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 23 minutes. That’s faster than most people could go on a bike. I called People Magazine asking for a feature, I even catered to them saying I’d talk about my fitness routine. But they just said, “Are you the tampon girl?” and I said, “No I’m the winner.” But they had already hung up on me. In Gandhi’s numerous magazine and blog interviews, she said she chose not to wear a tampon in order to fight sexism and erase the stigma about periods.

But do you know what fights sexism in an extremely tangible way? Running 26.2 miles faster than hundreds of men. Literally hundreds of men. Like me. That’s what I did. The only article about me on the internet is on Kiran Gandhi is trending on Facebook. Gandhi also said she went tampon-less to raise awareness for people who don’t have access to tampons.

Great, great that’s really nice. Hard to find fault with that one. Except that, you know, I could raise awareness for important causes too. And I think it would carry a little bit more weight because I earned a platform to speak by accomplishing a feat of athleticism few human beings are capable of accomplishing. Last weekend I went to brunch with my sister-in-law and she asked me if I knew the tampon girl before she said congratulations. She asked me if I ever “get to” train with the tampon girl.

The tampon girl’s time was 4 hours and 49 minutes! That’s more than double my time! I don’t even understand how she could be so slow, did she take a break?! Yet she’s the face of the London Marathon?! No. No. That’s like a child playing cup-n-ball being the face of the NBA. Oh, and the child shat himself to break the stigma of shit being gross or something.”

Cooling Houses Without Electricity

In places where electricity is not predictable or is expensive, it pays to explore other ways to reduce heat:

1. Use paint that reflects heat on your roof.

Painting your roof white can cut temperatures noticeably, by as much as 10 deg. centigrade. Roof-paint can be simple white-wash, which might need to be reapplied every year or so. Or, you can use paints that are designed to be reflective (high albedo), which are more expensive but last longer.

Hiten Chavda, lead architect of Bio-diversity Conservation India Limited (BCIL) says that over 70% of heat in a building enters through the roof and is heated up quickly, especially by infra red and ultra violet rays of the sun. Building materials being good conductors of heat radiate this to the inside and trap it there. While the rest of the earth cools down after the suns sets, our homes are still warm inside. To combat this, Chavda says, roofs can be painted white as the colour reflects a large part of the sun’s rays back in to the atmosphere, thus reducing the heat absorbed by the building. Temperatures, Chavda says, can differ by as much as 10 degree centigrade between painted and non-painted roofs. To get the best effect, he says, high albedo paint should be used. “High albedo paints are highly reflective and can reduce conductivity of heat considerably. In our buildings, we have found reduced energy consumption for cooling drop by as much as 20%,” he says. Temperature difference before and after painting the roof white. Pic: Yograj S Mudalgi White roofs can even help reduce the ‘Heat island effect’ one of the causes for rising temperature in urban areas. Concrete structures and tarred roads not only heat the surroundings, they also trap it. So urban areas become islands of heat. But with white roofs, more heat is reflected back in to the atmosphere, cities can remain cooler. Naresh Narasimhan, principal architect at Venkatraman Associates, an architectural firm based in Bangalore says it has been long since benefits of painting roofs white have been known. “Not only can they keep homes cooler, if all surfaces in the city are painted white, they will bring down the temperature of the area considerably,” says Narasimhan.Read more at:

White reflective paint can be used on exterior walls, compound walls, and anywhere else to diminish heat.


2. Landscape to block heat:

A few trees around the house can make a huge difference to how much sun gets absorbed by the walls and conducted into the interior. While trees take a while to grow, you can substitute vines, which grow rapidly. 10-15 foot high trellises can be fully covered within 6 months and form an effective barrier against heat. Shrubs can block heat from being absorbed lower down. They too grow fast and are easier to care for than trees.

Cape Honeysuckle does well in very hot climates, can withstand drought after establishment, and grows very rapidly to form a thick bush or a dense vine that gives excellent protection from the sun and vivid color. Its bark is medicinal.


3.  Use awnings outside the window and blinds/curtains inside:

It is not common to see awnings in India. Instead, builders usually incorporate concrete ledges that jut out over the window. They need to be combined with outdoor and indoor blinds for maximum cooling.

Exterior bamboo blinds are especially effective.

This eco house in Brazil has aluminum trellises mounted against the walls, on which vines are being grown, keeping the walls protected from the heat.

4. Shade structures in the yard keep the weeds down and provide protection from the sun.

Here are several examples. Living walls (plants grown vertically on a wall) are another option.

5. Grow plants on the terrace in wooden boxes, lined with plastic to prevent water leaking. The mud and foliage absorb heat that would other wise enter the house. Window-boxes also help cool temperatures.

6. Add a roof-structure, solar panels, or even an open water-tank to cool the roof. Inside the house, false ceilings are a possible way to reduce heat.


Modi Seeks Direct Govt. Interception Of Phones, Net

Saikat Datta at

Milind Deora, a former minister in the United Progressive Alliance government, has cautioned against the possible misuse of  a new and more sophisticated system of surveillance conceptualised by his government and now reportedly put on the fast track by the Narendra Modi government. Called the Central Monitoring System, it allows government agencies to bypass phone and internet service providers to directly intercept communications. In an interview to, Deora said that he realised the system could lead to “technically lawful but malicious” interception in the absence of a privacy law.

Currently, in India, the sanction of the union home secretary is required before an agency can tap phones or intercept communications. According to an official reply under a query under the Right to Information Act, the home secretary clears nearly 300 phone tap applications every day. This information led to a seminal study by the New Delhi-based Software Freedom Law Centre which found there was very little transparency about what the government is doing with so much of data that it collects through these 100,000 phone taps every year.

Ideally, any phone tap can lead to only one of two results. It can ether lead to conclusively establish that the person whose communications are being intercepted is guilty, as was suspected. Or, it can reveal that the suspicions were not founded and the person is not indulging in any criminal activity.

If the interception shows that the person is indeed guilty as suspected, then the person should be charged under the relevant laws and prosecuted in the courts. If the person is proved to be innocent after the lawful interception has been conducted, there is no guarantee that the material collected during the period when their phones were being tapped has been destroyed. None of the 10 authorised agencies under law has published a transparency report and even when asked for metadata about whether the law is being followed, they have withheld information.”

NWO Stooge Modi Pushing DNA Profiling On India

[The bill was passed on August 13, 2015.]

From Wide-Awake, some frightening news:

The Modi Govt is trying to push a bill called the Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 quietly during the mansoon session of Parliament.Given the oppositions silly noise over some non issues and the media attention that gets it gets , its no surprise that the Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 has had little if not no mainstream media attention

In all fairness it was  the Globalist Manmohan Singh’s Govt which had first initiated the bill in 2007 . The bill was originally proposed in 2007 and in 2012 drafting of the bill began.The draft bill was prepared by the Department of Biotechnology. The bill proposes to form a National DNA Data Bank and a DNA Profiling Board, and use the data for various specified purposes.

The bill proposes to set up a national DNA data bank and a number of state or regional data banks that will feed into the national data pool. Every data bank will have six categories under which DNA profiles will be filed – crime scene index, suspects’ index, offenders’ index, missing persons’ index, unknown deceased persons’ index, and volunteers’ index. The DNA profiling board will have the power to include more categories. In the offendersindex, the DNA information will be linked to the name of the person from whom it was collected. All others will be linked to a case reference number. Source Scroll in Article


Given the massive amounts of corruption in Indian Police investigations framing a person whose DNA is in the database is a piece of cake

Law and poverty expert Usha Ramanathan and Centre for Internet and Society executive director Sunil Abraham, who are members of an expert committee on DNA profiling constituted by the government, have written dissent notes against the final draft of the Human DNA Profiling Bill. Ramanathan notes that one of the biggest challenges of a DNA database is function creep – the gradual widening of the use of a technology beyond the purpose for which it was originally intended.

The CDFD ( Hyderabad-based Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics) is using the CODIS software bought from the US’s FBI and compatible with their systems


The bill does not clarify under what circumstances someone’s DNA will be collected for the database with or without consent .

While countries such as the US and the UK permit collection of DNA without consent, their laws are clear about when it can be done.

[Here, the author is being optimistic. Indeed, the constitution has become whatever anyone says it is, these days.]

Whether the Indian Constitution allows the state to take DNA without consent is something that will certainly be decided by the Courts.

The Bill does not set a limit to how long someone’s DNA will kept on record.

In the UK, DNA data of a recordable offense can be kept for only six years.

The bill even allows the creation of population statistics, identification research, parental disputes, issues relating to reproductive technologies and migration. These provisions could one day allow the government to PUSH CIVILIANS TO PROVIDE DNA DATA .

The draft Bill  involves collection of “intimate body samples” of living persons from “the genital or anal area, the buttocks and also breasts in the case of a female”.

DNA swabbing in Western countries is usually done by swabbing the mouth.

The Bill has no specific statutory safeguards on how  store , retrieve or who can access potentially huge database of the most private and intimate kind

The UID database already has biometric information for most Indians.

If any government in future decides to link the UID database with the DNA database , it would place in the hands of the government and its agencies all personal details about millions of citizens. Will the information be made available for research?

There is very little clarity on custody of the DNA samples collected and the data stored.

If this custody gets privatized and given the few Indian private companies with the ability to maintain such data, in a few years time American European or Israeli private companies could easily have access to this huge databank. If it somehow gets passed on to their home spy agencies the CIA and Mossad , the potential for those two agencies to use the DNA data to frame  blackmail & trap  thousands of innocent Indians is very high.


Indian Fake Rape Cases Soar

Where’s the international clamor about a “false rape” crisis in India?

The Times of India reports:

Three days ago, the Saravanampatti police went into a tizzy as they received information that a woman was ‘raped’ by two men in a women’s hostel room in the area. The woman said she did not prefer making a complaint as it would shame her family and also threatened suicide if a complaint was filed.

But investigations have revealed that she had staged the drama as she was in love with a man since the age of 14. But her parents were against it. To put an end to her parents’ attempt to get her married to someone else, she claimed that she had been raped.”

Here are more examples of  false rape accusations:

1.In 2013, out of 583 rape cases decided in Delhi courts, only 12 involved stranger rape.

More than half involved elopement and  accusations by in-laws; in about a fifth, the plaintiffs turned hostile or didn’t show; and most of the rest was rape by acquaintances/neighbors, with a few by family members.

2.An alleged gang-rape in Dharmasala, widely circulated via social media, has no basis whatsoever. The alleged victim denies there was any rape and denies that the woman who spread the rumor was her sister, as she claimed.

The victim believes it was an attempt to slander her.

3. A 35 year old casual laborer in Mumbai, arrested for raping a 4-year old girl, was released after 21 months in jail, when it was found that the girl’s mother had coached her child to frame him, so that her husband would not have to repay the laborer for a loan of Rs. 400 (about $6-7).

4. A Delhi court acquitted a man charged with rape after the alleged victim married the man and it came out that the case was only filed to apply pressure on the man to marry her. The judge did not prosecute the woman to avoid  destroying the marriage.

5. A 24-year-old management graduate in Delhi admitted to having filed a false rape case to pressure her live-in partner to marry her. She withdrew the case once the marriage took place.

6. A Delhi police chief stated at a conference that more than 60% of rape cases filed in the capital are false.

7.  A gang of four men and a woman from the state of Haryana were arrested for conspiring to blackmail rich men whom they befriended. They extorted them with the threat of filing of rape charges.

8. More than one woman has had her father jailed on false rape charges because he would not let her continue to see her boyfriend.

9. A Delhi woman lodged a false rape case against a businessman on behalf of someone who had a score to settle with him.

10. After the Delhi gang-rape of 2013, acquittal rates shot up from 46% to 75%  for the rest of the year and to 70% in 2014, implying that the greater part of cases filed were false.

11. A New Delhi outfit that counsels survivors of violence and trauma studied rape cases in which they were involved from 2003-2008. They found that almost 20% were outright false; another 25% were were motivated by hostility to the accused; another 25% were filed under pressure from family members; 15% were filed after consensual sex; and the rest defied categorization.

12. A frail 75-year-old man who had just lost his wife was jailed for 6 months for raping a 30 year-old maid, but released when the maid confessed that she had been put up to do it by a neighbor as a way of extorting him for his property.

13. A Delhi woman who had filed 11 cases of rape, stalking and other offenses was jailed for extortion and theft when one of her intended victims fought back.

14. DNA evidence and the alleged victim’s contradictory statements have led to the release of two accused rapists, a hotel-owner and his employee. The alleged victim had borrowed money from the hotel-owner and had filed the rape case against him because he’d asked for it back.

15.  An Indian medical journal noted with alarm the rise of false rape cases after the Delhi gang-rape. It described the case of a nurse who claimed she’d been kidnapped from Chandigarh and gang-raped in a moving car but was found to have concocted the story to frame the husband of a woman she claims had had her arrested for allegedly injecting her with HIV.

16.  A woman forced herself on her son’s 16-year-old friend after spiking his drink, video-taped the act, and black-mailed him with the threat of false-rape charges into having a relationship with her, according to charges filed by the boy. He cannot charge her with rape, because the Indian penal code does not include men among possible victims of rape.

17. A Delhi judge ordered the prosecution for perjury of a 20-year-old woman who falsely accused two men of gang-raping her, when they were documented to have been with their families.

18. Police and women’s advocates around India state that a high percentage of “rape” cases are “false promise” cases (breach-of-promise case) that are made after women have premarital sex or become pregnant before marriage, only to find that the men do not intend to marry them. The false rape charges are filed to pressure the men to marry them.

19. The 69-year-old head of a Brahmakumari ashram in Gwalior was accused of rape by a 33 year-old woman, who threatened to file a case if he did not give her 5 lakhs rupees (about $10,0000). When the man filed a false-rape case against her, it turned out that she had a history of extorting people with false rape charges and was duly arrested.

20. A woman was sentenced to 4 years in jail for a false rape case against her landlord, which she filed to avoid paying back a loan she and her husband had taken from him. The landlord spent 72 days in jail and then committed suicide, blaming his ordeal for his action.


The Kotex-Industrial Complex II

Update 3: Vikram Gandhi, Kiran’s father, also has this on his resume:

Vikram is also a member of the Bretton Woods Committee, Washington DC, which plays an important role in promoting economic growth, reducing poverty and maintaining global financial stability.”

The Bretton Woods Committee is an annual meeting of  the leading figures of the financial world and the world of international policy-marking.

Gandhi is listed with his financial firm, VSG Capital Advisors.

Vikram Gandhi also leads Asha Impact, a non-profit involved in “impact investing,” which is another trendy term for investing in social uplift schemes, where there is a higher risk involved and a longer term horizon for returns.


Update 2: Kiran Gandhi’s father is Vikram Gandhi, an investment banker, whose professional background is described as follows on Wikipedia:

After a successful career in investment banking spanning more than two decades in New York and Hong Kong, he decided to return to India with the desire to actively participate in the development and growth of his country. [3] He also served as Vice-Chairman at Credit Suisse,[4] Co-Head of Global FIG at Morgan Stanley,[5] Country Head and President of Morgan Stanley India, Founding Member of Harvard University’s South Asia Initiative,[6] Co-founder of The Giving Back Foundation, Board Member at India Inclusive Innovation Fund – a US $1 billion Venture Capital Impact Investment Fund and Board of Director at Grameen Foundation appointed by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.[7]

He is also the member of Standing Council of experts to assess and make recommendations regarding the international competitiveness of Indian Financial Sector by Department of Finance, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.[8]

Vikram Gandhi and his wife have positioned themselves to profit from the growth in disposable income in the emerging markets.

With their clout in international financial circles, they stand positioned to influence the Indian government’s policies on international financial flows and investment.

There’s free-bleeding here, alright. But it’s not from Kiran Gandhi.

It’s from the Indian economy, the tax-payer (a small and brutalized class in India), small businessmen, and consumers, to Western investors.

“Free-bleeding” is marketing hype and just one more example of MANAGED capitalism at work.

Update 1:

Kiran Gandhi’s mother is Meera Gandhi (who is half Irish). She holds an MBA and is the CEO and founder of the Giving Back Foundation.

Private foundations have long been a favorite tool for the pursuit of long-term financial interests of families, circumventing government taxation and scrutiny.

Here are some of the charities that Gandhi’s Foundation supports:

Gandhi has supported charities with strong female leadership programs and workshops, in part because of the role models in her life: Hillary Clinton, Cherie Blair, and Gandhi’s own mother, an Irish woman living in India. These charities include the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in the United Kingdom and the Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center in the United States.[5]”


Other charities Gandhi is involved with either directly or through her Foundation include the Happy Home and School for the blind in Mumbai, the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice & Human Rights, the Cambodian Landmine Relief Fund, Centrepoint, Give to Colombia and The American Friends of Prince William and Prince Harry.[9]

That is the second direct link to the British ruling family (intermarried with the Rothschilds). The first one is Prince Charles’ leadership role in Water Aid, the NGO which was instrumental in making “free tampon distribution” government policy in India.

The Giving Back Foundation lists as its partners and affiliates a powerful group of non-profits (the ones in red are those which struck me the most):

Aid for Aids InternationalAlways Dream FoundationAsha Dan (Mother Teresa’s homes for orphans);  Asha FoundationAsia SocietyAUW (Asian University for Women Bangladesh);  Birch Wathen Lenox School (Aids);  Bono One/Red (Aids);  Boston University (graduate grant programs for travel and work);  Brain Trauma Foundation Brown University;  Cambodia Landmine Museum and Relief FundCancer Patients Aid AssociationCentrepoint (Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry);; Cherie Blair Foundation For Women;   Children’s Hope India in New York City;  Clinton Global Initiative;  Crafts CenterCRY (children’s rights);  Donna Karan’s Urban Zen (connects and collaborates in well-being, preserving cultures and inspiring changes);  Eleanor Roosevelt Leadership Center (ERLC);  FERI (Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt Institute;  Foundation Reach and Heal ProgramGlobal Ovarian CancerGrameen (microcredit financing);  Habitat for Humanity (building homes for the poor);  Happy Home and School for the Blind, Mumbai;  Harrow SchoolHema DoraHip Hop Youth Summit Council (bringing back literacy to young people in the Hip Hop culture);  Human Rights Watch;  I Create (children’s rights);  Indian Merchants’ ChamberInnocence in Danger (for abused children);;  Kalashiri School of ArtsKhel Shala PunjabKids for Kids in Hong KongKilkenny Day Care Center (Alzheimer’s Disease in Ireland);  Lavelle and Co. Girls’ Mentoring;;  Lighthouse For The BlindLoomba Foundation (assisting widows);  Mane AmericaMotor Neuron Disease AssociationNew York City BalletNew York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (promoting family and education);  One To World (Fulbright) (bringing together diverse people);  The Play CompanyPratham (program for street children in India);  Resolve The National Infertility AssociationRFK Center for Human JusticeRoyal National Institute of the Deaf, (assisting the deaf in the UK);  Same Sky (educating village children in Africa);  Scenic HudsonSt. Michael’s Girls Hostel and School, Delhi;  Tails of Hope (eradicating diseases affecting companion dogs);  Thorntree (education for village children in Kenya);  Tiger TimeTropical Clinics, Kenya;  United World Colleges/Pearson School (bringing together diverse students);  Vendanta Academy in IndiaVersailles FoundationWaterkeeper AllianceThe Wayuu Taya Foundation (educating indigenous tribe in Venezuela;  Women’s Education Project;  and The Woodstock Film Festival among others.



Following up on my previous post about the Menstrual Meme that’s being pushed by the alternative media, I  took a look at the commercial interests behind the scenes.

Which company could be hooked up with the US government  back-stage of the Menstrual Meme?

Kiran Gandhi has come out endorsing “Thinx” (which is apparently the brain-child of another Indian-American, Miki Agrawal).

That’s why Gandhi is determined to raise awareness both of period shaming and lack of access to feminine products in developing countries. She’s now partnering with Thinx, a period underwear company that helps women stay dry while on the go, and AfriPads, which makes low-cost, reusable sanitary pads out of Uganda.”

Thinx donates to Afri-Pads for each sale it makes in the US. Both are attempts to compete for the $15 billion a year female hygiene industry:

In Uganda, Canadian Paul Grinvalds and American Sophia Klumpp believed that a reusable menstrual pad could be manufactured locally. The pad could be made to last a year or more with only hand washing, and be affordable to almost all Ugandan girls and women.

Following a pilot project in early 2009, a Dutch private equity investor saw the business and social potential of the idea. The investor, along with several others, provided the necessary capital—and AFRIpads was born. A.T. Kearney has supported the startup on a pro bono basis ever since.

Today, the company operates two factories with a combined staff of 60 employees, mostly rural Ugandan women, and is in talks to ship products in bulk to major nonprofit organizations, including World Vision, War Child Holland, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Rotary International and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). As AFRIpads grows, it plans to build its own distribution network and sell directly to consumers.

The demand for such a product in Africa and across the developing world is undeniable. A recent Credit Suisse economic study finds that 53 percent of the almost 700 million Indian women who earn less than $1,000 per year are likely to spend more money on menstruation hygiene products in the next 12 months, and similar spending trends are expected in China, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

– See more at:


In addition, the “free-bleeding” movement has been pushing LunaPads, which makes reusable products for developing countries and also makes Diva Cups, which the media has been pushing through activist blogs.

When you read LunaPads’ site, you notice that Kofi Annan has endorsed them and that they work with NGO’s in dozens of developing nations:

Since its inception, in partnership with dozens of groups, individuals, and NGOs, Lunapads has helped provide over 14,000 girls and women in 17 nations with over 85,000 menstrual pads and/or menstrual underwear, giving them an immediate, essential and sustainable means to remain in school or at work. In addition to working closely with AFRIpads to support our One4Her program, we are also shareholders of AFRIpads, which has supplied over 500,000 girls and women with their reusable sanitary pad kits.

Visit our blog and read the PDFs below to learn more about the impact of out work with Pads4Girls.


In 2014 Pads4Girls joined United Girls of the World, a non-profit society also under Madeleine and Suzanne’s leadership. United Girls has a broader mandate, to assist in the area of critical issues affecting girls and women around the world, empowering them by providing the tools they need to develop positive self-esteem. Please visit the United Girls of the World website to learn about our other programs such as G Day for Girls.


To help us continue our work with Pads4Girls, please make a donation at the United Girls of the World website.

TAX RECEIPTSIf you are in Canada and would like to receive a Charitable Tax Receipt (for donations greater than CAD$25), please make your donation online at the Tides Canada Foundation. We are unable to issue Charitable Tax Receipts to US donors, unless they are greater than USD$1,000. If you are located in the US and would like to make a donation greater than USD$1,000, please contact us via email to make arrangements.


Pads4Girls has partnered with many different groups over the years to bring washable cloth pads to girls and women in the developing world, including:

So a whole network of influential and well-funded NGO’s distributing free reusable tampons in developing countries is behind the “Menstrual Meme”.
As non-profits, these NGOs encourage the public to donate to what they’re doing, the donations  being tax-exempt.

At the same time, at least one of them – AfriPads, which calls itself a “social business’ – has “shareholders” (people invested in the outfit) who belong to the company (LunaPads) that is selling products at a profit in the West.

Behind AfriPads are wealthy Dutch investors hoping for long-term returns.

Thus the “non-profit,” “social-service” angle acts as an excellent marketing tool for a Western for-profit company that is competing in the market in Asia and Africa, which is why Kiran Gandhi’s face is on the campaign.

Now, why not, if there is such a market?

Nothing wrong, if  these tampon companies were really competing, without the support of a manipulative, possibly intelligence-run campaign, demanding government subsidies and privileged treatment in the Western and Indian market.

How privileged?

Consider that LunaPads claims to be a private outfit, but it’s tied to heavily-subsidized NGO’s and social businesses that are using government and the media to push its interests.

At the same time, the government has been taxing their private competitors (Always and Kotex, for example), as non-essential.

Note: Earlier this year, after public pressure, the UK and Canadian governments both lifted the tax on sanitary products (hitherto described as “luxury” goods).

Now these two companies (Always and Kotex) may indeed be making sub-standard products, but that is for the market to decide.  The larger companies themselves, J&J in India, for instance, have benefited from private-public partnerships. The newer “green” companies are trying to get in, also in partnership with the governments, NGO’s, and international finance.

There’s also another, bigger problem.

On the other side of the equation, local Indian producers, like Arunachal Muruganathan, who put years into developing a cost-effective sanitary napkin that he sells in India, face subsidized competition from abroad and neglect from their own governments:

Muruganantham seemed set for fame and fortune, but he was not interested in profit. “Imagine, I got patent rights to the only machine in the world to make low-cost sanitary napkins – a hot-cake product,” he says. “Anyone with an MBA would immediately accumulate the maximum money. But I did not want to. Why? Because from childhood I know no human being died because of poverty – everything happens because of ignorance.”

He believes that big business is parasitic, like a mosquito, whereas he prefers the lighter touch, like that of a butterfly. “A butterfly can suck honey from the flower without damaging it,” he says.”

But, it seems when the Indian government, which, like Western governments, is now in the feminine hygiene business, set out to look for a partner, they didn’t pick Muruganantham, even though he won national recognition from the IIT’s (the prestigious technology institutes of the public sector) and from the government itself.

Instead, the Indian government picked partners from big business:

According to P C Vinoj Kumar, a journalist who was until recently working for Tehelka, the two major players in the Indian sanitary napkins market are P&G (who own the Whisper brand) and Johnson & Johnson (who own the Stayfree & Carefree brands). He says that the Government will most likely strike a public private partnership with them or a third player, Kimberly Clark Lever (a JV between Kimberly Clark & Unilever).

“What really ticked me off was when I heard that the Government was providing these napkins at a highly subsidized rate. This would mean that it would buy those napkins at a higher cost from elsewhere. What is the need of that, when my technology provides with a similar product at a cheaper price and at the same time generates a lot of rural employment,” says Muruganatham. Muruganatham laments that the newly announced central government scheme apart from involving a lot of corruption, will effectively kill an innovation that has the potential of providing employment to millions of Indians, especially women.”

How did that happen?

As always, the finger-prints of the Western ruling class can be spotted in the whole business.

First came the international intervention, with a foreign NGO’s pronouncement:

The surveys conducted by Unicef with the help of Nielsen India Private Limited and social organisations Vatsalya and Water Aid revealed that over 85% girls used old tattered clothes during menstruation. Almost half of the girls did not even wash the old cloth before using it, while an equal number re-used the cloth several times.”

Checking out Water Aid’s Wikipedia page, I find that it was set up as a charitable trust by none other than the UK’s “water industry.”

The charitable trust structure is the usual  – and legal – method whereby private interests can protect themselves from taxation.

Water Aid’s creation was in response to the UN’s Drinking Water & Sanitation decade (1981-1990) and its first president was Prince Charles, from the ruling Windsor family that is intermarried with the Rothschilds.

Water-Aid could not be any more obviously a face of the global world order.

And it is Water-Aid that has promoted the notion that the Indian government should have a program for free tampons.

That seems to explain why the Indian government didn’t partner with a local actor.

[Note: I don’t believe the government should be in the business of feminine hygiene in the first place.]

Likewise, in Africa, the Western NGOs’ are competing against local small businesses that are supplying the market, as well as against the big foreign brands, on which wealthier women have come to depend:

 Such projects haven’t been snag-free: Komera found Rwandan women were skeptical about the quality of cheap, locally-produced pads which didn’t look much like the imported brands they knew. Laadli has been excluded from the Indian government’s subsidised pads programme..

The Kotex-Industrial Complex: Another Indian Stooge


My apologies. I included a link from Reason I thought I’d deleted and which I didn’t know had a nasty image. If there are any disturbing images, please let me know and I will delete those too.


One more case of FeminismMakesYouAnIdiot….and why, pray tell, are all the idiots these days Indians?

There was Belle Knox, the disturbed Indo-American girl who claimed that being urinated on, gang-sodomized and repeatedly hit on video-tape was “her joy.”

Any sensible adult would have yanked her out of college, put a paper-bag over her head, and forced her into as much therapy as 24 hours will hold. They would have then sued her pimp-agent into oblivion and slapped lawsuits galore on any site that republished her pictures.

But that’s just me.

[Behind the pseudo-activist jargon, Belle Knox was in fact advertising under-age/college porn. Given that there is a growing porn market in India, driven by incessant Western advertising through the internet, putting an Indian face on the business, can be seen as a marketing gimmick.]

Now, The Cut has a piece on what comes after “slut-walking” and “topless protests.”


It’s “free-bleeding” (menstruating publicly, without a tampon), which is a strike against the “objectification of women,” according to Ms. Socrates, the bleeder-in-residence.

Yes, I see how that goes.

Turn your body parts and emissions into a public spectacle a ping-pong bar would reject and use Feminism101 as an excuse.

I think not.

It turns out, as the Spectator points out, that “free-bleeding” is nothing more than a satirical prank that feminists swallowed naively:

So in 2014 — inspired by some crazy idea they’d read somewhere on the internet — the pranksters decided to fake an even more ludicrous trend designed to discredit the radical feminist movement. ‘What is free bleeding? It consists of us womyn bleeding with no restriction … Being able to menstruate is something that is a [sic] undeniably female characteristic. How DARE they try and oppress it,’ read their working notes.

A few helpful tweets later from fake Twitter accounts and ‘free bleeding’ had become an urgent new cause of radical feminism. Eventually word got out among some women’s interest websites that they’d all been had: ‘Free bleeding is not a thing,’ warned one. But it appears the memo didn’t get through to everyone. Hence Kiran Gandhi’s marathon protest.”

But was this really just a joke?

The anonymous pranksters belong to an Internet site called 4Chan that many suspect has attracted the attention of the intelligence agencies because it was frequented at one time by pedophiles.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to conjecture that the intelligence agencies floated the meme themselves.

Just as the CIA-funded PussyRiot is really about advertising sexual tourism while pretending to protest against it, this kind of activism is  also only a form of advertising.

Of what?

Well take a look (well, actually, don’t…I won’t link, lest I contribute to the dissemination of this nonsense).

Here are activists menstruating and defecating in public.


Forget the politically correct explanation of what they are “activisting” about.

The medium is the message, remember.

These girls aren’t selling anything else except their bodies and their bodily fluids.

Menstruating in public has suddenly become a trend in the past year or so.

Check it out.

Here’s Rosie O’Donnell threatening to “free-bleed” on Trump’s face.

And here’s the entirely manufactured Donald Trump menstrual-blood libel.

And CNN had an Indian girl write this long piece admonishing Indian women not to adhere to taboos against menstruating  in a temple or in the kitchen.

And here’s a whole bunch of free-bleeding, free-pissing, free-sticking-the-cross-into-my-body-feminists who give a new meaning to the term badass...

[I didn’t insert the link, because obviously the NWO wants us all to become implicated in this pornography and sear our minds, memories, and imagination.]

It’s a meme, I tell you.

I’ll bet you, the porn industry is developing a market for this kind of thing to shore up its declining revenues.

[Added: Actually, Jessica Valenti has already told us what the menstrual meme is at least partly about: It’s about making sanitary products freely available all the time to all women – that is, making tax-payers pay for everyone’s tampons.

And this is part of a larger notion that companies like Kotex and Always (two of the largest brands) should be boycotted, because their products raise the risk of toxic-shock syndrome.

To be honest, as a tax-payer, I really wouldn’t mind paying for poor women and girls to get tampons,

But knowing that tax-money rarely goes where it’s meant and knowing that we’re already over-taxed and knowing that the introduction of the IRS was the beginning of the surveillance state, and that taxation itself is a form of expropriation by the state, I’d much prefer to donate to organizations that directly fund sanitary products for the poor.

No need for a government hand-out or a government campaign on behalf of alternative tampons –  which is what this whole absurd “free-bleeding” meme sounds like. I have nothing against alternatives to the tampon giants. I do have a problems with slick campaigns hood-winking the public.]

Slap an Asian or Indian girl’s face on it, and it also serves the double purpose of branding immigrant women as repulsive, air-headed social justice feminazis.

And that helps polarize public debate along racial lines and fuels the sex-war.

Which keeps us all looking in every direction except the one that counts –  in the direction of the NWO puppeteers.


Is Jehovah Satan?

Is Jehovah Satan?

That was what many Gnostics, both medieval and modern, believed.

Gnosticism is the idea that liberation from the world of matter (believed to be sinful) is available to someone who cultivates esoteric wisdom that the masses cannot easily grasp.

The particular form of gnosis might vary – it might involve chanting mantras, or contemplating mystical visions, or inquiring into the nature of the self.  The main notion is that liberation from the world of the senses requires some kind of  knowledge inaccessible to the hoi polloi.

The early Gnostics were antagonistic to the early Christians. They thought the religion was simple-minded and ant-intellectual.

Many leading Gnostics were part of the Jewish emigre population in Alexandria, one of the great centers of learning in antiquity.

This was the Syro-Egyptian Gnostic school.

There was also a Persian school, but that was regarded as a distinct religion – Manicheanism.

The Jewish-Christian conflict of those days was reflected in the anti-Gnostic polemics of Church leaders and the Gnostics have had a bad reputation among Christians ever since, sometimes unfairly.

Many beliefs that Christians now regard as heretical, such as, Arianism – the notion that Jesus is not divine, but only a man –  began with the Gnostics.

But Gnosticism is increasingly understood to be rooted not in heretical Christianity but in heretical Judaism.

One of the most typical of the Gnostic beliefs was that from the original creator of the universe who is an impersonal monad, emanations issued, each more remote from divinity than the one before.

Among the lowest of these divine emanations was a demiurge or a lesser/false god, to whom the creation of the physical world is attributed.

The demiurge was seen as imperfect, even evil.

Yaldabaoth, Yahweh in the Bible, Satan, Ahriman (in the Persian tradition) were all regarded as demiurges.

It is this conflation of Satan and Yahweh among the Alexandrian gnostics that was revived in the 18th century by William Blake, the English poet, that underlies the tension of such famous lines as

Tyger, tyger, burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”

Blake’s Tiger suggests a darker deity than the benign Father of orthodox Christian belief.

So, when you see  websites springing up all over the Internet, equating Yahweh with Satan, it’s a continuation of this ancient Gnostic and neo-Gnostic error.

Error, because Yahweh is not Satan.

And Satan is not the same as Saturn, despite the visual resemblance of the two words.

Saturn is an Indo-European term.

Satan is Semitic (HaSatan in Hebrew) and it is not a proper but a common noun. It should be translated “the adversary.” From its root (S-T-N), the Arabs get Shai-tan.

A closer equivalent to Satan in the West is the Egyptian Set, the murderous brother of Osiris.

Although at one period considered a “good” God,  Set was later seen as evil, perhaps by association with the Semitic Hyksos rulers of Egypt in the early part of the 2nd millenium before Christ.

The Hyksos linked Set with the Phoenician god, Baal.

[Baal only means “lord” and was used to denote a variety of deities. There was Baal Hadad and there was Baal Hamon, to whom child sacrifices were offered.]

Because Baal is also known as El (Lord, singular), and the term Elohim (plural) is often used to refer to God in the Old Testament, the Gnostics in turn equated Baal with Yahweh.

The Gnostic equation was:


It ought to have read:





AIDS-Fort Detrick Theory Is KGB, Stasi Disinfo

Hunting around to find out more about the Alan Cantwell piece about AIDS I posted earlier, which one reader suggested was disinformation, I came across this announcement from the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Studies.

It doesn’t mention the Cantwell theory, but takes aim at another widely-circulated conspiracy theory about AIDS, that it came out of bio-weapons research at Fort Detrick:

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014,

Event description: In the second half of the 1980s, the KGB conducted an international disinformation campaign accusing the US of having artificially constructed the virus that causes AIDS at the Pentagon’s laboratory for biological warfare in Fort Detrick, Maryland. On the basis of his research with scholar Christopher Nehring in the archives of the former communist secret police in Bulgaria, Germany, and the Czech Republic, Douglas Selvage will present new details about the disinformation campaign and the key supporting role played by the KGB’s “fraternal organ,” the East German Ministry of State Security, or Stasi.  Among the findings: The free media in West Germany played a central, if unwitting role, as multipliers of the KGB’s disinformation thesis; a cycle of misinformation and disinformation arose between conspiracy theorists in the US and the Soviet bloc’s secret police; and the Fort Detrick-thesis continues to circulate around the globe yet today with dire political and medical consequences.  “

Here is a bit about Douglas Selvage himself. I am not sure how far one can trust state-employed historians.

Douglas Selvage is currently Project Director in the Education and Research Division of the BStU (Federal Commission for the Records of the State Security Service of the former German Democratic Republic) in Berlin for the project “International Cooperation of the East European Security Services.” Before he joined the BStU in 2008, he served as a historian in the U.S. Department of State and as an assistant professor of history at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach. He has published widely on German-Polish relations during the Cold War, on the Helsinki Process, U.S. foreign policy, and the history of the Soviet bloc. “

Jesus666 Site

Yet another anti-Christian propaganda site replete with fallacious etymologies and the old claim that Jesus (the Greek version of Yehoshuah) is really Gaze-at-Zeus and pagan.  It’s not about accepting the redemptive work of Jesus; no, apparently, if you call God Yahweh, rather than Yeh-weh, you are on the road to perdition.

Google Jesus666 and see how many sites pop up.

This is all rather typical Judaicizing anti-Christ propaganda, common in Messianic and Hebrew Roots circles.

If you cross the bridge, it doesn’t matter what you call it. You’ll reach the other side.

If you don’t cross the bridge, it doesn’t matter what you call it, you’ll stay where you are.

Cross the bridge.