DTCC Board Stuffed With Kleptocrat Banks/Funds

The DTCC (Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation) is the largest depository in the world, and, along with its subsidiaries, the place where all transactions in equities, money market funds, corporate and muni bonds, MBSs and derivatives are cleared and settled.  Activists have been demanding detailed release of trades which haven’t been settled or have failed to deliver (FTD), because of the obvious potential for manipulation, A glance at the board of directors, which consists of leading figures from the banks and funds, many of whom profited hugely from the government bail-out, shows that concern is amply warranted.

From Citizen Economists:


The DTCC’s board includes 20 directors.

Art Certosimo, Senior Executive VP, Bank of New York Mellon
Norman Malo, President and CEO, National Financial Services LLC; Fidelity Investments
Stephen P Casper, Partner, Vastardis Capital
Gerald A. Beeson, Senior Managing Director, COO. Citadel Investment Group
Donald F. Donahue, Chairman and CEO, DTCC
William B. Airnetti, President and COO, DTCC
J. Charles Cardona,  CEO Bank of New York Mellon – Cash Investment Strategies,  President of the Dreyfus Corporation
Randolph L. Cowen, Co-Chief Administrative Officer, Goldman Sachs Group Inc
Norman Eaker, CAO, Edward Jones
Timothy J. Theriault, President – Corporate & Institutional Services, Northern Trust Company
Neeraj Sahai, Managing Director and Global Business Head, Securities and Fund Services, Citi
Gerard La Rocca, Chief Administrative Officer, Americas Barclays Capital
David A. Weisbrod, Managing Director and Risk Executive, JP Morgan Chase Bank
Stephen Luparellyo, Vice Chairman and Senior Executive Vice President of Regulatory Operations, FINRA
Mark Alexander, Managing Director, Global Wealth and Investment Management – Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Head of Technology Operations, Broadcort Clearing
Ronald Purpora, ICAP Securities USA LLP
Robert Kaplan, Executive Vice President, State Street Bank and Trust Company
Michele Trogni, Managing Direcotr and Global Head of Operations, UBS Investment Bank
Ian Lowitt, Administrative Officer, Lehman Brother

6 thoughts on “DTCC Board Stuffed With Kleptocrat Banks/Funds

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  2. i’m wondering if td bank has a cash crunch problem. look at the balance sheet and consider their mortgage portfolio and free cash flow prospects. this might not be confined to just a few institutions and suggests serious immediate operating difficulties.

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  4. DTCC is owned by the Federal Reserve.
    DTCC holds all stock certificates in a street name Cede & Co. which is owned by DTCC.
    DTCC claims assets over $30 trillion
    All stocks list you as beneficial owner while Cede & Co. is listed as registered owner.
    DTCC has converted all stock certificates, bonds, derivatives, etc., into bearer bonds.
    The Federal Reserve through its subsidiary DTCC and through its subsidiary DTC is holder in due course of everything.
    The Federal Reserve holds legal title to everything….they own it all.

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