Steve Cohen To Leave Trading, Says Vanity Fair

Well, well, well. It looks like Patrick Byrne, Judd Bagley, Mark Mitchell and the rest of the estimable team at Deep Capture are having more than some effect.

Not only have the Germans and Austrians banned naked short- selling, Vanity Fair, our least favorite low-class, high-gloss magazine of the DC twitterati, tells us that Steve Cohen is closing up shop as a trader. Sith Lord Cohen doesn’t like the spotlight, it seems.  Maybe he remembers all too well what he was up to in the 1980s……even if Reuters wants to keep it buried.

Vanity Fair:

In the July issue of Vanity Fair, legendary hedge-fund billionaire Steve Cohen tells special correspondent Bryan Burrough that he might be ready to walk away from active trading. How big would that be? Well, says Burrough, it’s “a little like saying that God is ready to walk away from Earth.” In this video, Burrough takes the measure of Cohen’s controversial careeer—and offers his theory on why the reclusive banker granted the second in-depth interview of his 30-year career to Vanity Fair.

5 thoughts on “Steve Cohen To Leave Trading, Says Vanity Fair

  1. Sick of seeing these thieving turds lionized as ‘gods’, ‘titans’, etc.

    RICO charges are warranted here.

    Meantime, Madoff looks swell in orange, and I hope that Cohen will too!

  2. Yeah….all the media seem to do is prop up these criminals,marketing their lifestyle and rubbing their richness in everyones faces whilst the good times are rolling.

    When the sh*t hits the fan you see the reality behind the vacuous vomit spewed forth by the likes of Vanity Fair and realize that they are elitist maggots festering on the carcass of the honest American….

  3. Well. It’s our own fault.
    Personally, I don’t read these magazines, if I can help it.
    I detest that high gloss, breathy, worshipful treatment of out and out scam artists as though they were Renaissance geniuses.

    The media really is the evil genius of the crisis.
    Financiers will do what they’ll do. But there has to be a special place in purgatory for people who claim to be idealists and intellectuals and then pant like dogs in heat over an expensive pair of pants

  4. Regular bank robbers usually retire off to a private place and keep a low profile after hitting the score of a lifetime.

    If Cohen is a “hedge-fund billionaire”, did he and others avoid retirement because they are addicted to money (like Celente said) or is it because they are keeping up with the Sith Lord Joneses?

  5. I don’t like the language of addiction..
    I don’t think it’s about money only. It’s about power and feeling you’re “one up” on other people.
    And I think there’s also a larger conspiracy behind…at the level of Leon Black and Michael Milken, who may be connected to bigger players. I don’t know.
    I’m exploring this stuff myself.
    It’s why I blog.

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