The Aspen Institute: Powerful Globalist Outfit

Company overview of The Aspen Institute, from

The Aspen Institute says it is an international non-profit educational institution focusing on discussion and inquiry into global issues. It offers leadership seminars, policy studies, and fellowship programs and has campuses in Aspen, Colorado, and Wye River, Maryland. It also has international partners in Aspen Institutes located in Berlin, Germany; Rome, Italy; Lyon, France; Tokyo, Japan; as well as in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. A key partner of the Indian Aspen Institute is The Confederation of Indian Industry. It offers programs that help develop business leaders and foster social change. I noticed one program related to climate change and sustainable development.

The Aspen Institute was founded in 1950 and is headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia.

Indians on the Board of Directors have been highlighted:
Name (Connections) Relationships Title Age
Walter Isaacson   167 Relationships Trustee, President and Chief Executive Officer 55
Peter Reiling   90 Relationships Executive Vice president for International and Policy Programs and Trustee —

Other Board Members on Board of Directors
Name (Connections) Relationships Primary Company Age
William Mayer   266 Relationships Park Avenue Equity Partners, L.P. 67
Henry Catto Jr.  116 Relationships Catto & Catto Insurance Company 75
Lester Crown   257 Relationships Henry Crown & Company 83
Merv Adelson   206 Relationships Avalon Digital Marketing Systems Inc. 78
Paul Anderson   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
William Davis   90 Relationships WLD Davis Holdings, LLC —
Patrick Gross   186 Relationships Taleo Corp. 63
Sylvia Earle Ph.D.  198 Relationships Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies 72
Mercedes Bass   90 Relationships Sid R. Bass Associates L.P —
Nina Houghton   90 Relationships Wye Institute —
David Koch 155 Relationships Koch Industries, Inc. —
James Ferguson   154 Relationships Vion Pharmaceuticals Inc. 82
Stephen Carter   90 Relationships Yale University —
David Gergen 184 Relationships John F. Kennedy School of Government 66
Timothy Krauskopf   171 Relationships Round Lake Designs LLC 42
Andrea Cunningham   119 Relationships ZeroOne – the Art and Technology Network 49
Elaine Greenawalt   90 Relationships Princeton University —
Frederic Malek   178 Relationships Thayer | Hidden Creek 71
John Mascotte   130 Relationships The Continental Corporation 64
Charles Powell   257 Relationships Textron Inc. 67
Karl Muhr   142 Relationships Austrian Airlines AG —
Elinor Munroe   91 Relationships Elinor Bunin Productions, Inc. —
Lynda Resnick   132 Relationships Roll International Corporation —
Vin Weber   220 Relationships Lenox Group Inc. 55
Donald Roth   90 Relationships Music Associates Of Aspen, Inc. —
Albert Small   123 Relationships Southern Engineering Corporation 82
Berl Bernhard   333 Relationships DLA Piper US LLP 78
Alice Young   114 Relationships Kaye Scholer LLP —
Francis Cundill CFA  90 Relationships Mackenzie Cundill Recovery Fund (Can) —
Madeleine Albright 189 Relationships The Albright Group LLC —
Tarun Das   118 Relationships Confederation of Indian Industry 69
Prince Bandar Ibn Abdulaziz   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Michael Eisner   180 Relationships The Tornante Company, LLC 65
Henry Gates Jr.  271 Relationships Harvard University —
Alma Gildenhorn   109 Relationships John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts —
Sidney Harman   176 Relationships Harman International Industries Inc. 90
Ann Hudson   90 Relationships Javelina Partners —
Bonnie McCloskey   90 Relationships Cornerstone Holdings L.L.C. —
Leonard Lauder   203 Relationships Institute for the Study of Aging, The 75
Ann Richards   188 Relationships Public Strategies, Inc. 74
William Nitze   111 Relationships The Gemstar Group, Inc. 65
Lloyd Schermer   92 Relationships Lee Enterprises Inc. —
Andrew Stern   138 Relationships Service Employees International Union, Pension Arm —
Thomas Pickering   118 Relationships Business Executives for National Security 76
Roderick von Lipsey   107 Relationships Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management
Frederick Whittemore   180 Relationships Chesapeake Energy Corporation 78
Mortimer Zuckerman   522 Relationships Boston Properties Inc. 70
Robert Malott   173 Relationships FMC Corp. 81
Ann Korologos   167 Relationships Harman International Industries Inc. 66
Jack Valenti   167 Relationships Legend Ventures, LLC 86
Clare Munana   90 Relationships Ancora Associates, Inc. —
L. John Doerr III 221 Relationships Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers 57
Gerald Greenwald   124 Relationships Greenbriar Equity Group LLC 72
Jerry Murdock Jr.  122 Relationships InSight Venture Partners 48
Carl Bildt   91 Relationships Akin Gump Global Solutions 59
Michael Powell J.D.  164 Relationships American Tower Corp. 45
Stephen Friedman   274 Relationships Crestview Partners, L.P. 71
W. Hipp   143 Relationships Liberty Corp. 67
Gerald Hosier   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Robert Hurst   526 Relationships Crestview Partners, L.P. 62
Anne McNulty   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Roberto Meza   113 Relationships Agrícola Industrial Salvadoreña, S.A. —
William Donaldson   146 Relationships Aetna Health Management, Inc. 76
Jay Sandrich   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Alan Fletcher   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Melva Bucksbaum   127 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Ann Friedman   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Marc Nathanson   148 Relationships Mapleton Investments 62
Jacqueline Novogratz   189 Relationships Acumen Fund —
Anna Smith   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Shashi Tharoor   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
William Joy Ph.D.  90 Relationships Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers 53
William Budinger   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Leonhard Fischer   119 Relationships Cartica Capital LLC —
Mircea Geoana   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Arjun Gupta   286 Relationships Telesoft Partners 44
Yotaro Kobayashi   252 Relationships Sony Corporation 74
Elisabeth Lulin   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
James Manyika   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Queen Noor   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Margot Pritzker   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Isaac Shongwe   114 Relationships Letsema Holdings Ltd. —
Giulio Tremonti   90 Relationships Aspen Institute, The —
Jerome Huret   90 Relationships Nortel Networks Corp. 65
Eleanor Merrill   90 Relationships Capital Gazette Communications, Inc. —
Olara Otunnu   123 Relationships Carnegie Corp. of New York
Michel Pébereau   269 Relationships Galeries Lafayette SA 66
Robert Steel   134 Relationships Goldman Sachs Group Inc. 56
Jamshyd Godrej   161 Relationships Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. 59

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