The Highest Rape Rates – By Country

From the US Bureau of Justice  (6/18/13):


US, UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Belgium (among others).

Confirming yet again that slander of the poor is the course of least resistance in the major media.

Only one country on this list can even be called “third-world.”

Seven count as among the most “developed” countries, the most affluent.

Three are mainly Anglo-phone.

One, Sweden, routinely rates as one of the least corrupt countries.

And the US, at No. 6 in rape internationally, is the sole super-power, the world’s law-giver and law-enforcer.

Rapes per 100,000 of population:

Lesotho 91.6
Trinidad and Tobago 58.4
Sweden 53.2
Korea 33.7
New Zealand 30.9
United States 28.6
Belgium 26.3
Zimbabwe 25.6
United Kingdom 23.2

7 thoughts on “The Highest Rape Rates – By Country

  1. Very interesting figures!
    Lesotho on top — and with such a high margin!– is a surprise.
    So also the high incidence in Sweden and NZ, both of which have had idyllic reputations!
    Why is the UK figure not specified?
    Anil Nauriya

  2. Hi Anil,

    the UK figures weren’t showing up because of some HTML missing.

    I’ve corrected it.

    It’s not clear how rape is defined – and what constitutes a rape.

    Is it a conviction or is it just a report?

    Sweden – the rate maybe related to migrant populations or urban areas.

    But, off the bat, those are the numbers.

    My point is why do journalists not ask such questions of the UN and other activist bodies?

    It doesn’t take long to look up rape stats.

    It’s been known for a while that the lowest rape rates are not in the West.

    Saudi Arabia has a very low rape rate and a generally low rate for street crime.

    SA also has the death penalty and forms of punishment the West considers barbaric.

    I’d submit that with the highest prison population in the world, mostly for non-violent, no victim offenses, with appalling rates of prison rape, with levels of street crime that are truly critical in many areas, the US is much more barbaric.

    It has enough to correct in its own backyard without political crusades over non-existent crises.

  3. This is an interesting topic. What about the unreported rapes in India. Once you factor those in wouldn’t there really be a legitimate rape crisis in India?

  4. As women are usually (though not always) the victims of rape and rape is often considered as adultery or promiscuousness in many Muslim countries, with harsh penalties, including death, I suspect serious under-reporting. In cultures where the victim is often blamed, it takes a brave survivor to speak up.

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