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  1. Dear Lila, your moral and emotional courage to take on such heart-wrenching topics where the observer simply cannot remain un-affected by what is being observed,, is laudable. Thanks for highlighting this crime against humanity. It takes a strong gut to look at these pictures…. I don’t have that gut.

    If I may be permitted to lend some context that goes back to the late 1970s when I was an undergraduate in America, a must read book among women in our college was: “Our Bodies, Ourselves: A Book by and for Women”. This book was to be found everywhere, in the dorms, student center, and one was deemed to be an antediluvian male chauvinist pig if the male students hadn’t read, or at least heard of it as well. It was apparently a required reading for the young female students of that era in America, the right of passage into “informed womanhood” if you will.

    Those same years, as I recall, a movie was shown in the college about abortion, followed by presentations by leading anti-abortion rights groups who wanted to bring awareness of the impact such feminist liberation was having on the American society. I recall being shocked, first of all, at the disturbing images shown, and clicking on your link above brought back the same disgust and angst once again. Second, I will mention the reaction displayed by many women who had evidently been avid readers of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”. As I recall, some heated exchanges had ensued between the anti-abortion presenters and the feminists on campus.

    Coming from a very conservative society, Pakistan, all this was quite a cultural shock for me — to say the least. Not that abortions don’t, or didn’t, happen in Pakistan (which is why the humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi started placing empty bassinets in front of his Edhi centers throughout Pakistan so that instead of dumping an unwanted child in trash cans and flushing fetuses in toilets, the distressed mother might bring the unwanted baby to term and place it anonymously in the bassinet to be raised by Edhi Foundation), but it is a taboo topic of discussion. I am not sure if the same exists in India, Bangladesh, Iran, etc. So these images were, and still are, most shocking for the ordinary citizen, like myself — as most of the society remains unexposed to it because of: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

    That evidently seminal book, written by Boston physicians as I recall, was instrumental in playing some significant role in the rising feminist movements of the 1970s in the United States. The data on abortion you have outlined in your previous article on this topic is the natural progression of that feminist trend.

    But, as you will surely agree, abortion is not solely due to feminism. Unwanted pregnancies have existed from time immemorial, and so has rape, and thus abortion.

    But in the context of feminism, it has become a cause célébra for a reason, to my mind at least, for advancing the Hegelian Dialectic discourse forward. Whichever side of the issue one falls on, it creates and maintains the feminist discourse in society — and that, in itself, also fuels the feminist agenda forward. They keep this alive using the full spectrum of tools, from television programs like the 1990s “Friends”, to the bizarre feminist protest you point to in Argentina. Like reading the book, the same agenda is furthered when abortion is spotlighted solely in the context of feminism.

    My humble take on this is that while these numbers are shocking to say the least, and a crime against both, the unborn humanity, and the mother who has been stripped off her motherhood in the name of womanhood, that the topic of abortion, while perhaps a prominent issue in the feminist debate, ought to be looked at principally as a crime against humanity regardless of the feminist issue.

    That decoupling, to my mind at least, is essential for making abortion the point of focus as an issue itself, and not a secondary matter and outcome of the the feminist movement.

    The numbers of abortion in Pakistan, and India, and other nations of South East Asia, Iran and even China, I am sure (but I don’t have the data) are largely due to non-feminist factors.

    Abortion as a means of birth-control, whether the feminists do it in the West, or the poverty and rape-stricken humanity in the East, or due to governmental policy of one-child only, etc., is a crime. Period.

    I am sure that those of us who recognize Hegelian dialectic in current affairs will immediately see how UN’s planned parenthood drive may be pitched as the solution-space, as is forced sterilization of the ‘useless eaters’, as Bertrand Russell’s 1951 book The Impact of Science on Society and America’s 1974 memorandum called NSSM-200, might advocate as the solution to abortion. That being the baby-step in decoupling reproduction from sex, and the state owning reproduction, and also the offspring, as demonstrated in Orwell’s 1948 book 1984 and Huxley’s 1931 book Brave New World. Our societies, East and West, must develop sufficient wherewithal of Machiavelli to be able to deal with these matters independent of the covert agendas, and independent of the Hegellian dialectics in which these covert agendas are often wrapped.

    Again, Lila I applaud your immense courage to take on this disturbing topic and not lose your own sanity.

    Thank you.

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
    February 21, 2014
    Comment for: mindbodypolitic.com/2014/02/21/massacre-of-the-innocents/

  2. @R, Zahir

    I think abortion is seminal to the whole NWO philosophy and that it is indeed linked to modern feminism, which I distinguish from old-school, humanitarian feminism.

    I consider myself an old-school feminist – I believe women should be treated like human beings not property and have the rights and duties of human beings.

    It’s not well-known that the founding mothers of American feminism (before its manipulation by the elites) were uniformly opposed to abortion and refused to countenance the liberation of women on the backs of broken children.

    Zahir, I take your point that abortion exists and has existed everywhere.

    But the difference with contemporary abortions that make them chilling to me are these aspects:

    1. They are not driven by necessity – the child is aborted not because of fear of huge expenses or burdens on the family (in India, for eg.)
    or because the child is handicapped or deformed.
    Not that that would excuse the abortion, but it would make it understandable and more human.

    2.They are not part of a philosophy which considers it a NECESSARY evil (in the case of some feminists) or even a good (in the case of the sextremists of FEMEN, who consider abortion a “sacramant” and “holy.”

    Now in China it is different. China has been communist and feminism is part and parcel of communism. India has not been communist in the same way, but it is still socialist.
    I do not think religious/traditional societies, untouched by socialism, see abortion in the same way.

    Now, about the Hegelian dialectic.

    Of course, it is at work here. I am quite certain that the extreme actions of FEMEN are indeed provocations intended to spark “culture wars” and drawn a line in the sand between right and left.

    I believe such provocations bear all the marks of having been created by intelligence.

    So this too distinguishes the abortion-right activists of today and the unwilling abortion-perpetrators of old and in other societies.

    4. Feminism is indeed the philosophy – in popular terms – of the NWO.

    In esoteric terms, one might talk about left-hand occultism or Sabbataean Frankists, or hedonist

    Tantrism…but in popular terms it is the enthronement of the Nature Goddess, Gaia, earth-mother, who is free (as she is a divinity) to eat her own children…or to abort them.

    Jesus might suffer the little children, but Gaia will make them suffer…if it will keep them from getting in the way of her orgasms.

    And this feminist orgasm is very important to the NWO because it is the symbol of pitting the pleasure principle against the procreative principle.

    The NWO wants sex without reproduction

    and reproduction without sex…

    and feminism is the ideology which furthers that goal
    So that is a fourth way in which abortion is a tool of feminism today and a fourth way it is different from abortions of earlier societies and times.

    Abortion is a social evil and is practiced furtively elsewhere. In communist and totalitarian states (and the UK/US are the latter) abortion is a “right,” it is out in the open, and is even a just and good thing, if we follow Ms. Senior’s thinking..

    Ultimately, it is to make the sex drive an object of either advertising and money-making in the private sector (porn, entertainment, prostitution) or of regulation and control in the public sector (birth-control, sex-education, family-planning).

    That is my analysis…

    Sorry for the pictures.

    I have always considered myself pro-choice, but in recent years, I have changed my mind.

    The definition of life cannot be left to the more powerful (mothers/fathers). Either an unborn baby is not a human being, in which case it can have no rights under law in any context, or it is a human being and it has all the rights of a human being at all times.

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