Arvind Kejriwal: Plagiarist?

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It seems that  Delhi chief and self-styled anti-corruption crusader,  Arvind Kejriwal, might be guilty of some corruption himself – he stands accused of having plagiarized his book, “Swaraj” (- self-rule- a term popularized by Gandhi during India’s independence struggle):

The Facebook page of India Cause has the story:

“” Complainant Ajay Pal Nagar has alleged Kejriwal’s book Swaraj has copied contents in his book titled Bharatiya Raj Vyawastha. Nagar claimed that he had presented the book to Kejriwal in March, 2012 and he was appalled to see its content being copied in ‘Swaraj’ that was published in July 2012. The case has been filed before District Judicial Magistrate of Noida and the case has been accepted.

The author has said that he had released his book through a Delhi-based publication one year before the release of Swaraj and the plagiarism has been done intentionally by Kejriwal. “Kejriwal has illegally published my book in his own name and has added some Government documents to mislead the people,” the complainant.

Nagar, in his complaint before the court, has alleged that 80% content of Swaraj has been copied from his book which is a clear violation of Copy Right Act. Nagar said he wrote the book Bharatiya Raj Vyawastha in year 2011 and book was published in February 2012. Later, he sent a copy of the book to Kejriwal on March 26. In June 2012, when Swaraj was released with author name Arvind Kejriwal, Nagar found that Kejriwal has taken most parts of his book without his consent to do so. He found that many pages, paragraphs and lines of Swaraj are word to word of his book.

Earlier the author lodged a complaint in Badalpur police station in December 2012 but no action was initiated against Kejriwal and the matter was almost closed. Nagar then went to Chief District Magistrate Court of Noida where his application under Section 156 (3) of CrPc was taken up by the Magistrate. Complainant has also claimed that Manish Sisodia, close associate of Kejriwal and a Minister in Delhi Govt, has accepted that ‘the book is written by us but is amalgamation of different articles’. However, contrary to his claim, the book has the name of Arvind Kejriwal as its author.

“I wrote the book, Bharatiya Raj Vyawastha, with 10 years’ experience of my social life. I met eminent lawyers, socialists, constitutional experts and many more before writing the book. As I was impressed with Arvind Kejriwal and his team during Anna movement, I sent a copy of my book to Kejriwal but he took unfair advantage of it. I have moved court for action against him for exclusive theft and a case under Section 200 of CrPc has been registered against Kejriwal. The court could serve notice to him. If required I will move upper courts for justice,” said Nagar.”

3 thoughts on “Arvind Kejriwal: Plagiarist?

  1. The present incarnation of Indian National Congress party and The Aam Admi Party seem like two ends of the Hegelian dialectic. The game is probably to marginalize the BJP.

  2. That seems right to me.
    But, one point – the BJP also is a part of the dialectic.
    I don’t trust them either, although their followers, like the Tea Party followers, more accurately reflect the sentiments of the ordinary man and of nationalists or patriots, as they call them here.
    Some of that crowd too is infiltrated, but I think they are a bit more aware of the whole dynamics of the game than the usual Congress-intellectuals-media nexus, where government is regarded unquestioningly as benign.

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