Fake Video Of Devyani Strip Search Illustrates Perils of Net


Two hours after I spotted this, Zeenews India – which has been fair in its commentary on this –  reported that US officials had also disclaimed the video as a hoax and a provocation.


A fake video entitled “CCTV footage of  Indian Diplomat Devyani Khobragade Being Strip Searched By US Police” is on the net, stirring up angry comments from Indians and others.

The tape is clearly fake since it contradicts Khobragade’s own description of her strip-search.

She nowhere states that she was pushed to the floor or man-handled by male officers.

While there is a divergence between what happened (visual inspection of cavities) and the media description (probe of cavities), there is nothing to suggest that the search was conducted by male members of the NYPD.

Point two. Khobragade has much longer hair than the woman in the tape.

So why would someone put out such a tape?

If it’s not just a prank, it stands a good chance of being disinformation.

Similar sorts of tapes were constantly being put out during the Iraq war, purporting to show torture of prisoners.  The idea is to muddy the waters to make actual evidence of crimes look suspect.

I imagine something of the sort is at work here.

Of course, for the target herself, it only exacerbates the original violation of her modesty and privacy.

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