Western Churches Funding Conversions, Terrorism, Secession

Bharatabharati.wordpress.com reports on the Indian government’s crack-down on foreign funding of NGOs engaged in subversive politics:

“The latest report of the Home Ministry showed that more than Rs 10,000 crore was sent to India during 2009-2010, mostly from the USA and Europe to NGOs in India.

[Lila: 1 crore is 10 million rupees, which is $1590.584 million (or approximately $1.5 billion) at an exchange rate of 62.87 rupees to a dollar, calculated at this forex site.

“The report says that while it is not proper to make sweeping generalisations, it is necessary to note that the NGO sector in India is vulnerable to the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing……..

The report, approved by Union Home Secretary R.K. Singh in January 2012, revealed that major donors from abroad and receivers in India are Christian Missionaries and Church-sponsored NGOs.

“The list of foreign donors is topped by the Gospel For Asia Inc of the USA (Rs 232.71 crore) followed by Fundacion Vicente Ferrer, Barcelona, Spain (Rs 228.60 crore) and the World Vision Global Centre of the USA (Rs 197.62 crore),” said the report of Home Ministry on foreign contribution and regulation for the period of year 2009-2010.

These three are evangelical organisations. The fourth largest donor, Compassion International, is also from the US (Rs131.57 core) and belongs to the same category.

The India Today, in its story ‘Freelancers of God – Independent churches mushroom across India attracting foreign funds’ (published on 9 May 2011) has given an account of Indian Christian missionaries who are propelling their ‘work’ to convert Hindus to Christianity with the help of foreign funds.

The India Today story says that, “The preachers are not trained in theology. They often play with the sentiments of people and lure them with incentives and create communal tension. Most new pastors work among Dalits in the region. They also widely use faith-healing methods, which are not popular among mainstream churches. Political parties such as the Congress and the Akali Dal have refused to make conversions a controversy and the VHP and Bajrang Dal have accused both parties of playing to the Christian vote bank.”

Senior French journalist and writer Francois Gautier reveals in his article that, “The foreign funds sent for Gospel cause has a huge but obscure impact. Out of seven states in North East India four have absolute control of the Church. Most of the North East subversive groups / Terrorist outfits including Maoists have definite connection with Evangelical groups. 45% of non-Arab foreign funds coming to India are utilized through Churches for conversion and camouflaging services, while 40% Arab foreign funds are coming to boost up Jihad and Islamic services. Christian Fathers and nuns are living most lavish life in India by utilizing the money collected from overseas in the name of service to the poor people of the third world.”

Francois Gautier has busted the myths of the so-called ‘social and human rights activists like Medha Patkar.

In his article ‘The Truth about Medha Patkar’, Gautier has given a reference of letter of Dr Urmilaben Patel, member of the Congress Working Committee, written to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Minister for External Affairs.

Patel wrote that, “You are kindly aware, that Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) headed by Medha Patkar is actively involved in opposing all hydro projects in India. I have recently received material which I find quite disturbing. I specifically draw your attention into the message of Ms. Patkar using the words of “pressurizing the UPA government”, and “honouring” a Supreme Court Judge for a favourable verdict, as is explicit in the emails.”

Gautier gives details of exchange of confidential emails between Patkar and Patrick McCully, ex-Director, International Rivers Network (IRN) based at Berkeley (United States). This mail conversation exposes how Patkar ‘reports’ to Patrick every details of the case and which Judge ‘favoured’ her and should be ‘honored”….

…Teesta SetalvadIt is always demanded to inspect the income source of the infamous Teesta Setalvad and her NGO ‘Citizen for Justice and Peace’. Teesta Setalvad is always been in clouds of mystery for her activities and how she raised funds for her NGO and how does she managed expenses of providing legal help and from which source, she got money to lure witnesses for the cases against Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots. Her bank statements with specific details are out suggesting how Setalvad allegedly used money to buy witnesses and how through manipulative activities, false submission before different probe panels and courts were allegedly filed. Again the pointer turns to the source of foreign funds. But no one wants make understand the fact.

No scope for Indian Media to escape in case of foreign funding issue. Gospels of Charity in Spain, Southern Baptist Church, World Christian Council, St. Peters Pontifical Church, Melbourne, Joshua Society, Berne, Switzerland are some of the sponsors which funds major Indian Media which ‘speaks for’ secularism and human rights in India.

The analysis of the Home Ministry’s 42-page report shows that 14,233 NGOs received foreign contribution of Rs 10,337.59 crore. The biggest fund inflow to NGOs has come from the USA (Rs 3,105.73 crore) followed by Germany (Rs 1,046.30 crore) and the UK (Rs 1,038.68 crore). These three countries have topped in the donors’ list of Home Ministry for many years.

As per the report, most the funding has been generated from Christian missionaries of USA, Germany and UK and the donor missionaries have also formed their Indian subsidiaries. The other toppers come from Italy (Rs 583.47 crore), the Netherlands (Rs 509.46 crore), Spain (Rs 437.25 crore) Switzerland (Rs 302.06 crore), Canada (Rs 297.98 crore), France (Rs 189.12 crore) and Australia (Rs 148.28). The eleventh big donor to Indian NGOs is from UAE with Rs 133.15 crore.

World Vision Chennai According to MHA figures, the funding for Christian mission agencies has shown a regular increase. Also, over 80 percent of the voluntary organisations receiving foreign funds are Christian Mission agencies. “The highest amount of foreign contribution was received by the World Vision of India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu (Rs 208.94 crore).”

4 thoughts on “Western Churches Funding Conversions, Terrorism, Secession

  1. I’d like to say that Teesta is doing good work in bringing the wrong-doers of 2002 in Gujarat to book.
    This is essential because no section of Indian society should have the feeling that the state is not fully committed to protecting their lives and property.
    I’m surprised how fast Western corporate and political interests are aligning themselves with Modi and his party.

    As to Medha’s work, I do not share the prevalent NGO blanket objection to large dams and to large hydro-electric projects. I have been a supporter of the scheme for inter-linking Indian rivers. However, Medha’s people have done good work with respect to the rehabilitation of those displaced by large projects. This work was also essential. As a result of the focus on such issues there are new legal provisions in place on these matters [instead of the old insensitive British-era provisions].

    Anil Nauriya

  2. Hi Anil,

    That is so. But Muslims and Christians are protected by their status as members of huge, very well-funded multinational religious organizations.
    Hindus are not.
    So I question why it is that certain killings – of Muslims in Gujarat – are given prominence, but other killings – of Hindus in Kashmir or Bengal, or in other states – are not.
    I am a neutral observer on this. It seems to me many Christians pretend to be unaware that as Christians they receive the backing of the entire Western establishment.
    Witness the outcry over Graham Staines.
    It was an atrocity, no doubt. But had he been a Hindu priest, killed by tribals, or Naxals, no one would have said anything at the international level.
    So the word minority itself is a misnomer and used politically. One can be a “minority” in numbers and be exceedingly powerful in the media, in finance, in education, in thought-control, in funding sources, in public perceptions.

    It is the same in the US. Certain majority groups – like traditional Christians – are powerful in numbers, but they are not as powerful politically as certain groups that are numerical minorities.

  3. What is required is something like a Truth and Reconciliation Commission where dialogue can resume. Every group needs to work to remove the sense of victimhood in other groups. Today all virtually all groups in India claim victimhood.
    The reason is that legal, political and social retribution for wrongdoers has been slow in coming.

    There should be no victims who are privileged over other victims. That is why I condemn 1984 and 2002 as well as the events that preceded these horrors. But until the minorities’ sense of victimhood is redressed they in turn may be slow to recognize earlier excesses. Is this then a vicious circle?
    The key lies, I think, in treating the individual as an individual and not looking upon him or her as personifying either a minority or a majority. Every individual killing must be investigated and the perpetrators brought to account irrespective of the religion of the person killed.

    Anil Nauriya

  4. Nepal Earthquake, April 2015

    Rescue versus Relief and Rehabilitation?

    In recent years there is a new trend noticeable with international disaster-related work.
    This is that within a few days of rescue work, the agencies involved say that there is now no hope of finding survivors and that attention must now shift to rehabilitation work.
    Thus they quickly create an “either-or” between rescue and rehabilitation.
    In the case of Nepal it was reported 7 days after the disaster that the international norm for rescue operations is only seven days and the rescue operations in Nepal were accordingly being wound down.
    The fact is that human beings, especially in the Third World, evidently have greater endurance and stamina.
    This is why it has been found in quakes in Turkey, Iraq and Iran – and I have definite memories of this — that survivors, including old women, have been rescued alive from under the debris even after 40+ and even 50+ days. In addition, some people under the debris still manage to find a source of water (say some leak somewhere) or something edible.
    It is therefore of the utmost importance that attempts at rescue must not be abandoned in a hurry, especially in a Third World country like Nepal. Imagine the plight of someone who may be lying somewhere hoping one day to be rescued but the search for whom may have been abandoned only because the international norm does not provide for it.
    Unfortunately, Western norms for Rescue missions do not factor in these aspects. This is also because Rescue is more expensive, requiring drilling machinery and highly trained experts and engineers. Relief and Rehabilitation, are, by comparison, less burdensome tasks [ though still major ones] and with varied time horizons, some immediate and some spread over a period. The cost-benefit approach and outlook have no doubt influenced international norms on disaster response. In the process, Rescue operations get boxed into an unduly short window of time.
    So I hope the word will spread in Nepal and wherever such disasters occur: “Don’t give up on Rescue!”

    Anil Nauriya

    11 May 2015

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