Fake Indian “rape crisis” driven by Western elite media

Update: My blog post on the bogus nature of UN rape studies:

An Indian “rape crisis” has been evoked in the major media in the wake of the infamous Delhi gang-rape of 2012.

The “rape culture” narrative about India has come to signal the regressive, medieval nature of traditional Indian masculinity.

Palash Ghosh argues that Indian men, who, after 9/11, were conflated with the category “terrorist,” are now being conflated with the category, “rapist.”

Delhi gang-rape trial: A new and negative image for Indian men? Palash Ghosh, Ibntimes.com, Feb 5, 2013

I would suggest that this conflation is intentional and it is typical of the demonization campaigns carried out by the Western state media against countries targeted for intervention, whether that takes the form of bombing or of proxy wars or of NGO psyops.


I would suggest that there is no “rape crisis” in India in need of such international intervention.

There is, however, an over-hyped, UN-backed,  elite-manufactured issue that functions as a site for state intervention.

The ” rape crisis” is actually the creation of  the left-liberal ideology that fronts for the corporate interests of Western elites.

This can be readily deciphered from the media stories about the Delhi gang rape.

The major media (Western elite) coverage of the Delhi rape posited it as typical of the medieval village culture characterizing Delhi, in which no Westernized/modern woman can ever be safe.

In contrast, the truly cosmopolitan cities of the West protect women, ran the elite narrative.

Statistics, of course, do not bear this story out.

Poulami Roychowdhury has argued as much in her lengthy academic analysis of the story:

“The Delhi Gang Rape: The Making of International Causes.”


“CNN likened the assailants to men in other “traditional societies” who “see improvements in the status of women as a challenge to their own” and who use rape as a weapon of power against such advances.”

Roychowdhury shows how the international media created a false narrative of a Westernized, modern woman attacked by traditional, patriarchal, village men.

The truth is both the victim and her assailants were remarkably similar in moving from lower-class agricultural backgrounds into an urban setting.

The international media narrative also ignored the Indian man who attempted to save the victim.

He was also stripped and assaulted.

But the media erased him entirely from public consciousness.


It goes almost without saying that Pandey’s case illustrates the ongoing resilience and appeal of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak’s “white men saving brown women from brown men.”
Spivak’s theory illuminates why Pandey’s male friend, Awindra Pandey, disappeared from the pages of international media while Pandey and her assailants took pride of place in the discussion. Commentators seemed to forget that Awindra was even on the busand was also physically assaulted, stripped naked, and dumped on the side of the road. He disappeared, Firstly, because his body stood outside the economy of international care: white men are not in the business of saving brown men from other brown men
. He also had to disappear because brown men are not typically viewed as allies of brown women.”

Chowdhury also demonstrates how the  emancipated female subject in the third-world  exists in a  narrative that ties her emancipation to her full participation in the neo-liberal economy.

She is described as going to malls and movies on her own, wearing Western clothes and accoutrements.

Meanwhile  the atavism of her male attackers is tied to their lack of integration into that economy.

Neither construction is accurate.

The “rape crisis” was a creation of  radical feminism embedded in the neo-liberal market-place, not an off-shoot of traditional Indian culture.

ITEM A The rape crisis is driven by financial incentives created by misguided, if not malicious, laws put in place by feminist ideologues.

See, “India to pay women big money to cry rape,” False Rape Society, January 8, 2010

It describes the law which has driven the “crisis of rape” now bearing fruition.

” It [India] has decreed that every woman who testifies that a male raped her will be handed the equivalent of 4,374.96 US dollars, a not-insignificant sum anywhere, but a huge payday in India.”

[Lila: in terms of Indian salaries, this would be the equivalent of $200,000 in the West, if we use the exchange rate prevalent at the time. Of course, this translation doesn’t account for the differing purchasing powers of the currencies, but $4, 374.96 is nonetheless a very large sum in India.]


The “rape  crisis” is driven by cultural Marxism

The goal of cultural Marxism is to create morally and biologically neutral “genders” that are fungible and detached from the traditional family structure.

Indeed, it is to construct “gender” so that it is inimical to family life.

In that regard, it’s notable that the man behind many of the protests following the Delhi gang-rape case was a left-wing radical.


He was a communist radical from the hot-bed of left-wing ideology, Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The protests following the rapes were also organized mainly by left-wing radicals.

Many of the protests turned violent, injuring nearly 150 people.


“The protests, largely by students, saw hooligan elements mingled in the crowd uproot wooden poles erected for the Jan 26 Republic Day event and set them afire at five places. They upturned vehicles, smashed window panes of buses and other vehicles and also hurled stones and water bottles on policemen in response to tear gas and baton attacks to prevent protesters from marching towards Raisina Hills, where prohibitory orders were put in place.”

Pictures of the protests were circulated world-wide, bringing even the UN into the picture.

The UN made official pronouncements about a “rape culture” in India.


This led to the usual politically-motivated commentary from the liberal-left spectrum of the Western media.

However, a few conservative/men’s rights blogs didn’t buy the story and correctly diagnosed the “rape crisis” as a concoction of left-feminist ideological activism.

Similar accusations of an American “rape-culture” have been accurately deconstructed by Dr. Christina Hoff Summers

Researching the “rape-culture” of America,” Christina Hoff Summers, False-rape.net.

Only a year after the Delhi gang-rape case, the JNU communist who was behind the Indian “rape-crisis” agitation was himself accused of rape. He became the subject of the usual  trial-by-media-innuendo-and-womyn’s-assertion.

He killed himself, a victim of the left-anarchist monster he created.

The extremist ideology behind the “rape crisis” is evident in the new unequal laws in India.

In the case of rape:

See “Only men can be booked for rape, Nagendra Sharma, Hindustan Times, March 5, 2013

“Bowing to pressure from women activists, the government has decided to restore the term rape in criminal law that states only men can be booked for committing the offence against women. It has also decided to lower the age of consent for sex from 18 to 16 years.”

This is not gender-neutrality but gender-privileging.  It means that a female assault of a male, or a male assault of a male, or a male or female assault of a male child, are lesser crimes, to be treated under the separate section in the Indian legal code that pertains to unnatural sexual acts.

But that section does not make the rape of a male a crime against a person. Instead, it treats it as a crime against nature, like voluntary homosexuality.

That means female rapists/molesters of men or children can be guilty of unnatural acts, but not of rape, a most significant perversion of equal justice under the law.

In the case of domestic violence:

A woman can get a restraining order against her husband or boyfriend if he threatens suicide.

Under Indian law, threats of suicide by a man, however, are treated as domestic violence against the woman.

The reverse does not obtain.

If India were really a woman-hating patriarchy, as the feminists proclaim, would such laws pass?

At one men’s rights site, an activist writes:

[Note added: Paul Elam, the founder of the site, “A Voice for Men,” seems to have anger management problems that have led him to make incendiary statements I do not in any way endorse. I also do not support the harassment of feminist activists.]

“We’ve already seen men in that country [India] forced to the back of buses like African-Americans in 1950s America.  We’ve seen them beaten up by members of the public and female police officers alike for accidentally boarding the “female only” carriage of a train.  And now we’re seeing the government actively denying them equal protection under the law in sexual assaults.

Conclusion: What is going on in India is not a rape crisis but a crisis of misandry.

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11 thoughts on “Fake Indian “rape crisis” driven by Western elite media

  1. @Edwin

    No, it would not.
    The numbers are far too wide apart.
    In the first place, if you think rapes are unreported in India, there are plenty of people who think they are unreported in the US and UK too.
    So that would even it out.

    Second, what is being defined as rape in the UN studies actually includes marital relations. Just check the bogus nature of the study from my blog post.

    Third. I do think rapes have increased in the Delhi-Gurgaon area because of the massive migrant problems created by neo-liberal economics, because of the break-down of the social fabric, almost deliberately engineered it would seem by transnational elites.

    An increase in rapes in absolute terms (accompanied by massive hype and social media herding,

    however, does not equate to a crisis in global terms, when you consider the population of India and the stresses it is undergoing.

  2. Lila, Hi, I actually came by to complete reading the redacted chapter-11 of your book LOE which I had started last time ( mindbodypolitic.com/deleted-chapter-on-pro-israeli-media-control-in-loe/ ). It appears to be excellent work. Is this book available on line as a PDF? I would like to read it. If not, I will pay a visit to my local Barnes and Noble next weekend. Thanks. But I am going to leave a comment to augment your article.

    The narrative being built-up on rape in the global media is forcing discussion about India alone, instead of the rape of women as a crime. Do people not see that? Why India?

    Do people not perceive that question? No, unfortunately most cannot —- because, most have no conception of the Mighty Wurlitzer.

    If the readers remain unaware of that term, they will never comprehend modernity. Here is a link which explains that term and the philosophy of perception management as a means for controlling not just the narrative, which is the method, but the behavior which naturally follows once that narrative becomes the accepted basis of beliefs. That is the goal, behavior control:


    There are two independent questions here which can be explored.

    1) The rape against women.

    Be that crime in India, or in any country in the West or the East, including the US and UK. Take pursuing that crime in every nation.

    The focus of this pursuit is solely on preventing the trampling the rights of women, preventing their dehumanization, preventing their objectification, and in the limit, preventing raping them, both physically, and mentally, by stripping them off their dignity and self-respect.

    Obviously, as many sensible persons might rightly argue, the most violent and gruesome among these crimes against womanhood, is the physical rape of the woman’s body.

    Curtailing these crimes by every means possible, including, but not limited to: highlighting them in the media to raise awareness; legislating new laws, or repelling existing abhorrent laws, such that the real victims are vindicated-compensated-and-treated-back-to-health, and the real villains, the predators who hide sometimes in plainsight and sometimes under legalcover, are castrated; is surely a lauded domestic priority among every nation, and among every peoples on earth.

    Only an idiot, and a moron, and a rapist would argue against that.

    Same is true of the crime of child molestation.

    I believe, minimally, castrating all the mother-fckers, sister-fckers, and children-fckers, perhaps followed by confiscating their assets, etc. is eminently appropriate as both, punishment, and a key social deterrents for protecting society from predators and sociopaths.

    I only wish that was the only crime in the list of crimes of predators…. Castrating all predators would surely not be remiss… I don’t believe that if such a law was put in place, that India would place very highly among those going without their *icks and *alls. I am sure many more nations would feature in such a list first — but debating from the armchair of the internet who is, and who isn’t, among the top ten nations criminally fcking their women is a red herring.

    That is the point of this narrative of the Mighty Wurlitzer, such that India is being spotlighted so that well-intentioned people can sit around and argue the merits or de-merits of that narrative, just as the previous poster’s comment and its response by Lila has done. That narrative has bookended the discourse — to India! Do people not see that?

    And it is of course also true, all but a truism in fact, that of all the crimes against humanity, the crime of rape against women and children is perhaps the most unreported, and underreported, crime.

    The social stigma alone for it becoming known that one has been raped or molested can become equivalent to “a second gang rape” by the virtuous society on the victim pleading for justice. Victimizing twice is the norm for such crimes. That however does not mean that women have not used rape, and sleeping around, and other vile methods of sexual manipulation to get ahead in the man’s world.

    The fact of this latter existence however, does not, should not, and cannot, minimize the also true fact of the crime of rape and dehumanization of women. India can no more escape the judgment of this factual reality in its midst than can Pakistan, or the US, UK, and the other virtuous nations of the Global North playing their pious tunes of the Mighty Wurlitzer in spotlighting India.

    2) That brings to the second point. That is principally Lila’s point: The waging of social and psychological warfare upon nations, civilizations, and cultures, which is principally little different than waging wars with guns and butter.

    All pretext, all cracks and lacunas among the people and their societies, are harvested (and or seeded, cultivated, and then harvested) in waging this warfare.

    It is a warfare for demoralizing nations from within, to make them hate their own societies, cultures, civilizations, and peoples, —– so that they are primed for the solution that is being prepared for them in the guise of solving their problem.

    The beauty of this pursuit is that people are craftily maneuvered into demanding the solution themselves! The list of examples is long —- war on terror being the prime one. So the solution to to protect the people from the terrorists is to take away their freedoms. Today, tens of thousands people willingly go through US airports daily, permitting their private parts to be touched and examined by perverts of the TSA to keep them safe from terrorists. According to a TSA report that I read a couple of years ago, less than 0.1 percent of the public ever commented among the millions who have willingly accepted that domestic solution for ‘war on terror’.

    The protest by the NGOs and their useful idiots captured in the photo above is part of this second point, waging the psychological warfare. It is hardly due to the first point, concern for the welfare of the woman, although that is the pretext. Women being raped has existed in India, like in any other nation, from time immemorial. The fact that it is now becoming cause célébré in the Western news media should raise some eyebrows even among the most mainstream sedated kool-aid drinkers. Why now? What’s its purpose? The answer is psychological warfare.

    In this warfare, the United States peoples are no less victims. We have already seen, and experienced if we live in the United States, that dehumanization at airports, as noted above.

    All ‘untermensch’ are made victims, including the ‘white trash’, which is really the station of the vast majority of ‘useless eaters’ among the Anglo-Saxon Global North as viewed by the ‘ubermensch’ who govern the world. These German words capture a wealth of semantics from social engineering point of view. Would be certainly worthwhile for anyone to study them on one’s own.

    Both Lila and I have continually written about this.

    I believe that if one de couples points 1 and 2, and keeps them de coupled in one’s thinking, not just in this rape issue but on all so called “global crisis” issues that are pushed on the public mind, the matters will become clear and remain clear. These crises include: global war on terror, global warming, global financial collapse due to global banking crisis, global epidemics also called pandemics, and who knows, global planetary collisions, and in the limit, global alien landings.

    All these are crisis we have heard about, some manufactured, others fictional.

    What can be achieved in crisis conditions – whether real or imagined?

    “What is inconceivable in normal times is possible in revolutionary times.”

    Please see the Report from Iron Mountain for understanding why mankind must always be positioned in crisis conditions by its shepherds, in conditions of uncertainty, chaos and warfare, in order to govern the public masses.

    Please see Impact of Science on Society where Bertrand Russell argues the same, and laments that the one-world government, the only logical choice for a scientific society, in the absence of nationalism and global warfare, could only be maintained as a global police-state! The solution to our crises is one-world government. And people are already demanding it. See the editorial which appeared in the Financial Times in December 2008 titled: ‘And now for a world government’


    In other words, the people are being maneuvered into demanding world government as a solution to the global crises. And the FT oped-writer listed all the ones I mentioned, except the last two.

    The Western public would do well to worry about their own enslavement rather than the “crisis” twenty thousand miles away in India.

    And Indians would do well to read the Mighty Wurlitzer report cited above and not fall victim to the tyranny of good causes. The entire mainstream discourse in India, and among its officaldom, as in Pakistan, and worldwide, is an orchestration of the Mighty Wurlitzer. It entirely controls their behavior.

    Lastly, I have used those street vernaculars above advisedly. I hope no one’s sensibilities will be greatly offended for using the correct descriptive words to describe the abhorrent crimes accurately. When words become more pungent then the abhorrent crimes they try to capture, our desensitization is complete — let that not happen as that is the first method by which they strip us of our self-respect, and our dignity. That is the level of understanding we need to develop of behavrior control going around us 24x7x365 in order to counter these most existential threats to our humanity, and civilzations.

    Best wishes,

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
    February 10, 2014

    Comment for mindbodypolitic.com/2014/01/31/indian-rape-crisis-driven-by-western-elite-media/

  3. Hi Zahir,

    I wish I could make the book available but that would impinge on the publisher. You should be able to get the paper back edition cheap on Amazon or from a used copy.

    This chapter was cut out by the editor, over my vehement objections. I recall he thought I was “arrogant” because I wanted to retain it and thought his cutting it out was censorship.

    You’re permitted salty language to make a forceful point. No problem.

    I agree that rape is abominable crime but I don’t know that I would agree that it is the worst possible crime. There are others, even worse..and I don’t mean murder.

    But yes, it’s heinous.
    However, including forced relations between married couples in that category is another thing.

    Also, can we stop seeing rape as only a male on female crime? It is often a female on male crime (among juveniles and infants) and a male on male crime.

    Your main point though is absolutely one hundred percent correct.
    The point is not the merits of the “crisis” – it is the “state of crisis” itself, which needs to be maintained so that the “surgery” of intervention can take place.

    All places are always “failed,” “un-developed” “under-developed” etc. etc. Nothing can just be left to develop on its own.

    It is part of imperialist ideology to create this false language of “gaps,” “lacunae,” “failure” so as to intervene…

  4. I was just looking into statistics and have found that 70-90 percent of rapes in the uk are unreported. Most estimates are around the 85 to 90 percent range. And thats with their ridiculously high rape stats. They sure like to demonise Indian culture, society and men though!

  5. Edwin,


    But it’s to be expected. If ordinary people knew the truth, do you think they would go along with using public money (that’s what funds the UN) to demonize distant countries to justify various forms of UN/NGO intervention (more public money) which only leads to blow-back of various kinds.

    As Zahir said, one has to keep one’s eye on the ball, which is that this is the kind of media “storm” always created to justify further expansion of government/NGO/judiciary/police/military intervention.

    Look at “weapons of mass destruction” or “global warming” or “the missile gap” or any other issue drummed up in the media.

    The Western media is the propaganda arm of powerful financial and corporate interests. The level of propaganda is much more sophisticated and thorough than even the Soviets suffered. By contrast, the Indian media is relatively free, although the major outlets are also dominated by Western interests or cater to them, via funding. I’ve blogged about this.

    This Western power center is always bringing to power the worst elements in every society, fostering it through the local government, then blaming the local government and targeting it, while leaving its own malign transnational institutions ever more powerful.

  6. the truth is the westerners stole aboriginal land.
    Whites have been raping in Canada (eastern Canada provinces)) and America in the south.
    The west has the most rapes and is way worse than india.
    I don’t see why the police in America don’t get fired for busting most of the crimes committed there.
    Yet there are tons of rape and pedophilia happening in America and Canada which the western media fails at its best to aknowledge to the public globally.
    Even whites colonization in north America is founded by whites raping the natives and near genociding them and also near genociding japs and raping Mexicans as well.

    Might I add.that whites are immoral and like to keep the stormfront website up yet these racist sites are not banned and all the misinformations and lies come from these whites on those sites and they are apparently allowed to mock our hindu culture and lay false claims by spreading lies to the media regarding the Aryans when in reality they are not even Aryans, since the Aryan invasion theory led by max Mueller was debunked.

    For all the atrocities whites have committed globally by causing wars, invading india in 1498 and 1849, everyone should turn a blind eye toward white people, as they are full of crap and seem to overlook their own immoralities.

    Its true whites have colonized and pestered non whites in 90% of the globe.

    It is simply irrefutable to argue with the facts that have been presented.

    Its obvious the western media is trying to push feminism into IndiA as the western media is known for pushing active gay rights into RussiA.

    (Minor edits by administrator)

  7. been,after typo) why out of 196 countries across the world do western media seem to obviously pick on india ? because whites invented racism,colonialism,fascism,clasism,imperialism,sexism,jim crows law sergagation apartheid and tried to ruin our religion and culture just like what whites did to Christianity when they changed the Christian lords name to jesus Christ when the lords true name is Yeshua ha Masshiac and he was never white ,true Hebrew Israelites are not white at all.as well semitic people are not white.pontius pilates and the roman soldiers killed the lord and the romans are white are they not!

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