Fake “Rape Crisis”: UK rape rate ten times Indian

One feminist notices something odd in the hype about the Indian rape crisis:


“Let’s look at the numbers for India, population 1.2 billion (about 48% of whom are women):

In 2011 there were 24,206 reported rapes. Of these 26 per cent resulted in convictions.

The UK has a population of about 56.2 million.”

Lila: This  article was written in January 2013.  I don’t know where the author got her numbers.

The UK population in 2011 was 63.3 million. The population in 2012 was 63.7 million.

The Indian population in 2011 was approx. 1.21 billion.    In 2012 it was 1.22 billion.

That means that the UK has a population that is roughly 20 times smaller than India’s.

The article continues:


“Fifty-one per cent are female.

In 2011 there were 14,624 rapes reported. Of which 24 per cent resulted in a “conviction or caution”.

Lila: If these rape statistics are in any way accurate, then the rape numbers in the UK are nearly half those in India, even though the Indian population is 20 times greater.

That means that the per capita rape rate in India is TEN TIMES smaller than that in the UK, a settled and developed country, with high levels of prosperity and education, one of the major powers.

Moreover, the UK rape rate is this high, even though Britain is a heavily policed country, with perhaps the most extensive surveillance networks in the world that routinely and illegally snoop on British citizens.

Britain also has a large and complex criminal justice system with multiple agencies to protect women and an academic culture that often shills for the feminist agenda.

But nonetheless the British rape rate is ten times that of India.  Where is the outrage?

Remember that the Indian rape rate is ten times smaller, despite extensive and severe poverty in India, few social networks outside kinship networks, and a very low per capita rate of policing.

Remember that India also has a very large population of illiterate young males, many without jobs and routinely experiences huge influxes of migrant workers into  severely overcrowded cities, already suffering from near-collapse in infrastructure and utilities.

Remember that India suffers from critical energy and water shortages, from soaring food and gas prices, from inflation and endemic corruption.

It has some of the world’s most congested and dangerous roads and some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists and separatists.

It is the target of unrelenting espionage and interference from the major powers.

India suffers in addition all the extraordinary stresses of very rapid economic development coupled with the crushing impact of  an alienating foreign culture on its traditional social fabric.

Finally, remember that behind the Indian rape rate are financial incentives created by feminist laws that reward women with windfall sums for bringing rape charges.

The Indian law privileges women as rape-victims while denying even the possibility that women might molest and rape, thus erasing the male as victim of sexual violence.

India has a jurisprudence weighted in favor of the woman coupled with a  feminist leadership that nonetheless demands even greater privileges and exemptions.

It has a media culture that is sensitive to every outrage to women and silent on outrages against men.

And yet, incredibly, the rape rate in India is ten times smaller than that in Britain.

So, where, I repeat, is the outrage?

Where is the United Nations study on the parlous condition of women in the United Kingdom, which rapes at ten times the rate of India?

Where is the UN study on the US, which rapes at higher rates than India?

Where is the UN study on South Africa, which rapes at higher rates than India?

6 thoughts on “Fake “Rape Crisis”: UK rape rate ten times Indian

  1. http://world.time.com/2013/11/08/why-rape-seems-worse-in-india-than-everywhere-else-but-actually-isnt/

    This article from Time states the UK conviction rate to be around 7% for 2011-12. While India managed 24.2% despite poverty and other hindrances.

    Nowadays, you can’t even search for this topic without numerous articles and blog posts from Indian women saying there is something inherently wrong with Indian men. Kind of disheartening but I really want to ask them why can’t they see the evidence that points to the US and UK and certain other “women friendly” countries are just as dangerous if not more dangerous than India.

  2. @Edwin

    Amazing isn’t it? The women who complain the loudest are the ones with the least reason to complain.

    Which isn’t to say that there hasn’t been an increase in rape in India, recently. But that’s part of a general increase in crime, which is usually what happens when you have cities growing fast, lots of migrants from other towns, crowding, and difficult conditions. Rats when crowded become aggressive. It’s a known factor in increasing crime rates.

    But that’s part of a general increase in crime. It is not to be explained by a rise in the viciousness of males.

    In fact, my experience is that Indian males, especially well-educated, high income (doctors, engineers, computer professionals) are exceptionally domesticated males, who compare very favorably with their counterparts in the West.

  3. True well-educated men do compare favorably and there are middle to low income Indian men who prioritize family and are well domesticated also. but its always one generalization after another with plenty of people, even Indians, who feel nothing bad about spouting the same Indian men are so and so nonsense the west does. Where was the race issue with the Texas gang rape of the 11 year old? If anyone asked that question black people from all over America would crucify them. Too bad Indians don’t get that privilege.

  4. @edwin

    Thanks for referencing that case. From the Houston Chronicle:
    Revelations that the girl was allegedly raped by multiple men or boys on at least four occasions over a three-month period beginning last fall fueled outrage and controversy in the town of 8,000 residents. Explicit videos of the sexual incidents were recorded on cell phones and passed around the Cleveland schools.

    A Cleveland police officer’s sworn affidavit described one encounter where the 11-year-old went “riding around” with two of the defendants and wound up at a house where she was ordered to disrobe. If she refused, the affidavit said, she was warned that other girls would “beat her up” and she would never be given a ride home.

    During this interlude, one of defendants called four others who joined in the assault, which later moved to a vacant trailer.

    The incident was further inflamed when Houston community activist Quanell X, flanked by bodyguards, held a rally in Cleveland at which he questioned the handling of the investigation. While saying he wanted the guilty punished, he said he also wanted to make sure “someone with a malicious racist motive was not trying to rid your community of a generation of black men.”

    All of the defendants in the case are black, while the victim is Hispanic.

    Whatever admissions of guilt the three boys have made about what happened to the 11-year-old girl have not yet been revealed. But their plea deals will require them to cooperate fully with the prosecution, including testifying publicly about anything they know about the remaining cases, Hinch said.

    However, since these three are juveniles, he said their names, statements and court records must remain confidential at this time. He also declined to release the stipulations and punishments outlined in the plea deals.

    While not wanting to “hide” what has transpired, he said he also does not want to jeopardize the remaining cases by subjecting those accepting the plea deals to outside intimidation or witness tampering.

    “But I can tell you that I think it was a very fair plea offer that came after several hours of testimony,” the county attorney said.

    Mom has brain tumor

    Attorneys representing the defendants contend the girl was sometimes a willing participant, but law enforcement says there is no excuse for anyone to have sexual relations with a child.

  5. Oh. How terrible and criminal. Never heard of this case before as I don’t follow news much. Thank you for posting the details.

    I have a minor comment on what Edwin stated: “Too bad Indians don’t get that privilege.” It perhaps has to do with the field niggers having outgrown the massa. The new house niggers of Asia, and especially those who come over to America, seem to be so grateful to the massa that they can only be called by the label that Malcolm X came up with to critique his own black people: house niggers!

    I examined this mindset at length elsewhere, but I think those Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis (although I find it rare among Bengalis for some reason), and other South Asians who were colonized by the British Empire, more so than by the French in the Middle East, exhibit this tendency of the House Nigger; to be more white than the white man. I think this aspect of mental colonization, to be associated with the massa and his narratives, now plagues much of India and Pakistan. More so Pakistan I think than India. But then who’s counting… the Plague of Occidentosis imported from the West, is equally ubiquitous wherever the pursuit of the American Dream is rampant — and that’s worldwide.

    Your observation of the black people in America is right on, I think. Malcolm X would be proud of his people.

    I think I would like to leave a link to where those racial terms are clearly defined – lest someone misconstrue them:



    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

  6. Hi Zahir,

    Yes, do leave the link, or someone will think this is a hot-bed of brown racism against black people.

    India has a full share of the house variety. I am surprised you think that Bengalis contribute fewer than others. My opinion is otherwise. In fact, the British themselves felt that the Bengalis (except when it turned them into revolutionaries) were sedulous imitators of colonial culture.

    This might have been jealousy of Bengali literary ability of course, but nonetheless, the term Bengali Babu is legendary.

    Then again, Bengalis tend to be loquacious and given to politics. One Bengalis a poet, two a political party and three, two political parties, goes the saying.

    Bengal was in that way always a literary and scientific capital and a business backwater.

    To this day, the great trading cultures of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu and other places have made their inhabitants more economically productive than Bengalis…

    On the other hand, Bengalis are always in the forefront of all things intellectual…for good or bad…
    More commies in Calcutta than elsewhere, I’d say.

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