Birth-Control Fatwas & Oops Factors

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Zahir Ebrahim, author of The Poor Man’s Guide to Modernity, brings up a problem in the comment section to my previous post.

I reproduce it here as a separate post, because it’s something that has stumped me, as well.

Briefly: How to get in front of false-flags, red herrings, and black ops before they unfold, or, at least, how to derail them after they’ve begun?

How indeed.

Bloggers and activists who write as things unfold are quietly censored through Internet filtering and monitoring, (eg. Google). and content manipulation (eg. Wikipedia).

Or, we are dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” by the mandarins of the mainstream media, because we cannot reach into our pockets and come up at once with documents in triplicate with signed confessions from the Mossad and CIA to prove our claims.

Of course, some forty years hence, some appointed mouthpiece will, at tax-payer expense,  force open the requisite dusty archive where half-redacted memos, still greasy with guilt, will give the game away.

Masks will briefly slip from Olympian profiles, but until then…..

….even if activists do get heard, the media prince-lings who deign to respond, choose their place and time in ways that leave us bloodied and the issues even more bedraggled.

During the ruckus that ensues, the false-flag or black operation unfolds with the panache of an Augustan comedy….except that to those of us in the peanut-gallery it is tragedy.

That is how, as Zahir Ebrahim writes, no less than the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran fell victim to the Malthusian disinformation of the banking cartel:

Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini introduced Birth Control through a fatwa (I haven’t seen the fatwa myself, only read or heard about it), as the population of Iran had almost doubled from the time of the Shah by the time of this fatwa in the late 1980s.

Well in the 2000s (I do not recall the year), the successor Ayatollah had to issue a new Fatwa encouraging families to have more children and not less children.

According to the understanding given to me on this topic, the first fatwa on birth-control had been issued because of the fears of over-population and Iran not being able to feed itself under the Malthusian construct.

(Not obvious how this fear was implanted in Iran under the Ayatollah, for he was always most wary of the Western agenda. But then again, he also fell victim to it in uncontrollably waging the eight-year war against Iraq — a war that was foisted by the West upon both the peoples of Iran and Iraq equally, and not just Iran alone ,which the people of Iran always tend to forget.)

Anyway, After the birth rate among the Shia Muslims declined drastically, while the minority Sunni Muslims (aprox. 20% of Iranians) had ignored the fatwa and had concentrated on having more and more children (Sunni Muslims do not accept Fatwas from Shia theologians, and vice versa), the demographics of Iran suddenly started to change. T

The Sunni strategy, I imagine both intellectually and financially supported from somewhere, was to come to key positions of power in Iran through the change in demographic. All legal, nothing subversive about it. In fact, it is the method that Palestinians have been employing to overwhelm their Israeli conquerors these past six decades. A most effective strategy!

This strategy, and the declining birth-rate among the middle class in the Shia households, woke up the Iranian government to the folly of the previous “ill-conceived” and “flawed” fatwa.

Now the impetus in Iran is to encourage more children — but not unsurprisingly, the next generation of the middle class and upper middle class, those whose parents or themselves grew up under the directive of the first fatwa, don’t seem to be energetically inclined towards having more children. Career paths dominate in Iran as much as they do in the West. A more detailed study of this is of course necessary. This is just the anecdotal version.

What this shows me however, is that “oops” cannot always be avoided — we are all human. But surely, as you put it: “that the ultimate source of such laws is an ideology crafted with MALEVOLENT intent by the foundation-funded think-tanks and research institutes.” can always be recognized and interdicted. No?

Provided of course that the government machinery, its media, and its intellectuals, are not already co-opted into either silence, acquiescence, or actually putting down their signatures to their own enslavement.

This is the real problem facing both India, Pakistan, and South East Asia. How to overcome our “asininity” which continually leads us to “oops” ex post facto?

One thought on “Birth-Control Fatwas & Oops Factors

  1. Thank you Lila for putting in the effort to link to references you evidently sleuthed (nice!) in the above reproduction. I haven’t read them so I don’t know what they contain.

    To the point, I would like to add one last comment before I leave your outstanding website. There is a lot here – but I have now imbibed my fill. Thank you for that. I’d like to suggest that the obvious commonsensical solution to interdicting “oops” before the fact, before the matter is turned into a fait accompli, is as also arrived at by G. Edward Griffin, by Gandhi-ji, by many other sages throughout the ages, and by ordinary people who have devoted their life to living it, though these peoples evidently only existed in the past.

    It is captured by the maxim: if you don’t like city hall, be city hall.

    That takes more than being armchair analysts, activists, truth-tellers, journalists, writers, all commenting from afar, or commenting without real power in affecting its outcome. It requires becoming actual players in the game of power.

    It takes: battling these monsters without becoming one; peering into the abyss without having the abyss peer right back into one (contrast with Nietzsche’s original maxim which I reject.)

    To become city hall takes a generation of grooming youngsters into civic mindedness, into idealism, and beyond the regular trappings of bread and circus.

    It takes instilling a pride and passion in becoming city hall with the intent to become the system itself that one wants to see.

    It takes nationally grooming generations that are ba-busseerat, ba-shaoor (able to discern through hogwash and deception with the inner eye of intuition, sophisticated in intellect and perception, spirituality invested in morality and goodness rather than pecuniary gain), and not likkha-parrha jahils (morons with advanced college degrees) chasing their ‘American Dream’ who remain just as trapped between bread and circuses, and just as blind, as their illiterate brethren they leave behind in the race to no where.

    In one single generation the trajectory of co-option to vile power can be changed. Given a few more generations and the entire social fabric can be altered.

    I wrote a (almost tongue-in-cheek) article on this, titled: Groom them for top Ivy Leagues of America:

    In that article there is reference to a FAQ: Pragmatic Career Guidance for Young Muslims. It has some obvious implementation strategies in the short term for paving the road to becoming city hall. That faq came about from a talk I gave at my university in Pakistan where the young 20 something crowd, third and final year engineering students, wanted to know what else could they do.

    Best wishes,

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Feb 05, 2014

    N.B. There is a newer version of the book which you cited in your article above, The Poor Man’s Guide to Modernity – Oligarchic Primacy For World Government. It is now in its 7th edition:

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