Study suggests whites don’t see non-whites as “people”?

From April Kemick at the University of Toronto (Scarborough) website:

“The human brain fires differently when dealing with people outside of one’s own race, according to new research out of the University of Toronto Scarborough.

This research, conducted by social neuroscientists at U of T Scarborough, explored the sensitivity of the “mirror-neuron-system” to race and ethnicity. The researchers had study participants view a series of videos while hooked up to electroencephalogram (EEG) machines. The participants – all white – watched simple videos in which men of different races picked up a glass and took a sip of water. They watched white, black, South Asian and East Asian men perform the task.

Typically, when people observe others perform a simple task, their motor cortex region fires similarly to when they are performing the task themselves. However, the UofT research team, led by PhD student Jennifer Gutsell and Assistant Professor Dr. Michael Inzlicht, found that participants’ motor cortex was significantly less likely to fire when they watched the visible minority men perform the simple task. In some cases when participants watched the non-white men performing the task, their brains actually registered as little activity as when they watched a blank screen.

“Previous research shows people are less likely to feel connected to people outside their own ethnic groups, and we wanted to know why,” says Gutsell. “What we found is that there is a basic difference in the way peoples’ brains react to those from other ethnic backgrounds. Observing someone of a different race produced significantly less motor-cortex activity than observing a person of one’s own race. In other words, people were less likely to mentally simulate the actions of other-race than same-race people”

The trend was even more pronounced for participants who scored high on a test measuring subtle racism, says Gutsell.”


Actually, what the researchers found was not that “people’s brains” react differently when they watch people of other races than their own.

What they found was that white people’ brains reacted differently when they watched non-whites, as opposed to other whites. A bit of a difference.

Now, if the researchers had also done tests with brown people as the study group and then blacks and other groups, then it would be valid for them to generalize from their research to conclusions about people as a whole.

But they can’t generalize about “people” from one subset of people without being guilty of the very thing they’re supposed to be studying, racism.

Of course, the perceptions of the whites in the study might not have had so much to do with color as such, although it manifested that way, but as with the status evoked by white skin. Since white or light-skin tends to signify higher status in contemporary society, it follows that when white people – in this study – showed less awareness of or empathy toward dark-skinned people, they might have been doing that not so much because of the different skin-colors of the people they were observing, but because of what those colors signify today, which is lower status.

This inference is strengthened by a similar study of race and perception conducted by Sophie Trawalter et al. in 2012.

Quoting from the abstract of the Trawalter study:

Archival data from the National Football League injury reports reveal that, relative to injured White players, injured Black players are deemed more likely to play in a subsequent game, possibly because people assume they feel less pain. Experiments 1–4 show that White and Black Americans–including registered nurses and nursing students–assume that Black people feel less pain than do White people. Finally, Experiments 5 and 6 provide evidence that this bias is rooted in perceptions of status, not race per se.

The authors suggest that the findings of their study do not necessarily mean that whites are being racist in not caring when non-white people feel pain. The findings could also mean that white people show less empathy because, for one reason or other, they think black people can tolerate greater pain.

Of course, none of these conclusions means much until studies of black or brown perceptions of white people are also done.

One might guess that in those studies it will be found that browns and blacks are actually more sensitive to the pains of whites than those of their own.  One might guess that, because in recent studies it’s been shown that both whites and blacks rated white faces as more intelligent, honest, and attractive than they did black/dark-skinned faces….

I’ll pull up the link in a minute… (incomplete)

4 thoughts on “Study suggests whites don’t see non-whites as “people”?

  1. The rulers of this world interestingly also don’t see mankind including the “Whites” as people, but see them all as sheep. What is the situation of the “Whites” today? How many of them know their true history that they are haplogroup R1, that their ancestors migrated from India to Europe recently about 10000 years ago at the end of the ice age. That along with them migrated the indian cow and the indian mouse. That the white skin color change is as recent as only 5000 years ago or even less. That the Caucasus is another name for the Hindu Kush area as per the ancient maps. That most of the history we read especially Greek history and chronology is an artificial fabrication. That the medevial dark ages are because Greek history has been pushed back by thousand years. Aristotle thought that brain is an organ for cooling the blood.
    They are sadly a people hollowed out by a parasite who has controlled them by the power of money creation. Look all around, what has become of the white society?
    It does not matter what these scientific studies find. They need to study and find out about how they have been converted to trash by an evil conspiracy.
    There used to be a haplogroup R1 page on Wikipedia. That page was taken down about 1 year ago and now gets redirected. Even the scientific evidence is being slowly manipulated. However the wheel of time turns slowly but surely. Future is always as bright as the Sun.

  2. Interesting. Thank you “R”. I do wish to add to your statement: “Even the scientific evidence is being slowly manipulated.” Science has always been in the Service of Empire.

    It is always much easier to put the social sciences to that purpose for making the public mind, but hard science also do not escape it.

    It is not just due to unwittingness, but Machiavellianly calculated and deliberatedness. Even mathematics is not immune. The two examples that spring to mind for the latter is the “Science of global warming”, and Markov based econometric model fabricated by an Indian mathematician at MIT and published in math journals to lure third world nations to take on gigantic loans in the name of math (sic!) — I fleshed out both these issues in a long letter, and I leave a link here in case anyone is interested in learning how it is actually done:

    Letter to a ‘co-conspiracy theorist’: Reflections on Modernity, Climategate, Pandemic, Peer Review, and Science in the Service of Empire

    Best wishes,

    Zahir Ebrahim

  3. @R

    Very interesting that about wikipedia. I have seen a couple of examples of the same erasure of history – notably of the writing of someone who had written several books showing the Sanskrit origins of many Western religious traditions. I forget the name of the author, but his wikipedia entry was deleted.

    But, as Zahir writes in his piece on subverted science – it’s to be expected. When you introduce funding into things, they pervert themselves.
    When the funding is massive, organized and malevolently directed, then how could you not expect the result we have today?

    It’s easier for me to write about positive technologies or alternative remedies than to spend any length of time on the Western media.
    It is simply too depressing. It fills me with bile to hear the constant lies…and the lies of the activists bother me the most sometimes.

    I admire Zahir that he can keep on about it. I have basically given up. If I write, it’s just to unburden myself.

  4. Hi Lila, are you familiar with the fable of the songbird rushing to put out the fire with a drop of water in its beak? I am sure this wisdom in some variation must exist in all cultures.

    Here is the fable of the songbird, rebel or ostrich (?) you make the call:

    When the Biblical Prophet Abraham (in the Orientalist’s spelling) was being thrown into the fire by the tyrannical ruler Nimrod, all creation was in tremendous angst.

    Even stones spoke out against the injustice of the tyrant.

    Every moral creature endeavored to the rescue of the Prophet to put out the fire.

    A tiny songbird picked a droplet of water in its minuscule beak and started to fly over to the fire.

    An Angel asked the little songbird:

    “Surely you are not going to put out the fire with that droplet(!);
    and surely the high flames will consume you!
    What do you think you are doing, little Don Quixote?”

    The tiny songbird replied:

    “yes, you are right; I know that my tiny droplet will not save the Great Prophet…
    But I bring to the endeavor of standing up to this tyranny whatever I am capable of, and this hopelessly tiny droplet is all I am capable of.”


    We are all songbirds, Lila — doing what little we can. There is no destination in this path, but the journey itself. And the Hemlock (the cup of poison willingly taken by Socrates rather than submit to falsehoods or to escape with this life for remaining silent) is its only reward.

    But we are also becoming a dying breed in our generation —- I fear! But then again, every generation springs life anew, and more songbirds are naturally created. That appears to be the law of nature! For falsehoods and tyrants have existed from time immemorial. And so has the songbird!

    A good book I read in college can always comes in handy when the songbird is depwessed:

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence by Robert Pirsig.

    Best wishes
    Zahir Ebrahim

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